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New iPad vs Windows 8 Tablet: Real Competition in Tablet Space


New iPad vs Windows 8 Tablet: Real Competition in Tablet Space

New iPad vs Windows 8 Tablet: Real Competition in Tablet Space

Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • 1. 1 New  iPad  vs  Windows  8  Tablet:  Real  Compe88on  in  Tablet  Space ©  TechAhead
  • 2. New iPad vs Windows 8 TabletNew  iPad,  third  genera4on  of  iPad  was  launched  by  Apple   on  7   March  2012.  No  maCer  what  fanboys  or  haters  will  say,   one  thing  is  for  sure,   Apple  is  going  to  sell  millions  of  these   new   iPads,   pre-­‐orders   have   been   sold   out   already.   Customer   response   to  new  iPad  has  been,  what  is  being  called  as  “off-­‐charts”.Apple  shipped  out  15.4  million  iPads  in  the  last  quarter  of  2012.  shipped  over  4.7   million   Kindle  Fire  devices,   which   puts  it  at  second   behind   Apple  in   terms   of  most   tablet  PCs  shipped.  But  Kindle  Fire   is   not  compe4ng  with  iPad,   even  revised  price  of  iPad  2  at  $399  is   way  higher  than  Kindle  Fire.  Amazon   is  only  able   to  sell  these  many  tablets  because  they  are   selling  it   rock-­‐boCom  cheap,  even  lower  than  cost  they  incur.  Amazon   seem   to   care   more   about   selling   that   content   than   they   do  about   turning   a  profit  on  tablets  themselves. ©  TechAhead
  • 3. New iPad vs Windows 8 TabletAndroid  Tablets  have  not   been   able  to  catch  up  to  iPads  popularity  in  past,  and  probably  they  won’t  be   able   to  do   so  in  near  future  atleast.   That  makes  us   wonder  if  there   is   any  tablet   with   a   real   poten4al   to  compete   with   iPad.   Well   seems   like   there   can   be   one,  Windows  8   tablet,  when  it   launches  later  this  year.  Here   are   few  points  which  makes   it  beCer  compe4tor  than  any  of  the  earlier  launched  tablets. ©  TechAhead
  • 4. We are Talking WindowsWindows  8  will  be  everywhere.  Windows  s4ll  holds  a  major   market  share  in  PC  segment,  which  means  that   it  will  be  shipped  on  million  of  devices   by   many  manufacturers.  Apple  has   been   trying   to   reduce   the   gap   between   Desktop   and   Tablet   compu4ng   with   Mac  Lion,  Windows  8  will  have  that  advantage  from   day  1  of  its  launch.   Even  if   Windows   8  fails  on  expecta4ons,  like  Vista,  it  will  have  a  fair  chance  at  success. ©  TechAhead
  • 5. ARM Based Processor and moreSince  Windows  8  Tablets  will  be   based  on  ARM  processor,  it   can  compete   with  iPad   on  some   highly   promoted   features   like   thinness,   long   baCery   life   and   general   elegance.  Windows   8  will   also  run   on   great   variety   of  desktop   and   portable   PCs   as   well   as   ones  that  split  the  difference  between  PC  and  tablet.  Because  of  this  versa4lity  of  Windows  8,  it  is  seen  as  a  tough  compe4tor  to  iPads. ©  TechAhead
  • 6. Solid Selection of ApplicationMicrosob  knows  as   much  as  any  company  on  the  planet  about  catering  to   the  interests  of   third-­‐party   developers.   Most   of   the   developers   who   currently   write   old   style  Windows   apps  are  presumably   at  least   considering   wri4ng   new-­‐style  Metro  ones.  This  means   that   Windows   8   will   boast   of   great   number   of   available   applica4ons,   and   we  know   that   availability   of  high   quality   apps   can   very   well   be  a  big   selling   point   for   any  device. ©  TechAhead
  • 7. Will   Windows   8   be   able   to   take   the   throne   off  iPad   ?   It   is   a  mystery   that  only   4me  will  solve.   In   case  you  have  any   tablet   or  mobile  apps  development  requirement,  write  to  us  at   for   FREE   30   minutes   no   obliga4on   consulta4on   with   our  mobile  experts($200  Value). Credits: ©  TechAhead
  • 8. Thank  youReach  Us: ©  TechAhead