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    MirrorBit MirrorBit Document Transcript

    • S P A N S I O N T M F L A S H M E M O R Y MirrorBit ORNAND ™ ™ MS FAMILY Introducing 1.8-Volt, 1Gb Flash Memory Device Optimized for Data Storage in Wireless Handsets Support Wireless Applications with Scalable Spansion™ MirrorBit™ ORNAND™ Architecture Faced with exploding customer demand for digital media such as photos, music, and video, manufacturers of wireless handsets are seeking innovative ways to boost Flash memory density and performance. Spansion’s groundbreaking MirrorBit™ ORNAND™ architecture is well-suited for data storage in wireless handsets, delivering the NAND interface and compelling cost structure of traditional NAND solutions with the reliability and fast read performance of NOR Flash memory. Using advanced Multiple Chip Packaging (MCP) and Package on Package (POP) technology, Spansion offers MirrorBit ORNAND Flash memory as SPANSION MS ™ part of a scalable handset memory system solution for a range of FAMILY HIgHLIgHtS wireless handsets that enable DVD-quality video, CD-quality audio, and up to 5-Megapixel photos. . High-density 512 Mb and 1 Gb solutions designed The MirrorBit™ ORNAND™ MS Family . specifically for data storage 50 percent faster read performance than Spansion’s MirrorBit ORNAND MS 1.8 -Volt Flash memory family includes two densities, 512 Mb and 1 Gb, manufactured in advanced . standard NAND 8x faster write performance 90 nm process technology. With approximately 50 percent faster read performance than standard NAND Flash memory, the MirrorBit . than NOR 2 MB /sec data transfer for advanced productivity and ORNAND devices are well-suited for today’s data storage applications, e.g. playing back multimedia files such as MPEG4 videos. . multimedia applications Multiple chip packages that combine both code and data on Spansion’s scalable MirrorBit ™ technology 1 www.spansion.com
    • MS FAMILY Fast Read/Write Performance is critical in wireless applications. The MirrorBit ORNAND MS Flash memory family delivers high-performance code execution and data storage, creating compelling user experiences, including: . Accelerated boot: Up to 54 percent faster boot-time than . pure code shadowing systems. MirrorBit™ ORNAND™ is Designed to be Compatible with the Following Baseband Processors Rich multimedia performance: . . TI OMAP/Neptune . . Agere Vision VX-115 MP3: CD-quality MP3 playback. . Qualcomm Enhanced Series (6275/6280/6800) . Analog Devices Le Mans Ericsson Mobile Phones Digital camera: Supports up to 5-Megapixel camera . Freescale SCMA11/Argon+/MX31 . . G250/E150/U250 BCM 2124/2133/2152 phone resolution. Digital video: DVD -quality MPEG4 video playback and . Infineon SGOLD Series Phillips Swift Series Silicon Labs recording with performance . exceeding 30fps at VGA resolution. Advanced data transfer speeds: Enables wireless LAN 802.11B and USB 2.0 . Full-Speed uploading and downloading. Low power consumption: Improves power savings when in standby mode, compared to pure code shadowing solutions. Command Set Increases Flexibility and Performance The MirrorBit ORNAND architecture conforms to the standardized NAND command set and pinout for easy integration with existing board designs. In addition to the standard commands used by most NAND Flash devices, the Spansion ™ MirrorBit ORNAND MS Flash memory family supports two additional commands to MirrorBit ™ Commands NAND draw on the strengths of the MirrorBit ORNAND ™ ORNAND architecture: Page Read Serial/Random Serial/Random XtREME MODE: Unique MirrorBit ORNAND feature that 1/4 Page Partial Read Serial/Random enables faster write speeds through a block management technique Page Program that takes advantage of MirrorBit Serial/Random/Partial Serial/Random/Partial technology characteristics to Xtreme Mode deliver write speeds 3x faster than standard write. With 6MB/sec Cache Program sustained write, this feature is outstanding for storing data files quickly. Page Duplicate Program PARtIAL PAgE READ: Enables fast read for small blocks of data. Block Erase While standard NAND interface products must read data one Write/Read page at a time, the architecture’s Operation Status partial page read command allows faster access to data in quarter Reset page increments. 2 www.spansion.com
