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  • 2.
    • Project Supervisor:
    • Ms Sakun
    • Team Member:
    • Cai Ruishu (025819U) -Leader
    • Lin Yalai (021719H)
    • Joyce Cher (025874Y)
    • Siow Jiong Cheng (024762G)
    • Zheng Ye (023777J)
  • 3.
    • Acknowledgements
    • We wish to express our gratitude to the following:
    • Our lecturer, Ms Sakun, for providing the format of the survey report and going through of the data of our report.
    • School of Engineering (Mechatronics) students and lectures by giving their precious time for helping doing the survey.
    • The coffee companies involve in this report for giving us valuable information about them.
  • 4.
    • Title Page
    • Acknowledgements
    • List of Illustrations
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
      • Purpose Statement
      • Background / Problem
      • Scope
      • Method of enquiry
    • Body/Findings/Discussion
      • History of Spinelli
      • History of Coffee Bean
      • History of Starbucks
      • Spinelli’s Price List
      • Coffee Bean’s Price List
      • Starbucks’ Price List
      • Survey Summary
      • Comparison and Analysis
      • Conclusion
      • Recommendations
      • Bibliography
      • Appendices
  • 5.
    • Coffee can only be bought in Food Junction and canteens in NYP. Therefore, we decided to do a survey with fifty students and lecturers from the school of Engineering(Mechatronics) to see if they would like to have a coffee house in school where different varieties of coffee will be served. We concluded that Coffee Bean was the most popular coffee house preferred after detailed comparison and analysis of the survey. If there were to be a coffee house in school, we would recommend Coffee Bean.
  • 6.
    • Introduction
      • Purpose Statement
    • The Purpose of this survey report is to find out what are the students of SEG Mechatronics choice for coffee house.
      • Background / Problem
    • There is no good coffee in Nanyang Polytechnic. There is also no wide of variety of coffee selection in Nanyang Polytechnic. Coffee is just sold in the canteen and they are not to many students’ liking in majority as it lacks of flavour.
      • Scope
    • This survey is only limited to the School of Engineering (Mechatronics) only. Three coffee companies would be compared. The areas being compared are prices, ambience, types of coffee and the location they would like for a coffee house in school. Lecturers are also asked to join in the survey, as they would also be patronizing the coffee house in the future.
      • Method of Enquiry
    • Information would be gathered from the Internet, from coupon booklets, from media presses and from magazines. The sampling designed used would be area sampling because the survey would be only be conducted in the school of Engineering (Mechatonics). It would thus be a cost effective and useful survey concerns decisions regarding location for a coffee house. Fifty people comprising of students and lecturers from the School of Engineering (Mechatronics) will be surveyed. The survey would be done during school lunch breaks.
  • 7. Body/Findings/Discussion History of Spinelli Spinelli Coffee Company originated in San Francisco. Its first Singapore outlet opened its doors at the Amara Shopping Centre in February 1996, followed rapidly by Change Alley, the Heeren and Robinson Point. Spinelli’s roots are in the purveying, roasting, selection and serving of premium arabica coffees. Its Singapore stores are an inviting combination of fine coffees and fresh baked goods with simple yet colourful interiors. Each site is designed to fit the feel of its location, giving a neighbourhood sense of individuality to the outlet. With the majority of outlets located in the banking district or in business parks, its target market tends towards the sophisticated, quality conscious coffee lover. Quality and freshness are the standards on which they create their success. Staff members are carefully trained in product knowledge and preparation methods. They provide friendly, knowledgeable, professional service, ensuring that customers are served a fresh, full-flavoured cup of coffee each time they visit their stores or purchase their beans. In December 1998 their state of the art, Probat-fired roasting plant commenced operation. Only the highest-grade arabicas are sourced from throughout the coffee growing world and imported raw for storage in their climate controlled warehouse. These high-grown arabicas are batch roasted each week and delivered fresh to their stores and wholesale clientele. Supplying a growing number of restaurants, clubs, office pantries as well as individual customers, Spinelli’s obsession with quality and emphasis on customer service has made them a popular choice. Complementary coffee making equipment and condiments are also sold to simplify coffee operations for their customers, whilst training and technical expertise offer professional support. While dedicated to Asia-wide expansion, Spinelli Coffee Company believes in slow, careful and targeted growth so as to remain focused on quality standards. Franchise enquiries are welcome as they aim to identify partners for their Asian growth and beyond.
  • 8. History of CoffeeBean Herbert B. Hyman started The CoffeeBean & Tea Leaf ® in 1963 with a dedication to excellence and quality, and his efforts made him the founding father of gourmet coffee in California. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® has since grown into one of the largest privately- owned, family-run coffee and tea companies in the world. The endurance and popularity of The Bean, as it is affectionately referred to by devotees, can be attributed to the high standards that were established from the beginning. From trend-setting drinks like the World Famous Ice Blended®, to the employees who become a part of the communities they work in, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® has discovered the formula for a successful coffee and tea company.
