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2014 TECNA member package

  1. 1. New and Renewing 2014 Members Handbook
  2. 2. 2013 SPONSORS Thanks to the support of organizations that add value to our mission, TECNA is able to offer quality conferences to help tech council professionals build their organizations. National Partner 2013 Summer Conference Premier Sponsors Supporting Sponsor EC Activity Sponsor Executive Sponsors Technology Sponsor
  3. 3. A Welcome Letter From TECNA’s Leadership Dear Technology Council Leaders, Welcome to this brief overview of TECNA; the Technology Councils of North America. We are an organization with three dis- tinct elements to our mission, and a long history of leadership and impact in the technology industry. Our approximately 50 distinct associations who represent more than 16,000 individual technology companies serve as the leading advocates for building innovation ecosystems throughout the regions and states of the U.S. and the provinces of Canada, and a growing number of regions beyond North America. The first aspect of our mission is to provide a platform for the exchange of news, information, and best practices. Our audi- ence includes presidents, executive directors, staff and volunteers who lead and support technology-oriented trade associa- tions at regional, state and provincial levels, in North America. In this way we are the leading professional development or- ganization for our industry. Secondly, through targeted industry data collection and dissemination, we strive for TECNA and regional technology organi- zations to be recognized as relevant thought leaders. We conduct an annual National Survey of Technology, Policy and Strate- gic Issues and are exploring a state of the industry report to help inform the work of the technology industry. Finally, we play a role in Washington D.C. and Ottawa to bring ideas about funding and programs that promote economic and job growth through the support of specific efforts and institutions at the regional level. If you are a member, thanks for the contribution you make to TECNA and the technology industry at large. If your member- ship has lapsed or you have not had the opportunity to join us in the past, please consider being a part of this dynamic and impactful movement. Sincerely, Steven G. Zylstra Chairman, TECNA President & CEO, Arizona Technology Council
  4. 4. 2014 Membership Benefit Overview Best Practices & Networking Each year, member CEO’s rate networking and best practice acquisition as the top two benefits of TECNA membership. Meet colleagues and learn about best practices and other ways to better run your association through these benefits:  CEO Retreat: March 26-28, 2014—Raleigh-Durham, NC  Complimentary event registration for TECNA Member CEO’s  Summer Conference : July 16-18, 2014—Montréal, Quebec, Canada  Complimentary event registration for TECNA Member CEO’s; discounted registration for member staff  Annual member benchmarking survey  Access to model practices (webinars/website)  TECNA member directory to connect CEO’s and staff by job focus areas Policy & Advocacy Support Through our TechVoice collaboration with CompTIA, TECNA serves as a leading advocate dedicated to empowering and mobilizing the grassroots tech community to impact legislative and regulatory issues important to growth, innova- tion and job creation. Here are a few ways we support these efforts:  Monthly TechVoice policy Calls and Policy Bytes newsletter  TechVoice DC Fly-In: February 11-12, 2014—Washington, DC  This event is only open to TechVoice Alliance Partners—includes complimentary event registration for Alliance Partner staff and their member delegations  CapWiz—online, grassroots advocacy tool  The Capwiz license is only available to TechVoice Alliance Partners on a first come basis. Only one li- cense is available per state.  National Survey of Technology, Policy and Strategic Issues  There is no cost for TECNA members to participate. A third party vendor administers this survey and TECNA member organizations meeting a minimum response rate are provided a geographically based, comparative analysis in addition to the full report. TECNA Digest Newsletter Aggregates and provides timely information related to the aforementioned member benefits, as well as association management and industry news.
  5. 5. 2014 Membership Investments Very Large Councils Over $1.2 million budget annual budget - $1,500/ Annual Dues Large Councils $500,001 to $1.2 million annual budget - $1,080/ Annual Dues Medium Councils $250,001 to $500,000 annual budget - $810/ Annual Dues Smaller Councils under $250,000 annual budget -$600/ Annual Dues Want to Join? Great—here’s who can be a member... 1) Non-profit regional and state organizations that support development of technology and innovation-based economies, 2) Corporate organizations having 80% of their members being businesses with more than one employee, 3) Organizations with membership made up of at least 50% technology-oriented companies or organization, and 4) Independent membership organizations with a voluntary, industry-based board of directors. All members must show they meet these criteria in an application to the TECNA. Organizations which do not meet these requirement and wish to join must present a detailed explanation to the TECNA Executive Committee why an exception should be made. State, Federal and other NGOs involved in the innovation eco-system development are encouraged to apply. After completing the Membership Application, click here you may either email, fax or print it out and mail it to the address below. TECNA, c/o Bob Moore, 3500 Lacey Rd, Downers Grove, IL 60515
  6. 6. TECNA Member ROI Depending on your membership level, you can easily double or quadruple your investment! In 2013, on average... TECNA invested $2,500+ in direct member resources and bene- fits per organization. Members able and willing to take advantage of the full TechVoice Alliance Partnership received upwards of an additional $7,000 in value! And these figures do not include other benefits and resources such as the:  TECNA member benchmarking survey  TECNA Digest Newsletter  Member staff registration discounts  Invaluable networking opportunities  And much more.
