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Ariel Property Advisors

  1. 1. Ariel Property AdvisorsAriel Property Advisors building results building results Building Results with Ariel Property Advisors 122 East 42 nd Street - Suite 1015, New York NY 10168 p. 212.544.9500 | f. 646.478.9640 |
  2. 2. Our Promise Our mission is to optimize results for property owners by providing unparalleled access to market information and exceptional transaction execution.
  3. 3. Ariel Property Advisors - Investment Sales | Investment ResearchAriel Property Advisors is a New York City investment property sales firm found-ed by Shimon Shkury.Since 2002, Mr. Shkury and his team have advised private clients, institutions,operators, equity providers and lenders on pricing, positioning, and selling ofassets throughout New York City. Together they have closed over $850 millionin transactions and have provided valuation services to clients on more than2,000 properties totaling over $10 billion.From multifamily portfolios to office buildings or vacant lots to warehouses,the team has dealt with nearly every different kind of asset class and trans-action size. Their discipline has allowed them to develop a vast network ofrelationships with investors, developers, institutions, brokers and other marketparticipants throughout the region. Who We Are
  4. 4. Who We AreOur ApproachPeople and relationships are at the heart of every real estate transaction. Our team is committed to provid-ing unmatched value for our clients by combining top-notch, relationship-driven investment sales profes-sionals with cutting edge technology and research support.When marketing the firm’s Exclusive Listings, our investment sales professionals are in contact with real es-tate owners, investors, lenders, brokers and other market participants on a daily basis. By fostering theserelationships, our professionals develop an intimate knowledge of recent transactions, market trends, thefinancing environment and the most active market participants. This knowledge gives our platform and cli-ents unparalleled access to real-time market information.Our investment research professionals are responsible for providing our company with a comprehensivesales support operation by fulfilling two essential roles. First, they provide our sales force and clients withinformative marketing materials and research reports that are produced with all of the information gatheredby our investment sales professionals. Second, they work with our company’s proprietary Customer RelationsManagement system which is powered by Customized to meet the specific needs of ouroperation, this system is powerful tool that greatly enhances the performance of our professionals.
  5. 5. Customized Database Platform with Salesforce TechnologyAriel Property Advisors relies on a customized central data system that wasdeveloped with “cloud technology” from the popular Customer Relations Man-agement (CRM) provider, the last several years, our investment research professionals have inte-grated Salesforce technology into all parts of our operation. This integrationspecifically addressed two primary functions. First, the technology has provid-ed us with an efficient and effective way of collaborating and communicatingwith clients via the web. Second, the system allows us to centrally track andstore any piece of information that is directly or indirectly related to commer-cial real estate. This technology gives all of our professionals the unique abil-ity to access and act on vital information anytime, anywhere. Who We Are
  6. 6. The TeamOur Team ApproachFor every deal size and asset type, Ariel Property Advisors will assign a team of professionals to ensure ad-vantageous positioning, broad marketing efforts, sophisticated negotiation tactics, and a smooth closing.All clients benefit from the close collaboration of senior and junior professionals.Ariel Property Advisors FoundingMembers (from top - left):Shimon ShkuryMichael A. TortoriciVictor SozioIvan PetrovicChristopher L. LeffertsOther members:Gail DonovanDirector Of CommunicationsViktor SajcDirector Of OperationsBilly PapanyiannisSales AssociateJesse DeutchSales AssociateShani HashaviahExecutive AssistantFilip StojicGraphics & DesignDusan PanicResearch AssociateDusan GardasevicResearch Associate
  7. 7. Our Reach INWOOD D AN SL TI EL EV OS ROSince 2002, Shimon Shkury’s Investment Sales & ResearchTeam built an investment sales network with 30,000 members,completed over 2,000 valuations throughout NYC and sold300 properties totaling over $850,000,000. 14
  8. 8. Featured Transactions The table below highlights featured transactions closed by our sales team: Zip Location Property Name Amount Property Type CodeCase Study: N. Manhattan 3rd Avenue Nursing Home 10029 $80,000,000 Vacant Building East Harlem HUD Portfolio N. Manhattan The New 118th Portfolio 10027 $54,000,000 Apartment Buildings New York NY Manhattan 19-21 West 55th Street 10019 $52,000,000 Elevatored BuildingTransaction Date: December ‘09Transaction Price: $26,900,000 Manhattan 330-342 West 38th Street 10018 $51,000,000 Walk-Up BuildingSeven of the portfolio’s nine build- N. Manhattan East Harlem HUD Portfolio 10035 $26,900,000 Apartment Buildingsings are elevatored, a rare qualityconsidering the scarcity of eleva- N. Manhattan 1420-28 5th Avenue 10035 $21,925,000 Elevatored Buildingtored buildings in the neighbor-hood. The buildings contain 237units, of which there are 224 resi- N. Manhattan 779-89 Riverside Drive 10032 $19,300,000 Elevatored Buildingdential apartments, eight (8) retailunits, and five (5) super’s units. The N. Manhattan Uptown 500 10032 $16,000,000 Apartment Buildingsportfolio has tremendously bene-fited from long term management N. Manhattan The Central Harlem Portfolio 10026 $15,000,000 Apartment Buildingsand offers a mix of size & scalerarely seen in Northern Manhattan Bronx Hermany