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"Understand SAP's technology and business road map",Jim ...
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"Understand SAP's technology and business road map",Jim ...


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  • 1. SAP 2003: Your Technology and Business Roadmap Jim Shepherd Senior Vice President AMR Research
  • 2. Agenda
    • SAP’s Business Strategy
    • SAP’s Product Strategy
    • SAP’s Technology Direction
    • What Should You Worry About ?
    • Maximizing The Value of Your SAP Investment
  • 3. SAP Snapshot
    • 7.4B € in FY02 Revenues
      • 56% from Maintenance and Services
    • FY03 Expectation: Flat Revenue, Improved Profits
    • 19,300 Customers
    • 50,000+ Installations – 120+ Countries
    • 23 Industry Solutions
  • 4. SAP’s Business Strategy
    • Account Control- “The Reliable Business Partner”
    • Growth – “Influence A Greater Share of IT Spending”
    • Customer Lifecycle Management -
      • “ ROI - SAP Delivers Value”
    • Services, Maintenance, & Add-ons
    • New Markets and Channels
  • 5. SAP Business Strategy: Become Your “Trusted Partner” Infrastructure Consulting Infrastr. Software Technical Support Infrastructure Support Business Software Business Consulting System Support Out- sourcing System Integration Discover & Evaluate -> Implement -> Operate Hardware OS, DB, ... Strategic Consulting Application Layer Middleware Layer IT Layer Source: SAP AG System Integration System Integration*
  • 6. SAP Business Strategy: “Extended Range of Services”
    • New Maintenance Offerings
    • Architecture Planning
    • Custom Development
    • Consulting
    • System Integration
    • Operations Planning & Optimization
    • Hosting / Outsourcing
  • 7. SAP Business Strategy: New Markets and Channels Source: SAP AG SAP Direct Sales Vertical Resellers Business One Centers Sales/Service Partners
  • 8. Product Strategy: All Things For All Buyers SAP NetWeaver SAP for <Industry>
    • SAP Enterprise Portal
    • SAP Master Data Mgmt.
    • SAP Business Intelligence
    • SAP Exchange Infrastructure
    • mySAP Business Suite
    • mySAP ERP
    • mySAP CRM
    • mySAP SCM
    • ...
    • SAP xApps
    • SAP xApp Resource & Program Management
    • SAP xApp Mergers & Acquisitions
    • ...
    SAP Smart Business Solutions
    • mySAP All-in-One
    • SAP Business One
    SAP Packaged Solutions
    • Service Management for <Industry>
    • Financial Insights for <Industry>
    • ...
    • SAP Mobile Business
    • SAP Web AS
    • SAP for Aerospace & Defense
    • SAP for Automotive
    • ...
    Source: SAP AG
  • 9. Current Application Strategy
    • The Ever Expanding mySAP Business Suite
    • Vertical Industry Solutions
    • ERP Extensions
    • R/3 Enterprise or MySAP ERP ?
