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Great Tea International

  1. 1. Great Tea International 1724 Sansom Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 tel: 215.568.7827 url: MENU All our teas and infusions are natural — they contain no perfumes, oil, essences, or any artificial flavors. All our teas, except Matcha Latte and Bubble Tea, are served in the authentic way, without cream or sugar. Black teas are available with cream or sugar upon request. Our loose-leaf teas tea can be enjoyed two ways: cup — tea served in a traditional Chinese teacup with lid (with two refills) / Gong-Fu — the traditional way of drinking tea, with a handcrafted Chinese teapot of steaming tea and a tea cup served on a bamboo tray (per person; for an extra person, add $1.50). a…………………………………………………b White Tea Ceylon Royal Pubescent Silver Tips 4.00/cup, 8.00/pot A very rare, high-quality white tea. This white has a light floral fragrance, with a sweet taste. Jasmine Pearl 3.50/cup, 6.50/Gong-Fu A beautiful jasmine tea, very fragrant. The needle-shaped tea leaves are hand-rolled into tiny “pearls”. 1
  2. 2. a…………………………………………………b Green Tea Sencha 3.00/cup, 6.00/pot A Japanese steamed green tea. This Sencha harmonizes a mellow sweetness with an invigorating bitterness, and a grassy but mild taste. Organic Sencha 4.00/cup, 8.00/pot High quality sencha from an organic tea farm. Gyokuro 4.50/cup, 9.00/pot A very high-grade Japanese green tea, with a light green color but full- body taste and uncommon sweetness. Genmaicha 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A mixture of green tea and genmai (roasted brown rice), with a unique roasted taste. Houjicha 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot This roasted green tea (roasted Kukicha) is brown in appearance, but is still green tea. It has an exquisite roasted flavor. Matcha Latte 3.50/cup Our Matcha Latte is a delicate powdered Matcha green tea with sugar and cream. The tea is whisked to a froth, and can be enjoyed hot or iced. Dragon Well 3.00/cup, 6.00/Gong-Fu A mild grassy and yet sweet flavor from the West Lake of Hangzhou. Green Peony 3.50/cup, 5.00/pot Delicate green tea hand-tied into peony-like bundles with a chrysanthemum flower in the center. 2
  3. 3. Bi Lou Chun 4.00/cup, 7.50/Gong-Fu This high-quality green tea has a strong fresh “green” taste and natural “floral” flavor that is calm and quiet. Our Bi Lou Chun comes from Wenshan (northern Taiwan). Jasmine 3.00/cup, 6.00/Gong-Fu This is a fragrant and delicate beverage. The tealeaves are scented with jasmine flowers. These flowers are set in layers between the leaves during the preparation process before drying and packing. a…………………………………………………b Oolong Tea Pouchong I 3.00/cup, 6.00/Gong-Fu Also known as “Bao Zhong”, this tea has similarities to both green and oolong teas, since it is only slightly fermented. The leaves are grown and had-picked from tea plantations in Wenshan (northern Taiwan). The leaves produce a pale yellow beverage. The tea is light and aromatic but dignified, with a strong-yet not bitter flavor. Pouchong II 4.25/cup, 8.00/Gong-Fu This award-winning Pouchong has a beautiful floral bouquet. Excellent teal! Amber Oolong 2.50/cup, 5.50/Gong-Fu This dark oolong has a strong and roasted but not bitter taste. It tastes similar to the type of oolong tea that served in Chinese restaurants, but is of much higher quality. Orchid Oolong 2.50/cup, 5.50/Gong-Fu This semi-strong oolong has a light floral flavor. Formosa Oolong 3.00/cup, 6.00/Gong-Fu Also known as “Nantou Tong Ting Oolong”, this classic Taiwan oolong tea has a pure and simple light, aromatic taste. 3
  4. 4. High Mountain Formosa Oolong 4.25/cup, 8.00/Gong-Fu This rich and aromatic Formosa oolong is from the high mountain regions of Taiwan. It has a full and pleasant bouquet. Jade Oolong 3.00/cup, 6.00/Gong-Fu This light oolong is aromatic, with a quiet and calm green taste. It is very similar to green tea but without the “grassy” taste. Golden Daylily Oolong 3.00/cup, 6.00/Gong-Fu This delicate oolong tea has a light, floral bouquet. It is aromatic and smooth, with a soft taste. High Mountain Golden Daylily Oolong 4.25/cup, 8.00/Gong-Fu Another high-quality oolong from the high mountain regions of Taiwan. Very aromatic and smooth with a soft creamy taste. Four Seasons Oolong 3.00/cup, 6.00/Gong-Fu This delicate oolong tea has a semi-strong floral flavor. It is a delicate and smooth tea. White Oolong 4.00/cup, 7.50/Gong-Fu Also known as “Oriental Beauty”, this dark oolong is flavorful, with a taste of honey and fruit. High Mountain Oolong I 4.00/cup, 7.50/Gong-Fu This is a very rich, high quality oolong. Very aromatic, with a pure and strong but not bitter flavor, it is considered to be the tea version of cappuccino or more exactly espresso. High Mountain Oolong II 4.50cup, 8.50/Gong-Fu This rich, high quality oolong has a beautiful bouquet, with a pure and strong flavor. 4
