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  • 1.  
  • 2. A menu of ancient times
    • Brunoise of vegetables with crusty bread and garum sauce
    • Spelt soup
    • Water Buffalo stew with figs
    • Carannuscia
    • (apple and carrob cake)
  • 3. Brunoise of vegetables with crusty bread and garum sauce Garum is a type of fish sauce condiment that was popular in Ancient Roman society. For Romans, it was both a staple to the common diet and a luxury for the wealthy. Garum appears in most of the recipes featured in Apicius, a Roman cookbook. In addition, garum was also employed as a medicine and as a cosmetic. Recipes
  • 4. Brunoise of vegetables with crusty bread and garum sauce
    • Ingredients: for 4 people
    • 40gr anchovies in oil
    • 10gr red wine vinegar
    • 20gr honey
    • 2gr parsley
    • 4 slices of bread
    • 20gr oil
    • 150gr peppers
    • 150gr celery
    • 150gr tomatoes
    • as required salt
    • as required fresh oregano
    • as required chilly peppers
    • Method
    • In a bowl put the honey, the anchovies, the vinegar, the chilly pepper and the chopped parsley to make a cream. Spread it on the crusty-bread. Wash and dice the vegetables. Arrange them in a serving plate with the crusty-bread decorated with aromatic herbs.
  • 5. SPELT SOUP Spelt ( Triticum spelta ) is a species of wheat. Spelt was an important staple in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times; it has now found a new market as a health food .
  • 6. Spelt soup
    • Ingredients
    • 150g Celery stalk
    • 150g Carrots
    • 150g Onions
    • 20g Extra virgin olive oil
    • 100g Bacon
    • 250g Spelt
    • 1dl White wine
    • 200g Tomatoes
    • 4dl Vegetable stock
    • 50g Basil
    • Bread
    • Salt
    • METHOD
    • Soften the spelt the night before cooking it. Prepare the vegetable stock and drain. In a sauce pan put the bacon and the oil, add the mixture of celery, carrots and onions, pour the white wine and let evaporate. Then add the diced tomatoes and the spelt previously boiled. Pour the vegetable stock and salt. Serve with toasted bread savored with basil.
  • 7. Water buffalo meat tastes similar to a high quality cut of beef. Water buffalo meat is suitable for everybody, in particular, it’s advisable to elderly and children for the low content of cholesterol and high percentage of proteins and iron. Water buffalo milk is used for the worldwide renowned mozzarella cheese. Water Buffalo stew with figs
  • 8. Water buffalo stew
    • for 4 people
    • Ingredients:
    • 100gr celery
    • 100gr carrots
    • 100gr onion
    • 500gr minced buffalo meat second cut
    • 2dl red wine
    • 300gr tomatoes
    • 120gr dried figs
    • as required chilli peppers
    • as required salt
    • as required bay
    • as required oil
    • Method
    • prepare a mixture with chopped celery, carrots, chilli and bay.
    • Then add the meat previously cubed and marinated.
    • Add the red wine and allow to evaporate, add the tomatoes and cook.
    • At the end of the cooking add the dried figs previously cubed.
  • 9. The “Annurca apple” is particularly appreciated for its peculiar flavour and crispy flesh. ‘Annurca’ apple fruit, is commonly cultivated in Southern Italy and undergoes, after harvest, a typical reddening treatment to turn the apples’ skin red. The Carob tree is a leguminous evergreen shrub or tree native to the Mediterranean region. It is cultivated for its edible seed pods. They are used in baking, often serving as a substitute for chocolate. Carannuscia
  • 10. Carannuscia
    • Ingredients:
    • Plain flour
    • Carob flour
    • Butter
    • Sugar
    • Almond flour
    • Condensed white wine
    • “ Annurche” apples
    • Method
    • Prepare a short pastry mixing plain flour, carob flour, butter, sugar and eggs, let the dough rest 30 minutes in the fridge, beat the eggs with the sugar and add the almond flour. Roll out the dough and put in a mould, pour in the concentrated white wine and arrange the sliced apples previously stir fried whit butter and sugar. Cover with the mixture of eggs and almond flour. Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes.