2012 TLC Evolution Program


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2012 TLC Evolution Program

  1. 1. “NOTHING so CONCLUSIVELY proves a man’s ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.” Thomas Watson
  2. 2. 2012 TLCEVOLUTION
  3. 3. EVOLUTION“From a physical perspective, you can go to the gym onetime and find something transformational in lifting weights.You may say, “I’ve found something here that really makesme feel great. It does it for me.” Excellent. But goingonce doesn’t mean much a week down the road. If youare going to evolve physically, you have to make goingto the gym a lifestyle. Then you are on the verge ofEVOLUTION, and that’s where your energy has to lie.” Stephen McGhee
  4. 4. The experts atSt. Vincent Sports Performance Center willfacilitate a EVOLUTION in the muscles of your body. Tinder Leadership and Coaching willfacilitate the EVOLUTION of the muscles of integrity and personal power.
  5. 5. This program is NOT just more information The TLC EVOLUTION program has a built in STRUCTURE that supports you in FOLLOWING THROUGH on your EVOLUTION. WHAT THE PROGRAM WILL EVOLVE IN YOU? The program ignites a BREAKTHROUGH in EVOLUTION of your WELL BEING, INTEGRITY and creates the structures andaccountability for you to reach the NEXT LEVEL of ACHIEVEMENT.W Well BeingI IntegrityN Next Level of Achievement
  6. 6. Well BeingEstablishing the discipline to access higher levels of performance in your life, leadership andbusiness with the connection of body and mind.12 weeks and 24 workouts with the world class trainers of St. Vincent Sport Performance Nutrition Counseling and Education Body composition measurement with the Bod-Pod
  7. 7. Integrity“A man of integrity is someone you can trust. You know his word is hisbond. You can count on him to do what he says he will do. He exhibits a rare kind of solidity and strength of character.” Lion GoodmanIntegrity is a tremendous and overlooked source of power and velocityin your ability to produce results. The program will measure and strengthen your muscle of accountability. Being accountable is keeping your wordand fulfilling on promises you make to yourself and others. It’s the measure of your integrity. AS A RESULT – you will strengthen your VELOCITY muscle to produce results.
  8. 8. VELOCITY“The velocity of progress toward any deadline is a direct result of two things: (1) the frequency of requests and promises made, and (2) the magnitude of what is asked for and what ispromised. Research shows that the more frequent and bigger the requests and promises, the faster things happen.” Jeffrey Ford
  9. 9. HOW IS THIS FOR VELOCITY? •24 promises to workout with top trainers in a world class facility. •6 promises to spend 1/1 time with TLC to coach around obstacles in the way of your success.•6 group coaching sessions to hear the wisdom of 10 other committed men. •Promises to measure your results. •10 heads are better than 1 approach.
  10. 10. Next Level of AchievementEach participant will have a powerful and valuable outcome goal that represents the next level of achievement in their business or leadership. The program demands andsupports you to create a promise to consistently take action towards this outcome.
  11. 11. This program SLAMS THE DOOR on any excuses and ways for you to back out. The team will NOT let you off the HOOK.We will get to the core of your character asa man and leader. We will find the edge of your word and power and push beyond it.
  12. 12. “If you always put limits on everything youdo, physical or anything else, it will SPREADINTO YOUR WORK and INTO YOUR LIFE.There are NO limits, there are onlyPLATEAUS, and you must not stay there,you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee
  13. 13. COMMUNITYThe program is limited to 10 men and is byinvitation and referral only. Imagine thepower of a community of 10 individuals whoare committed to operating at a higher levelin all aspects of their life. Your GAME…your leadership…your image of yourself willbe CHALLENGED to a higher level.
  14. 14. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Psalms 27:17
  15. 15. We will be keeping SCORE and MEASURING 3 DIFFERENCESWell Being – your inner relationship to where you are inyour life – is your well being high or low.Integrity – we will measure your ability to KEEP YOURWORD…you accountability.Next Level of Achievement – We will measure you ability toPRODUCE and TAKE ACTION. The program demandsyou take action to produce a result.
  16. 16. REVIEW OF THE PROGRAM•10 Committed and Powerful Men –(invite & referral only)•12 weeks•24 Morning Workouts with the Experts at St. VincentSports Performance in a world class facility.•6 TLC 1/1 Coaching Sessions to Sharpen your personalEDGE. (telephone or in person)•6 TLC Iron Man Group Coaching Sessions (telephone)sharing the wisdom of the group.
  17. 17. OVERVIEW OF THE PROGRAM•2 Live Group Seminars•Nutrition Counseling to align your food input with yourdesired performance levels.•Grocery Store field trips to educate on what to purchase inthe store.•6 Audio Programs and Coaching Tools from TLC•Guest Speakers and Recorded Interviews
  18. 18. This program is for you if:- You want a physical transformation but lack the discipline and routine.- You value integrity and want to work on keeping your word.- You want to strengthen your muscles against distraction and create a different experience.- You want to improve your over all level of well being.- You move when challenged.- You have a powerful and valuable result that you haven’t followed through on your own.- You miss the teamwork of sports.- You enjoy talking trash with the guys.- You are ready to man the f- up in your life.- You value personal development and reflection- You want a breakthrough in WORK ETHIC.
