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Corporate Template_Black

  1. 1. INNUA Meet the Experts Webinar presented by Nortel Services - Powered Telepresence & High Definition Video Conferencing Solutions from Nortel April 24, 2008
  2. 2. Your Professional Connection to Education and Networking • The International Nortel Networks Users Association – an independent association serving Nortel users worldwide for more than 25 years • INNUA has 4,000 members in 75+ chapters worldwide • Member benefits developed by end users to ensure continued value and professional development
  3. 3. Join Today for Free! • Nortel will pay for your first-year INNUA membership • Covers full membership for qualifying Nortel customers • Contact INNUA Headquarters at 877.446.6684 for more details and to register
  4. 4. Access INNUA’s Industry-Leading Benefits • Gain direct access to Nortel and have your voice heard as a part of the collective membership • Save money with major product, training and publication discounts • Access product or industry specific network of professionals through Special Interest Groups (SIGs). • Get timely news and updates with INNUA’s publications – Cyber Report and INNTouch. • Search thousands of jobs or find talented professionals in the INNUA Career Center. Visit for a complete listing of benefits
  5. 5. INNUA IP Telephony e-Learning Package Six (6) self-paced Global Knowledge e-learning courses: Meridian 1 and CS1000 Familiarization - Release 5.0 Database Configuration and Management for Meridian Systems IP Fundamentals VoIP Technologies Fundamentals of BARS/NARS Fundamentals of Networking for VoIP Receive the exclusive INNUA rate of just $1,995 USD. Save more than $3,000 off the catalog rates. This offer expires NEXT WEEK! Register by April 30 at:
  6. 6. Receive Discounted Registration to: June 1-4, 2008 Gaylord Texan Resort Grapevine, Texas Register before May 2nd and save even more with early bird rates! Enter source code GC02 to win a US$100 gift card for the Gaylord Texan Resort!
  7. 7. Join INNUA Today! • Visit or contact INNUA Headquarters at 877.446.6684 for more information
  8. 8. Services - Powered Telepresence & High Definition Video Conferencing Solutions from Nortel Hugh McCullen GM, Multimedia Services 04.24.2008 8
  9. 9. Multimedia Services Today: It’s all about the service Nortel will delivers a total managed service, not just the technology, but a global solution that will deliver video conferencing in an always on, highly supported environment, for the highest user satisfaction. 99.999 Video service… …. to parallel Voice Reliability with the Security of Data A Service that will support all the Blue Coat businesses 7 X 24 Webcast/Podcast Telepresence Video Conference Audio Conference Web Collaboration 9
  10. 10. Live! Via Telepresence 10
  11. 11. 4 Key Objectives Map into a critical needs Multimedia Services Strategy 1 Support to easily manage & create a better user experience for entire video and conference room install base, from HD Telepresence to MSFT / IBM Desktop Video 2 Provide the entire organization a single resource for all of your video conferencing / content needs Support Secure Management for Video Media Management 3 (Treat video / conferences as an asset) 4 Proactively Test, Monitor and Manage interconnections for conferences, media delivery into partners, customers who sit outside the customer’s network Nortel Solutions for an effective 1 + 2 + 3+ 4 = Video Conferencing Service 11
  12. 12. Nortel Global Services Suite Better Better Better Breakthrough Unified Communications HD Video-Telepresence Contact Centers Managed Services • Consulting • Concierge service • Consulting • Global • Planning & Design • Telepresence • Design • Multi-technology • Integration • Multi-monitor • Engineering • Multi-vendor • Collaboration Center • Executive • Optimization • Surveillance Services- • Program Manager • Install, Maintain • Assessment • Monitor operations • UC Assessment • Reservations • Applications • Maintenance powered • UC Support • Quality of Experience • Integration • Reporting Capabilities • Mobile Integration • WAN management • Implementation • Help desk • Onsite Support • Auto-session setup • Support • Proactive Voice • Managed Services • End user training • Training Quality Service • Security Services • Extensive reporting • Operate Assist • Training • Consulting • PMQM for • Optimization • Design Video Business Faster Higher Quality More Efficiency More Reliability Benefits: Unified Communications HD Video &Telepresence Contact Centers Managed Services 12
  13. 13. Natural Communications via video EXECUTIVE OFFICE TELEPRESENCE Manage by “walking around” Strengthen relationships right from your desk and finalize decisions with executives from around the globe TEAM ROOM DESKTOP Bring teams together into a Video that integrates with virtual meeting room. React, existing business tools plan, and create at a moment’s notice 13
