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Brochure business process_management_june_2010

  1. 1. For more information on Tech Mahindra’s BPM services, please contact:Upendra Americas Europe Middle-East India Singapore Africa Australiawww.techmahindra.comAbout Tech MahindraTech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and businesstransformation consulting firm focused on thecommunications industry. Tech Mahindra helps companiesinnovate and transform by leveraging its unique insights,differentiated services and flexible partnering models. Thishas helped customers reduce operating costs, generatenew revenue streams and gain competitive advantage.For over two decades, Tech Mahindra has been the chosentransformation partner for wireline, wireless andbroadband operators around the world. Tech Mahindrascapabilities span across Business Support Systems (BSS),Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Design &Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility, SecurityConsulting, Testing, and other areas.Tech Mahindras solutions portfolio includes Consulting,Application Development & Management, NetworkServices, Solution Integration, Product Engineering,Managed Services, Remote Infrastructure Managementand BPO. Over 33,500 professionals service clients acrossthe telecom eco-system, from a global network ofdevelopment centers and sales offices across Americas,Europe, Middle-east, Africa and Asia-Pacific. With annual Improve Business Agility Withrevenues in excess of US$ 976 million, Tech Mahindra is thelargest telecom-focused solutions provider and 5th largestsoftware exporter from India. Tech Mahindra BPM ServicesCopyright © 2010 Tech Mahindra : All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Agile Business Processes - The Arteries Of An Organization BPM - The Tech Mahindra Way Todays economy is rife with extreme business-cycle volatility. Businesses The BPM Team supports every stage of a business process improvement initiative - from helping enterprises to achieving business-critical across the world are under increasing pressure from cut-throat competition, objectives like reducing costs through improving productivity, increasing compliance, enhancing agility, and reducing risk. an ever-changing business environment and more demanding customers. Our Services Include: Business Process Management Methodology : The business change is taking place with phenomenal rapidity leaving Portfolio & Product Rationalisation businesses to face an array of business change forces. Technological, Legislative and Regulatory changes along with innovation in services and People Intensity Optimisation products is accelerating, forcing organizations to become more agile and Site Consolidation flexible. These pressure points have triggered a growing interest in analyzing how businesses can operate more flexibly and effectively. With the rise of the Back Office Operations process - centric enterprises, it is apparent now that the design and Global Sourcing management of business processes, the skills of the process owners, and the IT infrastructure bolstering them are becoming a very critical determinant of Customer Experience Enhancement the overall business performance. Process Analytics Gartner Research defines Agility as “the ability of an organization to sense Lean Sigma Consulting environmental change and to respond efficiently and effectively to that change. In practice, agility is about rapid access to information (both internal Process Reengineering and external to the organization) that drives real-time actions.”Tech Mahindra Greenfield Services Launch BPM Services deliver the promise of achieving corporate agility by enabling organizations to respond nimbly to changing business needs. User Adoption Initiatives Tech Mahindra BPM Practice has been a pioneer in delivering consulting Benefits Management services focused on business process excellence to enterprises that consider processes to be fundamental business assets. Having a specialized pool of Change Management BPM consultants who apply deep technological expertise and contemporary Order Readiness and User Acceptance Testing By taking a focused process-oriented approach and leveraging industry and domain expertise, Tech Mahindra BPM team has enabled approaches along with proven fact-finding methods has helped Tech Process Harmonisation and Standardisation several organizations to optimize their business processes. With the aim of achieving business process excellence, an organizational Mahindra provide adequate focus on the business specific challenges and structure is created to ensure optimal support for both process management and BPM governance. thus have helped several organizations to bridge the chasms between Process Initiatives, Business Analysis and IT. Key Transformation Drivers Key Service Offerings:· Simulation Services Process Design and Benchmarking with respect to Standards Including eTOM & ITIL Operations Improvement Initiatives (Contact Centre & Sales Productivity) End to End Process & Solution Design Impact Analysis Service Design & Delivery Transformation End to End Operational Performance Evaluation Capacity Management (Analysis, Planning, Forecasting) Analytics and BI Consulting Demand Management Balanced Scorecard & Performance Management Consulting Contract Transformation Market Research Analytics Revenue Management Web Analytics (including selection of tools) Fraud Management Search Engine Optimisation Consulting Process Led Transformation PRIDE (PRocess Interactive Depiction) Tech Mahindra BPM clients have significantly reduced their process costs and throughput times, thereby boosting efficiency which has Process Reengineering further helped them to achieve business process excellence: Firstly, by optimizing cost structures and streamlining operations Secondly by reducing redundancies and consolidation Thirdly, by creating a flexible environment which is more resilient to change Finally by implementing relevant business frameworks that leads to enhanced revenue performance, customer retention and satisfaction1 2
