Top 10 Useful Yet Unknown Android Apps


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Android world is so gigantic, that sometimes we don’t get to know about some of the very useful apps. These are very useful but are still unknown to many. We call these Unsung Apps.

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Top 10 Useful Yet Unknown Android Apps

  1. 1. Top 10 UsefulYet Mostly UnknownAndroid Apps
  2. 2. Android world is so gigantic, that sometimes we don’t getto know about some of the very useful apps. These arevery useful but are still unknown to many. We call theseUnsung Apps.We will be covering 10 such apps in this presentation, getthese useful apps for your phone. Chances are you won’tfind most of them in any other list online. These are thebest apps which are of great using but not very famous.They have great importance but they haven’t gainedpopularity. All are equally important and hold great valueand use. This list is complete by no means,
  3. 3. 1.  FlashlightThe  LED  present  on  the  back  of  the  phone  works  as  the  flashlight   unlike   the   inferior   op9ons   which   people   do  when  they  need  light  like  light  the  screen  or  increase  the  brightness.   The   amazing   part   is   that   is   supports   1   x   1  instant   on  widget.  So  if  you   are   lost   you  can  easily   find  your   way   or   if   you   have   lost   something   you   can   easily  search  for  it,  even  in  the  darkness.Flashlight  app  for  your  device!  Incredibly  simple  and  yet  very   useful   flashlight   applica9on.  Will  use   your  devices  camera  LED  /  flash  /  screen  as  a  torch.
  4. 4. 2.  RedLaserEarlier  this   app  was  good  but  with  its  recent  update  it  has  become  awesome.  It   is   simply  the   best  bar   code   scanning  app  available  in  the  Google  Play  Store.  You  can  scan  any  bar  code  with  your  camera  and  find  online  matches,  local  match,  reviews  and  details   of  the  product.  You  can  work  with  the  QR  codes  as  well.Rated  as   a   top   shopping   app   by   US   Today,   The   New   York  Times,   CNN   Money,   PC   Magazine   and   Smart   Money  magazine,  RedLaser  helps  millions  of  shoppers  shop  smarter  every  day  -­‐  and  it  can  help  you  too!
  5. 5. 3.  aDownloaderSome9mes  you  need  a  Bit  Torrent  client  for  legal  reasons.  It  is  undoubtedly   the   best   torrent   client   as   far   as   Android   torrent  client   apps   are  concerned.   It   has   a  very   simple   and  func9onal  interface.aDownloader  is  a  na9ve  bit  torrent  (biXorrent)  downloader  for  Android  phones.  aDownloader  is   also  a  HTTP   downloader  with  break-­‐and-­‐resume   feature:   In   the   Android   browser,   long   press  the  link   you   want   to  download,   select   "Share   link",   and   select  aDownloader  to  download.
  6. 6. 4.  Lightning  BugIt  is   the   best   sound  machine   applica9on  available   in  the  Play  Store.  Helps  you  in  sleeping  easily  and  peacefully.  You  can  set  a  customized  scene  such  as  beach  scene  or  a  rainy  monastery  or  design  your   own.   You  can  layer   up  to  eight   sounds.   You  can  adjust   the   frequency   of   the   sound  for   non  con9nuous   noise.  There  are  paid  as  well  free  sound  packages.  If  has  visualiza9ons  if  you  need  a  night  light.Mix   some   me   9me!   Find   sleep   and   relaxa9on   easier   with  Lightning  Bug,  an  ambience  and  white  noise  mixer  for  Android  powered  devices.  Lightning  Bug  features  a  library  of  almost  200  sound   loops   and   samples   ranging   from   the   natural   peace   of  rain  storms  and  ocean  waves,  to  pure  white  noise,  city  trains,  medita9on   bells,   acous9c   and   electronic   instruments,   and  down-­‐tempo  break  beats.
