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  • 2. MR BUZZBY / WICKY NOISSES CRANK DAT / LINDOWS WL012 £3.50 T-VEXED Notes... Wicky Lindow's next 3 tracker comes courtesy of Noisses, who's been smashing up the dance of late with a remix on Pure Filth as well as with his own previous original stylings in the form of Square Face and End Of. This cheeky slab of noise is a fun, in-your-face adventure into sparkling synths, flame-grilled bass and scattered, pigeon-stepping beats. The A side Mr Buzzby is a retro-electro, quirky hot-stepper which pops like its on hot coals with naughty, low-slung bass stabs and a nostalgic melody. Saucy. On the flip, Crank Dat beefs up the bass and lays down some p-funk licks to warm the cockles and set up the floor. One for the party crew for real, this is a prime-time, hands-in-the-air affair. Jumpin. T-Vexed, the second track on the flip, is engineered to scare and will probably cause heart failure as the breakdown roars into a laser bassline and it's staunch lead riff. Not for the faint hearted but topping off this fantastically freaky record with more of the trademark Wicky Lindows energetic destruction. Listen A: DUBSTEP Listen B1: 12” SINGLE Listen B2: YOU MAKE ME DAEGA SOUND FEEL / FORMANT FRMNT008 £3.50 SILVER DAWN Notes... Vancouver's own, Daega Sound takes you into deep, murky waters and bathes the listener in bass on the 8th release from Texas based Formant Recordings. Beginning with the soulful, minimal tech-funk hybrid 'You Make Me Feel' on the A side--Warm pads envelop the eardrum, while a proper helping of well placed horns lick the postage stamp to send you on your journey. Flip the plate for some refreshingly uplifting sunny day vibes on 'Silver Dawn.' Taking root in an upbeat 2 step planter, this one really begins to flower when the vocal pulls it's shade back. Getting heads on the floor is no longer an issue. Your biggest problem will be finding enough friends to help you harvest. Listen A: DUBSTEP Listen B: 12” SINGLE
  • 3. MSG AFGHAN (KARTON / MARS VALIUM VAL009 £3.50 HEADSPIN remixes) Notes... This is the most anticipated release on the label to date, the huge remix package of Afghan Headspins MSG (originally released on Mechanoise). A huge selection of remixes, Karton providing their trademark sound on their breakbeat re-work, whilst MARS & Yoof (Sunz of Mecha) come with their dubstep bangers. Dj support from already VENT, Ribbs & ig88, Jinx, Gella, Ctrl Z, Reso, Cut La Roc, Ben & Lex, 601, Rusko, Nero & Excision. These remixes are instantly recognisable, never forgotten! Listen A: BREAKS Listen B: 12” SINGLE BACK TO ROOT / UNDER THIS IGNITION IBREAKS BASS IBREAKSBA010 £3.50 Notes... iBreaks Bass proudly welcomes the arrival of latvian producers Under This. After some releases out in the market including the Black and White EP on Distinctive Records, Under This founds it new home with the iBreaks Family. Back to Roots is a perfect example of what Under This is all about. Expect nothing but pure anthemic sounds with a perfect blend of oldschool, rolling beats, piano riffs, sexy vocals and progressive and trance elements all wrapped up by crunchy basslines in an absolute hands-in-the-air style. Ignition brings yet another dancefloor belter with this very characteristic Under This sound that we love so much. Another talented producer to watch this year, as the productions are just going to get better and better Enjoy!
