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  • 1. Chinese Tea by Savitri Horrigan & Dad (Mr. Horrigan)
  • 2. About Chinese Tea
    • There are 600 types of tea plants and 3,000 varieties of tea.
    • The tea plant is native to Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia.)
  • 3.
    • The Chinese monks brought tea to Japan and the rest of the world.
    • Tea is known to calm people when stressed.
    Tea in China
  • 4.
    • Tea comes in many flavors such as green, yellow, red, mint and flower blossom.
    • Tea is prepared by pouring hot water over dry tea leaves.
    Tea in China
  • 5. Tea in China
    • Tea has been drunk in China since 3,000 BC.
    • That’s nearly 5,000 years ago!
    • The Chinese used to make tea into small bricks so that they could use tea instead of money for trading .
  • 6.
    • Tea is extremely important to the Chinese culture.
    • The tea is often offered to guests.
    • Tea is served at almost every meal.
    • In China, the tea is drunk with out milk or sugar.
    Tea in China
  • 7.           You can buy loose tea in a tea store. These stores are found all over China.
  • 8.
    • Many people in China are fond of Jasmine tea.
    • This is how you write tea in Chinese.
    Tea in China
  • 9. Tea ceremony
    • The tea ceremony is led by a woman.
      • She tells the guests about the types of tea.
      • She explains how to drink the tea.
  • 10. Tea ceremony She uses special tools to clean the tea pot.
  • 11.           A tea set includes a special tray to collect spilled tea and water.
  • 12. Tea ceremony The hostess warms the pots and cups by filling them with hot water.
  • 13. Tea ceremony
    • The tea is poured into a tall, slim cup.
    • The guests pour the tea into a small round cup.
  • 14. Tea ceremony
    • After you pour the tea into the small cup, you can smell the flavor of the tea in the tall cup.
    • The tea is drunk out of the small cup.
  • 15.           After the ceremony, the guests will sit for many hours and drink tea and talk.   Tea ceremony
  • 16.           Teahouses You can listen to music in a teahouse.
  • 17.           Teahouses
    • Some tea houses are outside in gardens
    • They are only open in the warm weather.
  • 18.           Teahouses You can buy one cup of tea and drink it all day by adding hot water to the leaves. People like to eat sunflower seeds while they drink tea.
  • 19.           Sources:   1.     “ Tea”, Microsoft Encarta online http:// encarta ti =761563182   2.     “ The world of tea”, http://www. stashtea .com/   3.       Interview with John Horrigan (dad) http:// cms . westport cmslmc /China/intro. htm