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WordCamp Boston 2012 - Shopping for a WordPress Shopping Cart Solutiion

WordCamp Boston 2012 - Shopping for a WordPress Shopping Cart Solutiion



WordPress has come a very long way as a fully integrated shopping cart system, and there are so many options available once you decide that you want to sell something from your website. In this ...

WordPress has come a very long way as a fully integrated shopping cart system, and there are so many options available once you decide that you want to sell something from your website. In this session we will look at the different types of shopping cart solutions from plugins, hybrids, lightweight plugins, to hosted carts. What solution might be best for you/your customers/your clients. We will look as some of the more popular plugins, assessing needs, and how we decided on some of the solutions we use on some of our sites.



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    WordCamp Boston 2012 - Shopping for a WordPress Shopping Cart Solutiion WordCamp Boston 2012 - Shopping for a WordPress Shopping Cart Solutiion Presentation Transcript

    • Shopping for aShopping Cart SolutionWordCamp Boston 2012
    • A little about me... ✤ Started doing video for web in 1999 ✤ Remember Media Player or Quicktime? ✤ We were putting video on the web before that ✤ Started making websites around 2000 ✤ TRB Design, Inc. 2002
    • A little about me... ✤ 2004 Started GymSmarts (yikes!!) ✤ needed a shopping cart!! Thanks wayback machine, I think (www.web.archive.org)
    • There are plenty of Shopping CartSolutions for the web
    • Been there, done that... 1. 2003 - Miva Merchant 2. 2006 - 1Shopping Cart
    • Why WordPress for eCommerce?✤ Started working with WordPress about 5 years ago✤ Building simple sites for clients✤ Moving our sites, and others website to WP
    • Why WordPress for eCommerce?✤ Two years ago started looking for a new solution for GymSmarts, ✤ tired of paying monthly fees ✤ wanting the flexibility of WP as a CMS
    • Why WordPress for eCommerce? ✤ Plenty of 3rd party shopping carts, both premium and free ✤ various features ✤ from simple point solutions to robust, full featured platforms
    • What do you need?✤ Products: Do you have just a few products?
    • What do you need?✤ ...or hundreds, thousands?
    • What do you need? ✤ Do you have variations of products? Image from http://shop.nordstrom.com
    • What do you need? ✤ Membership, subscriptions, reoccurring payments ✤ Are your products digital or physical products Subscribe
    • What do you need? ✤ Payments: How will you process payments? ✤ PayPal, Google, Merchant Account?
    • What do you need? ✤ Payment Gateway Image from: http://websitedevelopmentarticles.blogspot.com/2012/05/payment-gateways-hazardous-thing-in.html
    • What do you need?✤ Some carts require you to have SSL - Secure Socket Layer A protocol for encrypting information over the internet www.namecheap.com is a great place to purchase SSL Image from: http://nrupentheking.blogspot.com/2011/07/ssl-and-tls-attacks-weak-ciphers.html
    • What do you need? ✤ Shipping: ✤ do you need it? (e-books, downloads only- no)
    • What do you need? ✤ Shipping, if yes: ✤ Where will you be sending/selling to (US, Canada, worldwide?)
    • What do you need? ✤ Shipping, if yes: ✤ Shipping methods? (USPS, UPS, FedEx)
    • What do you need? ✤ Shipping, if yes: ✤ Will there be handling fees, shipping fees added to cost?
    • Shopping Solutions ✤ Shopping cart plugins** ✤ Shopping cart hybrids (themes with shopping cart functionality) ✤ Lightweight shopping carts (good for selling just a few items-just one type of payment processing) ✤ Plugins to integrate with 3rd- party carts (1Shopping Cart, Volution) ** this is what we will focus on today :)
    • Standard Shopping Cart Features ✤ Product Catalog
    • Standard Shopping Cart Features ✤ Inventory management
    • Standard Shopping Cart Features ✤ Order management
    • Standard Shopping Cart Features ✤ SEO friendly
    • Standard Shopping Cart Features ✤ Shipping ✤ Per product ✤ Weight ✤ Handling Fee
    • Standard Shopping Cart Features ✤ Tax estimates - International VAT?
