Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in Store


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Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in Store

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Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in Store

  1. 1. Windows  8  Tablets  –  A  Look  at   What’s  in  Store ©  TechAhead
  2. 2. Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in StoreMicrosoft’s foray into the tablet market is not new. Ever since the launchof the Windows XP tablet over a decade ago, there have been severalnewer versions of the Tablet PC, including those that ran on WindowsVista and more recently, Windows 7. While these tablets have workedmore like a light portable PC, the resounding success of devices such asthe iPad and android based tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab thatrun on ARM based hardware has pushed Microsoft towards keeping upwith this trend. The new Windows 8 Tablets, which are scheduled to belaunched in the last quarter of 2012, will be based on ARM. Interestingly,it will coincide with the launch of Windows 8 that will run on both ARM aswell as x-86 based machines from Intel and AMD. ©  TechAhead
  3. 3. Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in StoreSceptics predict that the Windows 8 Tablets may not survive in amarketplace that is already overrun by iOS and android based devices.However, a point that cannot be ignored is that Microsoft has the largestreach in the PC segment with the majority of desktops and laptopsrunning on Windows software. Hence, with a good price and featuresstrategy, it could well give the competition a run for their money. Here is alook at what can be expected from Windows 8 Tablets. ©  TechAhead
  4. 4. Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in StoreArchitectureMoving away from the conventional AMD and Intel chips, the Windows tablet willrun on ARM architecture. While this will mean a lighter, more portable devicewith the tap and swipe feature that is so popular in the iPad, one of itsdisadvantages is that traditional Windows software will not work on it. Windows 8tablets will require special apps to be written for it.Operating SystemThe Windows 8 tablets will feature the new Metro interface that currently runs onthe Windows 7 phones. While users give it a high rating, at present, it facesseveral challenges on account of price and app selection. However, once this issorted out, it could pose serious competition to iOS and android. ©  TechAhead
  5. 5. Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in StoreChoice of DevicesUnlike the iPad, which allows users to choose only between different versions ofthe same device, with Microsoft’s multi-vendor policy, there will be a range ofWindows 8 devices from hardware partners such as Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo,ASUS, Dell and HP, among others. This would mean a wide range of designs andhopefully, competitive prices, making it more accessible for the average consumer.WindowsUnlike the iPad, which can only open and run a single app at a time, by allowingthe use of multiple screens, Windows 8 tablets would allow users to view morethan one screen simultaneously. This would be a convenient feature while using itfor work, such as reading on one screen and writing on the other.While the above features are guaranteed with the launch of the new Windows 8tablets, there are several unknown factors that could play a part in the success orfailure of these devices. ©  TechAhead
  6. 6. Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in StoreDual Mode functionalityOne of the features where Windows 8 devices could beat the iPad hands downis if they offer the fun filled tap and swipe features of a personal device alongwith a professional interface for business use. By offering a range of dual modedevices, Windows could gain significant market share from the iPad, which hasits limitations as a business device.Sky DriveMicrosoft has plans to integrate the availability of all content through Sky Drive,making everything accessible from anywhere, irrespective of the kind of deviceused. This would be a major advantage for Windows 8 tablets, if it does comeinto play sooner rather than later. ©  TechAhead
  7. 7. Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in StoreSyncing between devicesIf Windows 8 devices come with the facility of syncing content using Bluetooth orWi-Fi between other devices that run on Windows, such as a home PC or aWindows Mobile, users would benefit significantly as it would not requireinvesting in additional hardware.Availability of appsAt present, iPad and android devices have the largest number of apps madespecifically for them. Whether Windows 8 will see the same pattern is largelydependent on the success of the device, and the number of units sold. However,businesses can’t afford to ignore the prospect of reaching out to the existingMicrosoft customer base that might invest in these devices if they come withconvenient features such as cloud storage and inter device syncing. ©  TechAhead
  8. 8. Windows 8 Tablets – A Look at What’s in StoreClearly, there is a lot of excitement in the market about the upcoming launch ofWindows 8 tablets. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will offer featuresthat set it apart from Apple rather than trying to copy the offerings on the iPad.Of course, a lot will be dependent on Microsoft’s hardware partners, especiallyin terms of the design and the prices of these devices. However, consideringMicrosoft’s success in the PC market, if it gets its act together, it could upset allforecasts and gain leadership of the Tablet market over the next decade. ©  TechAhead
  9. 9. Summary: Windows 8 Tablets – What to ExpectArchitecture ARM  basedOpera<ng  System Metro  (same  as  Windows  7  phones)Device  design  and   Mul<-­‐vendor  devices  from  manufacturers,  including  Nokia,  features Samsung,  Lenovo,  ASUS,  Dell  and  HP,  among  othersFunc<onality Windows  feature  that  lets  two  screens  to  be  viewed   simultaneouslyWhile the industry and the world wait for the arrival of the Windows 8 devices, forbusinesses, now is the time to consider having apps compatible for the newplatform. At TechAhead, we have designed Metro style apps for clients onWindows 7 and are geared to meet the challenges of designing apps for Windows8. If you have a windows mobile app development requirement, write to usat for a FREE 30-minute no obligation consultation withour mobile experts ($200 Value). ©  TechAhead
  10. 10. Thank  youReach  Us: ©  TechAhead