Ave. Development 10473 $12,500,000 Assemblageofferings. With excellent cash flowand tremendous upside, The East N. Manhattan 169-75 E 101st Street 10029 $12,500,000 Apartment BuildingsHarlem HUD Portfolio stands out asa premier uptown opportunity. Theportfolio was sold in December of N. Manhattan 326-40 East 100th Street 10029 $12,100,000 Elevatored Building2009. Manhattan 16 East 46th Street 10017 $12,000,000 Walk-Up Building N. Manhattan 1274 5th Avenue 10029 $11,900,000 Elevatored Building N. Manhattan 2269-75 First Avenue 10035 $11,500,000 Vacant Building N. Manhattan The Ivy Condominium 10035 $11,225,000 Vacant Building N. Manhattan West 111th Street Portfolio 10026 $11,100,000 Apartment Buildings N. Manhattan 38 Convent Avenue 10027 $10,300,000 Vacant Building Manhattan 180 Broadway 10038 $10,200,000 Office Building N. Manhattan West 115th Street Portfolio 10026 $8,500,000 Apartment Buildings N. Manhattan 116-22 East 124th Street 10035 $7,600,000 Comm. Development N. Manhattan 117-23 West 123rd Street 10027 $7,500,000 Vacant Lot
  9. 9. Featured TransactionsFeatured Transactions List Continued... Zip Location Property Name Amount Property Type Code N. Manhattan 353-61 Edgecombe Avenue 10031 $7,464,000 Elevatored Building Case Study: Brooklyn 1607 Surf Avenue 10031 $7,400,000 Vacant Lot 2006-08 Amsterdam Avenue N. Manhattan 2-12 Sickles Street 10029 $7,200,000 Elevatored Building New York NY N. Manhattan 315-21 East 108th Street 10035 $7,000,000 Apartment Buildings Transaction Date: October ‘10 Transaction Price: $2,200,000 N. Manhattan 647-53 West 174th Street 10030 $6,800,000 Elevatored Building 2006 Amsterdam Avenue is a six (6) N. Manhattan 63-69 West 131th Street 10035 $6,600,000 Apartment Buildings story mixed-use building located on the west side of Amsterdam Avenue between West 159th and N. Manhattan 228-38 East 117th Street 10027 $6,400,000 Assemblage 160th Streets. The building contains seventeen (17) rent-stabilized resi- Manhattan 212 East 70th Street 10032 $6,000,000 SRO dential units, two (2) commercial units and a legal super’s unit in the N. Manhattan 138 West 124th Street 10029 $6,000,000 Office Building basement. Of the building’s resi- dential units, there are sixteen (16) N. Manhattan 112-14 East 97th Street 10454 $5,950,000 Apartment Buildings two-bedroom, and one (1) one- bedroom apartments. The prop- N. Manhattan 2059-71 Madison Avenue 10029 $5,500,000 Apartment Buildings erty has been well maintained and offers spacious two-bedroom units N. Manhattan 1259-61 Park Avenue 10454 $5,250,000 Apartment Buildings with hardwood floors, as well as a common laundry room for tenants. N. Manhattan 161-65 West 132nd Street 10029 $5,000,000 Garage 333-39 East 109 & 338-42 East N. Manhattan 10454 $4,750,000 Vacant Building 110th Street N. Manhattan 142-44 W 109th St 10029 $4,700,000 Apartment Buildings N. Manhattan 511-21 West 147th Street 10454 $4,650,000 Walk-Up Building 2306 Frederick Douglass N. Manhattan 10029 $4,600,000 Commercial Building Boulevard N. Manhattan 72-84 East 111th Street 10454 $4,500,000 Vacant Lot N. Manhattan 2056 5th Avenue 10029 $4,500,000 Religious N. Manhattan 610-16 West 143rd Street 10454 $4,300,000 Elevatored Building N. Manhattan 301-3 East 108th Street 10029 $3,975,000 Walk-Up Building Manhattan 214 East 49th Street 10454 $3,960,000 Mixed Use Building
  10. 10. Asset EvaluationAsset EvaluationWhether you are an owner considering selling your building or you want to know the current market value ofyour property, we are available to provide you with a complimentary Asset Evaluation.Produced by the joint efforts of our investment sales and investment research teams, an Asset Evaluationwill provide you with a thorough analysis of your investment property. Combining comprehensive financialanalyses with real time market data, our Asset Evaluation will help you both establish the current marketvalue of the asset and identify the primary value drivers affecting the price. Our team will not only reviewtoday’s pricing environment but also explore every possible opportunity that could result in maximizing theasset’s value, be it today or in the future. Such opportunities can include, but are not limited to, the sale,joint venture, refinancing, or repositioning of an asset.Contact us today to request a complimentary Asset Evaluation.
  11. 11. Investment Sales BrokerageAs a property owner considering the sale of an asset, you can have the con-fidence of knowing that our investment sales professionals have the experi-ence, relationships and resources to deliver optimal results.From a vacant lot worth several hundred thousand dollars to a multimilliondollar multifamily portfolio, our sales team will customize a marketing programto meet the specific needs of the asset. Using extensive due diligence studies,tailored marketing materials, and cutting-edge investor tracking systems, ourprofessionals are dedicated to finding the ideal buyer for your asset.Exclusive Market ResearchThrough periodically released market reports, our investment research profes-sionals strive to provide our sales staff, clients and industry leaders with thelatest market information. By keeping data at the heart of our platform, weare committed to ensuring that our clients have the right set of facts aboutmarket trends and economic indicators when making important investmentdecisions.To learn more, visit us online at to explore our market re-ports, MarketWatch blog, or our unique Comp-Trak system. Research
  12. 12. To learn more about current market conditions or if you would like a comprehensiveevaluation of your property, please do not hesitate to contact us at the number below. We are here to answer your questions. Ariel Property Advisors 212.544.9500 or visit us at by scanning below tag with your smart phone Get the free mobile app at http:/ / Ariel Property Advisors building results Ariel Property Advisors building results