  3. 3. Business Benefits Tech Mahindra BPM solutions have been successful in providing quantifiable benefits to various service providers across the globe, both in terms of process improvements and benefits to the organisations top-line / bottom-line. CLIENT Management Visibility Integration of Improved Service Delivery Into Business Performance Disparate Systems Flexibility & Quick Introduction Greater Transparency Innovation Capabilities of Services in Processes & Operations Lower IT & KPI Visibility at Reduction In Operational Costs End-to-End Process Level Manual Processes Transaction Handling Exception Product & Service Of End-to-End Processes Handling Capacity Bundling Capabilities Value Proposition Assured opex and capex cost reduction Rich repository of C2M (Concept to Market), L2C (Lead to Cash), T2R (Trouble to Resolve) processes that provide best practices Quick launch pad for green field operators 2000+ person years of experience in retail & wholesale telecom operations 450+ BPM professional/Consultants Launch of new telecom products and services3 4
  4. 4. The Tech Mahindra Advantage Ability to combine diverse business divisions within Tech Mahindra viz. VAS, BPO, IT, MS, Network technology and Security services Experience in strategizing and executing multibillion transformation programs Leaders in enhancing customer and end user experience Expertise in concept to market of cutting edge telecom services Right combination of the industrys top people and solutions to help you meet your business objectives Coordinated 50+ product launches Handled 3000+ in-life queries till date Developed 2500+ level E & F Procedure models in ARIS Developed 1000+ level C & D Process models in ARIS Revenue assurance and fraud management (RAVE Methodology) Over 200 Consultants with six-sigma black belts and green belts Ranked 11th Largest TOMS vendor by “Market Share: Top 10 Global Outsourcing Ranked 1st in Telecom Software 5th Largest IT Company in Telecoms Operations Companies in the World (IAOP Category from India, V&D 100 India, NASSCOM 2009 Surveyt Management Systems – Global Outsourcing 100, 2009) (Voice & Data 2009) Worldwide, 2006-2008” - May 2009 Excellence Award for Award for Brand Leadership Category “Best Billing Marketing in IT, 2007 IT (IT Sector) Solution” People Awards for Excellence in IT. Innovation in Recruitment, MSC Malaysia Vertical Growth Leadership in Telecom 2007 – 08 Status granted by (Asia ICT Awards 2007) Mdec Malaysia (2007)6 7
  5. 5. NBS: Network Backhaul Service YTL Communications Program Brief Background YTL Corporation Berhad is one of the largest companies listed on the Bursa Malaysia with a combined Market Capitalization of about RM 32.6 billion. The communications arm of YTL Corporation was a WiMAX 2.3 GHz wireless broadband spectrum holder, which was awarded by As part of rationalization strategy for the product portfolio, the customer was considering launching a 21C point-to-point Ethernet product the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to roll out a nationwide WiMAX network in Peninsular Malaysia. between two sites. The company is currently planning to provide nationwide WiMAX-based services through the three super-pops located at Kuala Lumpur, Business Problem Penang and Johor and the 8 state-pops located at multiple cities. Tech Mahindra together with Cisco was engaged for Solution Integration The strategic stack was unstable and under development of BSS/ OSS implementation. Going legacy all the way was not an optimal solution as T2R was already on strategic stack The Solution covered: Hence it required a fusion solution which could leverage the capabilities of both legacy as well as the strategic OSS and deliver a quick and stable product “Go Live” To define a governing Process Architecture for YTL WiMAX service Process Solution Business A tactical process was proposed to mitigate the need for costly and potentially redundant interfaces between the workflow To showcase Best Practices of Telecom Processes for a Greenfield Telecom operator Process covering domains like Fulfillment, Assurance, Billing etc. management tool (RIPPLE) and the downstream systems Management A simple process was put in place for Inventory MIS which was to be used for Data Analysis. This put an end to the need for any To define & prioritize YTLC requirements for System Implementation (BSS/OSS) short term systemic solution Business Benefits BSS/ OSS To Design & Deliver the solution (BSS/OSS) catering to Customers Requirement. Reduced CT for C2M Delivery The approach was cost-effective since it involved minimal development Product was launched on schedule Managed Operate and Manage the YTL Operations while Developing SOPPs for E2E Operations. Services Service Delivery was stable and met the CE requirements EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) Background EAD was a very critical product launch for Openreach as it is slated to be a 21C substitute for some of the major 20C products such as WES,BES,WEES Business Problem The timely launch of EAD was further necessitated by the fact that it’s predecessor 20C products were soon to be rendered unsupportable as some of the network elements in the latter product were to be discontinued by their suppliers EAD also posed some novel challenges to Openreach. Prior to EAD, Openreach had never handled active electronics which was hitherto a BT Operate territory WES,BES, WEES are high volume – high value mission critical enterprise products and hence a BAU lead time to the tune of ~57 days for EAD which the successor product was untenable to business Process Solution A legacy L2C solution was put in place to ensure timely launch The T2R solution was on strategic stack Hence there was a need for a solution which could connect the asset information from L2C on legacy to fault reports on strategic. Hence a simple process was proposed to port the aforementioned information from legacy to tactical Further it was proposed to use the RLT template to cut down the lead time to the tune of ~30 days Business Benefits Reduced CT for C2M Reduced lead time8 9
  6. 6. John Chandler Chief Architect - BT Wholesale Service Design Appreciated BTO TSR process design team work in following words:- Thanks for the hard work you have put in on the Openreach Crs. We have handled a complex and challenging task very professionally. I am pleased with your efforts. BTW TSR Team received 5/5 CSAT in 2 consecutive cycle. Scott Hill Design Project Manger Flexible to constantly changing scope & Priorities as always. Thank you. Sue Gill appreciated the WBC/HE Reports & CE Measures team efforts: Any requests to the BT Design team who produce the tactical reports are always dealt with promptly and efficiently. The reports area accurate and often surpass the expectations. Thanks very much for all your support.10 11