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  • 1. Teliris Telepresence Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise Take the network out of the equation ... No need to build MOST AFFORDABLE TO DEPLOY & USE expensive premium quality WANs. No need to rebuild your LAN infrastructure. BROADEST TELEPRESENCE PORTFOLIO From boardroom to desktop ... Telepresence starting at $8k. Act as if you’re there ... From sharing presentations to BROADEST COLLABORATION PORTFOLIO advanced multitouch content collaboration. Maximize the experience without the headache ... Focus REAL END-TO-END MANAGED SERVICES on the meeting, not the technology, support staff or costly logistics. Connect to anyone with any system, anywhere ... Simply COMPREHENSIVE INTEROPERABILITY collaborate using telepresence, videoconferencing and desktop systems. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 2. Features & Benefits Significantly lower bandwidth required Lowers networking requirements & cost for telepresence Extends the reach of telepresence Removes the need for engineered QoS Provides access to less expensive network solutions Teliris 6G Telepresence Platform networks Allows use of existing internal network resources and removes the need for significant rebuilds Lowers network cost Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence Extends reach Designed as a lightweight standards- Dynamic adaption to changing network Ensures telepresence experience over lower cost variable conditions during a meeting networks based, client server software architecture Frees from complex network planning and monitoring enabled by next-generation robust Allows for low cost network links that traditionally did not video and audio protocols, advanced support telepresence telepresence logic engine and low cost general purpose hardware that spans the Rate adaption through patented High quality telepresence experience assured entire Teliris Telepresence portfolio algorithmic treatment of frame rate, regardless of the underlying transport resolution, Q-factor and bandwidth Degrades in an analog fashion not in a waterfall mode like other telepresence systems Extends telepresence affordably to far- reaching locations anywhere in the world Endpoint selectable voice-switch and Tailors the most appropriate experience for each particular by radically reducing both bandwidth continuous presence endpoint or participant costs and network complexity Flexible choice of meeting modes including one-on-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, many-to-one, regardless of Eliminates need for engineered CoS- endpoint type heavy networks which have historically Dynamic compositing of images to ensure Each participant can choose the preferred level of accounted for 40% of the cost of the lifelike meeting experience telepresence experience telepresence - delivered simply through “BOARDROOM general purpose networks Dynamically adapts to the different Ensures maximum flexibility without compromising other participants EXTENDING TELEPRESENCE Features advanced rate adaption telepresence endpoints engaged in a meeting FROM and error concealment technologies “ “ Software architecture Eliminates dependency on ASIC-based hardware that dynamically manage frame rate, Single core platform across the entire Teliris portfolio resolution, image quality and bandwidth DESKTOP Easily upgradable TO to ensure that the experience at each endpoint is independently adjusted as Integrated Collaboration Content All content is encoded/decoded using the same platform network conditions vary allowing content on any surface Advanced telepresence logic engine ensures the experience is maintained as Technical Specifications telepresence extends the from boardroom Video Standards Frame Rate Speax, Siren 14 / Siren 22, to the desktop - delivering unmatched Based on H.264 AVC /SVC* Supports 7.5 to 60 frames AAC-LD eyelines, roundtable multipoint video standards per second experience, flexibility, reliability and Network Thresholds interoperability Resolution Signaling Up to .1% packet loss, <40 ms Supports resolutions SIP and H.323 signaling jitter Removes barriers that have traditionally 1080p, 720p, 540p, 480p, supported restrained telepresence from widespread 360p and 240p Class of Service adoption - drives telepresence deep Audio Standards Best Effort into the organization to change habitual business processes AAC-LC, G.722.1, Lossless, *Source: Vidyo Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 4. Teliris VirtuaLiveTM Telepresence Broadest Telepresence Portfolio -- Installed, Managed and Supported by Teliris to Ensure Optimum Security, Availability, and Reliability Built on Teliris’ core 6G platform - a standards-based, client-server software approach to telepresence Fits into existing conference room, complimenting company