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  • 2008 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety
  • Consolidated Infrastructure (NASCIO) and Utilization of Existing Resources Relationship to Project Green due to the reduced demand for power, space, cooling, etc. 2008 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety
  • The key is that partitioning is achieved dynamically based on available computing power. 2008 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety
  • Information Technology Resources in this case are processor power, available memory and operating systems Application abstraction requires the applications which are pooled to be independent from other applications Dynamic invocation involves the capabilities of an application to be dynamically started or used independently of its location In order for applications to use a consistent set of data the applications should be independent of the data they operate on 2008 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety
  • We will create multiple partitions (virtual machines) on one server and then we will use a set of partitioned servers to accomplish one or more tasks 2008 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety
  • It is critical for grids to adhere to common standards and protocols in order to achieve the reuse of resources for different purposes Non trivial quality of service due to the fact that multiple computers are used: higher performance when required, increased resource availability and as a result computing power, geographically disbursed disaster recovery capabilities due to the mobility of the virtual machines 2008 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety
  • The Open Grid Forum is one of the standards bodies working in the area of virtualization and more specifically grid computing. As part of the standardization effort the group of experts has defined the capabilities required for a grid environment. Infrastructure Services: The required hardware resources providing computing power such as memory and processors and the required network infrastructure to achieve communication Execution Management Services: The required controller services to achieve optimal and transparent to the applications distribution Data and Information Services: To provide access to the data which is isolated from the applications Resource Management Services: To achieve effective monitoring and management of the available resources Security Services: To manage the secure isolation of applications and information in the grid 2008 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety
  • Virtualization Service provider (VSP): This is the component of WSV which runs in the parent partition and directly communicates with the hardware drivers. VSP makes sure that the other virtual machines (child partitions) running in the same host can access the hardware successfully. It also ensures that the hardware access and sharing by multiple virtual machines is secure. For example VSP is responsible for sharing a common storage device across multiple virtual machines. Virtualization Service Client (VSC): VSC runs in the child partitions and presents the virtual device to each child partition. For a given VSC there would be a corresponding VSP in the parent partition. In other words VSP and VSC exist as pairs. For example there would be a VSP/VSC pair for storage device. 2008 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety

PP One PP One Presentation Transcript

  • Grid Computing and Server Virtualization
  • What are the Key Drivers?
    • Increased demand for computing power to:
      • Collect and Share Data
      • Analyze Information and Intelligence
    • Importance of Infrastructure Consolidation
    • Justice and Public Safety Projects should meet performance measures
    • Projects should demonstrate effective planning and successful implementation with limited resources
  • Grid Computing in a Few Words
    • Grid Computing applies the resources of many computers to resolve a single problem.
  • Virtualization in a Few Words
    • Virtualization is dividing one server into multiple isolated environments
    . . . Virtual Machine N Virtual Machine 1 Virtual Machine 2 Virtual Machine 3
  • How are they Related?
    • Grid Computing and Server Virtualization both require virtual pooling of information technology resources
    • Both concepts have common characteristics
      • Application abstraction
      • Dynamic invocation
      • Information isolation
  • A Common Scenario
    • Using one server for more than one purpose by
      • Running multiple instances of an operating system
      • Leveraging a grid of virtualized servers
    • Fulfills a set of requirements defined by one or more organizations.
  • Grid Computing in More Detail
    • Grids can be defined as systems that coordinate resources that are not subject to centralized control and reside in different domains.
    • Grids employ a standard, open, general-purpose protocol and interface.
    • The grid computing concept is utilized to deliver nontrivial qualities of service.
  • Grid Computing Core Capabilities
    • As defined by the Open Grid Forum the set of core capabilities of grid computing are:
    • Infrastructure services
    • Execution management services
    • Data and information services
    • Resource management services
    • Security services
  • Virtualization in More Detail
    • Virtualization represents the foundation of grid computing.
    • Server virtualization involves
      • Carving servers into partitions
      • Recasting physical resources into logical divisions.
    • Each partition acts as an independent entity
    • Each partition is assigned its own operating system & applications.
  • Virtualization Primer Parent VM Core Operating System User Mode Kernel Mode Child VM 1 Child VM 2 Child VM N
  • Application in Justice and Public Safety
    • Justice information systems are mission critical and require high availability.
    • Grid computing and server virtualization provide additional flexibility.