    • Standard Shopping Cart Features ✤ Payment gateway WP e-Commerce
    • Advanced/Premium Features ✤ Product Variants
    • Advanced/Premium Features ✤ Discounts and promotions ✤ Banner ads ✤ Coupons
    • Advanced/Premium Features ✤ Affiliate options ✤ Template tags & short codes ✤ Support & Documentation ✤ Developer API [catalog] Short codes make it easy to put products on pages you want.
    • WP Shopping Carts: Free ✤ Some of top major ones: ✤ WP e-Commerce (GetShopped.org) ✤ Cart 66 lite ✤ Jigoshop ✤ WooCommerce
    • WP eCommerce ✤ One of the original WP shopping cart plug-ins ✤ Great SEO
    • WP eCommerce✤ Many Features ✤ 100% customizable ✤ shortcodes and template tags ✤ many payment gateway options ✤ coupons, quantity discounts, cross-sell ✤ international support ✤ many shipping options (flat rate, table, weight)
    • WP eCommerce ✤ Premium upgrades/plugins ✤ Gold Cart, grid module, drop shop, slider, membership/subscription
    • WP eCommerce✤ Extensive Documentation ✤ videos, forums, premium help
    • Cart66 Lite ✤ Simple, clean eCommerce ✤ No store front (okay for small amount of products) - no catalog ✤ Product management & backend ✤ Standard features ✤ Only PayPal & off-line on free edition
    • Jigoshop ✤ Nice integration of cross- sell, up-sell, related products and product reviews ✤ Uses post tables to store product data - not good for large amount of products April 2011
    • Jigoshop✤ Extensive documentation✤ Localization (lang)✤ Can “group” products
    • WooCommerce ✤ Based on Jigoshop ✤ Flexible, easy-to-use templating engine Sep 2011
    • WooCommerce ✤ Lots of free and premium add-ons and themes ✤ Great support
    • WP Shopping Carts: Premium ✤ Top major ones: ✤ Cart66 ✤ MarketPress (WPMU Dev) ✤ Shopp
    • Cart66 ✤ Single site License ($89) - 1 year prem support, access to forums ✤ Robust recurring payments ✤ Robust model for memberships & subscriptions ✤ Live UPS, USPS, FedEx shipping rates ✤ Third party integration with Google analytics, Constant Contact, Gravity Forms, etc.
    • MarketPress ✤ Monthly membership ($79) ($419 for 1 year) ✤ WPMU Dev plugin (site offers a variety of plug-ins/themes) ✤ WP e-Commerce importer
    • MarketPress ✤ Lots of features: multiple payment gateways, easy translation into any language, shortcodes) ✤ Flexible API Shortcodes and themeing
    • Shopp ✤ Single site access: $55 ✤ Lots of free and premium add-ons ✤ Robust theme & dev API’s ✤ Seamless WP integration ✤ Good customer service & documentation
    • GymSmarts v.3-Shopp w/iFeaturetheme
    • considerations ✤ Shop by coach, shop by category ✤ Details and Specs section (could standardize for all our coaches)
    • considerations ✤ Video on product page ✤ ability to add handling charges
    • Carolina Gym WP eCommercew/Storefront Echo (themeforest)
    • considerations ✤ Started site 3 years ago ✤ Launched last month ✤ Client wanted orders to be requests for quotes because many items large (Site prior to June 2012)
    • TRB Design
    • TRB Design
    • TRB Design
    • Other thoughts ✤ Most e-Commerce solutions will work with most mobile plug-ins and themes ✤ Mobile support/integration (e.g. WPTouch) ✤ Social Commerce (e.g. Facebook) some solutions have plugins for embedding store in Facebook
    • Themes ✤ Many themes will work with shopping carts ✤ iFeature Pro for GymSmarts: www.cyberchimps.com ✤ Theme Forest: www.themeforest.net ✤ search for responsive and e-commerce - got 5 results - chose Echo Storefront - support was great
    • Themes ✤ Be wary of themes that have shopping carts built into them ✤ There are discussions on themes vs. plugins ✤ Lines getting blurred ✤ If you want to change theme, you loose that functionality
    • BIG Thank you to... ✤ James Coletti, Kurt Eng, Jon Bishop for Boston WordPress Meetup http://meetup.bostonwp.org/ ✤ Jon Bishop & Brian Piccolo (@amp_agency) for their presentation on Ecommerce at April WordPress Meetup
    • Linkedin Groups... ✤ WordPress ✤ WordPress Web Designers ✤ WordPress Problem Solver ✤ WordPress sans SPAM
    • contact me... ✤ Twitter: Reikob ✤ Linkedin: ReikoBeach ✤ Reiko@TRBDesigns.com ✤ phone: 781.987.1655 TRBDesigns.com TheToolboxInc.com