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Quick referenceform2m services

  1. 1. Quick Reference for Abstract: Hype of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is everywhere. Enterprises and Telcos are seeing M2M as a new avenue for sustained revenue. M2M eco-system is fragmented withM2M Services burgeon of vendors of different sizes. Many Telcos have gone ahead with partnership with M2M MVNOs and providing services to subscribers. For new entrants this eco- system is perplexing. This paper provides quick reference ofGururaj Phadnis, various options for launching M2M services.NTSS-CSU, Tech Mahindra © Tech Mahindra Limited 2010
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction .................................................................................... 2M2M Service launch Process ........................................................ 2M2M Service launch – Key Considerations ................................... 2Support and Maintenance ............................................................. 3References .................................................................................... 3 1 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2010
  3. 3. IntroductionWe have seen the use of devices in communication since the invention of telephone systems.Both communication networks and devices have gone under massive transformation over years.Devices have become smarter and many options for network connectivity are available. Hype ofMachine to Machine communication (M2M) is everywhere. Many leading analyst haveacknowledged to the growth of M2M. The M2M eco-system is very fragmented. Some of thechallenges include numerous devices of different types, plenty of device vendors and no specificstandards to follow. Every player is eyeing for the opportunities to make money in M2M. Themajor players in M2M include (a) Enterprises (b) Network operators (c) M2M service providers(MVNO) (d) Device Manufacturers (OEM) (e) Chip set vendors.M2M eco-system is fragmented and perplexing for new entrants. This paper provides guidelinesfor companies who are planning to start their own M2M services. It outlines a staged approachright from business case generation to planning and execution.M2M Service launch ProcessBe it enterprises or network operators when they think of starting new M2M services they haveto go through various turbulences. There are some challenges and multiple options at each stepfor addressing specific needs of the users. M2M is not standardized as compared to othertelecommunication networks. Hence it is important to understand the gamut of M2M eco-system and carefully make choices. Tech Mahindra simplifies the process by taking through asystematic approach at each step and help customers to launch M2M services quickly. What kinds of services/applications are planned and roadmap. E.g Healthcare, fleet management, security, energy etc. What kinds of customers are targeted B2B or B2C? What kinds of devices are targeted? Identifying different investment heads Assessing the existing infrastructure, if any and planning out the additional investment required What kind of partners you are going toBusiness Case generation is the foremost engage with?process in launching any new services. Expected revenue and breakevenSome of the key M2M business case windowconsideration would be:2 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2010
  4. 4. Next step after business case is strategizing different activities. There are plenty of options forenabling M2M services. M2M deployment planning heavily depends on what kind of option isselected. Please refer to the below chart for various options. Each route has its own advantagesand disadvantages.Below are some guidelines for vendor selection: 1 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2010
  5. 5. As shown above M2M service providers are adopting different engagement models. Some of thepopular models are partnership between network operators and MVNO, partnership betweennetwork operators and device management solution providers, enterprise directly working withOEMs. Below is a list of recent partnerships;• Jasper Wireless provides M2M services partnering with AT&T, KPN, VimpelCom• Telenorconnexions and SPRINT Partnered with Axeda Corp for providing M2M PaaS• Verizon and Vodafone - Uses nPhase platform for providing M2M services• 3UK - Uses platform from Stream communication• T-Mobile - Partnered with Wyless• Roger Wireless - Partnered with Jasper Wireless and Numerex• TELUS, Globalive and SaskTel Uses device management platform from SmartTrustM2M Service launch – Key ConsiderationsThe service providers will have to keep in mind some of the challenges as mentioned below. a) Different machines with different protocols and access networks In a typical M2M communication not all devices are cellular enabled. For e.g. in smart metering the last leg of the communication link can be any low cost protocol like RS 232, RS 485, ZigBee, WiFi etc. Since the nature of these protocols are very different from each other M2M services provider need to plan it accordingly. b) Numerous Devices – lots of connections and messages The numbers of devices going to be connected in M2M are huge when compared to devices in the cellular network. M2M devices will be exchanging lot of messages of low weight age. In order to avoid surplus messages flowing through cellular network M2M gateway situated at access network should handle the data traffic locally. The central M2M platform should be agnostic to access network types and behavior. c) Low cost remote device management and configuration Since Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) is in the order of $2 to $8 it becomes costlier to manually service the device for repairs and upgrades. The COTS DM platforms which are generally used in cellular network would be costly to deploy hence a low cost remote device management system should be designed explicitly for M2M. d) Device Certification It is a mandate that every device that is going to be hooked onto the cellular network needs to undergo operator’s certifications like GCF, PTCRB in the respective geographies. M2M service provider should plan to handle the overheads of device certifications. There are independent test houses who certify devices on network provider’s behalf. In case M2M service provider has tied up with Telco then M2M developer kits are provided for quick development of M2M applications.2 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2010
  6. 6. e) Widespread M2M applications M2M applications are wide spread. M2M service provider should clearly identify what applications or service he is going to provide and design the M2M platform accordingly. M2M platform should be as generic as possible to develop any kind of M2M application be it fleet management, smart metering, health care, automotive etc. f) Security of devices and data Since M2M devices will be remotely located it becomes important to provide physical as well as data security. M2M service provider should design the platform taking care of the environmental influence on device physical as well as data protection. g) Low cost deployment M2M device churn would be very low compared to other communication devices like mobile phones. Devices once installed will be in service for 5 to 10 yrs at least. Sometimes the device location would not allow manual service e.g. devices in the hazardous areas like nuclear chambers, explosive material storage, oil extraction plants, etc. Since ARPU is very low the M2M service provider should design a low cost platform with reduced CAPEX and OPEX.Support and MaintenanceFor any business to succeed support services is very important. Service Level Agreements aregetting tighter. Sometimes they are getting tied to reverse payments or penalties. It is crucial tounderstand what kind of support will be provided to end customers. Service providers need tobudget and plan it accordingly. Incase M2M service provider (MMSP) decides to build their ownplatform then E2E responsibilities should be owned by him. MMSP should be equipped withtools and platforms to debug and indentify problems at network and device level. Since therewill be lot of overheads, MMSP can outsource support services to 3rd parties like SystemIntegrators. Incase MMSP decides to partner with MVNO or Telco then SLA with end customersshould be agreed along with MVNO/Telco.Referenceshttp://www.jasperwireless.com/news/in-the-news.htmlhttp://www.telenorconnexion.com/news/press-releases/axedahttp://newsroom.sprint.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=1400http://www.vodafone.com/start/media_relations/news/group_press_releases/2010/vodafone__verizon.htmlhttp://www.stream-communications.com/enterprise_grade_3ghttp://www.wyless.com/index.php/partners/network-partnershttp://www.jasperwireless.com/110309.htmlhttp://www.smarttrust.com/newsroom/press/SaskTelhttp://www.smarttrust.com/newsroom/press/pr-090805http://www.smarttrust.com/newsroom/press/pr-100112 3 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2010
  7. 7. About Tech MahindraTech Mahindra is part of the multi-billion (USD) Mahindra Group, in partnership with BritishTelecommunications plc (BT), the world’s leading communications service provider. Focusedprimarily on the telecommunications industry, Tech Mahindra is a leading global systemsintegrator, Business Process Outsourcing provider as well as Business transformation consultingorganization. Tech Mahindra has recently expanded its IT portfolio by acquiring the leadingglobal business and information technology services company, Mahindra Satyam (earlier knownas Satyam Computer Services).4 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2010