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Nicole simon

  2. 2. We are simple today Many years. Thousands of people. I know this stuff. Trust me.
  3. 3. Goals for tonight Think strongly about your personas You have to put on a producer mindset – everywhere and always Think about your MVSMP: minimal viable social media plan Please understand your job and your craft - stop being an amateur some tactic ideas
  4. 4. Which hat are you wearing today?4  Founder, community manager, intern?  Programmer, marketing, HR?  Native language, bilingual, foreigner?   for the purpose of today we will go with founder mindset / PR & marketing hat
  5. 5. 5 Personas PR is more than just talking to the press.
  6. 6. Persona6  Name, Age, Job, Attributes, Favorites  Lisa, 29, Loves Vogue, is an agency girl, Munich  Pablo, 34, Madrid, unemployed, “tech blogger” in spanish  Jory, 39, founder blogher, fresh mother
  7. 7. Who are you actually talking to? VC, which round? Early-beta tester? Programmers for your API? Journalist ? Broadcaster? TV? Bloggers Multiplicator / Influencer Customers, paying, not paying, angry customer Industry news? Topic based? which network(s)? Forum? Youtube? G+? Twitter? Facebook? PAPER?
  8. 8. Customer Lifecycle works for PR too Unaware Interested Engaged Inactive Awareness Convert Service Grow Re-engage • Advertising • Education • Valued content • Viral content • Survey on • Messages from about the • Consumer • Viral dissatisfaction friends brand and its participation mechanics • Incentive to re- • Other benefits • Upcoming • Cross sell visit web site consumers • Promotion for event reminder • Up sell • Promotion to chatter first purchase • Promotions, • Top of mind buy product • Data collection competitions awareness - for specific and alerts driving targeting frequency
  9. 9. 9 Repeat after me You are a producer. You are a producer. You are a producer. Lights, smartphone, action!
  10. 10. You are a producer, not a consumer Problem: People think they are normal people when they work in this realm. You are not. You are part of the system. It is not important if you like it or not. It‘s your job to ‚make it work‘.
  11. 11. Ex: Look at your own profiles Who are you? Are you ‚professional‘? Do I understand where you live and work? Can I reach you?
  12. 12. Crispy Wallet – Shiny! Oh. Flash. Try to share.
  13. 13. Buzzwords? Yes please Showing Guess how Google Alerts work.
  14. 14. You are not revolutionary14  “We are the best greatest new startup in town and are awesome!!! Look at me! Look at me!”  Guess how many journalists / bloggers will ‘reblog’ that.  You are there to think about what I like.  That includes something simple like …
  15. 15. Your Chrunchprofile? Others? Who is reading this, who is using this?
  16. 16. 16 MVSMP
  17. 17. Goal: MVSMP Claim your territory on all major networks – even if you don‘t think you need them Have a consistent naming ( connect everything for sharing – if useful! Have a home base and link everything back to that If you don‘t have the resources, play hibernation Set up expectation management
  18. 18. I like to share on xyz and mention you Are you on google plus? Are you on twitter? Can I find out where you are? Is there a page on your website where we can find out about all of your activities? [Do you use them also for free valuable backlinks?]
  19. 19. What to look at19  Have a list of topics to follow  Manage lists of relevant people  Research where they are active!  Actively search about mentions of you  Keep lists of mentions  Decide when to react where and when  This includes mail: the attention span of a journalist is usually 3 hours tops
  20. 20. “Newsroom” Gives target groups access to all needed materials Must haves are photos (printable and web sized), links to relevant networks, all informations I might like, screenshots, proof, etc Send into the void – if your only reader is Google, that is enough Include audio and video – think conferences
  21. 21. Ah press link … uh?21
  22. 22. I said all “we need” not cute
  23. 23. Fazit23  Get to know yourself and make an assessment of what you can and cannot do  Go through your different personas, attach a time table  Make a plan for a MVSMP and an expansion plan  Use others to brainstorm ideas of how to engage  Be a producer and help others  Build up public perception  Send into the void
  24. 24. 24 Some tactics
  25. 25. FB Groups Berlin Startup sphere runs mostly through Eventbrite, and Facebook Berlin Startups, ca 4.100 members Berlin Startups, ca 2.400 members
  26. 26. Always think about:What you can do for me
  27. 27. Use the hype27
  28. 28. Make it easy for me28  Make it easy for me to make you happy  Put yourself in my shoes
  29. 29. EX: GaryIt’s about being ready Interview a day by Gary Vaynerchuk – what could you ask Gary so it makes sense and fits into the ‚rest‘?
  30. 30.
  31. 31. And to be curious …31  Hm. How did they do that?  Excercise at home: Search for Kino Berlin
  32. 32. Be self sustainable Give me all information as if I have alzheimer
  33. 33. Don‘t waste your shots.33
  34. 34. And why would I do that?34
  35. 35. Careful of your messaging
  36. 36. You can hire me for …36  Consulting / feedback on tech and social media  Inhouse training and coaching  Understanding the German / European market  Let me know if you are interested in my social media training programm  Please feel free to connect: Facebook Twitter Google Plus xing linkedin