  19. 19. You will train to generate a DIFFERENCE in your life. As a participant, you will DECLARE and commit to creating a DIFFERENCE between the start and end the program. The group will MEASURE and KEEP SCORE of the difference YOU are making in yourworld. We will LEVERAGE COMPETITION with each other to generate the ACTION to produce results. This program is NOT for you if you are still WAITING AND HOPING for change to occur. This program is for you if you want TO DECLARE CHANGE and BE THE SOURCE of MAKING YOUR LIFE WORK.This program is for the MAN in you that knows he can make his greatness work. PLEASE -This program is NOT for the faint of heart. ONLY serious inquiries and commitments need apply.
  20. 20. “I like being able to wear opposing players down,where I feel I have an advantage in the 4th quarter. That’s how I like to train, to be able to feel like Ihave an edge, and I feel like THAT IS MY EDGE.” Tim TebowThis program offers TRAINING to generate YOUR edge against the competition…circumstances, people, doubters and fear. There is trained and untrained. This will become your edge.
  22. 22. Sure it takes effort/discipline and gigantic focus to get to world-class (and live your greatest life). Sure leadership is about doing what’s right versus easy. And I agree that success requires sacrifices. So WHY DO IT? Because it will make you feel good. Which makes it all worth it. THE BIG IDEA: PLAYING BELOW YOUR POTENTIAL MAKES YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF. OPERATING BELOW YOUR POTENTIAL DIMINISHES YOUR SELF-RESPECT. LIMITING WHAT YOU CAN DO/BE/HAVE SUCKS THE ENERGY OUT OF YOUR SPIRIT AND KNOCKS THE PASSION OUT OF YOUR HEART. Climbing your personal and professional mountain top makes you feel good about yourself. Boost your self respect. Heighten your self image. Fills you with energy and faith. And Joy.Achievement and getting superb things done with the gifts within you is one of the best ways tofill your life with more happiness. Being great – even when it’s not easy to do so – is a brilliant move. That yields handsome rewards. ROBIN SHARMA –”Little Black Book for Stunning Success”
  23. 23. YOUR GREATNESSWhen you leave it to CHANCE, it’s based on feelings. You wait until you feel like doing something. You WAIT. BE DIFFERENT. Don’t leave what is valuable to you to chance…when it is important, TREAT IT THAT WAY.
  25. 25. IN ADDITON…CONSIDER• You are training with some of the finest sports performance leaders in the country.• Working out in one of the finest facilities in the country for athletic development.• Transformational Mind & Spirit training with one of Indy’s finest coaches.• Surrounding yourself with the accountability of 10 men who are committed to their own greatness.
  26. 26. • Utilizing the collective wisdom of 10 committed men to create your personal transformation.• Leverage the competitiveness of the group to CHALLENGE yourself and GROW.• Develop deeper friendships.• New Business Contacts…with similar commitments.• Good ole fashion trash talking good time!
  27. 27. LOGISTICSStarts: Friday June 15 – Includes a live ½ day workshop and introductionsCompletes: Sept 14Workouts: Mon/Wed mornings 630-730am (make up opportunities areavailable)Coaching: The 1 on 1 coaching is either on the phone or in person.Group Coaching: Group Coaching calls are all tele-conference calls. Eachgroup call will be recorded.There will 3 be tele-workshops. – 2 on nutrition and 1 on projectdesigns/business plans. All will be recorded. Details are subject to change prior to the start of the program.
  28. 28. FeeFor Individuals - the fee for the entire program is $2799.Enroll with a friend (no limit) and you each pay $2599.ONLY committed individuals will be accepted and you mustbe interviewed first and accepted by Mike Tinder. Thereare no refunds. This program is about you keeping yourword to yourself. Please contact Mike with any questions.
  29. 29. NEXT STEPS If you are interested – please contact Mike Tinder at 317.710.6998 or mike@teamtinder.com for a 1/1conversation about what you are up to and if the program will support you. If you are accepted, there will be a questionnaire to complete prior to the start of the program.
  30. 30. ABOUT MIKE TINDERI donate my heart and leadership to the greatness ofothers, sometimes literally. I have been aprofessional leadership consultant and life coachsince 2009. I support my clients to re-igniterelationships, transform leadership and generateconsistent breakthrough business results. I am proudof myself for creating an authentic life withexperience that generates a tremendous capacityand compassion for the challenges that show up inmy client’s pursuit of creating their very bestleadership and life. I bring my energy, excitementand ability to create a productive, judgment freespace in service of redefining leadership. I am agraduate and affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching. Iam a former Division I collegiate athlete, commercialreal estate developer and dental sales rep. Inaddition, I am also very proud to be a living organdonor. In 2011, I donated one of my kidneys to mymother. I am ready and willing to donate mycourage, commitment and leadership for you to liveyour best life.