    • Mid-market : All-in-One and Business One
    • The xApps (Cross-Applications) Framework
  • 10. The Ever Expanding mySAP Business Suite Source: SAP AG Business Partners World Internet Extranet Enterprise Group ENTERPRISE COLLABORATION Advanced Supply Chain Planning Customer Relationship Mgmt Business Warehousing Intranet R/3 Logistics R/3 Accounting R/3 HR R/3 Fulfillment ... B2B Procurement Strategic Enterprise Management Strategic Enterprise Management Knowledge Warehouse Comprehensive e-Business Solutions Industry-Add-ons Portals Marketplaces Supply Chain Hubs Collaborative Engineering E-Recruiting Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Collaborative Forecasting
  • 11. SAP Product Strategy: Scalability Headquarters Factory Distributor SAP R/3 Enterprise SAP Business One Sales Subsidiary SAP All-in-One Exchange Infrastructure Source: SAP AG
  • 12. xApps xApps are Packaged Composite Applications. They deliver new end-to-end business processes, that snap-on to an existing IT environment. Source: SAP AG New, snap on cross-functional business process Existing applications and data sources xApp
  • 13. Source: SAP AG Functional Transactions (Hindsight) SCM CRM PLM H R Finan- c ials Legacy Desk - top/ Office Support SRM SAP xApp Employee Productivity SAP xApp Resource and Program Mgmt SAP xApp Product Definition SAP xApp Mergers and Acquisitions Announced xApps Business Views, Events (Context & Insight)
  • 14. R/3 Enterprise SAP Web Application Server 6.20 Replaces Basis Server Provides J2EE and ABAP Support Common Foundation for all Components SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension For SCM SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension For FIN SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension For HR SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension For Travel SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension For PLM
    • SAP R/3 Enterprise Core 4.7
    • All Existing R/3 Functionality
    • Future Changes limited to:
            • Legal Changes
            • Defect Fixes
            • Performance Enhancements
  • 15. R/3 Enterprise Rollout
    • New “Ramp-up” Release Process
    • 200 Customers in Controlled Release
    • 1500 Copies Shipped Since January
    • Reports From Customers Are Positive
    Internal Customer Release Restricted Shipments Unrestricted Shipments 7/02 12/02
  • 16. mySAP SCM mySAP PLM mySAP SRM mySAP CRM mySAP ERP Financials Human Resources Corporate Services Operations Maintenance & Quality Inventory & Production Sales Order & Delivery Management Purchase Order Management SAP NETWEAVER mySAP Business Suite Source: SAP AG
  • 17. SAP NetWeaver Corporate Services Operations Management Human Resources Financials Employee Relationship Management Employee Lifecycle Management Employee Transaction Management Purchase Order Management Maintenance & Quality Production Management Inventory Management Corporate Real Estate Management Incentive & Commissions Management Travel Management Application Platform Process Integration Information Integration People Integration mySAP ERP – Edition 2003 Analytics Financial Analytics Workforce Analytics Operations Analytics Strategic Enterprise Management Delivery Management Sales Order Management Financial Accounting Financial Supply Chain Management Management Accounting Source: SAP AG
  • 18. mySAP SCM mySAP CRM + +
    • mySAP Business Suite
      • Customer can buy and deploy mySAP Business Suite
    + mySAP SCM mySAP CRM + R/3 E nter - prise SAP NetWeaver Quickstep Packages +
    • mySAP ERP
      • Customer can buy and deploy mySAP ERP
    • Combining mySAP ERP & Solutions
      • Customer can combine mySAP ERP with mySAP Solutions
    • Combining R/3E & Parts
      • Customer can combine existing R/3 Installations with Solutions, SAP NetWeaver (also parts of it like e.g. Portal or BI) and with Quickstep packages
    SAP NetWeaver mySAP Business Suite SAP NetWeaver mySAP ERP SAP NetWeaver mySAP ERP + + + Quickstep Packages + + 1 2 3 4
  • 19. Source: SAP AG
    • New technology foundation of MySAP products
    • Centralized collection of SAP technologies
      • Application Servers
      • UI Management
      • Integration Framework
      • Security
      • Business Process Mgmnt
      • Data Warehousing
      • Portal Framework
      • Etc.
    • Neutral positioning toward IBM WebSphere and Microsoft .NET
    .NET Web- Sphere … DB and OS Abstraction People Integration Composite Application Framework Process Integration Integration Broker Business Process Management Information Integration Business Intelligence Knowledge Management Life Cycle Management Portal Collaboration J2EE ABAP Application Platform Multi-Channel Access SAP NetWeaver™ DB and OS Abstraction Master Data Management
  • 20. What Should You Be Worrying About ?
    • Instance Consolidation
    • New Functionality
      • PLM, APO, Portals, CRM, etc.
    • Release Strategy & Expectations
      • R/3 Enterprise, MySAP ERP, MySAP Business Suite ?
    • Extended Deployment
      • Internally
      • Externally
  • 21. Maximizing Your Investment
    • Competency Center -- Business Process Improvement Not Help Desk!
    • Continuous Training & Education
    • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
    • Network Theory -- A system becomes more valuable as it touches more users
    • Any ERP System Needs Better Public Relations