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National Federation Perspectives & Insights
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National Federation Perspectives & Insights


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Published in: Education
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  • Avoid the need to connect N * M ways. Collaboration outside organization no longer special case, but the default positionAmplifies Reach - Collaboration isn’t aware of nation state boundaries
  • - CANARIE connects to 100 advanced networks in 100 countries, enabling global research collaborations
  • One service is good, but many using the same ‘infrastructure’ is better:Generally coordinating with with same point of contactsBuild both for traversal up and downwards
  • Transcript

    • 1. National Federation Perspectives & InsightsChris Phillips | October 1st, 2012 | Internet2 Fall Member Meeting | Philadelphia
    • 2. About CANARIE Operates Canada’s ultra- high-bandwidth research network • Connects one million users at 1,100 institutions, “big science” facilities like TRIUMF, NEPTUNE, CLS, SNOLAB, and to Compute Canada HPC consortia • 19,000km of fibre with a 40 Gbps backbone • Funds programs that enable greater access to research data, tools and peers and to stimulate the ICT sector Operator of the Canadian Access Federation • SAML federation based on Shibboleth • Canadian Eduroam 802.1x wireless roaming operator • eduGAIN participant Primary investment from Government of Canada - $480 M since 1993Map date: 29 May 2012 2
    • 3. Current CAF Services    3
    • 4. Vision for CAF
    • 5. This is what it feels like trying to collaborate…. 5 Image: Phil Roeder - Flickr
    • 6. This is how we want it to feel. 6
    • 7. How? Facilitate collaboration at the largest scale possible.
    • 8. How? v Facilitate collaboration at the largest scale possible.
    • 9. Benefits 9
    • 10. Areas of Interest
    • 11. Non Web Signon Common To Both: • Underway in IETF standards body • Require touch points at the client & server • A (big) part of a larger environment[1][2] 11
    • 12. International Linkages are Critical 12
    • 13. International Federation Landscape 13
    • 14. How Federations Interconnect 14
    • 15. The Big Picture:Collaboration & Interconnection CAF SP Idp SP Idp SP Idp Special Interest Trust Groups SP • Efficient, least effort for SP/IdP SP Idp • Local fed incubates federation aware apps Higher Assurance • SITG can leverage common infrastructure, and overlay Local Fed Local Fed special attribute sets & specific Idp SP Idp SP policiesSP SP Idp
    • 16.