Tools to Optimize Virtual Teaming


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Tools to Optimize Virtual Teaming

  1. 1. 365760365760Tools to Optimize Virtual TeamingGreen TeamTools to Optimize Virtual TeamingTools to Optimize Virtual TeamingPrepared forElke Leeds, Ph.D.Justin Cochran, Ph.D.Therese ViscelliBISM 2100Kennesaw State UniversityPrepared byGreen GalsCarly GoliasCarly HoganMelissa KlawKristen LoyetErica MilyoAmy ShaferKennesaw State University<br />December 6, 2009<br />Letter of Authorization<br />BISM 2100 Online Students<br />Kennesaw State University<br />Coles College of Business<br />Dear Students,<br />The purpose of this assignment is to expose students to emerging technologies and to create an opportunity for students to utilize their professional written business communication skills. This formal report will be coordinated with a presentation and a web page to provide a bundled resource on this semester’s project. <br />You are being asked to critically evaluate tools (sites and/or programs) that make virtual teaming and interaction easier. Management has expressed an interest in the following products/services: (1) Dimdim-Online Collaboration, (2) GoTo Meeting, (3) Huddle, (4) Vyew Instant Workspace and (5) Nomadesk.<br />This is an FORMAL REPORT and requires prefatory and supplementary parts (See Chapter 13 in 8th Ed). It will conclude with a detailed recommendation for management on adoption and implementation. <br />At a minimum, your report should include information related to the following Level One Headings:<br />Introduction to Virtual Teaming and Online Meeting Management. This is a research intensive section and requires expert opinion and current examples. Include general information related to virtual teaming on the following topics (Level 2 headings). These are research related, not product related:<br />Popularity and use<br />Privacy and security<br />Cost <br />Technology <br />Training <br />Product Evaluation. A separate (Level 1) section for each product with detailed information on areas you feel are important to management. Include at minimum information on virtual teaming, information and document sharing, project management, and meetings. <br />A product by product comparison with charts and figures to facilitate decision making. This section looks at all products simultaneously.<br />Recommendation. Based on expert opinion, research, and team use/experience. Which products does the team recommend? For what type of user?<br />Implementation. A specific and workable plan for implementation and use. Describe the implementation plan for your recommended product(s). <br />Use both commercial and academic resources (Minimum of 15 references – 20 needed for full credit – at least 10 academic). Refer to Planning Reports and Proposals for details on credible research. Where appropriate, you should incorporate charts, graphs, or other visual aids to illustrate the facts you present both in your report. This report will be submitted to – anti plagiarism detection software – please ensure that you cite your resources appropriately, use quotations and page number references for quotes and internal citations (Author, Date) for paraphrased content. Note – changing 2-3 words does not = paraphrasing. <br />Written Report:<br />The report will be submitted to: (1) for review of originality, (2) vista dropbox for grading, AND (3) to a team designed web page to accompany the presentation. <br />Employ all facets of effective business writing and refer back to your text (Planning, Writing and Completing Formal Business Reports) for the Formal Report Structure. Appendix B has some helpful suggestions for APA citations and reference list. Please also rely on <br />Presentation:<br />Your team will create a presentation based on conclusions and recommendations of the report. You will provide some basic information on each of the Level 2 headings, but focus mainly on the outcomes. Your team may choose to submit a voice over PowerPoint presentation, or a digital video presentation. Please check the discussion board and/or visit for information about DV resources on campus. Please submit the presentation by providing a link from the team designed webpage. (Teams may choose to convert a page of the student website to meet this purpose).<br />Criteria:<br />A comprehensive formal report employing the 7 C’s of business writing – these are quality points in combine grammar, spelling, readability, structure, and adherence to required format. (30 PTS)<br />Thorough research of sources – on average every paragraph has a source listed. References works are paraphrased, balanced between academic and commercial resources, and relevant. (10 PTS)<br />Attributions and Citations done properly in APA style. The Reference list is complete. Internal Citations are done properly. The paper was submitted to - failure to submit – automatic zero. (10 PTS)<br />Detailed analysis covering requirements stated above – these are content points. (30 PTS)<br />Well developed recommendations – this is the crux of the analytical report. It should be detailed enough to know exactly what response you want from your reader and how you want the reader to follow through on that objective. (20 PTS) <br />Professional, persuasive presentation that clearly details the research outcomes of the project. (1) Slides are clear, bulleted, use notes to provide detail, use graphics to enhance (less is more), and use references appropriately. (2) Video is well organized, rehearsed, and clear. Presenters are NOT READING from notes or cue cards. Slides and speakers are interspersed, and references are used appropriately. Website is professional, clear, readable, and credible. Links to report and presentation are working and evident. (50 PTS)<br />Dr. Elke M Leeds & Professor John D. Crisp<br />1000 Chastain Road • Kennesaw, Georgia • 30144<br />Phone: 770-423-6584 • Fax: 770-423-6601<br />Letter of Acceptance<br />Professor Elke Leeds<br />Coles College of Business<br />Kennesaw State University<br />1000 Chastain Road<br />Kennesaw, GA  30144<br /> Dear Professor Leeds,<br />The members of Green Gals’ purpose