culture, color and decor Unified build option achieves same look and feel across all rooms - same lighting, tables, chairs, walls and finishes with second row available Technical Specifications Highest Quality Broadcast Most Natural Multipoint Audio Conferencing Broadcast quality HD video at 60/30 frames Video Experience Allows for integration of per second Based on advanced video Teliris’ Dynamic Scenario phone calls into a Teliris “ standards for true High Manager, advanced Telepresence meeting Definition up to 1080p/720p telepresence logic engine, With Teliris Telepresence, we forget we are ACROSS THE OCEAN “ 65” displays with ultra-thin bezels eliminates gaps between images - up to 8 displays Teliris’ patented Advanced Virtual Vectoring 30/60 frames per second in native widescreen format ensures for multipoint accuracy, compatible with Teliris’ Virtual Vectoring; Compatible Options All Teliris Immersive Collaboration and Teliris from our peers. technology ensures accurate eyelines for Highest Quality Wideband continuous presence and interoperability options Duplex Audio voice switching supported supported Teliris VirtuaLiveTM Telepresence is the most immersive, single and multiple location meetings advanced telepresence solution on the market today, AAC-LC up to 22 kHz accommodating up to 28 participants and from three to Advanced Vectoring Meeting Initiation Wide-band, high quality, integrated audio Convergence rate: 40 dB/ eight screens per room. Optimized multipoint Supports self-start and conferencing second experience based on multi assisted-start via managed Noise cancellation 0 to 15 dimensional image-capture service Interoperates with traditional dB systems. Optimized angle videoconferencing and other standards- from viewer eyes to camera to Facilities based telepresence systems provides most accurate eye- Teliris table optional Unique Display Technology Teliris’ unique all-digital to-eye contact (included with unified build Fully compatible with all Teliris Telepresence package). Second row is 1080p technology enhances environments and collaboration options Privacy Function available to accomodate the telepresence experience by minimizing the inactive Provides an additional layer eight or more additional Highly secure environment - encryption and area between 65” displays - of security during a Teliris participants privacy up to eight displays Telepresence meeting Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 5. Teliris Express TelepresenceTM Broadest Telepresence Portfolio -- One, Two or Three Screen Telepresence Solution Installed, Managed and Supported by Teliris to Ensure Optimum Reliability Built on Teliris’ core 6G platform - a standards-based, client-server software approach to telepresence Fits into existing conference room Portfolio includes Teliris Express1 Telepresence™ (1 screen / 2 participants) Teliris Express2 Telepresence™ (2 screens / 4 participants) Teliris Express3 Telepresence™ (3 Technical Specifications “ ULTIMATE screens / 6 participants) THE Broadcast quality HD video at 30/60 Highest Quality Broadcast enhances the telepresence Privacy Function COST-EFFECTIVE TELEPRESENCE “ frames per second Unique 65-inch HD telepresence display - Video Based on advanced experience by minimizing the inactive area between Provides an additional layer of security during SOLUTION up to three screens video standards for true displays - up to 3 displays a Teliris Telepresence Teliris Express TelepresenceTM, the most cost-effective High Definition up to meeting telepresence solution designed for smaller offices, fits into Optional 2, 4 or 6 person Teliris table with second row available 1080p/720p 30/60 frames Most Natural Multipoint any existing conference room with no build-out required and per second in native Dynamic Scenario Manager Audio Conferencing accommodates two to six participants. The solution features Teliris’ patented Virtual Vectoring widescreen format with an ensures for multipoint Allows for integration of broadcast quality, HD video at 30/60 frames per second, unique technology that ensures accurate eye-lines optional upgrade to 1080p accuracy, compatible with phone calls into a Teliris 65-inch HD displays, pod microphones, and advanced audio for single and multiple location meetings processing, and is compatible with Teliris’ collaboration options 60 frames per second Teliris’ Virtual Vectoring Telepresence meeting for ultimate flexibility. POD microphones with advanced audio for multipoint; continuous processing system Audio presence, voice switch or Supported Immersive AAC-LC up to 22 kHz hybrid modes supported Collaboration Options Interoperates with traditional Convergence rate: 40 dB Maximum of 4 Teliris videoconferencing and other standards- based telepresence systems through the second Vectoring Immersive Collaboration Teliris Telepresence