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Resume updated 26th Feb. 2013

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ISHOLA Babatunde Isaac (CV)

  1. 1. ISHOLA BABATUNDE ISAAC PROFILE First class graduate of Electronic and Electrical Engineering with strong background in research; pragmatic electronic circuit designer cum self-taught computer programmer with extensive background in full life-cycle of software development with proven track record of designing and implementing flexible solution. A goal getter; possesses great leadership, mentoring and project coordinating abilities having led several successful projects. An excellent team player, yet capable of independent work Innovative, Creative and Quick-witted EDUCATION Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) B. Sc. Electronic and Electrical Engineering Ibikunle Lawal College Senior School Certificate (15 distinctions out of 18) Ambassadors College Junior School Certificate (19 distinction out of 20)    2006-2012 First Class Honors Degree (4.53 on a 5.0 scale) 2002-2005 Time Keeper and Library Prefect 1999-2002 Class Representative TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES Computer Programming Languages       MATLAB ADOBE FLEX VHDL JAVA C-SHARP (C#) PHP    LabVIEW ASP.NET XML    C PYTHON SQL Hardware Capabilities ● Embedded Systems ● National Instruments ● FPGAs ● PIC Microcontrollers Technologies Object-Oriented Programming; Web Services; Microsoft .NET; Client/Server Application Development; Rich Internet Applications; Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development; Web Development; Database Design RESEARCH INTERESTS    Robotics Rehabilitation Robotics Bioinstrumentation    Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems Artificial Intelligence Remote and Virtual Laboratories WORK EXPERIENCE Research Assistant Developed and deployed remote and virtual laboratories used by students of OAU Mentored and trained several iLab interns and universities’ staffs Served as System and Network Administrator iLab OAU (collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology and OAU)    Selected projects: Strength of Materials iLab Final Year Project 2009 - 2013 2011 - 2012 A remote online laboratory for Static Bending Test – to determine the modulus of elasticity of a beam using the beam deflection experiment (slides available @  Developed the control policy algorithm used to control the robotic arm using C#  Developed the lab client interface with live streaming of the backend using Adobe Flex
  2. 2. ISHOLA BABATUNDE ISAAC    Developed the lab server-side script, database using Microsoft .NET and C# Developed a LabVIEW based solution for controlling the actuators and sensors Developed the simulated version of the lab using Java (Applet) to compare virtual and remote labs Operational Amplifier iLab 2010 - 2011 A remote online laboratory for performing experiments on Operational Amplifiers (Op-Amp) – to investigate the properties of various configuration of an Op-Amp (slide available @  Pioneered the use of Adobe Flex for iLab client  Developed of a realistic looking interface with virtual breadboard, Oscilloscope and Function Generator  Developed a Depth First Search based search algorithm to verify circuit connection on the virtual circuit board  Designed and implemented a reconfigurable Op-Amp circuit for 4 Op-Amp configurations  Developed a web-service controlled switch matrix to remotely reconfigure the Op-Amp circuit  Developed a LabVIEW based solution for signal acquisition  Developed the lab server-side script, database using Microsoft .NET and C# Forward and Inverse Kinematics Experiment with a Simulated Robotic Arm 2011 (Available online @ or see  Developed the internet application with Adobe Flex Remote Laboratory Developer’s Group (RLab-D) Lead Developer 2012 - 2013 (Develops remote and virtual labs for experiment in sciences for the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK)  Developed 5 virtual laboratories (listed below) for experiments in chemistry Selected Projects:  Recrystallization and Melting Point Experiment  Acid-Base Titration Experiment  Conductivity Measurement Experiment  pH Measurement Experiment  Chloride Measurement Experiment Bioinstrumentation and Neuroengineering Lab 2012 - Present Newly formed research lab in the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, OAU Selected projects: Gait System Modeling using Accelerometers (ADXL345) for Stroke Rehabilitation   Developed LabVIEW program to multiplex reading data from many accelerometers Used the extracted data to create a gait model using subspace ID in MATLAB Accelerometry based control of a Humanoid Robot  Using data output from the accelerometer to control the movement of the humanoid robot Neural Control of Robots and devices    Brain Machine Interfacing (BMI) in rehabilitation and assistive robotics EEG based control of a Humanoid Robot BMI through the use of Emotiv Epoc and EEG
