GST Launches 2 nd Generation Encryption for Backup


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GST Launches 2 nd Generation Encryption for Backup

  1. 1. News Release Encryption Backup GST Launches 2nd Generation Encryption for Backup Highlights: • What: SafeDATA™ on the fly encryption; host to tape device • Value: high security for high-speed backup tapes • Features: LCD status display, auto sensing power supply, DR ready • Drives: supports IBM Magstar and LTO tape drives • Platforms: platform independent; transparent to the operating system • Options: rackmount or desk top mounting • Interfaces: HVD and LVD SCSI, 2Gigabit Fibre March 7, 2005 (Lake Forest, California) — GST, Inc. announced their second generation SafeDATA™ Encryption Appliance product family to provide a superior level of data security for the generation of backup tapes holding critical data. GST’s Gen 2 SafeDATA™ Encryption Appliances are designed to encrypt/decrypt data on the fly between the host system and a high-speed tape drive. Hardware compression enables the backup operation to support newer high speed tape drives at rates of 80MB/second (double that with compression). Built-in GUI management software runs on a PC that manages the encryption, compression and a disaster recovery function. Packaged as a table top unit or rackmount, SafeDATA™ units attach via HVD or LVD SCSI, or via 2Gigabit Fibre. The unit is platform independent and transparent to the operating system, so it can support virtually any system where backup data is sent from the host to a tape backup device. GST is a manufacturer of a wide range of tape backup solutions including single and dual drive tape subsystems, autoloaders and tape libraries. Most popular tape formats are supported in internal, external and rackmount packaging. All GST products incorporate unique features that enhance the functionality and extend value for users. David Breisacher, CEO and Chairman at GST, Inc., observed “Many reasons exist for encrypting backup tapes. First, backup is performed on valuable data that cannot be lost, making it the most critical. Second, today’s backup tape cartridges are small and easy to conceal. Third, most tapes can be easily copied and there is no way to know if a tape was copied. Finally, recent disastrous losses of backup tapes like the massive loss of unencrypted credit card data by Bank of America reported in the March 1, 2005 issue of Computerworld.” The most recent backup tape disaster involving the loss of a magnetic tape with un- encrypted critical customer data was the loss by Bank of America involving approximately 1.2 million federal workers and more than 60 senators who now face the risk of identity theft, documented on the GST web site at: 3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663 949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • Page 1
  2. 2. News Release Encryption Backup “Because of this unfortunate incident, much effort and manpower will be expended locating and rectifying the damage caused by the loss of this personal account data,” note Breisacher, “and this could have been greatly alleviated if the data on those missing backup tapes was protected by encryption.” GST SafeDATA™ Appliances GST is targeting its SafeDATA™ Encryption Appliance family at IT installations that need a simple way to protect their backup tapes without affecting system operation. With prices starting at $17,250, GST is priced well below comparable encryption/compression software offerings available today. GST’s new SafeDATA™ Encryption Appliance family are shown below. SafeDATA TM Encryption Appliance 8500-01 HVD Host, HVD Slave $17,250 8500-02 LVD Host, LVD Slave $17,250 8500-03 Fibre Host, LVD Slave $20,400 8500-04 Fibre Host, Fibre Slave $23,550 Packaging is in tabletop enclosure or 4U rackmount kit. Key features include: • Universal attachment – Transparent attachment to any server and any operating system • Encryption – hardware encryption for nominal overhead with high functionality • Displays – both LCD in the appliance and separate GUI monitor • DR Ready – Added microchip configures replacement unit in case of disaster • Compliance – Meets HIPPA, SOX, GBLA and other federally mandated requirements • Power – Auto-sensing power supply • Simplicity – Simple to install, configure, test and maintain; requires no project planning Advantages of hardware encryption over software encryption solutions is to take processor- intensive encryption off the system processor, avoid problems with operating system upgrades, maintain encryption keys in the appliance instead of stored on the system or media, and greater levels of strong authentication. While WORM technology on tape drives has made great strides in the compliance arena in preventing alteration of data on tape, WORM will not prevent a tape from being copies and you cannot detect whether a copy has been made; only encryption can prevent against access to data on a tape. 3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663 949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • Page 2
  3. 3. News Release Encryption Backup 3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663 949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • Page 3
  4. 4. News Release Encryption Backup Availability All GST SafeDATA™ appliances are available now. Warranty All GST SafeDATA™ appliances are supported by a 3-year warranty that can be extended. Service/Support Full service and support are available for all GST SafeDATA™ appliances. More Information To find out more about GST’s SafeDATA™ appliances: Tel 1-949-673-1248 Fax 1-949-673-3163 Email: Website: About GST, Inc. GST Inc. engineers, manufactures, markets and sells a full line of innovative tape, disk and memory products. GST’s storage products provide high-performance, reliable and cost- effective data protection solutions for the IBM eServer family. This family includes i5, iSeries, p5, pSeries and xSeries servers. GST’s tape backup solutions range from single and dual tape subsystems and autoloaders to midrange tape libraries and modular enterprise- wide libraries. Unique modular design enables field upgrades, scalability, investment protection and lower life-cycle costs. Development is guided by expert advisory boards that closely track market needs and ensure use of the latest engineering technology in product design. Complete information about the company, its products and support can be found at: GST’s eCommerce site with server offerings is located at: ### 3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663 949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • Page 4
  5. 5. News Release Encryption Backup TRADEMARKS GST, SafeDATA™, VirtualDR, BridgeLink, SanMatrix, StorMount and Server-Transparent Media Duplication (STMD) are trademarks of GST, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trade or service marks mentioned in this release should be considered the property of their respective owners. EDITOR LINKS √ Release in MS-Word - √ Image – Word count: 988 3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663 949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • Page 5