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  • 1. 2008 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR ADVANCED Lion Terry Landers MD-2 State IT Chairperson
  • 2. Introductions :
    • Lion Terry Landers, from District 2-S2 MD-2 Information Technology Chair 2007 – 2008
    • PDG Frank Pickens from District 2-X1.
    • PDG Ronald Landers from District 2-S2
  • 3. Topics of Discussion
    • CLUB WEBSITE DESIGN : Design and hosting information
      • Discussion Boards
      • Chat rooms
      • Calendars
      • Search engines
      • Photo Galleries
      • Shopping Cart
      • Blogs
      • Other
  • 4.
    • Website Design
    • Creating Your Lions Club WebPages
      • Free Club Websites:
        • LionNet is proud to be able to provide a FREE and EASY webpage to Lions Clubs throughout the world.
        • Most free hosting services have banners and pop-ups
      • Put the site on a member's web space:
        • Can be a problem if the club changes webmasters in the future .
      • Paid Websites :
        • Finding a low cost Hosting service.
        • Space on web, services, storage for files
        • Registration of your webpage name
  • 5. Last year the State webpage moved to a low cost Hosting service for it’s webpage. SimpleHost offers Domain registration and web hosting plans. The Powerful simple plan includes domain registration and service for a low cost of $90 a year.
  • 6. Website Design
  • 7. WARNING When creating or thinking about your website. Not everyone has the newest, fastest, high speed system. Graphics and Flashy is great, yet they slow down opening up
  • 8. Designing
    • Microsoft FrontPage
    • Dreamweaver
    • Other WYSIWYG programs (what you see is what you get)
    • Html coding
    • Hosting design services
    • Search the net
  • 9.
    • Templates and themes
    • User friendly
    • Remember low-vision people
    • Remember Slower connections
    • Who do you want to use the Webpage
  • 10. Additional Features
    • Discussion Boards
    • Chat rooms
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Blogs
    • Shopping Cart
  • 11.
      • Discussion Boards
    Allow members to post topics for discussion and gather information from each other Can be made secure or private so only those who you wish to read and post can have access. Some hosts give this as a add-on feature.
  • 12.
      • CHAT ROOMS
    Allows members to chat and have discussions. Live action chat. Can have audio and video. Can be made secure or private so only those who you wish to read and post can have access. Some hosts give this as a add-on feature.
  • 13. Video
    • Allows Videos to be saved and viewed from webpage.
    • Might be difficult with slow speed systems to view.
    • Lets audience see functions, speeches, or important events that where recorded.
  • 14. Audio
    • Allows Audio to be saved and played from webpage.
    • Might be difficult with slow speed systems.
    • Lets audience PSA’s, speeches, or important events that where recorded.
  • 15.
    • Visit your Lions Websites:
    • Create your own District or Club Page
    • Sign the Attendance form.
  • 16.
    • The 21st century is here and the technology of this century is the computer and the internet.
    • The Internet is the Information and Communication tool of today.
    • Please use and Promote the MD-2 Texas Lions Website!
    • Any Further Questions?
  • 17.
    • Again lets all give a thank you to our presenters:
    • PDG Frank Pickens
    • PDG Ronald Landers
    • Lions Terry Landers