    • A Scalable Platform Approach Spansion’s MirrorBit Flash memory solutions enable handset manufacturers to use a single-platform approach to scale their offerings from basic entry level phones up to very high-end, fully featured phones. This comprehensive approach combines different data Scalable MirrorBit™ storage components – XIP NOR and ORNAND™ Solutions code Flash memory (MirrorBit NOR ), data Flash memory Voice-Centric Features High-End Smart Phones/ Phones Phones Phones Communicators (MirrorBit ORNAND MS family), (2G) (2.5G) (2.75G) (3G) and RAM – into a single package. These optimized subsystems Platform offer a competitive advantage by lowering costs and reducing MirrorBit™ MirrorBit™ board-space requirements. Scalable MirrorBit™ MirrorBit™ NOR MirrorBit™ NOR MirrorBit™ MirrorBit™ NOR NOR Additionally, less RAM is required, Memory Code + Data + pSRAM Code + Data + pSRAM ORNAND™ ORNAND™ Code + Data + pSRAM Code + Data + SDRAM which results in lower power consumption. Universal MCP Pinout Platform Standard OS* Fast Time to Market OS Proprietary SW With Spansion’s scalable platform Spansion™ Software Spansion FFS approach, fast evaluation of Support different memory architectures enables manufacturers to get a * WinCE 5.0, Linux, Symbian range of phones to market faster. VxWorks, QNX The scalability of Mirrorbit in Spansion’s universal MCP packages supports faster time to market by reducing steps in the development process. Spansion’s MCP pinouts are based on a 56-ball core that allows pinout consistency when adding more memory to the system. To add functionality to the standard entry-level phones, manufacturers can add MirrorBit ORNAND data storage to the MirrorBit NOR platform, thereby maintaining common software and reducing the time and effort to bring new phones to market. This approach enables customers to quickly and easily populate their designs with different memory configurations to meet a range of price points and feature sets. Reduced System Overhead MirrorBit ORNAND combines the random access capabilities of MirrorBit NOR Flash memory with the scalable density of standard NAND devices. Thanks to the reliability and quality of MirrorBit data access technology, designers can eliminate ECC/EDC (Error Correction Code/Error Detection Code), resulting in reduced system overhead requirements. 3 www.spansion.com
    • MS FAMILY ORNAND™ Product Ordering Guide MS S30MS01GP Data Storage Components Family S30MS512P of a Memory Subsystem Memory Subsystem Solutions MCP Containing MS S72 (Split Bus Code + Data/RAM) S75 (Split Bus Code + RAM/Data) Bus 1 Code Flash Data Storage Bus 1 Code Flash RAM Bus 2 RAM Bus 2 Data Storage Example OPN S72WS512NFGFWL Order Samples Today Spansion products are available through Spansion sales, representatives, and distributors including Fujitsu. To order samples and learn how Spansion can help you bring products to market faster, contact your local Spansion sales person or distributor. AbOut MIRRORbIt ™ tEchNOLOgy Mirrorbit technology is Spansion’s innovative Flash memory technology that features high yields and low-cost structure compared to traditional floating-gate technology. Mirrorbit is manufactured using a non-conductive storage element and uses 40 percent fewer of the most critical manufacturing steps than floating- gate technologies, leading to higher yields and ultimately higher densities and higher performing products produced cost effectively. Spansion ™ 90nm Mirrorbit technology is the foundation for a compelling high-density Flash memory roadmap, featuring products combining the density, performance, reliability and cost structure required for wireless and embedded applications. In addition to the new 1 gb gL device announced today, Spansion is also developing a 1 gb device based on its Mirrorbit ORNAND ™ architecture. the first Mirrorbit ORNAND product will be designed to satisfy the data storage needs in wireless applications. About Spansion Spansion, the Flash memory venture of AMD and Fujitsu, is the largest company in the world dedicated exclusively to developing, designing, and manufacturing Flash memory products. In fiscal 2005, Spansion’s total net sales were approximately $2 billion. The company offers the broadest NOR Flash memory portfolio in the industry, for use in the wireless, automotive, networking, telecommunications and consumer electronics markets. The company’s portfolio is supported by a worldwide network of advanced manufacturing facilities, system-level expertise and dedicated design support, and an unwavering commitment to our customers’ success. Information about Spansion Flash memory solutions is available at: www.spansion.com SPANSION 915 Deguigne Drive, PO Box 3453 Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3453, USA Tel 408-962-2500 1-866-SPANSION SPANSION EMEA 7, Avenue Georges Pompidou, 92593 Levallois-Perret Cedex, France Tel +33 147 482-284 Fax +33 147 482-554 SPANSION JAPAN Cube Kawasaki, 1-14 Nisshin-Cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan Tel +8144 223-1700 Fax +81 44 223-1800 © 2006 Spansion LLC. All rights reserved. Spansion, the Spansion logo, MirrorBit, and combinations thereof, are trademarks of Spansion LLC. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. 33660A (JANUARY 2006) 4