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  • Evening everybodyTonight I am going to talk about the importance of your business’ reputation and internal culture
  • But before I get into that, I just wanted to introduce my company, O&PWe specialise in working with start-ups in EC2 and keep our product offering fairly narrow – to R and ICThere are two fundamental differences between ourselves and a lot of other PR agencies – we only work with clients on a project basis and therefore don’t insist on being the agency of note and we are like you. I’ll come on to talk a bit more about why that is the case
  • The traditional PR industry has had a lot of changing to do in the past few years. This is for two reasons – firstly because large parts of it were underperforming but also in order to react to the evolution of how audiences consume newsIn this modern business environment businesses are increasingly aware of what people are saying about themAs a result, communications has become more important, more immediate and more varied asyoung companies are in a unique position to build their reputation from scratch
  • Make a connection and be authenticWe understand the power of truth as it is the currency we deal in everyday
  • Jono oates

    1. 1. Your Reputation & Internal Culture Jono Oates, Founder, Oates & Partners
    2. 2. Oates & Partners+ We work with young, high growth technology companies+ Focus on enhancing their external reputations and internal cultures+ Solely project-focussed to help our clients deliver specific opportunities or solve particular issues+ We are different because we are like you
    3. 3. Public Reactionsnot Public Relations+ The landscape has shifted and the bar has lowered+ Communications is more important, more immediate and more varied+ Customer experience shapes your reputation+ Journalists frame their questions based on what they read about you+ It is a crowded market
    4. 4. Meaning is the new money+ Your audiences want to engage with people, brands and products that mean something to them+ Their appetite for media is unsatiable+ Your reputation is your crown jewel and without it, you are nothing+ Trust is built by giving people what they want
    5. 5. Internal Culture+ The ability to attract people, to pay them the right way, to create culture and values and reinforce them makes companies great+ The idea of people as individuals is terrifying+ Without IC, your people can feel like they are stumbling through a dark room, fumbling their way around and trying to read the minds of their leaders+ IC can move an organisation, work becomes more than just a job for your people
    6. 6. Oates & Partners+ Marketing something you have created and predicting how your company will look and feel in the future are two of the hardest skills for every founder to comprehend+ Find likeminded people who have an unwavering sense of loyalty to your idea+ Spend time on your narrative and check it+ If you aren’t adding to the conversation or creating a new one, don’t bother
    7. 7. Get in touch External Reputation + Narrative development 07921 063 609 + Media relations + Social media management + Crisis communications + Virtual press office + Copywriting Internal Culture @OatesPartners + Vision & values creation + Internal brand management + Change management + Channel development