    • Aid in reducing costs while increasing infrastructure agility and manageability.
  • What Does it Take to Implement?
    • Selecting and deploying solutions for partitioning and isolation of virtual machines.
    • Encapsulation is critical
      • To increase the mobility of virtual machines across existing servers.
    • The key to success
      • Developing a strategy for effective management of all components of the resulting environment.
  • Strategic Benefits
    • Brings together resources in a dynamic and geographically distributed way.
    • Increased computational activity and productivity.
    • Increased server management flexibility and infrastructure agility.
    • Effective sharing of investment in processing power.
    • Potential for reducing hardware and software costs.
  • Some Thoughts on Risks
    • Concepts are still new and standards are currently in development.
    • Implementation adds additional complexity in infrastructure and software
    • Effective strategies to mitigate risks are to:
      • Start implementation with non-critical applications.
      • Deploy in development and testing environments first.
    • Security and Privacy are important considerations.
  • Virtualization Case Studies
    • Chautauqua County
    • The Solution
    • The county created two computing environments based on Dell hardware. It migrated its RMS system to these environments and created a scalable, virtualized server environment utilizing VMware® Server software.
    • The Benefits
      • Increased reliability flexibility and scalability
      • Cost savings of 60%
      • Accelerated new application deployment by 99.7%
      • Accelerated time to provide new services from one month to two hours
    • Bowdoin College
    • The Solution
    • Faced with the challenge to double the size of it’s 500-square-foot data center, a project with a $2 million price tag, the college system administration staff decided to take a different route and to implement virtual technology.
    • The Benefits
      • Saved floor space and reduced significantly the investment in new servers.
      • Running and maintaining 46 instead of the estimated 101 servers.
      • Reduced power and cooling requirements.
      • Reduced additional backup costs
  • Grid Computing Case Studies
    • Public TRUST
    • The Solution
    • The need for scalable platform to support emerging products prompted Public TRUST to upgrade to a grid environment and to shift its CRM and warehouse systems onto Oracle Real Applications Clusters 10g on Linux servers.
    • The Benefits
      • Promoted flexibility in use and cost of computing power
      • Improved application reliability due to access to easily swappable blade server hardware in a grid environment
      • Enabled faster completion of substantial processing tasks
    • The Sommer Group
    • The Solution
    • Leveraging Fujitsu Siemens Computers strategy, the Sommer Group adopted an innovative information technology approach. The strategy involved the use of virtualization and automation based on Oracle’s grid technology for incremental ERP system migration, including the entire system environment.
    • The Benefits
      • Consolidated server landscape: a single server pool for both production and testing environments
      • Significant reduction in operating and maintenance expense
      • Dynamic allocation of resources for optimal service quality
      • Future-safe investment since the grid platform can be flexibly scaled with industry-standard technology
  • Available Products - I
    • The Globus Toolkit
    • IBM® Grid Solution for Data Intensive Computing
    • IBM® Grid and Grow™ Express
    • HP Storage Works Grid
    • Oracle VM Driver
    • Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control
    • Sun Grid Engine 5.3
    • Sun Management Center
    • Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Available Products - II
    • VMWare Server, VMWare Workstation
    • VMWare High Availability
    • VMWare Consolidated Backup
    • VMWare VMotion
    • VMWare Virtual Center
    • VMWare Converter
    • VMWare Capacity Planner
    • Xen® Hypervisor
    • SWSoft Virtuozzo
  • Links to More Information
    • What is the Grid? A three point Checklist
    • http://www-fp.mcs.anl.gov/~foster/Articles/WhatIsTheGrid.pdf
    • The Open Grid Services Architecture, Version 1.0
    • http://www.ogf.org/documents/GFD.30.pdf
    • What are the Benefits of Grid Computing?
    • http://www.ccr.buffalo.edu/documents/gridcomputing_audiocast.pdf
    •   Server Virtualization Goes Mainstream
    • www.forrester.com/go?docid=38634
    •   Pragmatic Approaches to Server Virtualization
    • www.forrester.com/go?docid=38751
    •   The Open Grid Forum
    • http://www.ogf.org
    •   The Global Grid Forum
    • http://www.ggf.org
    •   The Globus Alliance
    • http://www.globus.org
  • Thank You!
    • Iveta Topalova
    • Analysts International
    • 408-501-3705
    • [email_address]