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Black History Month

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Cherian p6

  1. 1. Introduction…An American physician and founder of Provident Hospital in Chicago, credited with the first successful HEART SURGERY. Dissatisfied with the lack or opportunity for African-American physicians, he founded the nation’s first interracial hospital, Provident, in 1891
  2. 2. Early Life…Born on January 18,1856 in Hollidaysburg,PennsylvaniaHe was born the fifth of seven children of DanielWilliams Jr. and Sarah Ann Price Williams.He was the fifth of seven children.
  3. 3. Early Life Cont.…Daniel fascinated by a local physician (Dr. HenryPalmer) decided to follow his path.He worked as a apprentice for 2 years.In 1880 entered Northwestern UniversityMedical School.In 1883, after graduation, he opened his ownmedical office in Chicago, Illinois.
  4. 4. Did You Know? Because of primitive social and medical circumstances existing in that era, much ofWilliams early medical practice called for him to treat patients in their homes, including conducting occasional surgeries on kitchen tables.
  5. 5. History…In 1890, Reverend Louis Reynolds, whose sisterEmma was refused admission to nursing schoolsbecause she was black, approached Dr. Williams for help.This led to the founding of the Provident Hospital and Nursing Training School in 1891.
  6. 6. Road to Success…He founded the Interracial Hospital, theProvident Hospital and Training SchoolAssociation, in January of 1891.Provident provided a place for young blackdoctors to practice and trained a new generationof student nurses.The hospital opened in May of 1891, and sevenof 175 applicants were accepted for the 18-month nurses’ training program.
  7. 7. Road to Success…Cont.A young black man named James Cornish hadbeen stabbed in a neighborhood scuffle. He was rushed to Provident Hospital with a one-inch knife wound in his chest near his heart.By the time Williams could administeraid, Cornish had collapsed from loss of bloodand shock.
  8. 8. Cont.…Risking his surgical reputation, Williams decidedto operate—at that time without benefit of x-rays, blood transfusions, or antibiotics to fightinfections. With six physicians witnessing the operation, heopened the patient’s chest cavity and saw thatthe knife used in the stabbing had penetratedthe heart about a tenth of an inch.
  9. 9. Achievements…Dr. Williams performed a new type of surgery torepair a tear in the heart lining, saving his life.While proud of his accomplishments atProvident Hospital and those of the staff, Dr.Williams recognized that the hospital wouldneed to grow to accommodate patients.In 1896, with substantial volunteer support, anew 65-bed hospital was opened.
  10. 10. Other Achievements… The doctor began his medical practice in Chicago at a time when there were only three other black physicians. In 1892, in Chicago, Daniel Hales Williams founded Provident, the first American interracial hospital. Provident hosted the first nursing school for blacks in America.
  11. 11. Skills… Williams applied for the open position of chief surgeon at Freedmen’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. Set up after the Civil War to serve the medical and health needs of freed slaves and other black citizens, the hospital had deteriorated during the 12- year tenure of Dr. Charles B. Purvis. Williams resigned from his position as chief surgeon of Freedmen’s Hospital in February of 1898.
  12. 12. Cont.…Then, at the age of 42, he married AliceJohnson, the daughter of an ex-slave and thewell-known sculptor Moses Jacob Ezekiel.Williams became the NMA’s first vice president.In 1912, Williams was honored with anappointment as associate attending surgeon atChicago’s St. Luke’s Hospital, thelargest, wealthiest, and most important hospitalin city
  13. 13. Cont.…In 1926, Williams suffered a stroke that left him partiallyparalyzed and ended his medical career. He died onAugust 4, 1931, at the age of 75.Upon his retirement, Daniel Hale Williams had bestowedupon him numerous honors and awardsHe received honorary degrees from Howard andWilberforce Universitieswas named a charter member of the American College ofSurgeons and was a member of the Chicago SurgicalSociety.
  14. 14. Best Known For…. Physician Daniel Hale Williams performed the first successful heart surgery in 1893 and founded the nations first interracial hospital.
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  19. 19. THE END….