is to gain a better understanding of emerging technology through implementation while improving and utilizing our professional business communication skills. Our report will include a PowerPoint presentation with a voiceover linked to our Webpage in order to provide users with the necessary tools to make more informed decisions when considering which products/ services to use for a more pleasing virtual teaming experience. Through the use of our personal computers, access to the internet, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Apple Photo Booth,, APA manual, and the campus library. We readily accept your authorization for the completion of a formal report detailing the benefits of emerging technology on virtual teaming. <br />We will start with the research portion where we will construct a formal report discussing popularity, privacy, cost, technology, and training. In a separate section, we will then conduct a product evaluation of our specified tools. Throughout this report we will be constructing enough information, including charts, graphs, recommendations, and an implementation plan in order to present our standpoint on virtual teaming and business online meeting management. In the process of creating our business proposal we must find a minimum of 15-20 commercial and academic resources. Concluding the research part of the assignment, our team will create a presentation that is based on our conclusions and recommendations of our report. Alongside our presentation will be a website designed by our team, which will also be presented. With this project will come a written report, a presentation, a website, and complete group collaboration and cooperation.<br />Our team has reviewed the outlined requirements of the project and is in agreement with the terms presented. We are confident that we will have utilized all tools necessary to fully evaluate and provide a detailed analysis on the following products/services: (1) Dimdim Online Collaboration, (2) GoTo Meeting, (3) Huddle, (4) Vyew Instant Workspace and (5) Nomadesk. Our research on the popularity and use, privacy and security, cost, technology and training will allow us to develop a professional opinion to offer as a recommendation to management.<br />The various roles of our team members will enable us to effectively provide detailed research data. Our team members’ titles and duties are as follows:<br /><ul><li>Carly Golias (Project Manager) = Carly will verify all of our decisions for the team in addition to maintaining the storage of all documents. Carly G. will also be responsible for the GoTo Meeting tool, which will include steps one through four on the Virtual Teaming Letter of Authorization, as well as three commercial resources and two academic resources.
  2. 2. Carly Hogan (Communications Specialist) = Carly H. will be responsible for the Huddle tool, which will include steps one through four on the Virtual Teaming Letter of Authorization, as well as three commercial resources and two academic resources. Carly H. will be one of the team members to narrate the voiceover.
  3. 3. Melissa Klaw (Research and Developmental Representative) = Melissa will be responsible for the Nomadesk tool, which will include steps one through four on the Virtual Teaming Letter of Authorization, as well as three commercial resources and two academic resources.
  4. 4. Kristen Loyet (Research and Developmental Representative/ Citations Expert) = Kristen will be responsible for the Dimdim-Online Collaboration tool, which will include steps one through four on the Virtual Teaming Letter of Authorization, as well as three commercial resources and two academic resources. She will also be responsible approving the citations included in the formal report.
  5. 5. Erica Milyo (Project Design Consultant) = Erica will be responsible for launching the website prior to the deadline, finding a webpage template, and creating the webpage for the most part. Other team members will be responsible for providing her with the necessary information. Other team members will also review the webpage to help Erica edit it. Erica will also be responsible for putting the rough draft PowerPoint together. Other group members will assist in the corrections and necessary changes.
  6. 6. Amy Shafer (Executive Assistant/Communications Specialist) = Amy will be responsible for logging all team member minutes and posting the finished chat logs to the predetermined location. Amy will be responsible for the Vyew Instant Workspace tool, which will include steps one through four on the Virtual Teaming Letter of Authorization. She will also be responsible for handling her portion of the research assignment and coordinating with Carly Hogan for the voice over part of the presentation.</li></ul>All team members will be responsible for the following:<br /><ul><li>Deciding on a team logo that the entire team agrees with. This will be done at one of our meetings.
  7. 7. Each member will be responsible for providing the correct citation(s) to each of the resources they provide.
  8. 8. Each member will submit their individual research sections to and make the necessary changes. Carly Golias will submit the parts of the paper that the group writes together to
  9. 9. Also, each member will be responsible for drafting his or her own section of the report. Then once Carly Golias has put the entire Report together, each team member will revise and submit the necessary changes individually. A revised paper is expected from every group member.
  10. 10. The team member who did the research on a specific product will test that individual product. This will be done during the research stages to provide first hand experience about how the tool works. This will provide more insight as to how this tool works. If the tool is to be used online, then the member will use it online, if it is to be used with our group members face to face, then we, as a group, will use this together, and so forth.
  11. 11. The group members researching a product will be responsible for informing the team of how a tool works and of how we are to use this. This will provide this information by researching it.
