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  • 1. MP3 For You and Me! Leslie Fisher Chief Geek, [email_address]
  • 2. What’s On Tap?
    • What the heck is MP3?
    • What can I do with MP3
      • Listen, Organize, Download, Burn
    • MP3’s on the go
    • What the heck is a podcast?
    • Educational MP3 Examples
  • 3. What The Heck is MP3 Anyhow?
    • Developed by the German Research firm, the Fraunhofer Institute in 1991
    • Basically makes a song file size 1/10 the size of a CD audio song
      • 100’s of MP’3s can fit onto one CD
    • Motion Picture Experts Group approved the new compression technique and dubbed it “MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3” We call it MP3.
  • 4. It’s Just a File!
    • An MP3 files is just a file just like a .doc file is just a file
      • .doc (expenses.doc) = Microsoft Word
      • .mp3 (letitbe.mp3) =MP3 Software
    • MP3 Software Suggestions
      • iTunes (Macintosh and Windows)
      • Winamp (PC)
  • 5. Where Do MP3’s come from?
    • The MP3 fairy
      • No, kidding
    • Created from a CD of your very own music
    • Online from websites offering “legal” MP3’s
    • Created by a recording that you have or created
  • 6. Using your own personal CDs to bond with MP3
    • The easiest way to learn about MP3s and MP3 software is to pull out a couple of your favorite CDs and make MP3 files out of them!
    • It is very very simple to take songs even entire CD’s from your CD collection and store them as MP3 files on your hard drive
      • Can store your CD collection on your hard drive.
      • Great for playing music without CD swapping etc
  • 7. How easy is it?
    • Let me show you!
      • Demo using a store-bought CD and iTunes
  • 8. Getting MP3s Online
    • MP3 files can be downloaded from the Internet using a web browser or your MP3 software
      • Most browsers have an MP3 plugin
      • The file is downloaded just like your would download .pdf file
    • MP3 Files can be downloaded as streaming or file based
      • Streaming: File stays on the server you are getting it from and all that downloads to your machine is a pointer file. As long as that file is on the server at that location, you can listen to it.
      • File: The entire file is sent to your machine and you can listen to the file whenever you want
    • A web browser can also play an MP3 file
      • Using Windows Media Player (PC)
      • Quicktime (PC and Mac)
  • 9. There are many ways and many places to find MP3s Online
    • MP3 Swapping
      • Will talk about it, but, for the most part it is illegal
    • MP3 Purchasing
      • Online services which allow you to purchase your MP3
    • Royalty Free
      • Web sites offering MP3 that are royalty free. (Perfect for use in classroom movies, etc)
  • 10. Legal / Illegal Music Files
    • Some websites are designed to swap music illegally
    • As a rule of thumb, if the artist looks familiar and the music sounds familiar you should be paying for it
    • The education rule: You can download and play copyright music for 30 seconds in a project but that project should not be sold (aka you make money off it)
      • This music however should be purchased music and not downloaded / shared music
  • 11. Why Leslie avoids illegal MP3 sites
    • 100’s served in music swapping lawsuit
      • Ages range from 12-72
      • More will be sued
    • Went after only hard core uses who downloaded 1000+ songs
    • Amnesty
      • Boy Scout Oath you destroyed all your no no music and you will not be sued
    • You can also pay $3,000 to settle the suit
  • 12. Be Safe, Be Legal!
    • Eons ago (aka 3 years), trying to download music legally left you with some websites with very limited downloads
    • Now, there are many companies that offer the ability to download music for around .99 a song and 9.99 an album
      • iTunes Music Store (Via iTunes software)
      • Napster ( )
      • MusicMatch ( )
      • WallMart, Yes WallMart
  • 13. A look at the iTunes Music Store
  • 14. A look at the iTunes Music Store
  • 15. iTunes Music Store Demo
    • Leslie, go buy some music!