  • 4. BREAKS 12” SINGLE Listen A: Listen B: RACKnRUIN / BLOOD AND GUTS / IT’S FUTURE RACKnRUIN Vs. OVER / CROP PERFECT FPRR015 £3.50 VENT CIRCLE Notes... RackNRuin is back! Future Perfect presents the Blood and Guts EP for all bassline electro addicts out there. After a hardcore stint of gigging and ninja training Rack N Ruin is all upgraded and collaborated for this mammoth release. First up is Blood and Guts, a homage to dancehall soundsystems and carnival vibes with a steel hook riff which is as relentless as it is addictive. Monster drums and calypso percussion underpin this bassy roller which will carve up crowds like butter on a sunny day. RackNRuin bringing a new sound to the table with some restraint and deft, technical prowess. Stonking! Next up is collab with Hardcore Beats stalwarts VENT called "It's Over". Anyone familiar with VENT's sound will spot their touch here and there but what really astonishes about this record is the menacing energy that runs throughout. Offbeat synth risers and a juggernaut bassline power up and down the scale with militant force to slay later floors with total authority. Dangerous. Last up on the EP is "Crop Circle". No stranger to things that go bump in the night, Future Perfect's resident alien lifeform shows us a hint of how the other side live. Beaming down from a fusion-driven, neutronium-powered starship; Rack N Ruin cuts a swathe through the nebula with funk lasers and anti-gravity distortion fields to further change the landscape of house music. Its rave Jim, but not as we knew it. Prepare for the invasion. 4X4 / FIDGET / Listen A: BREAKS Listen B1: 12” SINGLE Listen B2:
  • 5. Z AUDIO’S EXCLUSIVE NEW RELEASES SHIPPING Apr 19th AMBIENT DUB SHIT / BIRTHDAY AUDIO BORGORE AND THE BLACK PHREAKS PHREAKS019 £3.50 NOVEMBER Notes... A whirlwind of controversy surrounds the talent of Borgore and its not hard to understand why. You could describe him as the marmite of Dubstep! His relentless basslines will rip your stomach apart, but don’t be fooled by the in your face music that is Borgore. He is a very talented producer and by taking the time to listen to his music, you can hear that this man is a talented musician and knows his way around the studio. DUBSTEP Listen A: 12” SINGLE Listen B: VENOM / THERE IS KOMOD.O NIVEAU ZERO / XXXX YSP! WSD! DRAGON KOD404 £3.99 MATTA (NIVAEU ZERO remix) PRODUCTIONS Notes... This amazingly openminded music lover delivers a taste of massive and melodic electronic music, a synthesis of all the genres that made his personality, from warp artists to today's dubstep bangers. Elected best electro new comer in 2008 by French biggest festival Printemps de Bourges in 2008, he just released a couple of fat dubstep EPs on label Destpub and Expressillon, and he’s one of the leading producers in french Dubstep scene. DUBSTEP Listen A: 12” SINGLE Listen B: AUGMENTE / OPULSIF Vs AUGMENTE remix / OPULSIF OPULSIF02 £3.99 DA KREW EXIT / FUNK YOU
  • 6. Notes... 4 TRACKS OF WONKED OUT GLITCHY ELECTRO/TECHNO/4X4 FROM FRANCE, REACH FOR THE LASERS!!!!! Listen A1: Listen A2: 4X4 Listen B1: 12” SINGLE Listen B2: Z AUDIO’S EXCLUSIVE NEW RELEASES SHIPPING Apr 12th THE BASSIST & SMOKE ONE / TERMINAL NOTHINGS FINAL DUSK TD021 £3.50 TRIAGE Notes... THE BASSIST Vlad Gutierrez is no stranger to the US Northwest broken beats community. He has been spinning records since 98 and has had the opportunity to play on many international dancefloors. Relocated to Portland, OR in 2003 after being part of the "Essential Drum & Bass" crew in Barcelona,Spain. He then started "Madkraft" in 2004, a drum n' bass project alongside Invid and Mecca. In 2007 he began a transition towards Dubstep and since then this genre has become his passion. His first Dubstep release came out in 2007 on Aleutian Audio and stayed in Digital Tunes' top 10 for a couple weeks. Currently, he is busy producing beats for labels such as Hollow Point, Bassism, Stupid Fly, Dub Alliance and Rogue Dubs. TRAIGE TRIAGE is the collaborative union of Debt, Liar, and Seth Norman. Raised on the renegade party culture of pacific-northwestern America, the trio discovered a mutual affinity for music production, DJing and the cutting-edge sounds of Drum and Bass in 2006. With imminent releases on some of the greatest labels in drum n bass and dubstep music, as well as support and recognition from a litany of artists around the globe, Triage is set to be bigger, better, and louder than ever in 2010. Listen A:
  • 7. DUBSTEP 12” SINGLE Listen B: HiHAT w. IBREAKS KULTUR & KILLER PROFIT FUNK IBREAKSFU014 £3.50 COLOMBO remix Notes... A brand new signing to iBreaks Funk, Bristol-based HiHat is a producer who manages the impressive feat of combining ultra-groovy beats with a political message on his debut track for the funkier offshoot of the iBreaks family. A slice of party rocking rhetoric to place on the shelf alongside the likes of Adam Freeland's legendary Bill Hicks-sampling 12" We Want Your Soul, Killer Profit features UK comedian Mark Thomas wondering out loud why more company directors do not find themselves staring out from the inside of a jail cell, something plenty of people may have been asking themselves in recent times. Expect funk to the max, wah wah guitar riffs, plenty of scratches and basslines jam-packed with wobble. This is a tune to get the girls shaking their hips while the boys brock out in wild abandon. On the flip, the more progressive sounds of Spanish duo Kultur & Colombo take over, making this the perfect package for a diverse range of DJs. Another great release in what’s going to be a hectic year for iBreaks - enjoy! BREAKS Listen A: 12” SINGLE Listen B:
  • 8. BOUNCING PIGS / REDUX CIRKALIA EXPRESSILLON EXPR303 £3.99 Notes... Even if it’s only in 2007 that Redux name makes it appearance on the electro scene , Nikko – the man who hides behind this guise – has been a familiar name in the more up-tempo register with no less than 20 releases along with Karbon 14 sound system in the mid 90’s. Keeping his experimental approach to music, Redux, having achieved maturity, doesn’t need to force the pace anymore to captivate and electrify the crowds and starts to flirt with a vibe more close to electro- house and breakbeat. Very fast he signed his first e.p. to American label Portamento but it’s in 2008 and with the title ‘‘Diskobreaks’’ that he puts the basis of a more personal style to his music which kicks straight in with its pounding analogical bass lines and fractured sounds harmonized with rhythms and samples from hip-hop, funk or disco. First selected on Level 75’ “Spicy Cunts” compilation then released on Katorza - a nu label he runs with Maelstrom – in 2009, this track has gained much respect and support from International artists such as Popof, Crookers, Rico Tubbs, Aquasky, Malente, Cut la Roc and Lee Mortimer to name a few. Redux follows up this successful run with several critically acclaimed remixes on Katorza and no less than seven original pieces signed to Miles Dyson’ label PlasmaDigital. Meanwhile he works and composes the soundtrack for electro circus show ‘Sweatlodge’’ including “Cirkalia” and “Bassline Circus” tracks released today on Expressillon aside dancefloor-lifting “Bouncing Pigs”. Fire ! Listen A: BREAKS / 4X4 Listen B:
  • 9. 12” SINGLE J’EMMERDE LES VOISINS / SHOW ME SOME PROSPER / LE RESPECT / SHOW PERCE-OREILLE POV2.7 £3.99 PROSPER & FLORE ME SOME RESPECT (ZAP! POW! DIE! Remix) Notes... Following his critically acclaimed genre busting « Kiss My Neck E.P. » on Expressillon, Prosper joins le Perce-Oreille (Earwig) and shows once again just why he has got a golden reputation when it comes to his ability to electrify the crowds! As usual the guy implements everything to delight your ears and move your ass at the same time. He first collaborates with the talented and passionate Flore to make sure that the ‘‘Fuck the Neighbours’’ track kicks like it should. The result is full of unyielding energy and exhilarating effects, a Techno killer. Then comes ‘‘Show me some respect’’, an illegitimate child of Prodigy for its break punk flavor, and Bootsy Collins for its spiced electro funk pieces. A massive track to boost the dancefloor ! And for desert, Zap ! Pow ! Die ! - up and coming talent from New York electronic music scene – provides us with a turbulent remix which will keep your feet locked to the dancefloor, an infectious smile plastered firmly across your face. All those with vertigo don’t worry, you’ll be back on the ground soon!
  • 10. BREAKS / ELECTRO Listen A: Listen B1: 12” SINGLE Listen B2: Z AUDIO’S EXCLUSIVE NEW RELEASES SHIPPING Apr 6th BLACK WIDOW (2010 rerub) / DUB BABY SHAM WORK IT OUT / PHILOSOPHY DPH004 £3.50 LOCK & LOAD Notes... Get ready for some crazy, twisted, stomach churning Dubstep at its most aggressive. This sure ain't a single for the faint hearted and a real u turn sound for the label. The original of "Black Widow" was a favorite with the likes of Skream, Benga and N-type and this re-rub is souped up to the max! Enjoy! 16Bit – muuuuuummmyy Jay Cunning (Kiss FM) - Not for the faint hearted - bastard heavy! RSD - quite like the vocals on 'work it out' thanks for sending Akira Kiteshi - Noisy!!! Feeling Work it out the most! Listen A: DUBSTEP Listen B1: 12” SINGLE Listen B2:
  • 11. GIBBER / RANKING RUCKSPIN GET NAKED RECORDS RAN013 £3.50 Notes... Ranking Records presents Ruckspin’s first solo outing on the label – two sides of pure quality that go some way to explain why Ruckspin’s DJ schedule is currently packed with international bookings. The A side, Jibber, is a 2 step banger laced with slick percussion and fat synth fwabs. Funky rhodes chords hark back to early garage, and jiggy drum fills lend the track a wonky, jolting quality that will give the dance floor a guaranteed workout. The much requested ‘Get Naked’ on the flip sees Ruckspin displaying his unique use of samples and knowledge of harmony and groove. ‘Get Naked’ is both musical and weighty, with smatters of Detroit soul floating over an irresistibly deep bassline. This combination makes for a beautifully refreshing sound: kick back and chill or get your shuffle on! DUBSTEP Listen A: 12” SINGLE Listen B: AMBUSH / NUMBERNIN6 NEBOLOUS / Z AUDIO ZAUDIO018 £3.50 LEAVING Notes... Here is the next installment coming up from Z Audio and who better to represent than man of the moment NumberNin6. The track "Nebulous" is featured on the Reso mix CD on Z Audio and now you lucky people can get the wax!! Enjoy! Annie Nightingale - a floorboard rattler! Skism - Epic! Vista - Nebulous is rowdy; will be dropping High Rankin - Nebulous is fucking serious Listen A: DUBSTEP Listen B1: 12” SINGLE Listen B2:
  • 12. KEEP YO HEAD / MOFO PLAZA DE FUNK GET CRAZY RECORDINGS MOFO027 £3.50 Notes... Plaza De Funk steps up and drops gritty urban nu-bass on a 4am warehouse vibe, without a doubt “Keep Yo Head” is an uncharacterisable slice of DJ dancefloor heaven. Sidestepping genres and sitting comfortably within bassline and fidget sets while pleasing Breaks and Nu-Bass Djs alike. Keep Yo Head has MASSIVE crossover potential!!!!! Flip for “Get Crazy” that rips the funk out of the soundsystem with phat breaks and devastating drums!! Support from: Anne Savege NAPT Peo De Pitte Elite Force Aquasky Beat Assassins BREAKS Listen A: 12” SINGLE Listen B: DEEKLINE & APPLE BOTTOM w. HIGH RANKIN DUSTIN HULTON & WILL BAILEY RAT RECORDS RAT033 £3.50 feat. SPORTY-O remixes Notes... Rat Records' latest slice of party shocking heaviness is about to drop, and it's hotter than a Miami club in August. Label head honcho and resident bass terrorist Deekline teams up with Florida's Dustin Hulton, a name which will be familiar to booty freaks from Jersey to Jacksonville, for a supremely funky electro-flavoured jam that will have asses shaking from the moment the needle hits the record. Featuring the super-cool vocals of Sporty-O, who blasts onto the mic with an ode to the joys of curvacious female posteriors, Apple Bottom is backed with tasty reworkings from Brighton's boy wonder of bass, High Rankin, currently blowing up with his ode to the dubious glories of mephedrone, Meow Meow, and fidget house kingpin Will Bailey. The former turns in a full-time breakbeat number with trademark grinding dubstep bottom end and more energy than a shipping container full of Duracel, while the latter plumps for a jacking, booming booty house vibe that's perfect for the 4/4 brigade. Hulton himself is well known for a slew of top quality releases on labels like Against the Grain,
  • 13. iBreaks, Illeven Eleven and Rat itself, while Deekline has been firing up the dance music scene like never before in 2010 following a spectacular 12 months which saw the launch of his new label with Tim Healey, Giant Pussy Records, and victory at the international breakbeat awards, Breakspoll, where he took best album for his collaboration with Wizard, Back Up Coming Through. Now Apple Bottom is ready to fire up bassbins across the globe. Stand back and watch the bodies flying around the room when this one hits home. FIDGET / BREAKS Listen A: 12” SINGLE Listen B: DECIBELIUM / DIGITAL BASE RETROMANIAC IBREAKS IBREAKS030 £3.99 Notes... This is the second sampler extracted from the new Digital Base album. This time with two absolute belters, totally orientated to the dancefloor and with a clear retro breakbeat feel to it. In these times of fidget and twisted sounds, where we find tones and tones of robotic music without any kind of soul, this is a breath of fresh air. Some organic beats with a minimalistic oldschool approach, which really express what music should be all about. This is the last single before the album itself which will surely please all the breakbeat lovers out there. Enjoy!! BREAKS Listen A: 12” SINGLE Listen B:
  • 14. DEEKLINE & HOT CAKES ED SOLO feat READY MIX HOT CAKES HCCD002 £4.50 THE RAGGA VOLUME 2 TWINS Notes... Following on from the fearsome selection of naughty but nice anthems that was 2008's first instalment, Hot Cakes Ready Mix vol 2 is a grab bag of booming booty breaks, firing ghetto house and upfront jump up drum 'n' bass designed for heaving block parties and souped-up in-car soundsystems everywhere. Featuring the unequalled toasting skills of the legendary Ragga Twins alongside DJs Deekline and Ed Solo, it expertly blends a hotchpotch of Hot Cakes' cheekiest bootlegs, edits and rerubs from the past two years into a mix that constitutes the ultimate in party- rocking mayhem. Whether you're chilling in your "hi-tops", riding in "cars that go boom", grooving to those "sweet vibrations" or brocking out "on a ragga tip", and depending on which corner of the globe you rest your head in, this blazing selection will be the soundtrack to your summer or a reminder that warmer days are on their way. Time to grab that ghetto blaster and head out into the night: it's all about shakin' that ass to the sound of the finest DJ duo known to UK bass culture. BREAKS CD Listen: