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FineCrypt 8.1

FineCrypt 8.1






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    FineCrypt 8.1 FineCrypt 8.1 Presentation Transcript

    • Professional Encryption Software FINECRYPT 8.1
    • Contents
      • Introduction
      • Features
      • Installation
      • Tests
      • Results
      • Conclusion
    • Cryptography Introduction
        • Study of secret writing
        • Storing information in a form which allows it to be revealed to those you wish to see it yet hides it from all others
        • Effective way to reliably protect confidential data
    • Benefits of Cryptographic Technologies?
      • Data secrecy
      • Data integrity
      • Authentication of message originator
      • Non-repudiation
    • Why FineCrypt?
      • Security software application
      • Enables to securely store the data using strong encryption
      • Written in Assembly Language
      • 1.5 Times faster the other encryption tools
      • Uses Symmetric Key Encryption i.e the sender and receiver of a message know and use the same secret key
    • Awards of FineCrypt
    • Features?
      • Supports 10 Encryption Algorithms i.e. AES, Blowfish, 3DES etc
      • Uses 4 Encryption Modes i.e. ECB, CBC, CFB and OFB
      • Only program which checks the correctness of encryption
      • FineCrypt Communicator - Exchanging encrypted files and encryption keys with other users
    • Features (cont)
      • Key Management using key manager
      • Encrypt several files either into single encrypted archive or into different encrypted files
      • Encrypt files both with the password and with the key
      • Permanent File Deletion using “Wipe” utility
    • 10 Encryption Algorithms
    • Encryption Modes
      • Used with block cipher to encrypt a message of arbitrary length
      • Electronic Cookbook Mode (ECM)
      • Cipher Block Chaining mode (CBC)
      • Cipher Feedback mode (CFB)
      • Output Feedback mode (OFB)
    • Reference & System Support
      • Download Sources
        • www.finecrypt.net
        • www.download.com
      • System Support
        • Windows 9x
        • Windows 2000
        • Windows XP
        • Windows 2003
      • Once fcinst.exe downloaded on the machine, click the package to start installation
      • You will come up with the following screen. Click continue to proceed
      • Click Next
      • Read the license Agreement and if you agree the terms and condition then proceed
      • Choose the destination location where you want to install FineCrypt
      • After giving the destination location, click next to proceed
      • Click Finish to restart the computer
      • ArcViewer Window
    • Encryption using Password
      • Click with the right mouse button on selected files; from the FineCrypt submenu choose "Encrypt with password" menu item
      • Enter the passphrase you want to encrypt a file
      • Choose Encryption Algorithm & Encryption Mode. In this example, we selected the algorithm 3DES with CFB mode
      • Then click on Encrypt button and save the file with .fca format. You will get the encrypted file, as shown highlighted
    • Decryption using Password
      • In order to decrypt a file or folder, click the desired source
      • Click the file you want to decrypt. FineCrypt will ask you for Password. Enter the Password
      • By pressing the Ok button you will get the decrypted file
    • Encryption using Key
      • Right Click the file or folder you want to Encrypt. Encrypt the file using “Encrypt with Key…” option
      • Click on Settings and then select the algorithm and mode to encrypt the file
      • Click on Password Button and generate the key. Then Save the key, specify name and location for encrypted file and then press Encrypt button
      • You will get the encrypted file along with the key
    • Decryption using Key
      • In order to decrypt a file or folder, open the encrypted file and you will get screen above
      • Click the “Read…” button and select the saved key which was used to encrypt the file and then press ok
      • You can see the decrypted file above
    • Key Manager Interface
    • Checking reliability of FineCrypt's Encryption
      • Comparing the original text and resulting ciphertext, known as "test vectors"
      • Test vectors - widely published and can find them in the Internet
      • Hexadecimal file editor required for testing
      • Download a simple hexadecimal editor "HighLight" @ www.finecrypt.net/mylight22.exe
      • Testing AES Algorithm with Electronic Codebook Mode
      • Download the test vectors for AES algorithm from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
      • http://csrc.nist.gov/encryption/aes/rijndael/rijndael-vals.zip
      • Unzip and open the file "ecb_tbl.txt"
      • Create new file in hexadecimal editor
      • Enter the plaintext exactly as shown in the test vector
      • Save the file as “aesp” at desired location. Our plaintext is created
      • Encrypt “aesp” file using key
      • Enter the encryption key exactly as shown in the test vector
      • Select AES with ECB mode
      • Set “Don’t compress” option on “General” page
      • Do not change anything in the "initial vector" editor window
      • Press the "Encrypt" button and encrypt the file
      • The process is finished
      • Now check the ciphertext in the file “aesp” corresponds with NIST’s ciphertext or not
      • Open the encrypted file in Hex Editor
      • Compare that green text with test vector and make sure they are identical
    • Cracking Encryption
    • Conclusion
      • Information Security is becoming more important after Sept 11, 2001
      • Encryption products - locks and keys of the Information Age
      • FineCrypt - Best freeware Cryptographic tool available on Internet