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    P rocess interactive P rocess interactive Document Transcript

    • PRocess Interactive DEpicterAuthor (s): Babu Narasimhan/Shaifali Mittal Abstract: This paper focuses on providing a realistic view of business process to customer community. It uses visualization and animation techniques to represent/communicate business processes and also provides a useful technique for demonstrating process flows to clients interested in conceptual understanding of E2E and complex scenarios. Also it was understood that this technology will help various concerned stakeholders to achieve their individual Operation Support System (OSS) understanding. © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009
    • TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Introduction ............................................................................ 22. Problem Statements for Service Industry .............................. 23. Operational Challenges and Solution .................................... 2 3.1 Comparision of Various tools with PRIDE ....................... 54. Methodology .......................................................................... 65. Business Benefits .................................................................. 66. Reference .............................................................................. 7 1 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009
    • 01 INTRODUCTIONTraditionally, Process Modelling tools, documents, flowcharts, power point presentations areused for defining/representing business processes. It was observed and realized that sometimesthese media are failed to provide a clear representation of the E2E picture, process flow andtimelines.Some challenges are also observed in share/distribute information, imparting trainings, onlinelearning, check/test user knowledge and capability.To address these short comings, a colorful, vibrant and interactive digital visualization tool wasdeveloped Called PRIDE (PRocess Interactive DEpicter). PRIDE is useful for providing therealistic view of business processes, multimedia presentation, training pack and e-Learningsolutions to customer community. It uses visualization and animation techniques for easyunderstanding.This whitepaper covers business challenges, solution, methodology and business benefits ofPRIDE.02 PROBLEM STATEMENTS FOR SERVICE INDUSTRYDifficulty in addressing various business requirements with common process visualizationalways leads to issues like standardizing visualization to multiple requirements.03 OPERATIONAL CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONThe Most common operational challenges were to: Improve Cycle Time RFT Reduce Exceptions2 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009
    • Better Quick Reference Training Material Regular Knowledge updates Issue ManagementTo overcome these challenges PRIDE was formulated. PRIDE tool helps: To make interactive process models for easy & fast learning of captured processes from operational communities. To consolidate all the details like operating procedures, low level process, system screens, etc… in a single pack it help to make quick decision. Applications developed using PRIDE Tool act as a single repository for making all the information easier to refer and manage by various communities. It helps to reduce CT of user’s own activities.3.1 COMPARISION OF VARIOUS TOOLS WITH PRIDELet’s compare few features of PRIDE with modeling and other tool for better understanding Process Modeling Other Tool Parameter PRIDE Tools (ARIS) (MS PowerPoint) Friendly for all kind of Friendly for Business applications (e.g. Process Friendly for Business User Interface and Commercial modeling, Training pack, e- Process Modeling presentation Learning module, multimedia presentation etc) Supports rich interactive Rich Interactive Supports interactive Supports interactive content with high quality Content content content graphics Supports pre-defined Supports pre-defined Supports user defined 2D Animation basic animation basic animation and 3D animation 3 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009
    • Supports Standard Multi and gradient color Multi and gradient colorMulti color combination colors combination is possible combination is possible Audio and Video Supported also Live Audio & Supported Supported Integration Video integration is possible Dynamic data Reads only fixed format Reads user defined data Not Supported Integration of XML file from .text and XML file PRIDE can be developed as Custom Modification requested by the customer, Limited Modification (Layout, Navigation NA in any layout, any kind of can be done etc.) navigation any kind of interaction etc. Requires Client to be Requires Client to be Gives full definedDependency on Client installed in the PC for full installed in the PC for functionality even with SWF SW features full features enabled browser. Should be expertise in Require Basic software Require Basic software Skills Specialization designing, animation and knowledge knowledge programming Could be heavy due to Low File size due to could be heavy due to excessive use of high quality limited support of high excessive use of high File Size images, Audio and Video quality images, Audio quality images, Audio and Video files and Video files files Creating of vector based Usage of built in Usage of built in graphics and user defined Work efforts template and graphics template and graphics animation consume more consume less time consume less time time04 METHODOLOGYPride will act as a one stop solution for all kind of Process visualization needs coming fromdiverse business/organizational areas. Users can easily access all the processes andprocedural documents through one gateway reducing their time and efforts significantly.4 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009
    • 05 BUSINESS BENEFITS • Helps in building common understanding of processes and solutions across different user communities such as Business Stakeholders, Design Communities, Service Management Centers and Customers etc. • Creates interactive bonding of high level process, system interfaces, low level procedures, screens shots associated with process • Very useful to deliver customer briefings – Allows multilayered information sharing to hide complexities in interactive way • Very useful as online training tool - Requires less time and money as compared to faculty led trainings to the new joiners and interested users • Around 100 users were benefited by using the Training pack developed to train on the E2E processes • Intranet publishing of training reduces demand on SMEs and gold users • Single repository for all the information makes it easier to refer and manage • Easy for users to access all the process and procedural documents through one gateway which reduces their time and efforts significantly. The Search facility and document library provides handy and quick reference to all the available informationFew example of PRIDE work are shown below 5 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009
    • Explains Process Solution to Ops community/ Stakeholders using Interactive Process Viewer, Interactive Solution Presenter, reduce time to understand the solution as compared to technical designs. Reduces decision time for Stakeholders to progress the solution to implementation6 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009
    • Design details are restricted to design / technical community, however the others communities can easily understand the same solution using this tool which results time reduction in accepting the solution and progress it for implementation. Live Dashboardsfor Management team indicating the status/ progress of Orders / faults To enhance learning experience, training or Online reference material helps in exceptionreference material can be developed using this tool management or quick reference for the users with better interactiveness. All the above benefits in reducing time of operation/usage, expect correct data inputs or correct actions, increase in efficiency and resource effectiveness. 7 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009
    • Animation, Pictures, Movies can be used to make Regular updates using News Letters, E-Learning the understanding easier courses can help everyone in org to keep themselves up to date with the changes in their area06 REFERENCEAbout Flash and Photoshop from: www.adobe.comAbout Moodle: http://moodle.org/About ARIS:http://www.ids-scheer.com/en/Software/ARIS_Software/ARIS_Business_Architect/3731.htmlAbout Tech MahindraTech Mahindra is part of the multi-billion (USD) Mahindra Group, in partnership with BritishTelecommunications plc (BT), the world’s leading communications service provider. Focusedprimarily on the telecommunications industry, Tech Mahindra is a leading global systemsintegrator, Business Process Outsourcing provider as well as Business transformationconsulting organization. Tech Mahindra has recently expanded its IT portfolio by acquiring theleading global business and information technology services company, Mahindra Satyam(earlier known as Satyam Computer Services).8 © Tech Mahindra Limited 2009