SharePoint Saturday UK 2012 - End User InfoPath and SharePoint Designer


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SharePoint Saturday UK 2012 presentation of End User InfoPath & SharePoint Designer with Purchase Order Request demonstration

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  • Schema The schema structure for a list form is flat, it is not possible to build hierarchical information sets with grouped and nested items, and you cannot apply repeating, optional, or choice behavior to individual elements or groups, as you can with Form library forms. Controls List forms support only a subset of Web browser controls, essentially because lists are non- hierarchical, whereas Form library forms support all Web browser controls. The following controls are not supported in list forms: Bulleted List, Numbered List, Plain List External Item Picker, File Attachment Optional Section, Repeating Section, Repeating Table Choice Group, Choice Section XML List forms store data in the list columns, and do not generate an XML document as does a Form library form.
  • Information Management Policy via Content Type
  • SharePoint Saturday UK 2012 - End User InfoPath and SharePoint Designer

    1. 1. End User InfoPath &Chirag Patel SharePoint Designer08 December 2012
    2. 2. Quick Poll: Who are we?A. Microsoft PartnerB. Small-Medium Business (< 500employees)C. Large Business (> 500 employees)
    3. 3. Quick Poll 2: SharePointImplementationA. Getting There!B. Implementing (Work in progress)C. Completed
    4. 4. till it hurts...configure till it works...
    5. 5. SharePoint Business Workflow, Types, Compon InfoPath Components SharePoint Designer Demo - Purchase Request 2013 Goodies!Application Approach ents
    6. 6. Composites- Combines data, documents, and business processin a useful, productive way- DIY business solution!
    7. 7. replace the current sickness / absence forms (paper-based). We would need individual users to be able to markthemselves absent/ sick/(possibly holiday) on a monthlyplanner, and for various levels of management to be able tosee users / groups as appropriate.For example, the manager would need to be able to see allthe maintenance staff at a glance on a weekly / monthlyplan. There were other bits, but it mostly revolves aroundreports on these items, with varying permission levels…
    8. 8. SharePoint Business Application1. Forms, workflows & users essential to business processes2. InfoPath pulls data, creates forms with validation and conditional formatting3. SharePoint Designer creates multi-step workflows around the form4. Data driven form solutions on your SharePoint sites
    9. 9. InfoPath• Familiar tools (pre-built layout sections and form templates varied fonts and styles, spelling checker, table designer, clip art, Ribbon interface)• Create calculated fields, default values, conditional formatting, and out-of-the-box rules• Add custom data validation ensuring that users cannot submit forms with incorrect data• Design multiple views to simplify form-filling experience: - splitting forms into multiple pages - creating separate views optimized for specific users or tasks• Data connections to other sources such as SharePoint lists , Databases and Web services
    10. 10. List Forms (SP List)• Schema structure flat Form Library• Subset of Web browser • Build hierarchical information sets with grouped and nested controls items• Data stored in list columns • Repeating, optional, or choice behaviour to individual elements or groups • Generates XML document • Property promotion
    11. 11. InfoPath Components• InfoPath Designer 2010 - To create and publish an InfoPath form template• InfoPath Filler 2010 - easy-to-use UI and can choose to save a draft, save a local copy, or save as a PDF.• InfoPath Forms Services - InfoPath browser forms in SharePoint Server 2010.
    12. 12. Purchase Order Request Form (InfoPath)• Approval component• Supporting documentation• Download from
    13. 13. SharePoint Designer• Web page design program for SharePoint• Available as a free download• Customize the components that make up a site• Access external data• Lists and libraries (Data Views, custom forms, and data sources)• Customized Web pages (Master pages, CSS, Web Parts, branding, and custom actions on the Ribbon)• Workflows• External content types
    14. 14. Workflow TypesDeclarative - created using rules, conditions, actions,parameters through SharePoint Designer. Captured inXOML file and compiled at runtime from content databaseof web application.Compiled - rules and actions in form of steps andparameters, compiled into assembly and deployed intoGAC (global assembly cache). Created in VS andpackaged & deployed into features and solution packages.
    15. 15. Workflow Components (Stages andForms)Association - binding workflow to content areas, therebyevery instance created with this association.Initiation - Start up options/parameters may be required orat a given stage.Task Forms - interaction between workflow andparticipants. Workflow forms used to capturedata/decisions to drive direction of workflow.
    16. 16. Workflow types by AssociationsList Workflows - list or library and initiated using list ordocument item.Content Type Workflows - associated with content typesand the related lists and libraries in which those contenttypes are used.Site Workflows - associated with site – e.g. Web analyticsworkflows send usage analysis reports to users.Reusable Workflows - reusable workflow can beassociated with many lists or libraries or a particular sitecontent type - eliminates the need to build a check contenttype action into the workflow itself.
    17. 17. Purchase Order Request (SharePointDesigner)• Approval component• Supporting documentation• Download from
    18. 18. What’s New in 2013 release?• Workflow as a Service: On-premise/Azure hosted workflow farm• Separate task to install Workflow Manager 1.0 for accessing 2013 workflow types• Visual Designer – no need for Visio• Task creation in Workflows• Loop• No code call to web service
    19. 19. Image Credits
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