Overview	  of	  	             	  Social	  .	  Learning	  .	  Analy4cs	                 Confidenal	  
Social	  &	  Mobile	  is	  changing	  our	  World	  750	  Mn+	  Facebook	  users	                         360	  Billion+	 ...
Enabling	  Teachers	  &	  Students	                 Admin	  tasks	             Teacher	  produc<vity	  levels	  can	      ...
Improving	  Educa4on	  &	  Performance	  Top	  Management	  Priories	                                          Top	  Paren...
Widening	  Market	  Gap	                                                                                                  ...
Teamie	  enables	  Collabora4ve	  Learning	                   Teamie	  is	  a	  Social	  Learning	  Pla[orm	  that	  drive...
What	  is	  Teamie?	  Mobile	  &	  Web	  Access	                                                         Secure	  Web	  Br...
Sneak	  Peek	                                    Workspaces	                                                              ...
Teamie	  enables	  ü Collabora4ve	  Learning	  ü Easy	  Content	  Crea4on	  ü Ability	  to	  Drive	  Behavior	  through...
Why	  Teamie?	  –	  Key	  Benefits	                                     Student-­‐Teacher	                              Stu...
Launching	  11.11.11	  Try	  Teamie	  Instant	  Classroom	                                        Start	  a	  structured	 ...
Thank	  You!	                                         contactus@theteamie.com	                                            ...
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What is Teamie?


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Teamie is a social learning platform that harnesses the power of social networking to improve education and drive collaborative learning. Social Networking has enabled a new way of collaboration and sharing. Teamie has built a layer of social collaboration on top of a core of strong learning management tools and added analytics & a recommendation engine to provide insights and recommendations to improve the learning process and performance. Teamie creates a structured social network that is safe, and creates collaborative “classrooms” for students and teachers. Teamie is a 100% Cloud based platform.

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Transcript of "What is Teamie?"