  12. 12. The entire team will complete the LOA at the Friday, October 30, 2009 meeting. </li></ul>We appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to share the results of our research and acquired knowledge of the subject.   <br />Sincerely,<br />The Green Gals:<br />Carly Golias Carly Golias<br />Carly Hogan Carly Hogan<br />Melissa Klaw Melissa Klaw<br />Kristen Loyet Kristen Loyet<br />Erica Milyo Erica MilyoAmy Shafer Amy Shafer <br />Letter of transmittal<br />Professor Elke Leeds<br />Coles College of Business<br />Kennesaw State University<br />1000 Chastain Road<br />Kennesaw, GA  30144<br />The Green Gals<br />Kennesaw State University<br />Coles College of Business<br />Dear Professor Leeds,<br />The following report, Tools to Optimize Virtual Teaming, was drafted by the Green Gals team in order to provide a critical evaluation of the tools available to make virtual teaming and interactions possible and efficient. Management expressed an interest in exploring (1) Dimdim-Online Collaboration, (2) GoTo Meeting, (3) Huddle, (4) Vyew Instant Workspace and (5) Nomadesk. This report was initially written for the use of management and Project Supervisor, Elke Leeds. However, this guide will be beneficial to all readers interested in implementing a virtual teaming experience. <br />As per instructions, the Green Gals constructed a detailed report, which contains an introduction, a product evaluation, product by product comparison charts, a recommendation based on the findings of the research and expert opinion, and product implementation. Accompanying this report is a web page and voice over presentation, which will be streaming by December 6, 2009. By accessing the table of contents readers will be able to electronically navigate through all sections of the document with clarity and ease.<br />Through the use of our personal computers, access to the internet, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Apple Photo Booth,, the APA manual, the campus library, and stringent adherence to our Team Operating Agreement, the team has successfully incorporated meaningful content, credible sources, a professional structure, and literary fluidity into a well developed document we can all be proud of. This report would not have been possible without the cooperation of Elke Leeds, Project Supervisor, Carly Golias, Project Manager, Erica Milyo, Project Design Consultant, Melissa Klaw and Kristen Loyet, R&D Representatives and Amy Shafer and Carly Hogan, Communications Specialists. Each contributed to the success of this endeavor and is a valued member of the Green Gals Team. <br />Table of Contents TOC o " 1-3" h z u Letter of Authorization PAGEREF _Toc121739558 h 4Letter of Acceptance PAGEREF _Toc121739559 h 7Letter of transmittal PAGEREF _Toc121739560 h 10List of illustrations PAGEREF _Toc121739561 h 12Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc121739562 h 13Introduction to Virtual Teaming and Online Meeting Management PAGEREF _Toc121739563 h 15Popularity and Use PAGEREF _Toc121739564 h 15Privacy and Security PAGEREF _Toc121739565 h 15Cost PAGEREF _Toc121739566 h 15Technology PAGEREF _Toc121739567 h 15Training PAGEREF _Toc121739568 h 15Dimdim Online Collaboration PAGEREF _Toc121739569 h 16GoToMeeting PAGEREF _Toc121739570 h 17Huddle PAGEREF _Toc121739571 h 19Vyew PAGEREF _Toc121739572 h 21Nomadesk PAGEREF _Toc121739573 h 24Product Evaluation PAGEREF _Toc121739574 h 27Product Comparison PAGEREF _Toc121739575 h 30Implementation PAGEREF _Toc121739576 h 35References PAGEREF _Toc121739577 h 36<br />List of illustrations<br />Table 1, WHICH PRODUCT IS RIGHT FOR YOU?......................................................30<br />Table 2, WHICH KIND OF MEETINGS DO YOU NEED?............................................30<br />Table 3, Which Features Do You Need?.............................................................30<br />Table 4, How would you like to pay?...............................................................30<br />Table 5, Which Level Of Support Do You Need?............................................30<br />Table 6, OVERVIEW OF THE FIVE PRODUCTS.........................................................31<br />Table 7, SERVICES AT A GLANCE...............................................................................32<br />Executive Summary<br /><ul><li>The Green Gals™ research team has acquired information from credible sources with expertise in the field of virtual teaming. In order to illustrate the simplicity of use, the availability of services, and the minimal costs associated with such products, the team has compiled a detailed report of anything and everything related to virtual teaming, including several popular service choices and their respective features.
  13. 13. The following report will benefit any student, individual, or small business seeking to discover alternative ways to meet, conduct business, provide input, and edit or annotate documents without the additional expenses associated with face-to-face meetings. Institutions of higher learning and local high schools can also better engage their students through the use of virtual teaming. Anyone, anywhere in the world can use the content of this report to make life easier and more manageable.
  14. 14. Virtual teaming has been used since the late 1970’s and has seen large spikes in the number of users accessing popular sites in recent years. With the busy lifestyles of working individuals, and an increased sense of global community, virtual teaming has become a viable way of making business happen across borders and through scheduling conflicts.
