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  • 1. ChangeList Comments 725736 725737 725738 725749 725751 FeatureBranch creation 725977 725978 726003 726004 728842 Perforce Integration 728844 729226 730360 Some Bug in Perforce 730624 Integration from MainLine 730627 733484 Created PulpoJobTicket log for usage matrix Tracking build type, client type, reimaging Updated Machine queue XML after every machine registration 733554 Compilation Error 733621 Move a function called (For Usage Matrix) 733634 Added quotes around the file paths 733648 Integration from MainLine 733650 733653 Remove hard coded path of p4, and get from QASoapLib.ini 733985 Bug in CopyFolder of Perforce 737889 Tracking Perforce features in logs 737891 Updating QASoaplib at ticket start 737900 Enabling logging in QASoapLib 737901 Added md5checksum code 737903 Updated version(3.8.7) 737904 Implement VMX Cache 737916 Added logging info in QASoapLib 738711 738714 738716 Integration from MainLine 738719
  • 2. Integration from MainLine 738722 740461 Fixed a perforce bug- wasn't able to iterate recursive folders 740462 Adding test APIs 740462 Added files to Test APIs 741261 Updating version(3.8.8) 741264 Bug regarding updater copying path 741771 Fixing bug regarding VMX cache 742040 Adding header files 742831 Basecamp tests fails to report result to TS, if assets are missing 744546 Added new language enum 744547 Bug, perforce sync operation on MAC 744562 Added dummy function for md5 in MAC 744569 Added new language enum 744710 Updated version(3.8.9) 744939 BUG: Not copying TS information to Pulpo Report 745425 Change for chinese language 745426 Updated version(3.8.10) 745727 Adding support for more workspaces from different platforms 745728 Modified documents for Perforce Integration 745731 Added md5 function on MAC 745732 Integration from MainLine 745808 745809 Adding support for MediaCore products 745811 Updated version (3.8.11) 745933 BUG #2591034, while executing VB script, FAAT was executing 745946 Compilation error
  • 3. All ChangeList in Pulpo FeatureBranch Changes Redeclaration CoreSystemFile::ConvertWinPathToMacPath Add bug Add bug Bug #2426943, Its feature request not a bug
  • 4. Added testing code too Bug #2513367 Add bug- for falnguage enums Add bug- for falnguage enums Add bug- for falnguage enums Add bug
  • 5. All ChangeList in Pulpo FeatureBranch Result PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS Not Checked PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS BUG(Bug # 2595860 added) SOLVED PASS(Bug # 2595864 added) PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS
  • 6. PASS Partially Correct PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS(Bug # 2595865 added) PASS PASS PASS(Bug # 2595868 added) PASS PASS(Bug # 2595871 added) PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS(Bug # 2595873 added) PASS PASS PASS
  • 7. FeatureBranch BUGS VMHost machine restart, if it is already running before server Operations work fine, but the way of putting workspace in ServerConfig.xml changes in new build. And, it is not backward compatible. Log messages should be more informative