  14. 14. 3 Levels of Visual Convergence= Revenue protecting communications when you interconnect these for your employees & customers: # 1: Traditional Video Conferencing Rooms, and Traditional Conference Opportunity: Evolve to High Definition and Telepresence for video and utilize PMQM to monitor both video and traditional conference rooms # 2: Web based Video Applications, Opportunity: Desktop Video, Webcasting, Branch access, Mobile devices # 3: Enterprise niche video applications, Opportunity: Training, Procurement, Surveillance, Supply Chain, Media access, Public Relations, New Products / Service Introductions Goal: Connect All three areas into Green Conferencing: -To reduce carbon footprint -To Protect Revenue -To Drive New Revenues 14
  15. 15. 1. Nortel Multimedia Services Traditional MASP End User Conference Nortel Video Rooms Audio Infrastructure Conferencing Conferencing 2. Enterprise 3 Service Model Options Hosted End User Customer / NT Infrastructure For customers From One Provider 3. Managed Services Collaboration Webcasting AV systems End User Customer Infrastructure 15
  16. 16. Your New “Board Rooms’ Global video conferencing enabling HD quality with webcast streaming, web collaboration, high security, and optional recording 16
  17. 17. Large Screen Rooms – Polycom RPX 17
  18. 18. Tandberg Experia 18
  19. 19. Connect Directors, Management, with top customers via desktop video Tandberg Executive Desk tops 1500 MXP* 1000 MXP* 150 MXP 19
  20. 20. Nortel’s Roadmap to Enterprise Transformation (1-2-3) VoIP Business Optimized Communications: Video Conferencing Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Network Convergence Communications Convergence Business Application Convergence IP Telephony Unified Communications Communications Enabled (SIP) Applications Network Multimedia Consistent User Desktop HD Consolidation Applications Experience Initiated Video Telepresence Anywhere TCO & Person/Group Simplicity & Business Anytime Virtualization Productivity Effectiveness Productivity Any Device Business Optimized Network VALUE 20
  21. 21. The Nortel Video Service Framework • Pre Testing of all Blue Coat sessions for employees and customer Quality of • Proactive quality management 1 Experience • Integrated Microsoft Calendar and IBM Lotus Notes Scheduling Management • Feedback tools / Real Time User Sat reports • Extensive operational reporting Scheduling Performance Reporting .99999 Video Recording, Web video conferencing 2 Reliability, Streaming & Content video conferencing Ease of Use, Management mcs video +26% endpoint +25% hours Manageability +28% minutes tickets Services High Defintion Networked Conference 3 Services Bridging Secure Network Connectivity Interoperable 4 Endpoints UCC, Desktop, Room, Telepresence High Definition Immersive Collaboration HD Personal Tools MSFT MultiMonitor MSFT 21 Roundtable Roundtable
  22. 22. Utilize Nortel Global Multimedia Network Operations Centers (MNOCs) Toronto RTP, NC London Frankfurt* Miami India* OTTAWA Core Service Operations Dallas Beijing 22
  23. 23. Nortel’s Global Video Conference Services Maidenhead Harlow Galway Montreal Beijing Brampton Ottawa Tokyo Santa CTF (France) Frankfurt Clara New York Rome Billerica Lisbon Madrid Hong Kong Raleigh Tel Aviv Richardson Sunrise Bangkok Mumbai Singapore Global Bridging HD / IP / ISDN Connectivity 7X24 Support Web Based Reservations Pre Test for all conferences Sydney Service Summary Webcast Inter connectivity Recording Capability Transcript Capability Room & Desktop PC bridging Audio Conference Add-on 23
  24. 24. What is PMQM from Nortel? PMQM stands for Proactive Multimedia Quality Management (PMQM) - a service that bundles Operational, Administrative, and Maintenance (OA&M) activities and offers service level objective (SLO) driven advanced multimedia monitoring capabilities. PMQM is not one tool, instead it is a collection of tools, people, and processes that aims to manage a customer’s multimedia experience. PMQM allows for the monitoring of: video conference equipment, codecs, network devices, as well as AV related endpoints such as video projectors, audio systems, monitors, and integrated AMX or Crestron type equipment controllers. 24