GatewayTM Noise cancellation 0 to 15 Optimized angle from options dB viewer eyes to camera, Fully compatible with all Teliris Meeting Initiation Telepresence environments and providing direct eye-to- Unique Display Technology eye contact Supports self-start and collaboration options Teliris’ optimized 65” assisted-start via managed Highly secure environment - encryption 1080p display technology service and privacy Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 6. Teliris NanoPersonal TelepresenceTM Personal TelepresenceTM Broadest Telepresence Portfoiio -- The First Telepresence Appliance for the Desktop Bring the Reliable Exprerience of a Telepresence Meeting to Individual Users Broadest Telepresence Portfolio -- Single-Screen Telepresence Solution Available Installed, Managed and Supported by Teliris to Ensure Optimum Reliability Built on Teliris’ core 6G platform Built on Teliris’ core 6G platform - a - a standards-based, client-server standards-based, client-server software software approach to telepresence approach to telepresence Broadcast quality HD video at 30 Broadcast quality HD video at 60/30 frames frames per second per second 22-inch HD telepresence display Unique 40-inch HD telepresence display Integrated microphones with advanced Integrated microphone with advanced audio audio processing system processing system The first cost-effective single-screen solution Interoperates with traditional for private offices and individual users, fits into any existing conference room via flexible Full collaboration through picture-in-picture videoconferencing and other pedestal-mount. (PIP) - optional separate Teliris InterACT standards-based telepresence PresentationTM display systems through the Teliris Telepresence GatewayTM Interoperates with traditional videoconferencing and other standards- Fully compatible with all Teliris based telepresence systems through the Telepresence environments and Teliris Telepresence GatewayTM collaboration tools Fully compatible with all Teliris Telepresence environments and collaboration tools Technical Specifications Technical Specifications Highest Broadcast Quality Noise cancellation 0 to 15 Privacy Function Video dB Provides an additional layer Broadcast Quality Video Display Technology and voice switching Based on advanced video of security during a Teliris Based on advanced Teliris’ optimized supported standards for true High Unique Display Technology Telepresence meeting video standards in native 22” 1080p display Definition up to 1080p/720p Teliris’ optimized 40” 1080p widescreen format technology Privacy function 30/60 frames per second in display technology Supported Immersive Provides an additional native widescreen format Collaboration / Audio Most Natural Multipoint layer of security during Most Natural Multipoint Interoperability Options AAC-LC up to 22 kHz Dynamic Scenario a Teliris Telepresence Audio Dynamic Scenario Manager Separate Teliris InterACT Software-based echo Manager compatibility meeting AAC-LC up to 22 kHz compatibility for multipoint Presentation™ cancellation for multipoint accuracy; Convergence rate: 40 dB/ accuracy; continuous continuous presence second presence, voice switching and hybrid mode supported Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 7. Use Cases Only custom telepresence on the market Asymmetrical meeting modes Teliris Custom TelepresenceTM Allows telepresence features and Full design to fit each office’s culture and Broadest Telepresence Portfolio capabilities to be integrated into new aesthetics or unified design to create The Ultimate Customized Telepresence Solution -- Installed, Managed and Supported environments with nearly unlimited same experience in all locations, proof by Teliris to Ensure Optimum Security, Availability, and Reliability applications of telepresence of concept, deployment, and on-going support services Teliris Custom Telepresence™ is the only solution available that allows telepresence Able to support virtually any parallel features and capabilities to be integrated into new environments, such as research customer application including: Infinite design and functional possibilities and development labs, conference halls or large meeting rooms, factory floors, and Mobile applications including number of screens, participants, oil exploration platforms, among other environments. Teliris Custom Telepresence™ Scientific collaboration add-ons rows or collaboration surfaces allows for nearly unlimited applications of telepresence. The solution represents the Real-time content editing formalization of our history as the only vendor with the technological nimbleness Factory floors and R&D labs to successfully wrap telepresence around specific business requirements. “ Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 9. Immersive Collaboration Portfolio