  3. 3. ISHOLA BABATUNDE ISAAC Oduduwa College National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) 2012 – 2013 th  Taught Mathematics to senior high students (12 grade) - 5 classes 30 students per class  Organized robotics training for students of the school using the Lego Mindstorm robotics Kit and coached them for the Mindstorm Nigeria National Robotics Olympaid, 2012 EPROM OAU Research Group Instructor and developer 2010 - 2012 Entrepreneurship Programming and Research On Mobiles: Research collaboration between MIT and OAU sponsored by Nokia Independent Work  Humanoid – design, fabrication and stability control of a humanoid robot  Autonomous Rover– image processing and Artificial Neural Networks based control  Hexapod – PC based control of locally fabricated hexapod using Dynamixel actuators  Automated Classroom Video Recorder with Streaming over Radio Frequency o  Designed the PIC-based circuit to automate the movement of the camera based on sound signal Insidify ( - a social jobs aggregation platform *1 of the 2 Nigerian startups that pitched at the Web Summit in Dublin, October 2013 o 1 of the 5 developers that built the alpha version; currently on the beta phase More projects available at and AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS st * 1 Place, Education Category, Samsung Mobile Apps Developer Contest, Nigeria (2010) * Most Innovative Student’s Award, Microsoft Imagine Cup Nigeria, 2011 * 3 Overall, Samsung Mobile Apps Developer Contest, Nigeria (2010) * 3 position Microsoft’s Student Imagine Cup Nigeria, 2011 * Merit Award, Olympiad Unit, National Mathematical Centre, Nigeria (2005) * Merit Award, National Mathematical Centre, Nigeria (2000) * 6th Position, National JETS competition – Physics (2005) * Participant - IEEE XTREME 5.0 Programming Competition * Participant - Google Code Jam Africa rd rd CONFERENCES AND PRESENTATIONS 5th African Regional Conference on Engineering Education (ARCEE) 5th Annual iLabs and National Instruments Conference, Uganda 3rd Annual iLabs and National Instruments Conference, Nigeria Key presenter, University of Ibadan iLabs Project Inauguration Robotics Exhibition and Presentation; Electronic and Electrical Engineering Student Society (EEESS) Week, OAU 9 – 12 September, 2013 4 – 5 July, 2011 9 – 10 July, 2009 February, 2012 October, 2011
  4. 4. ISHOLA BABATUNDE ISAAC PUBLICATIONS    Ishola, B. I., K. P. Ayodele, L. O. Kehinde, O. B. Akinwale, and O. O. Aboluwarin, "An Improved Operational Amplifier iLab with a Realistic Looking Interface", ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, San Antonio, ASEE, pp. Paper AC 2012-4608, 2012. [] Aboluwarin O. O., K. P. Ayodele, L. O. Kehinde, and B.I. Ishola, “Remote Realistic Interface Experimentation using the Emona Datex Board”, ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, San Antonio, ASEE, pp. Paper AC 2012-4622, 2012. [] AYODELE Adekemi, INYANG Isaac, ISHOLA Babatunde, AYODELE Kayode, “Achieving Highly Effective Personalized Learning through Learning Objects”, African Regional Conference On Engineering Education, ARCEE 3013. []  Ishola, B.I. “On the Development of the Strength of Materials Laboratory: A Non-EE/CS iLab for Static Bending Test”, Diss. Obafemi Awolowo University 2012. [] EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES / HOBBIES      Specialized volunteer for the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative’s Young Girls in Engineering program - Promoting robotics education among high school students by teaching them how to build and program robots using the Lego Mindstorms robotic platform Member of the Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED) and the Global Student Forum Organizing computer programming training for colleagues Loves listening to classical and country music; watching science fiction and animated movie Writing computer programs REFEREES Dr. Kayode Ayodele Bioinstrumentation and Neuroengineering Lab Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria +2347030705929, Professor Judson V. Harward Director if Research Computing in the Arts and Humanities, Harvard University 617-384-7763, Professor Kunle Kehinde Professor Oladipo Osasona Remote Lab Developer’s Group Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria +2348135155743, Head of Department and iLab OAU Principal Investigator Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria +2348034105774,