  15. 15. The Green Gals™ team is currently competing with two other research firms. While the information being presented is similar, the Green Gals are confident that the material displayed within this report will be more reliable, beneficial, and informative than that of our competitors. The mission of this team is to gain a better understanding of emerging technology through implementation while improving and utilizing our professional business communication skills. Our report will include a PowerPoint presentation with a voice over linked to our Webpage in order to provide users with the necessary tools to make more informed decisions when considering which products/ services to use for a more pleasing virtual teaming experience. Through the use of our personal computers, access to the internet, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Apple PhotoBooth,, and the campus library, we hope to decisively evaluate the following products/services as indicated by management: (1) Dimdim Online Collaboration, (2) GoTo Meeting, (3) Huddle, (4) Vyew Instant Workspace, and (5) Nomadesk. A list of all our references will be included at the conclusion of the written report in the APA format. Instructions for how to properly site according to the APA style can be found at apa.html.
  16. 16. This report was guided by Carly Golias, project manager and spokeswoman for the Green Gals Team. Her devotion to this report and her dedication to the team have strengthened the final project. This team is comprised of leaders, however, even if concrete titles are not offered. Each team member played a role in the timely execution of this document and proved that virtual teaming can be a very effective way to conduct business and see results. The Green Gals expect to impress the readers of this report with our knowledge of the virtual teaming experience, our fluidity, and our structure.</li></ul>Introduction to Virtual Teaming and Online Meeting Management<br />Popularity and Use<br />Virtual teaming has been used as far back as the 1970’s. Larger companies with many locations around the nation, or around the globe use virtual teaming to connect with one other. Over one third of IBM”s employees utilize virtual teaming methods while working for the company (Joinson).<br />Privacy and Security<br />When an individual signs up for a virtual teaming program, a feature is offered that allows the user to select personalized security levels and privacy options. According to Charles Steinfield of Michigan State University, getting the right amount of privacy without blocking their coworkers from access to information is sometimes tough. <br />Cost<br />Compared to the high costs of travel expenses, paying for an online meeting program seems insignificant. When one thinks about flight fares, car rentals, gas, and hotel stays, online meetings can save companies a considerable sum of money throughout the fiscal year. <br />Technology<br />The three main types of technology for virtual conferencing are audio conferencing, data conferencing, and video conferencing. Many company programs provide all three as a form of communication (Gould). <br />Training<br />In our study, only Vyew Instant Workspace and Huddle have training and explanations of the programs while DimDim Online Collaboration, Go To Meeting, and Nomadesk feature simplicity. Although some of our programs do not have tutorials, many other available products include training features. <br />Virtual teaming is a cost efficient alternative to a face-to-face meeting. Many online teams communicate through a variety of online products such as Dimdim Online Collaboration, GoTo Meeting, Huddle, Vyew Instant Workspace, and Nomadesk. Although the products provide ways to communicate, each varies in popularity and use, privacy and security, cost, technology, and training.<br />Dimdim Online Collaboration<br />According to Needleman (2008), Dimdim is an easy-to-use product that allows visitors to hold virtual meetings. Dimdim is a tool that allows you to share documents, web conference, chat with team members using audio or video, and organize and record online meetings (Fitzgerald, 2007). According to Fitzgerald (2007), many businesses, educational institutions, and individuals use Dimdim to fulfill their web conferencing needs. It has gained popularity due to its relatively low cost and helpful features. In addition, there are users in over 180 countries (Mills, 2008). <br />Dimdim has several security features. For example, under the children’s privacy policy, children under 13 will not have their personal information gathered (“Dimdim,” 2008). In the instance where you are participating in surveys, email alerts, contests, etc., you will be required to verify your identity by setting up a username and creating a password. Dimdim’s newest version (Dimdim version 5) recognizes microphones and webcams. Also, this product is a non-downloading program that further ensures the user’s safety.<br />Dimdim’s cost breakdowns are as follows: Dimdim Free cost with a limit of up to 20 people, Dimdim Pro is $19 per month to meet up with to 50 people, and Dimdim Webinar is $75 per month to host meetings with up to 1000 people (Roush, 2009). <br />Dimdim does not require a software installation in order to attend meetings (Roush, 2009). However, the product is recommended for technically skilled users (“Tools for Use,” 2008). <br />Because of the simplicity of using and getting familiar with the product, Dimdim, there is really no training necessary. <br />GoToMeeting<br />GoToMeeting requires no complicated logins or setups; it takes only 2 minutes to set up and a few seconds to start a meeting (“GoToMeeting Product,” n.d.). It’s very easy to turn calls into instant online meetings in one click with Easy Meeting Entry, which allows you and attendees to join meetings in seconds without having to set up complicated video feeds or Webcams and Integrated Audio, which includes phone numbers in email invitations on the Control Panel (“GoToMeeting Product,” n.d.).