  7. 7. TECNA Now Offers Affiliate Memberships to Peer Organizations outside North America The experience of TECNA members in the US and Canada is that our respective organizations have so much in common and we learn a great deal from our peers. We know that we also have much in common with similar organizations in Europe and so TECNA would like to engage our colleagues across the E.U. through an affiliate membership. Just as technology councils in North America benefit from membership in TECNA, European councils can also take advantage of these same benefits:  Access to TECNA network. TECNA includes more than 16,000 technology companies who are members of the different technology associations across North America.  Access to TECNA-exclusive events. As an affiliate member, you're always welcome, so next time you travel to North America, remember to check what's happening at the technology council closest to you.  Access to new investment and business possibilities for your company and region. TECNA affiliate membership is available for a flat annual rate of $600 USD.
  8. 8. ANNUAL MEMBER BENEFIT Public Policy Programs & Resources TechVoice is a partnership of the Computing Technology In- dustry Association (CompTIA), the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA), and participating regional technology associations. This serves as the pri- mary vehicle for TECNA’s policy and advocacy efforts. We are dedi- cated to empowering and mobilizing the grassroots tech community to impact legislative and regulatory issues important to growth, in- novation and job creation. Learn more about our priority issues at techvoice.org. All TECNA members have access to the monthly TechVoice policy conference calls and Policy Bytes newsletter. TECNA members wanting to elevate their advocacy efforts may be- come an Alliance Partner which includes access to a robust, grass- roots advocacy tool—Capwiz and the DC Fly-In event. TechVoice DC Fly-In—February 11-12 2014 TechVoice Alliance partners, and their members, are eligible to attend this “must attend” event sponsored by CompTIA. Learn about timely policy issues affecting the technology industry and meet with key legislators. CompTIA will help you schedule meetings with your delegation and legislators. There is no registration fee. Learn more at techvoice.org. Special TECNA Member Opportunity: As part of our strategic partnership, CompTIA provides all TECNA members access to their member-only re- sources, at no cost. They offer resources such as:  Business tools—Legal, Sales & Marketing and HR resources  Vendor-neutral industry research  Assessment tools  Affinity programs  IT Channel Education  And much more
  9. 9. ANNUAL MEMBER BENEFIT Tech Council CEO Leadership Retreat March 26-28, 2014 Raleigh-Durham, NC This retreat is an excellent way for TECNA member CEOs to get to know each other, share lessons learned, and attain new leadership skills and business development ideas. Most of the sessions will be based on a up to date list of top topics of interest compiled from recent member surveys intended to better prepare CEO’s for their roles and growing their respective organizations. “An invaluable chance to bond with your peers and share vital inside information about the business we are in!” - Previous CEO Retreat Attendee The Conference Audience Profile: TECNA member CEOs representing tech councils/ organizations Expected Attendance: 35+ CEOs For more information: Bob Moore, CAE Executive Director, TECNA bmoore@tecna.org Watch for event updates and registration information by visiting us on the web: www.technologycouncils.org
  10. 10. ANNUAL MEMBER BENEFIT Summer Conference July 16-18, 2014 Montréal , Quebec, Canada Designed for TECNA member leadership and staff, this 1 ½ day-event focuses on the future by examining emerging technology and association trends and providing best practices that will help regional, state and provincial based technology councils/associations support their member companies and support the growth of their regional marketplace. Attendees find this event is a true peer to peer exchange, with valuable information and thought-provoking discussion on best practices and collaborative dialogue. “TECNA Summer Conference is a no-brainer if you are engaged in an IT association. The value of networking you make there and the value of exchange on best practices has no price.” - 2013 Attendee “This was my first TECNA event and the information sharing was at the highest level. The Technology Councils as a whole are devoted to working together and making a difference, and there is no other event that offers the deep dive on topics related to our audiences like this." - 2013 Attendee The Conference Audience Profile: Enabling organizations, private industry, innovators, investors, scientists, researchers and governments. Expected Attendance: 120 Attendees Representing 35+ organizations and upwards of 16,000 member firms For more information: Bob Moore, CAE Executive Director, TECNA bmoore@tecna.org Watch for event updates by visiting us on the web: www.technologycouncils.org
