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  • Lindsay - Moderator
  • Everyone – brief introduction
  • This one or the previous one
  • Typically, sync in a PSN will be distributed from one source (with a failover backup), likely via separate paths from the services themselves. In many cases, sync will be traceable to a building-integrated timing server (BITS) located in a carrier central office or point-of-presence (POP), which is in turn traceable via a SONET/SDH link to a network primary reference source (PRS).
  • Lindsay - Moderator
  • Lindsay - Moderator
  • Transcript

    • 1. How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 2. Some Background Context Despite the availability of Ethernet metro and WAN services, many enterprises are still searching for solutions that fully address their evolving requirements
        • To reduce operating and capital expenditures, many enterprises are considering consolidating their voice, data, and video traffic onto a single converged, packet-based network
        • Revenues from traditional frame relay, ATM and TDM private line services delivered over separate network infrastructures continue to shrink, but will take a long time to disappear
      Co-existence of Ethernet and other services is a necessity !!
    • 3. Introducing the Panelists
      • Lindsay Newell - Alcatel
      • David Olisar - Tellabs
      • Brian Stroehlein - Transwitch 
      • Amir Lahat - Atrica                   
    • 4. Lindsay Newell Vice President of Marketing, IP Division, Alcatel How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 5.
      • “ For carriers to increase penetration of Ethernet services, they will have to offer interworking with other WAN technologies to increase the usefulness of Ethernet in the WAN.” Source: IDC, Ethernet End User Survey, September 2005
      Service Continuity: An MPLS-based Multi-service Network LSP LSP FR UNI IP/MPLS LSP FR UNI Ethernet UNI ATM UNI Ethernet UNI ATM ATM UNI VPLS VPLS VPLS Frame Relay Ethernet UNI ATM Frame Relay Ethernet Ethernet TDM
    • 6. Service Continuity: Multi-service Edge Routers
      • “ In simple terms, the multiservice edge router is a highly scalable, flexible and resilient router optimized for converged IP/MPLS networks. The MSER supports diverse service interfaces, enforces QoS policies for both business and residential services, and operates on a scalable, reliable IP/MPLS control plane. In addition, it must be engineered to apply QoS, accounting and OAMP to specific services, not just ports or sub-interfaces”
      Service Providers Define Key Requirements for Multiservice Edge Routers Yankee Group, October 2005 VPLS IP VPN ATM PWE FR PWE ETH PWE
    • 7. Service Availability: “Non-stop” Ethernet Services Ethernet Service Switches/Routers Multi-Service Edge Routers Ethernet Service Switches/Routers MTU Switch Customer Router Customer Router Customer Router MTU Switch Customer Router Customer Router Customer Router Active NMS Manages end to end solution Standby NMS Assumes active’s IP address when management visibility disappears. NMS Redundancy MPLS-based Metro core with <50ms link failover for thousands of services MPLS or Ethernet uplinks with <50ms failover Hitless Control Plane Failover for Routing Protocols, MPLS and thousands of Services WAN Ethernet must match or improve on the protection capabilities of ATM and SONT/SDH for link and node outages
    • 8. Service Differentiation: Measuring SLA Performance Metrics Multi-Service Edge Routers Ethernet Service Switches/Routers MTU Switch Customer A Customer B Customer C Composite Services Service Assurance Test – Customer A FR UNI Ethernet UNI Customer A Customer A MPLS VC ID Ethernet VLAN Customer Web Portal Ethernet OAM Toolkit for rapid trouble shooting Fast Service Activation & Fault notification Maintain SLA Performance Metrics Test Service Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss and Round-trip Delay Enterprise OAM Notification NMS ATM ATM UNI Frame Relay TDM
