Operational Amplifier iLab


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A presentation on the development of the Operational Amplifier iLab at the 5th Annual iLab and National Instrument Conference held on 4-5 July 2011 at Makerere University, Uganda

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Operational Amplifier iLab

  1. 1. Fifth Annual iLab and NationalInstrument ConferenceTheme:“Online Laboratories: An Icon Educational Technology for a Richer Pedagogical Experience” July, 2011 Ishola Babatunde I. Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
  2. 2. Operational Amplifier iLab• To inspect the properties of various configuration of an operational amplifier• Used in EEE310 (Operational Amplifiers and Active Networks)• Batched Architecture
  3. 3. Previous version(s)• The greater the expectation, the better performance (Pygmalion effect)-make believe• Inability to relate iLab experience to real world application
  4. 4. Lab Client• Lab Client developed with Adobe Flex Framework (Flex 3)• Realistic Interface, Richer Pedagogical Experience, flexible and intuitive
  5. 5. Verify Button Lab Client (cont.) Help Button • Quick reference• Teaches use of datasheet, colour coding, breadboard, oscilloscope etc.• Depth First Search to verify connections on the circuit Displays current status of the lab
  6. 6. Connecting Rf (node 11) to Vout (node 16)DFS employed to search the connection tree determines if node 11 is ultimately connected to node 16 Rf (node 11) Vout (node 16)
  7. 7. Lab Client (Oscilloscope Interface) few buttons enabled for now Zoomed out Zoomed In
  8. 8. Lab Server Switch Matrix SUT on NI ELVIS I
  9. 9. Reconfigurable OpAmp circuit Experiment S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 Inverting open close open close open close open close open open Non-Inverting open close open close open close close Open Open open Unity Gain close open Open Open close Open Open Open Open Open Differentiator Open Open close close open Close Open close Close close
  10. 10. Web service (Microsoft.NET) allows the switches in the array to be remotely configured implements 4 circuits on a single board NI SCXI 1169 100- channel SPST switch arrayNI TBX DB-50Reconfigurable LFH200OpAmp Circuit Cable NI SCI 1000 Chassis
  11. 11. Custom-built LabVIEW program• function generator and Oscilloscope• interacts with the NI ELVIS on which the SUT is mounted• for data acquisition and signal processing
  12. 12. LabVIEW Interface• launched by the LabVIEW dll during experiment execution• waveform digitized to extract the array of points representing the signal• C# inserts the arrays (channel A/Gen signals) into the lab server database to be reconstructed by the client
  13. 13. Finishing touches • Function Generator interface • More controls to be enabled • 3D/isometric view of client interface • More experiments coming: – Integrator – Summer – Instrumentation Amplifier
  14. 14. Bandwidth Issues File Size 1.6MbiLabs Multi-tiered topology makes them suitable forbandwidth constrained environmentUniversities could host the client on their local Service BrokerProgram developed in modules reduces load-time considerably
  15. 15. THANK YOU