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from Tech@State:Serious Games 27-28May2011

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  • 1. In some cases mediated experiences may transform our understanding of ourselves, others and the world. We may watch a movie that opens up a new perspective on a topic, read a book that twists our prior beliefs or listen to a song that opens previously unexperienced emotions – we all go through these kinds of meaningful learning experiences. 2. Certain media-based experiences may strike our minds in particular phases of our lives, in relation to space and time and in the context of specific subjective experiences. Statements as "This book has changed my life", "That movie has opened my eyes" or "This song helped me get through this hard time" document how experiences made through media can foster the transformation of ourselves.
  • Das Scheitern im Spiel ist eine freudige Herausforderung. Erproben, Scheitern, Reflektieren, Neuerproben sind im Spiel natürliche Lernprozesse. Gerade das produktive scheitern - das Lernen aus Fehlern wird im Spiel zum Vergnügen. Die Lernenden sind bereit Ihr Wissen und Könne gerne auf Spiel zu setzen. Im Alltag ist gerade dieser bedeutsame Aspekt des Scheiterns negative bestimmt. Zu groß sind die Sanktionen, zu tief sitzen die Verletztungen. Und hierbei sei angemerkt dass das Moto es nicht Spiel statt Alltag oder Schule lauten soll, sondern Spiel trotz oder gerade wegem dem Druck des Alltags.
  • 1. So, what do we know about learning in games ....
  • 1. So, what do we know about learning in games ....
  • 1. So, what do we know about learning in games ....
  • 1. So, what do we know about learning in games ....
  • 1. So, what do we know about learning in games ....
  • Konstantin Mitgutsch tech@state

    1. 1. Dr. Konstantin Mitgutsch / Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab Challenges in Serious Game Design The Transfer is NOT the Transformation Twitter: @MitgutschK
    2. 2. Serious Learning & Media? Twitter: @MitgutschK
    3. 3. <ul><li>Serious Learning Game: Afterland (Gambit, 2010) </li></ul><ul><li>platformer designed to foster rethinking </li></ul><ul><li>by challenging players‘ expectations and pre-judgments </li></ul><ul><li>through uncommen and subversive design patterns </li></ul><ul><li>to get players out of unquestioned routines and habits </li></ul><ul><li>explore and research learning through failure and irritation </li></ul>Twitter: @MitgutschK
    4. 4. Serious Games@State - Mitgutsch - Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab - 05/27/2011 Twitter: @MitgutschK
    5. 5. Serious game design must consider the gap between the designed experience and its interpretation by the players. Takeaway #1 Twitter: @MitgutschK
    6. 6. The players‘ prior experiences , the context , their connection to the topic or problem, and scope of action all impact the serious play experience. Takeaway #2 Twitter: @MitgutschK
    7. 7. The transfer is NOT the transformation! Takeaway #3 Twitter: @MitgutschK
    8. 8. Serious games are learning tools – but not teaching instruments. Takeaway #4 Twitter: @MitgutschK
    9. 9. Don’t teach answers, but design provoking questions Takeaway #5 Twitter: @MitgutschK