    • 9. Service Differentation: A Provider’s Perspective Infrastructure Communication services Connectivity & access LAN/WAN (BiLAN) Next Generation Network Integration Services Email Collaboration Calendar Converged DATA/Voice/Video Web Application Telephone Services Video Conferencing Service Level Agreements Servers Instant Messaging
      • MediaNet and e-Health
      • a solution that fits the “rich media” traffic profiles:
      • huge peaks in volume traffic during short periods
      • storage services
      Move up the value chain Revitalise the value chain
    • 10. How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 11. David Olisar Global Portfolio Strategy & Business Development Tellabs How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 12. Challenges for Carriers Carrier Challenges Carrier Ethernet solutions respond to carrier challenges Carrier Ethernet Solution Scalability (MACs, VLANs, Nodes) Differentiated services on one network Carrier-class Service migration EoMPLS Hard QoS Non-stop reliability Service interworking
    • 13. Multiple Services – Single Network Business Customers Revenue Business Services Network Infrastructure IP FR ETH Consumer Services Network Infrastructure ATM DSL Wireless IP TDM Consumer Revenue
      • Multiple Services
      • Frame Relay
      • DSL Back Haul
      • Ethernet TLS VPNs
      • Internet Access
      • IP Sec & GRE VPNs
      IP VPNs FR/ATM VPNs Ethernet VPNs MPLS Enables Convergence ATM Ethernet IP IP/MPLS
    • 14. Service Interworking
        • Service Interworking enables existing FR/ATM customers to communicate with new IP/Ethernet customers
        • Service Interworking enables any customer to exchange data with any other, regardless of protocol
        • Provides ATM-like hard QoS guarantees for IP and Ethernet services enabling customized per-customer/per-service SLAs
      IP/MPLS Core PE PE Layer 3 VPN (IP) Ethernet Layer 2 VPN (FR/ATM) Layer 3 VPN (IP) Ethernet Layer 2 VPN (FR/ATM)
    • 15. Service Interworking Example
      • Service Interworking is a key enabler
        • Increases Addressable Market
        • Lowers Capital Expenditures
        • Increases Flexibility
        • Seamless Integration for the Customer
      IP/MPLS Core PE PE Ethernet FR ATM LSP A LSP B Service Interworking is a must to address current as well as new customers FR Bank A Bank B Bank A Bank A
    • 16. IP or IP/MPLS Backbone ATM / Frame Core PSTN Aggregation Access Customer Premises Tellabs 8800 End to End Services Point-to-Point Ethernet Multipoint Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Ethernet Access Ring Internet Access 8815-5000 MPLS Metro Access Network Copper Fiber 8813-46 8813-311v 8813-311 8813-311 8813-311 8830 8830 8840 8813-427 8830 8830 8830 8830 To National or Off-Net Customers ATM/FR Interworking - Internet Access - TLS - VPLS Enabled Services 8813-311
      • IPVPNs (2547bis)
      • Off-net TDM Access
      • TDM over Ethernet
      • VoIP and Video
      Off Net Customers 8860 IP Metro Off-net TDM Access TDM over Ethernet 8815-2200 Internet
    • 17. How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 18. Brian Stroehlein Product Marketing Manager TranSwitch How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 19. Coexistence: &quot;Crossing the Chasm&quot; ATM OC-48/-192 EoS MPLS xPON OC-3, OC-12 2G Ref: &quot;Crossing the Chasm&quot; by Geoffrey A. Moore MEth WiMax VoIP IPTV 3G ADSL WiFi FCoS CES Enh1588 CESSync SynEth Not Ethernet-based Ethernet-based Partially Ethernet-based Sync over PSN EoPDH VDSL Key: T/E FR DoC
    • 20. TDM Convergence Technologies
      • Provider Side (typ.)
      Eth PHY Ethernet VLAN (opt.) MPLS (opt.) UDP/IP (opt.) RTP (opt.) Adaptation TDM Signal Framing and OHT CES T/E Carrier PHY T/E Carrier Framing & OHT VCAT & LCAS GFP-F EoPDH Ethernet SONET/SDH PHY SONET/SDH Framing & OHT VCAT & LCAS GFP-T or GFP-F EoS Ethernet Customer Side (typ.)