  1. 1. Overview  of      Social  .  Learning  .  Analy4cs   Confidenal  
  2. 2. Social  &  Mobile  is  changing  our  World  750  Mn+  Facebook  users   360  Billion+  things  shared   Mobile    Applica<ons   Tablets  &     Smart  Devices   SMS,  Email,     Chat  &  VoIP   Source:  The  Nielsen  Company   How  do  we  make  our  schools  available     How  do  we  make  learning  more  social?   anyme,  anywhere?   Confidenal  
  3. 3. Enabling  Teachers  &  Students   Admin  tasks   Teacher  produc<vity  levels  can   Students  use  Facebook     be  improved  through  faster   to  have  school  discussions     grading,  repor<ng  tools   33%   60%   12%   8%   1  out  of  2  teachers  in   Singapore  feel  there  is  liBle   Friends  Only   Interest  Groups   Teachers  &  Friends   engagement  with  students   outside  the  classroom   Students  need   Students  need  a   help  to    Social  Networks   collabora<on   understand  and   Teachers  on   plaLorm  to  learn   92%   66%   improve  their   together  and  work  on   17%   understanding  &   group  projects   concepts  taught   Ac4ve  on   Use  it  for   Willing  to   Social   Student   use  private   in  class   Networks   Interac4on   networks   How  do  we  help  teachers  save  me  &     How  do  we  enable  students  to     focus  on  the  important  stuff?   learn  together?   Source:  Teamie  Singapore  Survey   Confidenal  
  4. 4. Improving  Educa4on  &  Performance  Top  Management  Priories   Top  Parents  Needs      1.  Improve  quality  of  educa4on  &   1.  Real-­‐4me  access  to  student’s  grades   drive  beSer  results   &  performance  2.  Drive  beSer  performance  &   2.  No4fica4ons  on  student  ac4vi4es   teacher  produc4vity   3.  Easy  access  to  teachers  without  3.  ASract  more  employers  for   having  to  physically  visit  the  school   students  &  graduates   4.  Provide  feedback  to  the  school  4.  Differen4ate  from  other  colleges   through  an  online  pla[orm   by  providing  latest  technologies   3  out  of  4  Parents  prefer     and  systems  for  learning   their  Mobile  device  as  the       primary  noficaon  &     75%   informaon  source   How  do  we  help  management  improve     How  do  we  make  parents  part  of  the     the  quality  of  educaon  in  the  instute?   educaon  process?   Confidenal  
  5. 5. Widening  Market  Gap   Drive  Usage     Improve  Results  &     Cloud  SaaS   Performance   Mobile  Access   Engagement  Pla[orm  &     Data-­‐driven  KPI   Drive  Produc4vity   Evalua8on   Easy  &     Intui8ve  UI  Collabora4ve  Learning   No8fica8ons  ,     Predic8ve     Dashboards   Ra8ng  &  Comments   Analy8cs   Newsfeed,     Comments,     Share  &  Upload     Dynamic  &     Blogs,  Tags,     Content   Personalized     Chat   web  portal   Widening  Gap  in  the  Market  &  Stakeholder  Needs     vs.  Current  Market  Offerings   Sta8c  websites   Threaded  Web     forums   Email  Docs   Email     Everything   Basic     Repor8ng   Qualita8ve    Legend   Assessment   Web  1.0   non-­‐intui8ve     Legacy  Systems  &   Student  &  Everyone   IT  Team   interface   Maintenance   Teacher   Current  Market  Offerings   Management   Confidenal  
  6. 6. Teamie  enables  Collabora4ve  Learning   Teamie  is  a  Social  Learning  Pla[orm  that  drives   collabora4ve  learning,  enhances  teacher  produc4vity,   and  improves  ins4tu4on  performance   Social  Collabora4on   Learning  Pla[orm   Analy4cs  Engine  Structured  Social  Network   Online  Grading,  Assignments   Student  &  Teacher         Performance  Tracking  Virtual  School  Experience   Course  Content  &  Knowledge         Bank   Weak  Student  Detector    Enhanced  Collabora4on       Online  Lessons  &  Reports  &  Sharing   Class  Engagement  Score     Confidenal  
  7. 7. What  is  Teamie?  Mobile  &  Web  Access   Secure  Web  Browser  Access   Insights  &  Analy4cs   Dashboard   iPhone  &     Online  &     Android     Social  &  Collabora4on   Automa8c     Report     Mobile  Apps   Crea8on   Collabora8on   Communica8on   No8fica8on   SMS     No8fica8ons   Learning  Tools   Structured   Weak     Social   Student    Focus   Auto-­‐Grading  &     Network   Online  Course  &     Online  Grading   Cloud  delivery  –     Content  Crea8on   Teacher     No  Capex  or     Online  Tests  &  Assignment   Easy  &  Fun   Evalua8on   IT  Hardware  &     SoYware   Confidenal  
  8. 8. Sneak  Peek   Workspaces   No8fica8ons   Share  Thoughts,  Ques8ons,   Access  Lessons  & Documents,  Links   Assignments   Class    Par8cipa8on   Contextual  Newsfeed   filters   Polls  &  Ques8ons   Confidenal  
  9. 9. Teamie  enables  ü Collabora4ve  Learning  ü Easy  Content  Crea4on  ü Ability  to  Drive  Behavior  through  Points  &  Badges  ü Parents  to  become  part  of  the  Network  ü Content  Sharing  &  Knowledge  Bank  ü Dashboard  view  &  Analy4cs  to  improve  Performance  ü Quick  No4fica4ons  &  Informa4on  sharing  ü Cost  Savings  by  providing  a  unified  pla[orm  ü Drive  usage  with  Simple,  Intui4ve  &  Familiar  UI   Confidenal  
  10. 10. Why  Teamie?  –  Key  Benefits   Student-­‐Teacher   Student-­‐Student   Teacher-­‐Parent   (Share  Content,  Study   Collabora4on   (Share  Content,  Ask   Groups,  Team  Projects,   (No8fica8ons,  Results,   Ques8ons,  Communicate)   Teacher  Access,  Feedback)   ECA)  Remote  Learning  &   Online  Courses   Online  Assessment   Peer  Assessment   (Create  lessons,  Add  web   (Quiz,  Assignments,  Online   (Peer  Grading  &  Review,   Peer  Learning   links  &  videos,  Search/Tag)   Grading,  Online  Results)   Peer  Collabora8on  in  Class)   Online  &  Virtual   Virtual  Workspaces   Locker  Room  &  Note   Bulle4n  Board   (Classroom,  Staffroom,   (Online  space  for  notes,   (No8fica8ons,  Results,   Presence   Parent-­‐Teacher  rooms)   documents  and  videos)   Reminders)   Performance   Weak  Students   Grade  Curves   Teacher  KPIs   (Iden8fy  weak  students,   (Visual  view  of  class   (Class  Results,  Engagement   Insights   personalized  curriculum)   performance,  Bell  Curves)   Scores,  Content  Quality)  Easy,  Accessible  &   Social  Networking   Online  &  Mobile   Teamie  Points   (Familiar  social  tools  –  Rate,   (No  Server,  Web  browser   (Game-­‐like  point  system  to   Fun   Tag,  Like,  Comment,  Share)   access,  Mobile  App)   encourage  to  share  &  learn)   Confidenal  
  11. 11. Launching  11.11.11  Try  Teamie  Instant  Classroom   Start  a  structured  social  network     Start  a  Classroom   Online  Collabora4ve  Workspace   Private  &  Secure     Invite  members  (friends  or  students)   Invite  &  Network   Be  part  of  other  classrooms   Create  one  classroom  &  be  part  of  many   Share  &  Discuss,  Create  Lessons  &  Quizzes  Collaborate  &  Learn   Gradebook,  Results  &  Class  Par4cipa4on  Points   Use  Public  Knowledge  Bank  for  your  content   and  its  Free!   Confidenal  
  12. 12. Thank  You!   contactus@theteamie.com   +65  6220  0474   Try  Teamie  Instant  Classroom  at   www.theteamie.com/instantclassroom   Confidenal