<br />GoToMeeting is the most secure online meeting product available (“GoToMeeting,” 1997). Industry-standard security features ensure that confidential meeting information remains private: End to-End Encryption protects online meetings from eavesdropping by anyone; Meetings can be conducted confidently in a trusted online environment; User authentication requires the use of a password and protects your account from misuse; Unique meeting ID’s protect against unauthorized meeting attendees; Secure Control over Shared Keyboard and Mouse share your desktop for collaborating with meeting attendees; Specific Application Sharing keeps attendees focused on your presentation and protects privacy; Inactivity Time-Out provides added security by automatically stopping screen sharing after a specified period of inactivity (“GoToMeeting,” 1997).<br />Anyone can try GoToMeeting for free and experience the simplest and most cost-effective online meeting solution on the market today (“Web Conferencing,” 1997). With its All You Can Meet® value, you can have as many online meetings as you want at no additional cost, up to 15 people attending without the attendees paying for anything, and free phone conferencing (“Web Conferencing,” 1997). The Monthly Plan is $49.00 and the Annual Plan is $468.00 (“Web Conferencing,” 1997). <br />Clients and co-workers don't need your application to view your presentations, demos, or documents; even files created with specialized applications, such as CAD drawings, are viewable (“GoToMeeting,” 1997). Simple Features include the easily shared keyboard and mouse control. You can share just a certain program or your whole screen and even record your meetings at simplicity (“GoToMeeting,” 1997).<br />GoToMeeting requires no training because of how easy and simple this product is. As long as there is time to get accustomed with the product, there is no need for other training. <br />Huddle<br />Huddle is an online workspace, which is used by many different types of people. The service allows users to work on projects with other people and collaborate on ideas.  Huddles main location is based out of London, which is interesting to know since it has so many global users and there are so many other competitors (“Venture Beat,” 2009). <br /> Huddle has thousands of users every year.  Anyone in businesses, government jobs, charities, and personal users employ Huddle.  Countries that utilize Huddle range from the United Kingdom, the majority of Europe and the United States (“Huddle,” 2009).  <br />The company has specific measures that it takes to make sure no one gets a user’s personal information.  The website only uses ones information for certain reasons such as needing to know ones age.  The minimum age requirement is seventeen to subscribe to the website so the individual would be asked to enter it in when you fill out your information.  Huddle will use the entered email address to update subscribers, send newsletters, and make offers for products and services.  If requested, Huddle will also send subscribers statistics of the types of people who are using the site.  Huddle does not ask for information that does not pertain to the website and the only time the site sends out a persons personal information is to process orders (“Huddle,” 2009). <br />To access Huddle for free, one is only enabled with one workspace and 1 GB of storage.  The next step is Essential, which is $15.00, five workspaces, 2.5 GB of storage, enhanced security and no advertising.  The third options is Plus.  With Plus a subscriber is enabled with 10 workspaces, 10 GB of storage, enhanced security, no advertising, and web conferencing for $38.00.  The following option is Premium, which has 20 workspaces, 20 GB of storage, enhanced security, no advertising, web conferencing, and workspace logo for $75.00.  Enterprise is the last option, which is $200.00.  This option allows someone to customize their account to suit their requirements and choose from other features. This option also has multiple administrator licenses, custom branding and configuration, and priority support and ongoing training. Each Huddle option is priced monthly and downgrading is available whenever needed (“Huddle,” 2009).<br />  The technology that Huddle uses is very up to date. One type of technology is a shared vision through a whiteboard, which lets its users communicate ideas with each other.  Web and phone conferencing is another helpful technology, which Huddle advertises to its users by allowing them to chat immediately.  While email is sometimes used on Huddle, Alastair Mitchell thinks that it “is no longer an adequate collaboration tool” because technology is becoming more advanced with communication (“Huddle,” 2009).<br />  Huddle users have articles on Huddle available to them to read and learn about the site and its features.  Another useful training tip is to download user guides, which can help one work through the site and programs.  Troubleshooter is another way that one can ask any questions that they have on the website (“Huddle,” 2009). <br />Vyew<br />Vyew Instant Workspaces™ is a Berkeley, California browser-based collaboration and conferencing platform that originally launched as SimMeeting™ in September of 2004. Since the site’s name change in October of 2005, it has seen continuous improvements (Gruber, 2007). Vyew offers all of the same main features as its competitors with the exception of application sharing (Antonick, 2007). The site is well formatted and easy to navigate. The page projects a professional image with several sources linked to the index that illustrate the site’s reliability and credibility. Another perk to using this site in lieu of similar programs is the ability to use the service without registration requirements. <br />According to Henry Hon, the CEO of Vyew, his site has gained respect and popularity in a variety of markets including medical imaging, education, training, and graphic and industrial design (Bhushan, 2007). One example is provided through a press release for Las Amiericas Hospital in Medellin, Colombia. Dr. Luis Gaviria, the chief of stress medicine at the hospital and a missionary physician in South America, has been using as a means to “extend his charitable treatment efforts in impoverished communities” (Han, 2006). He uses the site’s telecommunication abilities to facilitate medical diagnosis and patient care when physicians and clients are separated by distance. He can use the service to evaluate and share a variety of medical information