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    Slide 1 - student email Slide 1 - student email Presentation Transcript

    • Green Gals Prepared for: Elke Leeds, Ph.D., Justin Cochran, Ph.D., Therese Viscelli BISM 2100 – Fall 2009
    •  Green Gals research team has acquired information from credible sources with expertise in the field of virtual teaming.  This presentation outlines several popular service choices and features that will benefit any student, individual or small business seeking alternative ways to meet, conduct business, provide input and edit or annotate documents without the additional expenses associated with face-to-face meetings.  The mission of this team is to gain a better understanding of emerging technology through implementation while improving and utilizing our professional business communication skills.
    • Popularity and Use Virtual teaming has been used as far back as the 1970’s. Larger companies with many locations around the nation, or around the globe use virtual teaming to connect with one other. Over one third of IBM’s employees utilize virtual teaming methods while working for the company (Joinson). Privacy and Security When an individual signs up for a virtual teaming program, a feature is offered that allows the user to select personalized security levels and privacy options. According to Charles Steinfield of Michigan State University, getting the right amount of privacy without blocking their coworkers from access to information is sometimes tough.
    • Cost Compared to the high costs of travel expenses, paying for an online meeting program seems insignificant. When one thinks about flight fares, car rentals, gas, and hotel stays, online meetings can save companies a considerable sum of money throughout the fiscal year. Technology The three main types of technology for virtual conferencing are audio conferencing, data conferencing, and video conferencing. Many company programs provide all three as a form of communication (Gould). Training In our study, only Vyew Instant Workspace and Huddle have training and explanations of the programs while DimDim Online Collaboration, Go To Meeting, and Nomadesk feature simplicity. Although some of our programs do not have tutorials many other available products include training features. Although the products provide ways to communicate, each varies in popularity and use, privacy and security, cost, technology, and training.
    •  Overview:  Ability to share documents & create web conferences  Chat with team members using audio or video  Organize and record online meetings  Privacy and Security:  Does not collect personal information unless willing participation in surveys, email alerts, contests, etc.  Children’s privacy policy: children under age of 13 will not have personal information gathered  Cost:  Free cost with a limit of up to 20 people; Pro ($19 per month) of up to 50 people; Webinar ($75 per month) to host meetings with up to 1000 people  Technology and Training:  Requires no additional training due to simplicity of software & manuals
    •  Overview:  No complicated logins or setup  Easy to turn calls into instant online meetings with “Easy Meeting Entry”  Privacy and Security:  Industry standard security features ensure confidential meeting information remains private  End-to-End encryption protects online meetings from eavesdropping  User authentication requires the use of ID and password  Inactivity time-out stops screen sharing after period of inactivity  Cost:  Free to try; “All You Can Meet” option allows for unlimited meetings at no additional cost for up to 15 people and free phone conferencing. Offering a $49 monthly plan and $468 annual plan  Technology and Training:  Clients/Co-Workers do not need the application to view presentations, demos, documents, including specialized documents such as CAD drawings
    •  Overview:  Users can conduct real time team meetings, host webinars, present content, upload, create and annotate content with team members or consumers  Privacy and Security:  Posted content are not transferrable to Vyew; individuals maintain ownership of all content  Site servers utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption  Personal information is never sold to third parties unless utilizing the “ad free” software  Cost:  Free for up to 20 live participants; however contains minimal advertising. Ad free packages available for a small monthly cost  Technology and Training:  Adobe Flash Player and Java required to perform optimally  Vyew offers basic tutorials that outline features and functions
    •  Overview:  Virtual fileserver solution for virtual teams  Specializes in synchronizing important information to keep data protected and supported  Privacy and Security:  Uses system called “Double the Security” providing twice the security with 256-bit encryption  Provides “TheftGuard”, assigning a user serial number to restore all files if your computer is lost or stolen  Cost:  Free 30 day trial; personal fileserver for individuals is $50 per year  Team fileserver for groups/teams is $180 per year  Technology and Training:  No training required; simplistic program for everyday use  Once installed, a small panel displays your individual or team accounts allowing you to select the files you choose to sync or let Nomadesk automatically sync for you
    •  Overview:  Online workspace used by a variety of businesses, governments, charities and personal users. Majority of users are in the United Kingdom, Europe and United Sates  Privacy and Security:  Only personal information used is the user’s age; the minimum age requirement is seventeen to subscribe  Huddle only asks for information that pertains to the website and only sends out personal information when processing orders  Cost:  Free access provides users with 1 workspace and 1 GB of storage  Offers 3 custom packages ranging from $15-$75 per month  Packages include various data storage, number of workspaces, web conferencing, multiple operator licenses and priority support  Technology and Training:  Up-to-date technology, utilizing a whiteboard to communicate ideas with each other, web and phone conferencing enhances the product  Minimal training required; downloadable user guides to assist in use
    • Features Dimdim GoToMeeting Huddle Vyew Nomadesk Cost FREE+ FREE++ FREE+++ FREE++++ Team-$15 per month;Personal-$50 per year Document Sharing X* X X X X Application Sharing X Web Conferencing X X X X Audio/Video Capabilities X X X X Ability to Widgetize X X Ability to Edit/Save Documents X Installations or Downloads No No No No No Security Encryptions X X X X X Password Protected X X X X X TheftGuard™ X Necessary Training No No No No No Ability to give Group Presentations X X X X X Members Allowed Before Additional Cost 20 15 1 workspace 20 None *Dimdim allows product sharing for PowerPoint 2007 and XP-2003 and PDF files. +Dimdim is only free for up to 20 participants; $19-$75 per month for additional plans. ++GoTo Meeting is free for up to 15 participants; $49 per month, $468 per year '+++Huddle is free for one workspace and 1GB of storage; $15-$200 per month for additional plans. ++++Vyew is free for up to 20 participants with minimal advertising;
    • We as a team, have chosen Dimdim as our recommendation for two main reasons, its easy to use and the cost is free. A meeting can be scheduled for immediate use or you can schedule a meeting for a later date or time. Once the meeting is in session, it is easy to utilize and share power point presentations, PDFs, and a variety of documents and websites. It even provides a way to create online slideshows. There is also the ability to use a whiteboard that attendees can mark notes on and save for later use. If providing training, there is an option to share your computer screen to walk through the steps of tasks. To have a web conference, simply utilize the webcam for face-to-face meetings. Since the cost is free, it’s a fantastic price for the features and benefits you get from using Dimdim vs. other costly, hard to use software. It’s easy to use functions that allow the less computer savvy employees handle setting up and attending meetings. For the more experienced users, an upgrade to the Dimdim pro for an additional cost may be better suited.
    • Because of its’ simplicity, users of all experiences, whether it be beginner, intermediate, or experienced can benefit. Also, managers will find Dimdim helpful because they can schedule meetings anytime and anywhere. It’s flexibility and convenience will withstand any business’ needs. We would highly recommend DimDim Online Collaboration to students. They can easily meet with other students, share web documents with each other, and conference on another. Students will keep their information safe with usernames and passwords. It is also free to use unless you need to meet with more people, then it is a low cheap price. The site also promotes that it is easy to use with no software installation.
    • Strengths: Weaknesses: • Low cost • Free service does not • Offers document sharing and guarantee speed nor high web conferencing quality audio/video transmission • Security Encryption and password as with the paid service protected • No need to download or install any applications, plug-ins, ActiveX controls, or Java. Opportunities: Threats: • Adding additional theft • Numerous low cost protection competitors • Better quality of speed and/or • Relatively new to the marketplace audio/video transmission among other players
    • Please visit our website for access to our detailed and informative research: http://students.kennesaw.edu/~emilyo
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