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MeetMe Conference

MeetMe Conference

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  • 1. MeetMe Conference Done by:- Asma AL hadi /68700 Zakyai AL mubihsi /68705
  • 2. Definition:- * BT MeetMe is a Phone Conferencing service that allows groups of up to 40 people to meet quickly and easily. * There's no need to book and all you need to join a meeting on-line.
  • 3. Cont. * Online tools allows you to share thoughts, brainstorm ideas and customize your meeting to suit the way you work. * Conferences can be recorded via the web and then either replayed over the Internet or downloaded.
  • 4. Objective:- This service helps you to get the most from your working time and makes arranging conference calls as simple as possible.
  • 5. 1- contained within the user guide which can be viewed on - line or downloaded for reference. 2- Allows you to have your own personal meeting room for up to 40 people. 3- Enables you to share & discuss information quickly and easily. Features:
  • 6. 6- The advantages of the " Meet - me " conference are that the attendees pay for all long distance charges and all attendees can enter or leave the conference as they wish. 7- BT Conference Call MeetMe make setting up conferences easy and puts the control in the hands of the user. 4- People can access the service from wherever they are, worldwide. 5- BT Conferencing uses password protection .
  • 7. Requires advance planning . You must request a " Meet - Me " conference at the first time a week before your conference call.   The disadvantage
  • 8. Step by Step Instructions To start using your BT MeetMe account simply follow the instructions below . • First agree a start time and advise participants of the dial-in telephone number, Participant passcode followed by #. • Dial the BT MeetMe telephone number, enter the Chairperson or Participant passcode followed by # • If prompted – record your name and you will be introduced into the meeting. • Wait for the audio conference to start.
  • 9. • To join the web element of the meeting, open your web browser and enter the web address: • Click on “Join a Conference now”. Next you’ll see this screen. *Web browser screen
  • 10. • You will be given a six-digit conference token, press # 8 on your telephone keypad followed by the six-digit number that appears on your computer screen. • Enter your details, choose an icon and click “Join”.
  • 11. • You will now be linked to the web element of the conference. When the conference starts your web browser will display a graphical representation of the meeting room and who is present.
  • 12. Mute or Activate – A participant’s microphone or speaker can be muted by clicking in the icon status window*. *Icon status window • Changing features – If you click your mouse on the person’s icon and you can access and change the features in the screen.* *Changing features
  • 13. • Play Roll Call – Play back name recordings to see who’s dialled in to the meeting. • Stop Message – Stop any recorded messages e.g. Roll Call. • Lock/Unlock Conference – Stop anyone, including the operator, gaining access to the meeting. • Dial-out – An additional window will appear that allows the Chairperson to enter a phone number and name (or choose from the last 10 dial out entries) talk in private then choose to return to the meeting with or without the additional participant. • End Conference – Ejects everyone from the meeting. • Customize – You can customize your BT MeetMe conference from here.
  • 14. What you need To use the optional web enhanced service you need an Internet connected PC with:- Netscape 4.5/Internet Explorer 4.01 or above with Java and cookies enabled.
  • 15.