  • 16. The Google of MP3
    • Lists piles of MP3’s (music, educational, sound effects, speeches, books etc)
    • Will allow you to search for the MP3 file you are looking for
    • Will provide links to what online companies have your title available
  • 17. Royalty Free MP3 Downloading
    • Royalty Free Downloading is perfect if you need music to play in the background at an event, in PowerPoint, iMovie, etc.
    • Hands down the best
    • Large Library of various music types that are downloaded as mp3 files
    • Leslie may demo it if she has not been rambling too much
  • 18. So Far…
    • You know how to download MP3’s and the software you can use
    • You know how to play MP3’s using a web browser or MP3 player software
    • You know how to buy music online
    • Next, MP3 on the go!
  • 19. You CAN Take it with you!
    • MP3’s are relatively small in size
      • MP3 song = 3 - 8MB
      • CD = 24 - 48 MB
    • You can store 1000’s of MP3’s on a hard drive
    • The coolest gadget, MP3 player!
  • 20. What is an MP3 player?
    • Basically a hard drive, rom chip, button based interface and a headphone jack
    • Can store anything from 10 - 10,000 songs
    • On average 1gig=250 songs
    • Usually fit in the palm of your hand
    • Includes software to transfer your MP3 file to the player
    • Priced from $49 - $499
  • 21. Most Popular MP3 Players
    • Apple’s iPod and iPod Shuffle
    • Creative’s Nomad Jukebox / Zen
    • SonicBlue’s Rio Karma
    • Archos Media Center
  • 22. Also……
    • Most MP3 players work on both a Mac and PC
    • and have great reader review areas
    • My favorite: iPod!
    • Is anyone in love with their MP3 player in here?
  • 23. Demo
    • Apple’s Ipod
  • 24. Ok, Can I reverse engineer this? Meaning place all of this a CD?
    • Yes, this is commonly called burning!
    • You can take a hodge podge of purchased songs, songs from various CDs and make your own CD’s
    • It is easy easy!
    • However beware the difference of MP3 Burning and Audio burning
  • 25. Demo!
    • Time to burn!
  • 26. What is a Podcast?
    • A podcast is simply another way to deliver information over the Internet.
    • Uses audio as its main delivery mechanism.
    • Can also use still photos.
    • Perfect for interviews, listening to a know voice, famous voice, someone reading a story or anything were hearing the spoken word would be more efficient or beneficial.
  • 27. How to do you make a Podcast?
    • •  Just use the Audio In of your CPU
      • PC users make sure you have a sound card and speakers
    • Can use spoken word as well as CD music, video, etc. (remember the laws however!)
    • Macintosh: Wiretap Pro or Garage Band
      • (Wiretap Pro)
      • Wiretap Pro does not support photos and is only single track
      • (Garage Band)
    • PC: Adobe Audition
  • 28. Watch Leslie Make a Podcast (or play a dorky one)
    • •  Using Garage Band and Digital Photos to make a Podcast
  • 29. Did You Know?
    • MP3 technology is also used for Internet radio stations?
      • Streams music to your machine, but does not store it to your hard drive
      • Can be actual radio stations or local home brewed stations
      • This is also the idea behind a podcast
    • You can actually broadcast and become your own MP3 station!
      • Some legal rules apply
    • PC: Shoutcast ( )
      • Used along with winamp
    • Mac: iTunes ( )
  • 30. Demo!
    • MP3 based Internet Radio
  • 31. Ok, So….
    • You know what MP3 is
    • You know where to find them and how to download them
    • You know what you can use to play them
    • You know how to take your CDs and make them MP3 files / Podcasts
    • You know how to make a CD of your favorite MP3’s
  • 32. Now, what can I do in the classroom with MP3?
    • Tons!
    • Make a CD of students presentations, plays, musicals, music, etc.
      • Student cant take it home, has as a keepsake
    • Sound effect test
    • Student run radio station
    • Teacher / Student Podcasting
    • Anything that makes noise can be made into an MP3!
  • 33. Ok, I am Done!
    • Thanks! Any Questions?
    • [email_address]