    • 21. Sync-over-Packet Network View SONET/ SDH Network Metro Ethernet Network ESS RNC Node B xPON ONT CMTS PRS IP-DSLAM SONET/SDH FDX, CC GE, 10GE FDX, CC GE, 10GE FDX, CC GE, 10GE FDX, CC GE, 10GE FDX, CC xPON HDX, IC DOCSIS HDX, CC sync xDSL FDX, CC WiMax 3G CC = Continuous Carrier IC = Intermittent Carrier GE, 10GE FDX, CC GE, 10GE FDX, CC GE, 10GE FDX, CC PRS ESS ESS ESS ADM Iub: FE, GE FDX, CC Base St ADM ADM ADM CES Sync OCC Sync IWF IWF Local Clock Sync IWF IWF CES Sync AFE Clock Sync IWF IWF CES Sync OCC Sync IWF IWF CES Sync
    • 22. Sync and Incumbent Carriers
      • Incumbent carriers will want...
        • High-quality sync --> Potential differentiator (or maintain parity)
        • Predictable, reliable, deterministic sync
          • Not traffic-dependent
        • Proven technology, low risk (conservative approach)
        • Hierarchical clock distribution derives from SONET/SDH
        • Easy fit: Similar OSS & craft setup and management
        • Always operate at the lowest feasible network level
          • Reliability
          • Quality
        • Low incremental CapEx
      #1 Choice: CES Sync (Available now, but not &quot;Layer 1&quot;) #2 Choice: Synchronous Ethernet (&quot;Layer 1,&quot; but not available now)
    • 23. How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 24. Amir Lahat VP Business Development & Solutions Atrica How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 25. Carrier Ethernet Convergence Is Here Video Source Internet Voice gateway Carrier Ethernet Voice/Video Telephony HD TV TVoD, VoD Video Source Gaming Business Backup, ERP Mobile 3G Residential Triple-Play Business Broadband E-Line, E-LAN, and TDM services FTTx and DSLAM Backhaul Broadband mobile data/video
      • Traffic Engineering & QoS of ATM
      • Resiliency & Manageability of SONET/SDH
      • Simplicity & Economics of Ethernet
    • 26. Broadband Services Applications
      • Residential
      • Triple Play with IPTV
      • 100’s of TV channels
      • Video on demand
      • Video recording/playback
      • Interactive video apps
      • Multi-megabit Internet access
      • Remote learning
      • Gaming
      • Business
      • Enriched Services
      • Gigabit connectivity between businesses
      • Data Center Consolidation
      • Storage and disaster recovery
      • Guaranteed rate multi-megabit Internet access
      • Video conferencing & broadcast
      • Business telephony
      • Mobile
      • Wireless Backhaul
      • Wi-Fi Access delivery
      • WiMAX infrastructure
      • 3G and beyond wireless
      • Next gen data services
      • High resolution photo
      • Wireless video
      • Gaming
      • Digital TV
    • 27. Enterprise Services Inter-LAN, Inter-PABX and SAN Customer site Customer site Customer site Carrier Ethernet Customer site Customer site Customer site IP VPN Network Carrier Ethernet Customer site Customer site www Carrier Ethernet Customer site Customer site Customer site IP VPN ASP, or Extranet www Customer site Carrier Ethernet Customer site Customer site Customer site Carrier Ethernet VPLS Group High Speed Access to IP-VPN High Speed Internet Access VPLS or VPLS-TE Service Multi-Service Access
    • 28. Triple-Play Services
      • Delivering triple play services over variety of access concentrators (DSLAM, OLT, Base stations) enables the operator to offer extensive and competitive Triple-Play services
      • The Carrier-Ethernet aggregation network is a key factor to enable co-existence of new and legacy access network do deliver new and advanced services
      RGW Access Concentrator BB-SR Regional Network ASP ISP MPLS/Ethernet Aggregation Network
    • 29. Atrica’s End-to-End Carrier Ethernet Solution Carrier Ethernet with Traditional Ethernet Economics BTS
    • 30. How Ethernet Co-exists with other Services
    • 31. Ethernet Co-exists with other Services Hybrid L2 and L3 Ethernet VPNs FR Service Inter-working ATM Service Inter-working TDM over Ethernet MPLS Carrier Ethernet
    • 32. Ethernet Co-exists with other Services Q & A !