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  • Added instuctions for user of Slide Show (will work same in PDF, as I have formatted it.)
  • Added instuctions for user of Slide Show (will work same in PDF, as I have formatted it.)
  • Rephrased to emphasize MANUAL nature of process.
  • Capitalizing Send and Approve, etc. to indicate it as a formal action. “ fills out” instead of “completes”—which may imply someone else started it… Simplify step sequence by putting Sup’t initiation of request in footnote.
  • Perhaps we should add additional fuller, screen shots
  • Perhaps we should add additional fuller, screen shots
  • Perhaps we should add additional fuller, screen shots
  • Change to yellow label
  • Red check mark by check box. This is your signature.
  • Do note however you like.
  • Label about vendor ID
  • Verify information, check box and Send Request. (label or note)
  • Select Submit requests for approval and click round button. (add this label or info – I moved the screen shot & probably messed things up.)
  • See label.

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  • TEA’s UserAdministration+ The paperless way to apply for access to TEA SE and its web applications Revised July 2006 [Click mouse to advance from slide to slide; ESCAPE to exit.]
  • Overview When and Why a new system?
  • Beginning in Spring 2006, a gradual transition to the online-only process began— one web application at a time.
    • The new automated process is available now for AUDIT, CIS, eGrants, ER, FIRST, FSP, GED, SPEARS, and Internal Applications.
    • The paper request process still applies for all other applications.
  • Method for Requesting TEA SE Access has been:
    • Applicant completes paper form, prints out and signs the request form
    • Executive Director/Superintendent reviews and then approves request by signing form
    • Form is faxed or mailed to TEA
    • TEA reviews, approves, and takes form to Computer Access staff for processing
    • Request is processed
    • Notice of Approval is emailed to Applicant
  • IMPROVED method for requesting TEA SE access
    • Applicant fills out and “Sends” form on-line for Executive Director/Superintendent’s authorization
    • Executive Director/Superintendent logs into TEA SE, reviews on-line, and clicks button to Submit form electronically to TEA
    • TEA staff electronically Approves access
      • Notification to Applicant of new access is automatic
      • Online record of approval is created and is accessible to the Executive Director/Superintendent
  • School District & ESC Benefits
    • Saves time—more efficient to Apply, Submit and Approve requests
    • Time and Location--flexible—Requests can be made and Submitted 24-7, from any computer with Internet access
    • Allows Executive Director/Superintendent on-line access to current TEA SE application records
    • Reduces error-related delays from multiple steps of data entry
    • Ease of Use—includes helpful prompts to guide all users
  • The New TEA SE Process begins with…
  • The Applicant’s initial request
    • In one of two ways:
    • Either the Applicant needing TEA SE access initiates the request on line, and sends it to the Executive Director/Superintendent for authorization, OR
    • The Executive Director/Superintendent fills in the request for the applicant and then reviews/authorizes it
    How does the new process start for the APPLICANT?
  • For a new TEA SE user, it looks like this: A new TEA SE applicant starts at the public TEA SE web page, https://seguin.tea.state.tx.us/appsng/um/apply.aspx and selects the application desired, eGrants here. eGrants
    • A current TEA SE user logs into TEA SE as usual,
    For an existing TEA SE user, it looks like this:
    • Clicks the Add/Modify button ,
    • Selects the web application needed.
  • Verify application information, regardless of who initiates the request
  • Q & A is needed for password resetting. Six-digit County-District Number goes in the Organization Number field.
  • The system automatically populates district address information, but you can make changes if necessary.
  • Review and check mark the box to confirm. Click Continue if correct, Back if not correct.
  • Select appropriate Role. Click Role Descriptions for definitions
  • Example of Role Descriptions (eGrants)
  • 10-digit Vendor ID is required for eGrants—available from district Business Office
  • Review, check mark the box to confirm, and select Send Request .
  • Request is successful, and has been sent to Executive Director/Superintendent ( Submitter ) for review/authorization.
  • If no other application is needed at this time, click EXIT — Applicant’s process is complete.
  • The Applicant’s request has now been forwarded to the Submitter
  • The Submitter
  • SUBMITTER’s Responsibilities
    • When you submit a request to TEA for a TEA SE account or access to a TEA application, you confirm that:
    • You have verified the identity of the applicant for whom access is requested.
