Best 5 Health and Fitness iPhone Apps


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Best 5 Health and Fitness iPhone Apps

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Best 5 Health and Fitness iPhone Apps

  1. 1. 1Top  5  Health  and   Fitness  iPhone   Apps ©  TechAhead  2012
  2. 2. Best 5 Health and Fitness iPhone AppsiPhone is used for more than just calling. iPhone is not just another smartphone, itis the best selling phone with large variety of features. It can be your personaldigital assistant, your window to the world of social media, your gateway toconnecting with your unscheduled office meet when you are on a vacation, yourgame arcade, movies, music or entertainment medium, what ever you want it to be.Even your personal health and fitness trainer on the go!We recently started a series of posts where we be listing Top 5 iPhone apps from aparticular category. We last posted about Top 5 Poker iPhone apps, today we willbe talking about iPhone apps for Health and Fitness.If you’re trying to get in better shape and just live healthier overall, your iPhone canbe an immensely helpful tool. Below is our pick for Top 5 iPhone apps that can helpyou stay fit, healthy and in turn happier. ©  TechAhead  2012
  3. 3. 1) RunkeeperRunKeeper is a great iPhone app that will track your runs and give you plenty offeedback. It uses your iPhone’s GPS to track where you’ve gone. This is great forthose times when you find a really great route and want to repeat it, plus it givesyou a lot of neat data to play with. If you split your running between the outdoorsand the gym, RunKeeper will let you enter manual data (such as a treadmill run)so no run goes untracked. Once your activity is completed, the data is synced tothe RunKeeper website ( where you can view a history of allof your activities, and cumulative totals of all of your vital stats. You can alsoshare your progress with friends by posting your activities to Facebook andTwitter, and creating a profile page that allows people to view all of your publicactivities.Run Keeper (Free) ©  TechAhead  2012
  4. 4. 1) Runkeeper ©  TechAhead  2012
  5. 5. 2) GAIN FitnessThe GAIN Fitness iPhone app creates custom workouts for you using personaltrainers’ expertise along with exercise science principles. The app contains morethan 700 individual exercises, meaning there are millions of unique exerciseroutines that can be crafted to fit your needs. If a personal trainer isn’t in yourbudget, the GAIN Fitness iPhone app might be a great substitute for you. Amongother great features, the app can be tailored for complete gym workouts or at-home exercising, where you’re likely to have less workout equipment.GAIN Fitness (Free) ©  TechAhead  2012
  6. 6. 2) GAIN Fitness ©  TechAhead  2012
  7. 7. 3) AB Workouts+This iPhone app features over 32 Flat Stomach Exercises and more are addedwith each update. According to description, these exercises are proven for buildinga strong core, flat stomach, and hot body. Application has videos of Exercises. Itallows you to learn a new video exercise every day with step by step directions.The application is packed with all new weight loss tips, easy, do it at home,exercises that target belly fat firstAb Workouts+ ($0.99) ©  TechAhead  2012
  8. 8. 3) AB Workouts+ ©  TechAhead  2012
  9. 9. 4) FooducateIf you want to know more about a packaged food that interests you, just usedFooducate to scan the barcode and it’ll provide you with both a quick overview ofthat food’s nutritional value and health rating as well as in-depth information on theproduct in question. Fooducate can even help you compare two products if you’renot sure which one is a better choice for you. It can be an enormously helpful appwhen grocery shopping and it costs absolutely nothing.Fooducate (Free) ©  TechAhead  2012
  10. 10. 4) Fooducate ©  TechAhead  2012
  11. 11. 5) Beatburn TreadmillBeatBurn Treadmill has been featured by Apple as a Fitness Essential app. Theapplications use a really impressive beat-sync technology, that changes the beat ofyour iPhone’s music to match your pace perfectly! The Beat-sync technologycalculates the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of your music, selects the best songs fromyour iPhone playlist to fit the intensity of your workout, and then changes the beatson the fly, keeping up with the pace of your feet while on the treadmill or on theroad.BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer ($3.99) ©  TechAhead  2012
  12. 12. 5) Beatburn Treadmill ©  TechAhead  2012
  13. 13. ConclusionThere you had it, our pick for the best 5 iPhone Apps. We know that there aremany more but we chose to list only 5 apps, if you think there is an app thatshould be part of our list, let us know in comments below.If you have any iPhone application development requirement, you can contact usfor a free quote on Credits: LifeHacker | PhoneArenaIndia ©  TechAhead  2012
  14. 14. Thank  youReach  Us: ©  TechAhead  2012