  7. 7. 5.  CatchCatch  is  an  app  with  rich  elements.  It  is  a  note  and  message  taking   applica9on.   It   lets   you   capture   ideas   and   discoveries  across  all  your  devices  and  when  you’re  ready,  turn  your  ideas  into   ac9on  with   friends   and  colleagues   using   simple,   mobile  collabora9on.Catch   is   a   free   note-­‐taking   app   designed   to   make   sure   you  never   miss   an  idea.  It  lets   you  capture  ideas   and  discoveries  across  all  your  devices  and  when  youre  ready,  turn  your  ideas  into   ac9on  with   friends   and  colleagues   using   simple,   mobile  collabora9on.
  8. 8. 6.  Mul?conIt  is  widget  which  puts  four  shortcut  icons  in  a  single  space  of  1  x  1.  It  simply  means   that  you  can  put   a  full  screen’s   app  shortcut  in  just  one  row.  It  fully  de-­‐cluXers  your  home  screen  and  allows  you  to  see  your  wall  paper  for  just  once.  It  is  great  space  saving  app.Save  space  on  your  homescreen  with  this  free  widget.  Use  it  to  clean  up  or  add  more  applica9ons.  It  will  let  you  put  more  then  one   shortcut   in  the   same   space  as   one  icon  normally  takes  up.You   can   add   applica9ons,   shortcuts   and   some   special  func9ons.
  9. 9. 7.  JorteIt  is  the  best  calendar  app  present  in  the  Google  Play  Store.  This   widget   is   en9rely   customizable.   The   visuals   are   sharp  and   it   works   in   integra9on  with  the   Google   Calendar.   It   is  complete   reminder   and   does   not   allow   you   to   forget  everything  and  reminds  you  of  every  event.With   over   17   million   downloads,   Jorte   is   one   of   the   most  popular  calendar/organizer  applica9ons.Jorte  is  also  designed  with  simplicity  in  mind,  its  got  many  func9ons,  but  its  s9ll  easy-­‐to-­‐use!For   personal   use   or   for   business,   Jorte   will   assist   you   to  manage  your  daily  schedule  thoroughly.
  10. 10. 8.  FoxFiIt  is   hotspot   app  which  woks   well.   With  one  click  you  pass  your  3G  or  4G  connec9on  via  a  fast  WI  Fi  hotspot.  The  best  part  is  non-­‐requirement  of  root  access.Turns   your   Android   phone   into   a   free   WiFi   Hotspot   -­‐   no  roo9ng  or  tether  plan  required.You   can   connect   from   any   computers   or   tablets   or   even  game   console.   Access   Point   is   infrastructure   mode   with  WPA2  security.  FoxFi  usage  is  covered  under  the  same  phone  data  plan  you  have  and  no  tether  plan  needed.
  11. 11. 9.  HD  RadareWeather   HD   is   the   most   informa9ve   Android   applica9on  about   your   environment:   Current   weather   and   weather  forecasts   from   different   weather   providers,  NOAA   weather  alerts,   latest   earthquakes,   live   radar,   geomagne9c   storm  forecast,  pressure  change  indicator,  wind  and  moon  and  sun  calendar,  METAR.RadarNow   is   a  climate   radar   app.  Twenty   original  widgets.  Ten   no9fica9on   indicators.   Two   weather   providers.   This   is  the   first   App   in   the   world   with   a   Hi-­‐Def   Radar   Widget,  Weather  Map  Widget  and  an  Earthquakes  Map  Widget.
  12. 12. 10.  Silent  Toggle  WidgetsIt   is   an   important   app.   You   can   easily   toggle   between,  vibrate,  silent  and  ring  profiles.  It  has  color  coded  icons  for  every   profile   so   you   can   easily   come   to   know   in   a   glance  what  mode  your  phone  is  set  on.Allows  to  switch  sound  /  vibrate  /  silent  modes  from  Home  screen.GREEN  -­‐  vibrate  and  sound  enabledYELLOW  -­‐  vibrate  onlyRED  -­‐  no  sound  and  vibrate
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