    • This applicant needs access to the application and its data for job responsibilities.
    • The role requested is appropriate to tasks this applicant must perform.
    • All requester's information, including email address, name, county-district or ESC number, is accurate and appropriate.
    • The applicant has been informed of all responsibilities regarding data access, user name and password, and confidentiality.
    • The Executive Director/Superintendent has approved of this request.
  • How does the new process start for the SUBMITTER?
    • The Executive Director/Superintendent receives email notification that requests are pending Submitter review 
    • The Executive Director/Superintendent logs into TEA SE as usual.
  • Executive Director/Superintendent selects and launches UserAdmin+ application.
  • Click button by Submit requests for approval .
  • NOTE: A TEA SE applicant may produce either one or two requests to be reviewed. Either:
    • An applicant who already has a TEA SE account creates only one request—to add the rights for the new application.
    • An applicant who is new to TEA SE creates two requests:
      • for a TEA SE account
      • for rights to a specific application
    • The Submitter should select the requests in order, from top to bottom on the screen.
  • Click Unknown link of first request. The request for a TEA SE Account appears so that information can be reviewed for accuracy. Unknown because a username has not yet been assigned.
  • Carefully review details Verify the e-mail address. When review is complete click Submit Request .
  • Status shows Submitted— means request (for account) has been submitted to TEA for final approval. Click Return to List to finish requests.
  • Now, Click Unknown User Name for Application request.
  • Review user information and Submit Request
  • Status has changed to Submitted— Applicant’s requests for a TEA SE username & application access have now gone to TEA for final approval. Close browser if no more requests are pending, or if you are deferring action for now. If you want to review other requests, click Return to List .
  • How can the Submitter Revoke TEA SE access? By logging into TEA SE and User Administration+ and proceeding to…
  • Click Look Up Users
  • Search for user by Name, by Application, or by other criteria
  • Click the User Name link to display details
  • To revoke access to ONE application
    • Select radio button next to the application to be revoked, and
    • Click Revoke Selected .
  • To revoke ALL access for a user
    • Select radio button next to username
    • Click Revoke Selected .
    • Log on to TEA SE User Admin+
    • Look up User
    • Revoke ONE application or ALL applications for the TEA SE user
    • Submit request
    How to Revoke Access, a Review:
  • How can the Submitter view a history of UserAdmin+ activity for district TEA SE Users? By logging into TEA SE and User Administration+ and proceeding to…
    • Select View decisions made from the drop-down list, and
    • Click the large button beside it.
    • View Request Types and Dates from the main list, or
    • Click any username to view more details
    • You may need to assign Designees (backup Submitters) for your Organization
    • “ Primary Submitters” can process requests for ALL Applications within their Organization
    • “ Secondary Submitters” are restricted to a particular Application within the Organization
    Designees NOTE: The TEA’s current position is that ALL Designees who are “Primary Submitters” should be “Board Approved” and documented via board minutes. “Secondary Submitters” may be approved via Superintendent email. Send all requests for Designees to: [email_address]
    • Avoid creating more than one TEA SE username for a single applicant— use Look Up User to assure person is not already a TEA SE user. It will save time if you don’t have to Revoke erroneously created duplicate requests.
    • Look Up Users lists all TEA SE users for the district or organization.
    • If an applicant already has access to an application, the Submitter needs to do NOTHING in User Administration+.
    • For any future change of role or revocation of access, the applicant can be looked up in User Administration+ and the request can be submitted online, just as with a new request.
    • When changes are made to an Applicant’s Role or access rights, the Submitter can use the text box to add comments about the activity or even to add questions for TEA:
  • TEA SE Automation Training TETN 10:00-11:00 am ESC & District Sept. 10, 2007 TETN 10:00-11:00 am ESC & District August 13, 2007 TETN 1:00-2:30 pm ESC & District July 19, 2007 TETN 1:00-2:30 pm ESC & District June 27, 2007 TETN 3:15-5:00 pm ESC & District May 16, 2007 TETN 1:00-2:30 pm ESC & District April 26, 2007 Cancelled ESC & District March 21, 2007
  • To print these instructions from PowerPoint:
    • Select File…Print .
    • Select Handouts from the drop-down list.
    • Select the number of Slides per page you want.
    • Click OK .