  11. 11. 2013-15 Leadership Chairman Steve Zylstra President & CEO Arizona Technology Council Treasurer & Vice Chairman Tom Hopcroft President & CEO Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Chairman Emeritus Tino Mantella President & CEO Technology Association of Georgia Executive Director Bob Moore, CAE Directors U.S. Memberships – Joan Siefert Rose and Skip Newberry Canadian and International Memberships – Doug Robertson STEM Community of Interest – Heather Kenyon National Strategic Partnerships – Richard Nelson & Tino Mantella Public Policy & Fly In – Maxine Ballen 2014 Conference – Nicole Martel TECNA Awards Gala – Ryan Weber Workforce Community of Interest —Jay Larsen PR/Marketing/Branding/Social Media—Julie Huls State of the Industry Report—Skip Newberry TECNA's Board is comprised of both officers (Executive Committee) and directors as noted below. Each board member’s area of responsibility is also listed. TECNA Board of Directors
  12. 12. Member List Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM) Doortje van Unen, Executive Director Arizona Technology Council (ATC) Steve Zylstra, President & CEO Austin Technology Council (ATC) Julie Huls, President & CEO Automation Alley, Inc. Ken Rogers, Executive Director British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) Bill Tam, President & CEO California Technology Association Matthew Gardner, CEO Chattanooga Technology Council Ronna-Renee Jackson, Executive Director Chesapeake Regional Tech Council (CRTC) Kris Valerio Shock, Executive Director Colorado Technology Association Erik Mitisek, CEO Communitech Technology Association Iain Klugman, CEO CompTIA Todd Thibodeaux, CEO Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) Bruce Carlson, President & CEO Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) Joan Siefert Rose, President Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology (PACT) Dean Miller, President & CEO Howard Tech Council Patrick Wynn, Program Director Idaho Tech Council (ITC) Jay Larsen, President & Founder Illinois Technology Association (ITA) Fred Hoch, President & CEO Information and Communication Technologies Assn. of Manitoba Kathy Knight, CEO Invest Ottawa Bruce Lazenby, President & CEO KCNext - Technology Council of Greater Kansas Ryan Weber, President Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) Tom Hopcroft, President & CEO Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) Bill Sproull, President & CEO Minnesota High Tech Association Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, President & CEO Nashville Technology Council Bryan Huddleston, President & CEO New Hampshire High Tech Council (NHHTC) Matt Cooksen, Executive Director New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) Maxine Ballen, President & CEO New Mexico Technology Council Eric Renz-Whitmore, Executive Director New York Technology Council Erik Grimmelmann, Executive Director & Vice Chairman North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) Brooks Raiford, President & CEO Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA) Brad Nellis, Director Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Bobbie Greene Kilberg, President & CEO Otaniermi Marketing Ari Huczkowski, CEO Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC) Audrey Russo, President & CEO Quebec Technology Association (AQT) Nicole Martel, CEO Roanoke Blacksburg Technology Council Derrick Maggard, Executive Director South Florida Technology Alliance Linda Gove, Executive Director Spark Centre Dennis Croft, Executive Director Tampa Bay Technology Forum (TBTF) Heather Kenyan, President & CEO Tech Birmingham, the Birmingham Area Technology Leadership Alliance Jennifer Skjellum, Chairman & President Tech Collective Kathie Shields, CEO Tech Council of Maryland (TCM) Phillip Schiff, CEO Tech South East Doug Robertson, President & CEO Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Tino Mantella, President & CEO Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) Leann Jacobson, President Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK) Dawn Yankeelov, Co-Chair Technology Association of Oregon Skip Newberry, President Utah Technology Council Richard Nelson, President & CEO Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Michael Schutzler, CEO Wisconsin Technology Council Tom Still, President Yukon Information Technology Industry Society Tracy Thomas, Executive Director
  13. 13. Bob Moore, CAE TECNA Executive Director bmoore@tecna.org 630.678.8351 www.technologycouncils.org