  25. 25. Nortel MNOC vs competitors Nortel Competitor’s Specifics of the Nortel Offer MNOC VNOC 8 Global Multimedia Network Operation Centers > Beijing, Toronto, Ottawa, RTP, NC, Dallas, Miami, Frankfurt*, India* Proactive Video Quality Monitoring & Notification > 24x7 monitoring of , bridges, Servers & Video codecs for Latency, Jitter, Packet loss, & video score card with proactive response Automatic pre test of all video conferences > Before the conference with Remote diagnostics to define a problem. MSFT / IBM Outlook Calendar video reservations > Easily schedule GMR video conferences from outlook calendar or from IBM Lotus Notes Calendar High Level Security Monitoring > Real Time analysis of outputs from video network reporting intrusions, anomalies, alarms, unauthorized peering or bridging Predictive Analysis > Video Quality Health Checks with synthetic traffic after hours to identify potential/emerging situations that may impact QoS or network performance. Auto Trace Route Diagnostics > Nortel’s OSS tools launch a trace route program when a critical threshold is breached to identify potential bottle necks. Advance Reporting, Automatic Software Upgrades > Real time, Daily, Weekly & Monthly 25
  26. 26. Core Video Conference Service Offering Site Survey Pre-Deployment Services Network Impact Assessment Pre-test of Calls Video Scheduling Integration w/ Scheduling Administration Corporate Tools (Outlook) Set-up & Tear Down of Multimedia Conference Resources Application Monitoring Service Monitoring Node/Link Monitoring Network Monitoring / Security Advanced diagnostic, RCA, and Problem Diagnostics troubleshooting support Management Technical Support Metrics & Metrics & Reporting Reporting PMQM Core Offering 26 Multimedia Core Service Offering Multimedia Optional
  27. 27. Services-powered Video Conference Offerings Telepresence Telepresence •• Installation Installation •• Maintenance Maintenance Completeness of Service Need •• Managed bridging Managed bridging •• Web reservation portal Web reservation portal •• Quality of Experience monitoring Quality of Experience monitoring •• WAN management WAN management Multi-Monitor Multi-Monitor •• Automated session setup Automated session setup •• Installation Installation •• End user training End user training •• Maintenance Maintenance •• Extensive reporting metrics Extensive reporting metrics •• Managed bridging Managed bridging •• Consulting Consulting •• Web reservation portal Web reservation portal •• Design Design •• Quality of Experience monitoring Quality of Experience monitoring •• Concierge Concierge •• WAN management WAN management •• 7 X 24 service from 8 Global 7 X 24 service from 8 Global •• Automated session setup Automated session setup MNOCS MNOCS •• End user training End user training •• Integration into UCC Integration into UCC Executive/ Staff Executive/ Staff •• Extensive reporting metrics Extensive reporting metrics •• Installation Installation •• Intergation into UCC Intergation into UCC •• Maintenance Maintenance •• Integration into UCC Integration into UCC 27
  28. 28. Video Conferencing – Notes/Exchange Integration > View/schedule rooms using Notes/Exchange > Scheduled process syncs calendar updates > Automated processes triggered from database Nortel MNOCs > All conferences always pre tested / confirmed Reservations/Facilities Database Synced Notes/Exchange Calendar Updates Network User Added to Database Network Web Secure Network Reservations System Scheduled Process View/Schedule Syncs Notes Calendar Rooms in Notes/Exchange Additions/Changes using .NET Notes/Exchange API Notes/Exchange Calendar > Both web-based and Notes/Exchange viewing/scheduling stay in sync > Synchronization uses scheduled process through .NET Notes/Exchange API > Additions/changes from Notes/Exchange calendar added to reservations database 28
  29. 29. Services-powered Telepresence Scenario GMR Challenge: From Nortel Telepresence ROI Calculator • Obsolete video conferencing • Typical $1,125 / trip equipment • Average 4 persons per 4 hour meeting • 20 meetings / month • Budget gap in deploying and • 40% Telepresence, 60% travel managing Telepresence • Limited skills in selecting and Net Savings $2,546,272 / year Travel operating HD systems Accumulated Costs Solution: Telepresence • Nortel Telepresence Concierge 95 days to cost recovery. service / Proactive J F M A M J J A S O N D • Utility pricing Benefits: 51.6 fewer 946,000 • Less carbon footprint Acres of forest needed to recover travel related Pounds of CO2 avoided emissions • Faster decisions • More reliable service Better Quality & Go Green 29
  30. 30. Multimedia Services Our Competitive Differentiation s ompetit ors Service C Nortel Integrated Solutions Not integrated: Service Evolution Audio / Video / Apps: Focus on CAPEX OPEX Choices Managed End to End, Disconnected Value Evolution Unified interfaces: interfaces: Low ROI High ROI One Total Service Multiple Providers: User Provider: Confused Users Evolution Focus on User Experience Nortel Multimedia Services: Easy to Use, Scalable, Global 30