Teliris InterACT Collaboration Broadest Collaboration Portfolio -- From Sharing Presentations to Multi-Touch Content Teliris InterACT TouchTableTM Teliris InterACT PresentationTM Teliris InterACT DocCamTM The Teliris InterACT TouchTableTM is the Teliris InterACT PresentationTM features Teliris InterACT DocCamTM is an Most extensive suite of immersive only commercially available multi- 65” high definition screens and allows interactive high resolution, high collaboration products available in the touch computing environment for PC or Mac output to be displayed magnification imaging camera for IMMERSIVE market telepresence that allows users, for the first time, to share content naturally locally and synchronized with remote sites. Teliris offers basic presentation telepresence that allows users to view objects in precise detail and share TELEPRESENCE Extends the value of the telepresence experience with tools to enable human over distance. The multi-touch virtual table understands participant gestures capabilities at 10 frames per second and a motion presentation option at images. The solution is mounted on the ceiling for optimal perspective. IMMERSIVE interaction beyond the video and audio domains and supports a wide variety of content including video, text, photos and audio 60 frames per second. No specific user software is required, participants Once digitized, physical documents can be fully manipulated in the digital COLLABORATION files, without using a keyboard or simply connect a laptop via VGA domain in conjunction with the full EXPERIENCE. Digital content independent solutions for mouse. cable and begin their presentation. suite of Teliris Immersive Collaboration documents, spreadsheets, photographs, Documents do not leave user computer solutions. THE DIFFERENCE. video, audio, renderings, etc. with no risk of residual copies remaining on the server. Teliris immersive collaboration Physical-to-digital and digital-to-physical transferral capabilities integrate the two tools are based on the same separate worlds of content Teliris core standards-based, client-server 6G platform Natural and intuitively easy-to-use powering the Teliris Immersive Multi-touch capable allowing for maximum Teliris InterACT EaselTM Teliris InterACT LecternTM Teliris InterACT Blu-Ray/DVDTM Telepresence suite of solutions flexibility and ease-of-use Teliris InterACT EaselTM is the first Teliris InterACT LecternTM is the Teliris InterACT Blu-Ray/DVDTM interactive flip chart and white board only virtual lecture environment playback system can be integrated into Multipoint-enabled to allow the experience for telepresence that enables users to for telepresence and is ideal for any Teliris Telepresence environment to extend to any number of locations and create, share and edit ideas in real- companies that hold stand-up lectures for immediate content sharing. The users time as if in the same room. Utilizing within the meeting atmosphere. The solution plays back high-definition a multiscreen projected display solution allows each meeting room to video across all Teliris Telepresence system, computer files, scanned or see the presenter on an independent meeting locations. Solutions available in a wide variety of video images, and handwritten notes display and creates the feeling of formats and features to align with use cases or sketches, are projected on the wall being in the same room. as flip chart sheets. Content can be Fully compatible with Teliris’ suite of edited in real time on an easy-to-use Immersive Telepresence solutions table and is stored for future recall or distributed automatically by email. Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 10. Product Highlights The first multi-touch surface computing environment designed specifically for business use, provides the ability to manipulate, edit, share, save and translate content over distance, while bridging the digital-to-physical divide. Teliris InterACT TouchTableTM Broadest Collaboration Portfolio Only Commercially Available Multi-Touch Surface Computing for Telepresence Cutting-edge, patented, multi-site, multi- touch surface computing collaboration Allows documents, videos, photographs presentations, and other artifacts to be instantaneously shared between telepresence rooms around the world mimicking the natural interactions Two person multi-touch segment participants would have if they were table with 1080p resolution. physically in same room Assemble any number of segments for custom meeting environments. Provides the collaboration tools to extend Collaboration without bounds is enabled by the Teliris InterACT the virtual meeting experience beyond TouchTable , the revolutionary multi-site, multi-touch surface TM audio and visual senses to content Features & Benefits computing solution for telepresence, allows for a wide range