Best Techniques for App Marketing


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So you are creating a mobile app or have created one already, but don't know how to market it for best results. This guide will help you with many To Do points, to help you better promote your app to the World.

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Best Techniques for App Marketing

  1. 1. Best Techniques for App Marketing
  2. 2. IntroductionMobile Application Market is glutted with myriadsof Apps. Developers across the globe are creatingnew apps at a furious rate. However, only ahandful number of apps are able to hit theheadlines.Of course, these apps areexceptional in content and design,but what make these apps producesome hefty bank balance for theirdevelopers are some exceptionalmarketing strategies devisedthrough comprehensive marketstudy.
  3. 3. TechniquesBefore Launch:The marketing strategies shouldbe planned even before itsdevelopment, as the solepurpose behind creation of anapp is to sell it and not justmake it.Developers often forget this factand that’s why their app onlyadds to the tally of App Store/Play Store and does nothingelse.
  4. 4. Before Launch Techniques• You must add all those features to your app that will lure your potential customers.• Choose an appealing name for your app.• Create a brilliant icon that attracts customers.• Make sure your app have all the features that its competitor apps have.• Equip your app with social elements like Facebook and Twitter.
  5. 5. Before Launch Techniques• High quality screenshots are must for your app success.• Optimize your app description with popular keywords.• Create a great web landing page for your app.• Create blogs for your app usefulness and add videos on YouTube and other popular websites describing its working.• Add that topping to your app that makes it unique.
  6. 6. Before Launch Techniques• Carefully select the category for your app, otherwise your potential customers may keep looking for your app in other segments.• Extensive market survey must be done in order to release the app at the right time.
  7. 7. TechniquesAfter Launch:Once you have sincerely taken careof all the essential before launchtechniques, you can be sure ofsome great luck coming your way.You can’t get easy now, asthe initial few days afterthe launch of your app willdecide its future!
  8. 8. After Launch Techniques• Visit every website, blog, forum where you see your customers coming and post about your app.• Hire PR agencies if your budget allows.• Do burst campaigning and make huge sounds bragging about your app.• Get your app reviewed on popular app websites.
  9. 9. After Launch Techniques• Send emails to your potential customers describing its features.• Give exciting offers on its download.• Keep posting about it on social media website and encourage users to review your app.• Upgrade its features time to time that will help it stay longer in the race.
  10. 10. After Launch Techniques • Get associated with a company or brand that can open more gates to make your app popular. • Last but not the least: keep buzzing about it.
  11. 11. Above all only an exceptional app can make exceptional revenues, so don’t try to fool the customers and give your best effort!
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