  • 9. History of Starbucks Starbucks history dates back to the year 1971 where it opens its first location in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Ever since, they have sought their exceptional coffee beans from around the world. At Starbucks, they are passionate about coffee. They seek out the finest beans the world has to offer, then carefully roast each and everyone to perfection, so customers can enjoy wonderful single-origin coffees and exclusive signature blends. This commitment to superlative quality is their promise to their customers. The end result is amazing delicious and aromatic Starbucks coffee. Starbucks now have a total current location of 6,294 outlets internationally.
  • 10. Spinelli’s Price List Today’s Brew Small $2.50 Medium $2.90 Large $3.20 Hot Tea Small $2.20 Medium $2.40 Large $2.60 Expresso Single $2.50 Double $3.00 Hot Milk Small $2.60 Medium $3.10 Large $3.50 MacchiatoSingle $2.50 Double $3.00 Ice Blended Drinks(Spins, Twist) Small Medium $4.60 Large $5.00 Cappucino Small$ 3.40 Medium $3.80 Large $4.10 Americano Small $2.60 Medium $3.00 Large $3.40 Latte Small $3.70 Medium $4.10 Large $4.40 Café Mocha Small $4.00 Medium $4.30 Large$4.60 Hot CocoaSmall $2.50 Medium $2.90 Large $3.30 Pastries, cookies, sandwiches and cakes range from $1.00 to $6.00
  • 11. Coffee Bean’s Price List Today’s Brew Small $2.60 Regular $3.00 Large $3.40 Hot Tea Small $3.20 Expresso Single $2.80 Double $3.40 Café Vanilla Small $4.30 Regular $4.70 Large $5.00 Macchiato Single $3.20 Double $3.80 Ice Blended Drinks(Mocha, Vanilla,ultimate,blackforest) Small $4.40 Regular $5.40 Cappucino Small $3.80 Double $4.20 Tea Lattes Small $3.90 Regular $4.50 Large $4.90 Americano Small $3.00 Regular $3.60 Large $4.00 Latte Small $3.90 Regular $4.50 Large $4.90 Café Mocha Small $4.30 Regular $4.70 Large $5.00 Hot Cocoa Small $3.30 Regular $3.80 Large $4.30 Pastries, cookies, sandwiches and cakes range from $1.20 to $7.00
  • 12. Starbucks Price List Today’s Brew Tall $3.30 Grande $3.70 Hot Cocoa Short $3.50 Tall $4.00 Grande $4.50 Expresso Single $3.00 Double $3.60 Hot Milk Short $2.60 Tall $3.10 Grande $3.50 Macchiato Single $3.20 Double $3.80 Ice Blended Drinks(Coffee, Mocha, Rhumba, Caramel, Expresso)Short $4.40Tall $5.80 Grande $6.10 Cappucino Short $3.80 Tall $4.40 Grande $4.80 Pastries, cookies, sandwiches and cakes range from $1.00 to $5.70 AmericanoShort$3.20Tall$3.80Grande$4.20 LatteShort$4.20Tall$4.80Grande$5.20 Café MochaShort$3.80Tall$4.80Grande$4,80 Hot TeaShort$2.70Tall$3.00Grande$3.40
  • 13. Survey Report Summary Q1: Which coffee club do you prefer?
  • 14. Q2: How many times do you visit a coffee club in a month?
  • 15. Q3: How much money do you spend on each visit?
  • 16. Q4: What type of coffee do you prefer?
  • 17. Q5: Which environment do you prefer?
  • 18. Q6: How do you like your coffee to be?
  • 19. Q7: What is/are your purpose/purposes of visiting a coffee club?
  • 20. Q8: Do you wish to have wireless connection in the coffee club?
  • 21. 9: Who do you usually visit the coffee club with?
  • 22. Q10: How long do you normally stay in a coffee club?
  • 23. Q11: How many people do you usually go with?
  • 24. Q12: What do you think of the coffee in NYP?
  • 25. Q13: Do you want a coffee club in NYP?
  • 26. Q14: Which coffee club do you hope to have in NYP?
  • 27. Q15: If you are only allowed to have one coffee club in our school, where do you want it to be?
  • 28. Conclusion We compared the price lists of the three different coffee companies and we found out that Spinelli’s price range was the lowest compared to Coffee Bean and Starbucks. According to the survey carried out, CoffeeBean was the most popular coffee house with 40% votes, followed by Starbucks with 38% votes. Spinelli came in third with 11% votes. These included the comparison of prices, ambience, location and coffee varieties.
  • 29. Recommendations We recommend a Coffeebean coffee house in SEG Canteen. We will write a proposal to the management of NYP and also hand in this survey report to let them know what students think of the coffee in NYP and what coffee houses they would like to have.
  • 30. Bibliography