Full multi-HD resolution content through Teliris’ Algorithm to support full of content to be manipulated and shared over many locations, Built upon a sophisticated touch surface 1080p support for clear video firewall port provided multi-touch, multi-participant naturally and easily, as if the participants were in the same room. that allows for a natural multi-participant, content reproduction interactions for secure interconnection between Teliris-supplied multi-touch user experience providing Tabletop features fine grain, Full multipoint support allows network and customer astounding range of content sharing options multi-touch and anti-mar for content to be shared network, allowing all to immersive meetings surface across multiple locations devices on customer’s network, including room Support for static or Dynamic content loading endpoints and desktop units, Highly natural and subtle gesture dynamic digital content to interface with Teliris for ad-hoc collaboration, or recognition capability, requiring no user including documents, videos, automatic content pre-loading Telepresence rooms training presentation, CAD, renderings, for ease-of-use and more All Teliris Immersive Compatible with all Teliris Collaboration tools are The only experience that encompasses all Support for content sharing, Immersive Telepresence covered by Teliris Managed the natural interaction of a face-to-face duplication, printing, USB Solutions and all Teliris Services, providing a meeting over distance when combined with thumb drive, email, etc. Immersive Collaboration tools single point-of-contact and guaranteed service level Teliris Immersive Telepresence solutions Teliris Gesture Control Security and privacy for all Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 11. Experience Creating an in-person experience across vendor boundaries Teliris Dynamic Scenario Manager Teliris Interoperability Connect to Anyone with Any System, Anywhere. Interoperability Solutions to Leverage Diverse Videoconferencing Investments Governance Teliris provides comprehensive solutions to the telepresence interoperability Teliris AccessPortal™ + challenge through a layered approach and feature rich technology set, delivering Booking and managing resources across Working Practices the promise of telepresence - securely and reliably - without compromise. organizational boundaries Interoperability requires a layered approach to solve the connection of dissimilar systems, over diverse networks, using different telepresence experiences offered by varying vendors. Teliris’ model solves four distinct challenges: Transcoding Teliris Telepresence Multiple audio/video coding standards Gateway™ 1. The diverse network challenge is addressed by Teliris InfiNET Service 2. Teliris Telepresence GatewayTM provides the compatibility between encoding/ decoding standards and the required image manipulation/ enhancements. 3. Teliris Working Practices in conjunction with the Teliris AccessPortal maps Connectivity Teliris InfiNET™ and integrates telepresence into business processes within and across Secure access between separate network organizational boundaries, such as resource availability and booking, bumping infrastructures policies and operational integration 4. Teliris’ unique Dynamic Scenario Manager optimizes the telepresence geometry to achieve the best possible experience and reliability, regardless of system or vendor differences. Delivering a natural experience, even between vendors, requires a platform that understands the geometry of each connected system Features & Benefits Telepresence to Telepresence: geometry matching system Video Firewall Port provided for The Teliris Telepresence that enables the most natural secure interconnection between GatewayTM allows Teliris telepresence environment by Teliris-supplied network and Telepresence solutions to understanding attributes of customer network, allowing all connect and interoperate with telepresence environments devices on customer’s network, other telepresence systems (number of screens, cameras, including room endpoints and including HP, Polycom, Tandberg participants, system capabilities, desktop units, to interface with and Cisco etc.) The Teliris Telepresence Teliris Telepresence rooms GatewayTM projects full- Connection to Traditional screen images from traditional Teliris incorporates the Teliris Systems allows Teliris videoconferencing devices on Telepresence GatewayTM as part Telepresence to connect with Teliris Telepresence displays of Teliris Managed Services, virtually any IP or ISDN-based providing a single point of videoconferencing endpoints Highest Quality Video Image: contact and guaranteed service such as Polycom or Tandberg Each device connects to the level Teliris Telepresence GatewayTM Client-server platform simplifies in the best way it can versus