  31. 31. Multimedia Services Why Nortel? Seamless compatibility & Technology solid support Integrated Easy integration (leverage your Multimedia existing platform) Solutions and Flexible Service Reliable Models Technology Services Experienced Global Service Delivery Buy What You Need Business Made Simple for Blue Coat Buy Only How Much You Need Buy it For How Long You Need It 31
  32. 32. Back-up 32
  33. 33. Video Conferencing Architecture Nortel MNOC Nortel Managed Infrastructure Bridging hosted in Nortel data center MCS 5200 Secure network connection to bridge port capacity Room Based SIP&H323 protocols VPN connection for control Desktop Network Nortel MCS Client Based Nortel bridging managed Reservations By Nortel 33
  34. 34. Video Reservations Web-based reservations portal provides: • Add/modify for new video conference reservations • Single and repeating video conferences • Search for existing video conferences • Access to conference reporting/metrics • View/edit of facility/endpoint details • Auto test of endpoints, 3-2-1 days in advance 34
  35. 35. Video Management From reservations, system pre-tests are driven 48 and 24 hours in advance Operations team establishes managed calls, monitors for the duration, and disconnects calls Help desk is available to provide immediate support to active conferences Tier 1 support for non urgent issues, warm hand off to Tier 2 for support of active conferences, Tier 3 engaged as required Tier 2 and 3 support through trained staff in MNOC 35
  36. 36. Video Bridging Existing bridging in NA and EMEA, fully standards compliant for compatibility with all vendor solutions Expanded HD bridge capacity in NA / EMEA in Q1, expanding APAC capacity in Q2 Supporting systems globally with a combination of H.323 and ISDN, including legacy, IP-based, room and desktop endpoints and HD Telepresence Support for SIP-based MSFT soft clients and MSFT LCS / OCS 36
  37. 37. Video Conference MNOC Features Recording and archival of live video conferences Integration of video conference with other multimedia services (audio conferencing, collaboration, webcasting) Real time or archived output to webcast streaming and podcast Web based client surveys to measure service and conference effectiveness 37
  38. 38. Video Reporting Performance Full reporting and metrics availability for user experience, availability, performance, and volume User experience metrics gathered from client CSAT surveys Availability metrics gathered based on video conferencing endpoint and bridge uptime and connection data video conferencing Performance data available for system mcs video +26% performance, and service support endpoint hours performance +25% tickets Volume and billing data available at both +28% summary and detailed level minutes volume 38
  39. 39. Multimedia Services from Nortel Webcasting Webcasts / Podcasts On Demand / Live Streamed events Audio Conferencing Reservation-less, VoIP Conferencing Special events, Large Audiences Video Conferencing Room-based – Legacy to HD Desktop video, AV systems Mngmt. Web Collaboration Meeting collaboration eLearning / training / virtual / meetings 39
  40. 40. Tandberg - Adaptive to a Wide Range of Environments Adaptive nature allows Experia to be easily and quickly deployed in a standard conference room or to be outfitted for the high end suite Maintains an immersive environment in all settings 40
  41. 41. Call Scenarios: Point-to-Point Calling Telepresence room to telepresence room 1 100 90 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Q1-02 Q1-03 Q1-04 Q1-05 Q1-06 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Q1-02 Q1-03 Q1-04 Q1-05 Q1-06 Telepresence Room A Telepresence Room B Telepresence to 100 standard H.323 system 2 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Q1-02 Q1-03 Q1-04 Q1-05 Q1-06 Telepresence Room A H.323 endpoint 41
  42. 42. Call Scenarios: Multipoint Calling – No External MCU Telepresence Room B Connect two telepresence systems with an H.323 endpoint in the same call 1 H.323 endpoint appears in the collaboration display Telepresence Room A Telepresence Room B Telepresence Room D Connect up to four Telepresence Room C telepresence systems in the same call (2 or 4 person view per screen) 2 100 90 80 Share multimedia presentations among all sites in full 70 60 resolutions 50 40 30 20 10 0 Q1-02 Q1-03 Q1-04 Q1-05 Q1-06 H.323 endpoint also appears in the collaboration display Telepresence Room A Users choose layout on lower 42 display
  43. 43. Choosing the Right System Performance and design for every environment Group s Medium Small Offices Individual Large 8000 MXP 7000 MXP 6000 MXP Profile 6000 MXP 2000 MXP* 1500 MXP* 1000 MXP* 150 MXP 3000 MXP Profile 3000 MXP 990 MXP 550 MXP* 880 MXP Compass Utility Maestro MXP Intern MXP Tactical MXP MXP MXP 770 MXP* 43
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