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Stone Soup
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  • 1. Stone Soup By Myken Fogt and Sherry McCombs
  • 2. Teacher Page 1. Read “Stone Soup” by Marcia Brown before doing the activity. 2. Students will be asked questions about the story. They will summarize what they read and answer in complete sentences.
  • 3. When we read, we must pay attention. This will help us understand the important things that happen, and find the moral or important message in the story. After reading, can you answer these questions? Get out a pencil and paper. Record your answers. Make sure you answer in complete sentences!
  • 4. Here’s an easy one! How many soldiers were there? There were three soldiers .
  • 5. When the townspeople saw the soldiers, what did they do? Why did they do that? They hid their food because they didn’t want to share.
  • 6. The soldiers were very hungry. They decided to do something. What did they do? What specific items did they need? They decided to make soup, so they needed three stones.
  • 7. The soldiers needed some ingredients to make the soup taste good. What else did they need? How did they get these ingredients?
  • 8. The soldiers needed lots of food, such as carrots, cabbage, salt and pepper, and beef. They tricked the townspeople into getting these ingredients by suggesting that they would make the soup taste good.
  • 9. The soldiers taught the townspeople an important lesson. What did they learn? They learned that if you share what you have, you will feel good and possibly make a new friend.
  • 10. Remember to share with each other. You never know what it may do for you!