Available in Multiple Feature transport and interconnection dropping to lowest common Sets: Teliris Telepresence “ requirements denominator. H.323 devices GatewayTM is available in What could your organization become if you REMOVED TRAVELboundaries? LIMITS “ Teliris’ patented Dynamic Scenario Manager is a unique connect using H.323; H.264 devices connect using H.264; HD codecs connect at HD multiple feature sets, allowing the customer to purchase only the features required and Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 12. Connectivity Options Take the Network Out of the Equation Cost-Effective Options Include Client Network, Teliris InfiNETTM, or Teliris InfiNET ExtendedReachTM Fully leverages the strengths of Teliris’ core 6G platform - a standards-based, client-server software approach to telepresence Global Coverage: broad Point of Presence (PoP) footprint supports diverse set of interconnection and last-mile options - 3,000 PoPs in over 800 cities and 200 countries worldwide Designed for Affordable Telepresence: Teliris 6G platform reduces bandwidth requirements and Technical Specifications Full-mesh Layer-3 IP VPN feature in the Provider Edge Receive updates on VPN stats eliminates need for engineered CoS-heavy networks which have historically accounted for 40% of the service connectivity, ideal Router (PR) every 30 minutes cost of telepresence resulting in 25% - 50% less for any-to-any corporate bandwidth vs. competitive solutions networking needs Private segregated VPN Data granularity: monthly, Teliris InfiNET™, one of the world’s largest implemented per customer daily, hourly, and fiveminute telepresence network, is a fully managed, turnkey, Treats Each Location Independently: supports interval views global connectivity solution designed to support IETF RFC 4364 asymmetric frame rates and resolutions in the same telepresence requirements with best-in-class implementation enables PR’s isolated from public meeting avoiding the risk of network anomalies reliability. The solution, reaching over 200 countries, MPLS-based VPNs Internet; no visibility Reporting: view reports as causing the experience at all locations to degrade to is based on Best-Effort CoS MPLS technology. between IP VPN PRs and charts or in table format the lowest common denominator Teliris InfiNET Internet access routers for convenient integration Teliris InfiNET ExtendedReach™ allows clients to access Teliris InfiNET™ using general purpose End-to-End Management: provided by Teliris as a ExtendedReachTM allows with desktop spreadsheet networks. This option significantly lowers the cost 24x7 fully managed end-to-end, turn-key service access via general purpose 24x7 access to Customer applications incurred in purchasing highly engineered local access networks Care & Network Operations facilities. The combined solutions deliver a high Easily Scalable: additional locations have no impact team Customer Premises quality meeting experience with 25% - 50% less on existing sites while new rooms simply attach to Equipment: Teliris supplies bandwidth vs. competitive solutions. Teliris Interconnection Points the Teliris InfiNETTM cloud globally bridge multiple 24x7 network management the CPE Maximum Privacy: all audio/ video traffic is Tier 1 carriers resulting and engineering coverage transmitted directly between the customer sites in geographically broad, with strict fault and Encryption - Teliris Telepresence Operations Centers access affordable reach escalation procedures Network layer encryption management traffic only can be added within the CPE Security Management and Reporting platform. The CPE module B2B Capable: unique Teliris B2B-OnDemand Anti-spoofing utilizing the Teliris VPN connection for allows for AES or 3DES Gateway™ provides for secure, ondemand meetings encryption Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) 24x7 management between Teliris Telepresence customers Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 13. Teliris Managed Services Real End-to-End Managed Services Maximize the Experience Without the Headache Simpler is smarter. Teliris is your single - and sole - point of contact for telepresence. From advanced video technology to the network and complex spatial audio systems, Teliris handles every technical detail of the meeting 24x7, avoiding the need to invest in costly back-office support technology. The user-friendly Teliris AccessPortal™ and optional concierge service work together to ensure that all aspects of the Teliris Telepresence experience are “ the magic is that you FORGET ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY “ transparently handled, allowing all participants to simply walk into the room and begin their meeting, regardless of how many sites or people are in attendance. and focus on the meeting Features & Benefits A single point of contact