with other specialists. Dr. Gaviria believes that through his use of this service he has had a positive impact on local mortality rates. “We are amazed at Vyew’s capabilities…it is intuitive and easy to use…and robust. It works beautifully! Hats off for a wonderful job!” (Han, 2006). Vyew has several different primary uses. The service allows you to meet and present, review and annotate, and educate and train. Users can conduct team meetings; host webinars, present content, upload, create and annotate content with team members or consumers and provide an environment to facilitate collaborative learning. Due to the fact that Vyew is considered a “real-time”/ “any-time” service, team members can leave content available for other members to view and edit over extended periods of time. The service also allows for all team members to collaborate together in “real time” (“Vyew,” 2009). Vyew also accounts for and allows the sharing of multiple types of documents. Vyew can deliver file sharing of all Microsoft Office® Software, graphics, videos and flash files, and screen captures (Clancy, 1). In addition, Vyewlets (widgetized versions of Vyewbooks) have the ability to be embedded outside of; virtually anywhere online, including MySpace and Face Book (Gruber, 1). <br />The Vyew Instant Workspace site has a special disclaimer stating that the services provided are not intended for individuals under the age of 18 unless used in conjunction with an educational or academic tutoring facility. The site also includes a provision that states that ownership rights for posted content are not transferrable to the company, so individuals maintain ownership of all content. Personal information is never sold or loaned out to third parties unless those parties are involved in the completion of transactions for members who opt for an ad-free package. Under the company’s values it states that, “[Vyew] is fanatical about keeping data safe and secure.” The site’s servers utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure security and owner passwords further ensure document protection (“Vyew,” 2009). At the owner’s discretion, workspaces can be private, opened for a specific group or team, or made public (Clancy, 2).<br />The site is free for up to 20 live participants, but the free package does include a minimal amount of advertising during web conferences. There are other, ad-free, packages available for a slight monthly expense (Clancy, 2008). The one thing that stands out concerning Vyew is that the FREE version features everything that the paid version does. The differences between the packages are that the paid version does not contain advertising, and has optional add-on features such as more attendees in a meeting at one time, more pages in a Vyewbook, custom branding and interface, and the ability to host more than one meeting simultaneously (PRO only)( The fee charged to those who choose to use Vyew is significantly less than the prices associated with other services; starting at $6.95 per month if you choose a discounted plan and just $9.95 otherwise. PC World labeled Vyew as one of the “25 Best Business Software Tools and Web Services” primarily because, “It takes a lot of code to run a business…You want the best you can get and at a price that isn’t through the roof” (Null, 2008). With all of the services offered, the fact that the site facilitates file sharing for many different types of documents, including all the Microsoft Office software, graphics, videos, flash files, and screen captures, and there is no need for any installation or downloads, Vyew offers “the most bang for the buck” (Antonick, 2007).<br />Adobe Flash Player and Java are needed for the site to perform optimally, but otherwise there are no additional technological requirements for Vyew. Webcams and microphones are supported, and the site has the ability to widgetize documents.<br />Team members can immediately start bringing online collaboration and conferencing into the workflow of Vyew. Should any member feel the need for additional support, the site offers basic tutorials that outline the features and their functions. In order to implement Vyew Instant Workspace the user must go to and click “Sign-Up Free.” The individual will then be asked to provide the company with an e-mail address (which will be verified) and to create a password at least six characters in length. Once this is completed the individual will need to choose a version of Vyew. There are seven different payment options and three different packages including Free, Plus, and Professional. Clicking the “free” version and then “continue” ends the individual’s efforts in creating a Vyew account and the company then thanks them for their use. <br />Nomadesk<br />According to CrunchBase (2009), “Nomadesk is an innovative virtual Fileserver solution built specifically for small businesses, nomadic professionals and consultants, and ‘virtual teams’”(“Crunchbase,” 2009). Nomadesk specializes in synchronizing important information from your computer and making sure you do not lose it (“Nomadesk,” 2009). One of the most difficult and costly things to do on a computer these days is to keep data protected and supported. Nomadesk not only makes this possible but does so at a reasonable price (“Nomadesk,” 2009). This program is convenient for either teams or individuals (“Nomadesk,” 2009). Over the years, Nomadesk has achieved extreme popularity. In October of 2008, Nomadesk’s popularity sky-rocketed with a recorded 10,000 unique visitors (“CrunchBase,” 2009). Since then, the numbers have seen a slight drop, but have remained steady (“CrunchBase,” 2009). They achieved so much popularity that they even received funding from Angel and Series A. (“CrunchBase,” 2009).<br />A large part of the Nomadesk is based on security and keeping one’s files secure. Nomadesk uses a system called “Double the Security” where they literally provide twice the amount of security by offering protection with 256-bit encryption (“Nomadesk,” 2009). All files under the Nomadesk dashboard are password protected and virtually invisible unless accessed by you (“Nomadesk,” 2009). Nomadesk also uses a program called TheftGuard. This program gives each Nomadesk user a serial number so if your computer is stolen then you can delete your files off of your stolen computer from another computer.<br />There are several options when deciding whether to buy Nomadesk or not. First of all, a thirty-day trial is available in case you are undecided about purchasing (“Nomadesk,” 2009). There is a Team Fileserver and a Personal Fileserver (“Nomadesk,” 2009). One obviously meant for a group and one meant for the individual. The Team Fileserver would be more appropriate for those “people wanting to share and collaborate on documents” and the Personal Fileserver is for those “people working on different computers” (“Nomadesk,” 2009). Each fileserver has different features and therefore the price differs. The Team Fileserver is $15 a month and the Personal Fileserver is $50 a year (“Nomadesk,” 2009). <br />Nomadesk uses a great deal of new technology that is extremely easy to use. For example, The TheftGuard and Double Security as mentioned above are new technologies utilized to insure the security of one’s files (“Nomadesk,” 2009). Also, in order to synchronize files, all that is required of a user is to click and drag a file and Nomadesk’s technology does the rest for you using their automatic sync program (“Nomadesk,” 2009). Another improved technology that is incorporated for the user’s convenience is the DeltaSync technology (“Nomadesk,” 2009). This allows file syncing to be much faster in order to allow the consumer to get more done (“Nomadesk,” 2009). These are just a few examples of all of the enhanced technology used in order to make Nomadesk as superior as possible.<br />This is an extremely simplistic program meant for the everyday user at home. Although it could take some time to get accustomed to there is no training necessary to use Nomadesk. In a review, Nick mead said, “Once you've set it up, NomaDesk is extremely simple and easy to use. A small panel displays your individual and team accounts and you can select when you want to sync files or just let NomaDesk sync them automatically for you” (Mead, 2009). Fortunately, Nomadesk is built for any level user and almost every part of the program is done directly for you.<br />Product Evaluation<br />Dimdim allows businesses and others to collaborate with team members in a convenient manner. It is the gateway to stress-free virtual teaming experience that implements the needs of its users. Whether the meetings are held day or night, weekday or weekend, having the flexibility to choose when the meetings will take place is a convenient aspect of this product. Both managers and employees will spend less money because the need to travel to the meeting is not necessary. Furthermore, almost everyone has joined a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter, and with this product, widgets are created when someone schedules a meeting (Rooney, 2009). This makes it quick and easy to inform others of upcoming meetings. Regarding document sharing, Dimdim makes it easy for those to share PowerPoint presentations and PDF files. Dimdim supports both PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint XP-2003. <br />GoToMeeting has several features including: Intuitive User Interface, which provides easy-to-understand controls that enable you to start and join meetings in seconds without training; Share Keyboard and Mouse Control, which securely collaborate on documents in real time; Instantly Change Presenters that enable any participant to present to the entire group; Drawing Tools that draw, highlight and point to items of interest on the screen; Desktop Recording and Playback that record meetings to review or share later; Specific Application Sharing that provide added privacy; Integration that provides access to GoToMeeting through Microsoft® Office®, email, or instant-messaging applications; Macintosh® Attendee Support where Macintosh users can join and view GoToMeeting sessions; Reporting where you can get detailed reports for trend analysis and ROI validation (Bui, n.d.). <br />The flexibility of this product is very versatile. It’s not necessary to travel to a meeting anymore. This allows companies to hold office meetings without keeping people away from their homes and families. This is also convenient for many businesses because instead of having many people who can’t show up at certain times and places this is convenient for everyone. Companies will also save money because you can have up to 15 people on one chat and only one person or group needs to pay for this to happen. <br />Vyew offers users the ability to manage all of their tasks in an efficient and orderly manner. It is extremely easy to use, and provides online tutorials for those who may be slightly less computer savvy. There is no registration requirement, and personal information is collected for use by the company for transaction purposes only. The Privacy and Security policy linked to the index provides a warning about navigating away from the Vyew Instant Workspaces site as their security only covers the Vyew site. Visiting other links is at the customer’s discretion (“Vyew,” 2009). <br />With minimal advertising during online conferences, the price tag is more than reasonable. The site allows up to 20 live participants without charge so it is perfect for small businesses and school related virtual teaming. It is the opinion of this author that Vyew should be listed as heavily recommended.<br />Nomadesk is a great new product on the market. Although it requires a fee, it is a small price to pay in order to keep your files and data safe. It is fairly simple to install and it performs several accommodating functions. Due to its user friendly nature and its capability of being used both online and offline it is great for any level user. This product can be shared with others and is made specifically for teams. Nomadesk is a terrific product that not only secures files and stores data, but also synchronizes and shares information. In fact, according to (2009), Nomadesk was recently named one of “Europe’s 25 finest, innovative companies” (“,” 2009). Nomadesk is an up and coming company that is continuing to grow. Its success is reaching new heights every day and its users continue to be satisfied.