  5. 5. a…………………………………………………b Pu-Erh Teas 3.00/cup, 6.00/Gong-Fu Pu-Erh tea is well-known for its bold taste and its acclaimed health benefits. It has a distinctive smoky flavor. When brewed, Pu-Erh tea has a very dark, almost rust color, and a strong, earthy taste. This tea only grows in the Yunnan province of China. It is an excellent tea for after a heavy meal…and for treating hangovers! It is also the ideal coffee substitute. We offer the following four different Pu-Erh: Original, Chrysanthemum flower, Rose, and Jasmine Flower. a…………………………………………………b Black Teas Silver Tips Ceylon (FFEXSP) 3.00/cup, 5.50/pot A mild black tea from Sri Lanka. Keemun 2.50/cup, 5.00/pot This rich, full-bodied black tea is often used as a base for many “English Breakfast” teas. Yunan Black 2.50/cup, 5.00/pot This tasty black tea has a reddish appearance when brewed, with an exquisite aroma and a mild smoky flavor. Assam 2.50/cup, 5.00/pot This Assam is very aromatic and sweet, mild and smooth. Black Island 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A Keemun tea, blended with mixed fruits Black Forest 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A Keemun tea, blended with lemongrass 5
  6. 6. Hibiscus Black 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A Keemun tea, blended with hibiscus Rose Black 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A Keemun tea, blended with rose buds Osmanthus Black 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A Keemun tea, blended with osmanthus flowers a…………………………………………………b Tisanes: Herbal and Flower Infusions Rooibos 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot Also known as “Red Tea”. A South African herbal infusion from the leaf of the Aspalathus linoaris. Very good as an antioxidant. Southern Ginseng 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A special herb that grows only in southern Asia. It has a slightly bitter- sweet taste, similar to ginseng root, and has very similar health benefits. Chrysanthemum 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot Dried chrysanthemum buds. These have a mild and sweet taste, and are very soothing and good for colds. Lavender 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot Very perfumed aroma, and soothing and relaxing to drink. Excellent for sore throat, and prefect for before bedtime. Lemongrass 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A gentle citrus flavor, with calming effects, good for digestion. 6
  7. 7. Mixed Fruit 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A mixture of apple, orange peel, peach, apricot, hibiscus, and other fruits and flowers. High vitamin C content. Osmanthus 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot Very fragrant Asian flowers, with a delicate mild taste. Helps stop coughs and eases upset stomach. Peppermint 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot Very calming and good for sore throat. Rose 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A relaxing drink, with a gentle floral taste. A good treatment for tiredness and dehydration. Hibiscus 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A unique, slightly tart taste. Helps quench thirst and lowers the body’s “internal heat” on warm summer days. Verbena 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot Good for migraines, and for digestion. Violet 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A remedy for hangovers, the flu, and colds. Magnolia Bud 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A slightly spicy taste. Good for congestion. Wild Senna 2.75/cup, 5.50/pot A mild roasted taste. Helps aid digestion and said to be good for eyesight. 7
  8. 8. a…………………………………………………b Iced Tea and “Bubble Tea” Selections w/o Bubble with Bubble Assam 2.75 3.50 Iced Oolong Tea 3.00 3.75 Iced Green Tea 3.00 3.75 Iced Jasmine Tea 3.00 3.75 House Milk Tea 3.00 3.75 Coconut Milk Tea 3.00 3.75 Almond Milk Tea 3.00 3.75 Matcha Latte 3.50 4.00 8
  9. 9. a…………………………………………………b Snacks & Light Meals Pastries (Made by our very own pastry chef!) Almond Cookies 2 for .75 Green Tea Cookies 2 for .75 Red Bean Cake 3.00 Green Tea Cake 2.50 Tea Snacks Mochi (red bean or mung bean) 1.00 / each Pistachios 2.00 / dish Toasted Watermelon Seeds 2.00 / dish Toasted Pumpkin Seeds 2.00 / dish Rice Crackers 1.75 / dish Dried Plums 1.75 / dish Tea Plums 1.75 / dish Steamed Buns — Sweet (Perfect for your tea time!) Red Bean Bun 2.50 / pair Butter Cream Bun 2.50 / pair Lotus Bun 2.50 / pair Sesame Bun 3.50 / pair Steamed Buns — Savory (Perfect for a light lunch!) Spinach Bun 2.50 / pair Leek & Tofu Bun 2.50 / pair Vegetarian Bar-B-Q Bun 2.50 / pair Cabbage Bun 3.50 / pair Lotus Leaf Rice Roll 2.00 / each (The Lotus Leaf Rice Roll is aromatic sticky rice sautéed with bamboo shoots and shitake mushrooms, and then wrapped and steamed in a lotus leaf.) Combinations (Try a selection!) Combo A: 3 Buns + 1 Rice Roll 5.50 Combo B: 1 Buns + 2 Rice Roll 5.00 (You can choose any sweet or savory buns to go with your rice rolls.) Asian Sandwiches (Perfect for a light lunch!) Tofu Sandwich 3.00 (marinated tofu on Chinese sesame bread) Onigiri 3.50 / pair (Japanese rice ball with herb seasoning) 9
  10. 10. Great Tea International 1724 Sansom Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 tel: 215.568.7827 url: In addition to our delicious tea, snacks, and light meals, you'll also find handcrafted teapots and other teaware, as well as a gallery of fine art, clothing, and accessories from around the world! We also do gift baskets, and customized corporate gifts. The Great Tea International tea shop hosts a number of events, including an occasional lecture series on aspects of Chinese culture and other subjects. Stop by to see what's new! If you are interested in hosting an event at the Great Tea International tea shop, contact us. Business Hours: Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 6:30pm 10