Cleveland Technology Scene (04-03-13)


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Speech I gave at the April 2013 - Web Analytics Wednesday at Market Garden Brewery. Sponsored by FathomSEO.

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Cleveland Technology Scene (04-03-13)

  1. 1. “THE CLEVELAND TECH SCENE”Michael C. DeAloiaRegional Vice President - Cleveland
  2. 2. “The Road Map” “ROADMAP”2
  3. 3. “The City Takes a Risk…” THE CITY3
  4. 4. “Starts with a Fork” “…A FORK”4
  5. 5. “The City Takes a Risk…”THE GRAND PLAN1) Recruit As Many Tech Companies into the City A. Includes Investing into the both Recruited Companies and City-Centric Based Enterprises2) Create an Educational Platform from Grade School to Grad School A. Technical certifications @ the Grade School/High School Level “THE CITY TAKES RISK…” B. Paid College/Grad School Tuition for Targeted Degrees C. Life Grants for those that return to Cleveland3) Develop the Cleveland Technology Center A. Create a Downtown Cleveland Incubator B. Creative shared space for Service Providers C. Satellite office for Investment Funds5
  6. 6. “The City Takes a Risk…”THE SCORE CARD1) 37 Tech Companies Moved into the City. Nearly 1,000 new jobs and $75 Million in development. A. Euclid Avenue/Warehouse District/Playhouse Square become tech hubs. B. Invested $3.5 million into the tech companies C. Red Room Dialogues “THE CITY TAKES A RISK” D. Grade: B+2) Educational Platform is a “no-go” A. Created two educational/tech round tables. One at City Hall and Second at Thompson Hine B. Still a great need for technical talent. C. Grade: F3) Cleveland Tech Center Never Gets Built A. eTech Hatchery B. Tyler Elevator C. Baker Electric Building D. IdeaCenter E. Grade: B6
  7. 7. “A Catalyst Moment” A CATALYST MOMENT7
  8. 8. “The Holy Trinity” THEN… THE HOLY TRINITY8
  9. 9. “The Holy Ecosytem”NOW… THE HOLY ECOSYTEM9
  10. 10. “Sleeping Giants” THEN… SLEEPING GIANTS10
  11. 11. “Sleeping Giants” NOW… “SLEEPING GIANTS”11
  12. 12. “Early Adopter” THEN… EARLY ADOPTER12
  13. 13. Early Investors NOW… Akron BioInvestment Funds EARLY INVESTORS13
  14. 14. CLEVELAND VENTURE SUCCESS Cleveland Venture Success14
  15. 15. “An Early Voice” THEN… MEDIA15
  16. 16. Now…Many Voices NOW… MANY VOICES16
  17. 17. “Interesting Developments” THEN… INTERESTING DEVELOPMENTS17
  18. 18. “Interesting Developments” NOW… “INTERESTING DEVELOPMENTS”18
  19. 19. “What’s the Next Big Thing” CRYSTAL BALL19
  20. 20. “What’s the Next Big Thing” SEO/SEM20
  21. 21. “What’s the Next Big Thing” MEDICAL DEVICES21
  22. 22. “What’s the Next Big Thing?” THERAPEUTICS22
  23. 23. “What’s the Next Big Thing” BIG DATA23
  24. 24. “What’s the Next Big Thing” DESIGN24
  25. 25. “What’s the Next Big Thing” - BONUS EXPORTING SYMON25
  26. 26. “An Old Vision is New Again…” NEW VISION?26
  27. 27. “Building the Buzz” Q&A THE END Talk to me.27