<br />Huddle is a good product for someone to use if they have few projects, need only one workspace and only a little storage space for free. This would not be a recommendation for student use, but would be very useful for larger business that do not mind spending a small $2,400 a year on Huddle compared to all of the money they would spend on travel expenses. Huddle is a great program that is private, helpful, and technologically advanced. <br />Product Comparison<br />Which Product is Right For You?<br />GoToMeetingGoToWebinarGoToMeeting Corporate<br />What do you want to do?Sales DemosCollaborationMarketing EventsTrainingEnable multiple meeting hosts<br />Which Kind of Meetings Do You Need?<br />Online meetings with up to 15 attendeesWebinars with up to 1,000 attendees Online meetings with up to 25 attendees, plus multiple meeting hosts<br />Which Features Do You Need?<br />Basic online meeting featuresWebinar tools and analysis Central administration and reporting for multiple users<br />How would you like to pay?<br />Pay by credit card onlinePay by invoice<br />Which Level Of Support Do You Need?<br />24/7 call center and email supportDedicated account manager<br />GoToMeeting Product Comparison. (n.d.). Retrieved October 21, 2009, from<br />Overview of the 5 Products<br />FeaturesDimdim GoToMeeting HuddleVyew Nomadesk CostFREE+ FREE++ FREE+++ FREE++++ Team-$15 per month;Personal-$50 per yearDocument SharingX*XXXXApplication Sharing X   Web ConferencingXXXX Audio/Video CapabilitiesXXXX Ability to Widgetize X  X Ability to Edit/Save Documents   X Installations or DownloadsNoNoNoNoNoSecurity EncryptionsXXXXXPassword ProtectedXXXXXTheftGuard™    XNecessary TrainingNoNoNoNoNoAbility to give Group PresentationsXXXXXMembers Allowed Before Additional Cost20151 workspace20None*Dimdim allows product sharing for PowerPoint 2007 and XP-2003 and PDF files.+Dimdim is only free for up to 20 participants; $19-$75 per month for additional plans.++GoTo Meeting is free for up to 15 participants; $49 per month, $468 per year+++Huddle is free for one workspace and 1GB of storage; $15-$200 per month for additional plans. ++++Vyew is free for up to 20 participants with minimal advertising<br />Services at a glance<br />NameiVocalizeYugmaGoToMeetingHot ConferenceGlobal Talk LiveCostStarting at $40/monthFree to $69.95/month$49.99/month$44.99/month$40UnlimitedVoiP SupportConference Call SupportText ChatCompatibilityPush BrowserWhite BoardFile SharingDesktop SharingRecordingVideo Conferencing<br />Google Image Result for (n.d.). Retrieved October 21, 2009, from<br />Based on expert opinion, research, and team use/experience, we as a team, have chosen Dimdim as our recommendation. We recommend using Dimdim for two main reasons, its easy to use and the cost is free.  A meeting can be scheduled for immediate use or you can schedule a meeting for a later date or time.  Once the meeting is in session, it is easy to utilize and share power point presentations, PDFs, and a variety of documents and websites.  It even provides a way to create online slideshows.  There is also the ability to use a whiteboard that attendees can mark notes on and save for later use.  If providing training, there is an option to share your computer screen to walk through the steps of tasks.  To have a web conference, simply utilize the webcam for face-to-face meetings. <br />Since the cost is free, it’s a fantastic price for the features and benefits you get from using Dimdim vs. other costly, hard to use software. It’s easy to use functions that allow the less computer savvy employees handle setting up and attending meetings.  For the more experienced users, an upgrade to the Dimdim pro for an additional cost may be better suited.<br />Because of its’ simplicity, users of all experiences, whether it be beginner, intermediate, or experienced can benefit. Also, managers will find Dimdim helpful because they can schedule meetings anytime and anywhere. It’s flexibility and convenience will withstand any business’ needs.<br />We would highly recommend DimDim Online Collaboration to students. They can easily meet with other students, share web documents with each other, and conference on another. Students will keep their information safe with usernames and passwords. It is also free to use unless you need to meet with more people, then it is a low cheap price. The site also promotes that it is easy to use with no software installation.<br /> <br />Implementation<br />To implement Dimdim, simply install the following:<br />The presenter (the one sharing the presentation/application/etc) will need to have a microphone and webcam installed on their computer.  They will need to have Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 and Firefox 1.5, 2.0 on Windows 2000 or higher.  In addition a flash plug-in needs to be installed. The attendees (users seeing the presentation/application/etc) and interacting with the presenter will need IE 6.0 or higher on Windows 2000 or higher with a flash plug-in installed. The Dimdim server, this will be the server that holds the Dimdim application and needs to be a larger machine than what the presenter and attendee are using. Once the software is set up on the server employees are ready to utilize the program and being virtual teaming!<br />Dimdim will not slow your computer down because no program installation is required. Once you move through each step of the Dimdim Meeting Server Setup and agree to the terms then you will be ready to schedule a meeting!<br />Dimdim supports newer browsers and Adobe Flash Player Version 10 is needed. If one clicks on resources, there is a link that can test your computer to see if it is compatible with Dimdim. <br />References<br />(1997). GoToMeeting: Web conferencing, online meetings, net meeting, online training, web conference, presentation software, web conferencing solution, web collaboration, web conferencing service, collaboration software, web conferencing software. Retrieved October 20, 2009, from<br />(1997). Web Conferencing/ GoToMeeting. Retrieved October 21, 2009, from Google Scholar at<br />(2008). Tools for Use. Library Technology Reports, 21-27.<br />(2008). DimDim Products. Retrieved October 27, 2008, from <br />(2009). Vyew instant workspaces. Retrieved November 3, 2009, from<br />(2009). Huddle. Retrieved October 1, 2009 from <br /> (2009). 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