Blackberry 10 - True Mobile Computing


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Will Blackberry 10 be able to give another life to slowly dying Blackberry? We list important features which are part of new OS, and can attract new customers.

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Blackberry 10 - True Mobile Computing

  1. 1. Introducing BlackBerry 10 Transform Mobile Communication to True Mobile Computing
  2. 2. BlackBerry 10 has given a Re-birth toRIM (now BlackBerry), one of the mosttrusted telecommunication and wireless equipment company in the world.
  3. 3. Introduction BlackBerry 10 OS has finally arrived and promises to bring a new wave of revolution in the mobile world. As quoted by Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research In Motion Limited (RIM), it will transform Mobile Communication into true Mobile Computing. It brings the true multi-tasking experience to your BlackBerry Handsets. With it, you can seamlessly flow from app to app, feature to feature without ever using the home button.
  4. 4. Features Flow Hub Peek Balance Remember BBM Story Maker
  5. 5. BlackBerry Flow Blackberry flow feature will keep you moving. It allows you to run all your applications running in real time.You don’t need to use home button and you can open up applications and minimize them just by swiping. This exciting feature gives you true multitasking experience like never before.
  6. 6. BlackBerry Hub With Blackberry Hub, you get everything at one place.You can manage all your activities over here and access all apps in real-time. It also acts as a notification center where you get all your social and email account updates.
  7. 7. BlackBerry PeekBlackberry Peek featureallows you to peek on anyapplication and immediatelyget back to what you weredoing earlier with a swipe.Fast- fluid- reversiblegesture.
  8. 8. BlackBerry Balance Blackberry Balance allows you to manage your personal and official data separately.You can switch to work mode at office and personal mode at home, where you can access apps and data related to specific mode. Also you can switch between modes with a swipe.
  9. 9. Blackberry Remember Blackberry remember is also a hub point that allows you to store all your important schedules, notes and voice reminders. You can save all of these in different folders. It also offers seamless integration with Evernote.
  10. 10. BBM and Story Maker• Blackberry messenger(BBM) is used by all the users of blackberry. In BB10, RIM developers have introduced a new feature of sharing the screenshot of their screen with their contacts. It is a nice way of sharing the wallpapers of your screen or any particular activity you are doing.• BlackBerry story maker allows you to combine photos & music and personalize things to make a story that you can share with your friends. It supports Html 5, so connectivity is very fast.
  11. 11. BBM and Story Maker
  12. 12. Few words BlackBerry’s latest OS have all the ingredients to start a new revolution in the mobile world. It offers users the true multitasking experience allowing seamless flow between app to app and feature to feature in real time. It’s a complete package of performance and design. With this OS on your device you can be assure of true mobile computing experience at your handset. Do share your reviews/comments about it with us.
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