with in NYC and London are Complete maintenance global coverage to coordinate responsible for unique (break/fix) service meeting setup and verify remote systems diagnostics coordinated with the readiness with no IT staffing of all telepresence meeting customer’s change-control required components prior to each policies, in accordance with meeting as well as continuous guaranteed service levels, Single end-to-end Service heath checks as well as defined escalation Level Agreement (SLA) with paths a 99+ percent meeting Dynamic Scenario Manager assurance guarantee ensures that the telepresence Monthly management environment is optimized reports, including usage and Operational reviews to for each particular meeting utilization (by room, business measure system utilization scenario unit, time of day), problem and highlight areas of log, security, and audit trail. improvement Concierge “Meet & Greet” Service Option provides a Teliris AccessPortal™ is End-user training, portal guaranteed live operator Outlook-compatible and training, light technical to greet participants at the provides global scheduling training, 24/7 support beginning of the meeting and and meeting notification with provide on-going support confirmation, accounting for Operations Centers located multiple users and time-zones Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 14. Design, Implementation & Project Management Teliris Working PracticesTM Teliris Offers Comprehensive Deployment Services to Maximize Your Investment Focus on the Meeting, Not the Technology No Other Provider Offers as Comprehensive a Range of Leading Practices Based on 10 Years Experience in Deploying, Managing, & Optimizing Telepresence Solutions. The Teliris Design, Implementation & Project Management service leverages a comprehensive set of activities that ensures efficient deployments and management of telepresence, including: Designing the Solution • Extensive room design and build recommendations based on client meeting behavior • Engineering and design services Implementing the Solution Detailed deployment field services including Teliris’ comprehensive Project Management methodology, featuring: • A single point of contact for all issues during design & deployment activities • A step-by-step process featuring: Discovery & Initation, Analysis & Planning, Design & Execution, Deployment & Installation and Final Testing & Handover Teliris Working Practices, a market-proven methodology designed to optimize usage, integrate telepresence into business processes, and maximize return on telepresence End User Training, Portal Training and Light Technical Training investments, is based on best practices developed during Teliris’ decade of experience as the premier provider of Immersive Telepresence solutions. Best practices training for optimal telepresence adoption (i.e. handling bookings, meet & greet services, meeting extensions, bumping, etc.) Features & Benefits Stimulates organizational change tools and prime real estate for management information, through an understanding of telepresence deployments including operational reporting, telepresence - leading to high trend modeling and usage Teliris Telepresence Design, usage to capitalize on the Identifies teams that will analysis Implementation & Project investment and to faster ROI recognize the benefit and value from telepresence and Presents a comprehensive Management offers companies an Enables customers to maximize builds internal marketing tools telepresence induction process – end-to-end service to ensure the value of telepresence to publicize capabilities and ‘Six Steps to Service’ - that maps successful deployment and ongoing investment and realize optimal promote early adoption and integrates telepresence into deployment throughout the business processes (e.g. booking, use of Teliris Telepresence. With organization Includes working practices service delivery, etc.) every stage of the process led by model for optimal telepresence Provides dynamic training Teliris, customers can maintain focus Promotes and builds usage meetings and creates paradigm, tracking native measurement tools to determine and support documentation, on their business while accruing the organizational capabilities and deployment success and a customer-branded portal, benefits of telepresence from the operational efficiency continuous improvement management of user accounts and locations, meeting “start” very beginning. Recommends the optimal set Delivers regularly scheduled and “end” policies, and customer of immersive collaboration customer service reviews using change-control and escalation procedures Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence
  • 15. New York USA +1 212 490 1065 London UK +44 207 481 1600 Simple. Affordable. Everywhere. Without Compromise. All Teliris ... Only Telepresence