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Teamie Social & Mobile Learning for Schools

Teamie Social & Mobile Learning for Schools



Teamie creates a private social learning network for each organization that is accessible over the web and our Android & iOS mobile apps. Teamie provides a user-friendly environment for employees to ...

Teamie creates a private social learning network for each organization that is accessible over the web and our Android & iOS mobile apps. Teamie provides a user-friendly environment for employees to learn from each other, collaborate on projects, and access their training anytime-anywhere. Teamie also equips training mangers with tools to enrich training with multimedia, save time through auto-graded assessments, evaluate learners through reports, and distribute certifications.



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Teamie Social & Mobile Learning for Schools Teamie Social & Mobile Learning for Schools Presentation Transcript

  • Teamie Social & Mobile Learning For Schools Social . Learning . Analytics
  • 1 Introduction to Teamie 2 Social 3 Learning 4 Analytics 5 Mobile 6 Why Teamie? Confidential 2
  • Social, Mobile & Cloud are changing our World Mobile Applications Tablets & Smart Devices Social Networking Cloud Based Services Confidential 3
  • New Learning Paradigm Traditional Learning Social Learning Classroom based Anytime Anywhere Curriculum based Experience Based Syndicated Content Personalized & User Generated Content Teacher/Trainer Centric Social Student/Learner Centric Content Next Generation Learning Mobile Cloud Confidential 4
  • Gaps in Learning Programs & Systems Education Without Learning Systems Gaps in Existing or Legacy Learning Systems Limited access to learning content & ability to customize content Low usage & engagement Lacks centralized content repository & tracking system Non-intuitive UI difficult for instructors & learners Manual grading of assessments & tracking of grades Expensive to configure for different workflows No forum for post-class Q&A Hardware maintenance & software upgrade costs Limited ability for instructors to gauge learner understanding after class Maintaining multiple systems Lack of mobile access to learning & notifications Limited mobile access Confidential 5
  • Introducing Teamie Teamie is a Social Learning Platform that makes learning collaborative & fun, enables users to engage & learn, and drives performance & behavior Learning Management Tools Social Collaboration Portal Analytics & Notifications System Confidential 6
  • Enhance Any Learning Approach Teamie Social & Mobile Learning Platform Classroom-Based Learning Blended Learning Online SelfInstructional Learning Pre-class content access & tracking Online access to lesson content, assessments & social learning Learners explore & register for online modules Pre & post lesson assessments Learners meet for workshops, labs or individual tutorial sessions Web & Mobile access to content, assessment & certification Social learning & knowledge sharing to complement classroom sessions Tracking of both online & offline learning activities Access to knowledge experts & social learning Confidential 7
  • 1 Introduction to Teamie 2 Social 3 Learning 4 Analytics 5 Mobile 6 Why Teamie? Confidential 8
  • Teamie Social Learning Platform Create a Community & Network User Items & Workspaces Lessons & Assignments Communicate, Engage, Share, Polls Confidential 9
  • Enhance Collaboration Through Social Enable Peer Learning Through Posting, Sharing & Polling Facilitate Discussions & Gain Insight on Student Understanding Create Groups & Grade Projects Based on Group Performance Communicate with Connections & Groups using Teamie Chat Confidential 10
  • Improve Parent Communication Parents Can View their Children’s School Activities Teachers & Admin can Post Notices to Parents in Class Newsfeed Configure Parent View & Dashboard based on school policies Confidential 11
  • 1 Introduction to Teamie 2 Social 3 Learning 4 Analytics 5 Mobile 6 Why Teamie? Confidential 12
  • Improve Lesson Delivery Move Learning Content Online for AnytimeAnywhere Access Upload Existing Content. View PDFs, Docs, Spreadsheets in Browser View Discussions Relevant to Lesson. Track Lesson Access & Progress Enhance Interactivity with Hyperlinked Text & Videos In-Line Quizzes to Assess Learning Retention Confidential 13
  • Enrich Content on Teamie Upcoming Lessons & Lesson Goals Open Documents, Audio & Video files in the Browser itself Annotate on the Documents & provide feedback Confidential 14
  • Creating Lessons on Teamie Lesson Outline allows you to reorder the pages Create New Lessons, Add SCORM Content or from Lesson Bank Rich Editor for creating lessons using different types of multimedia content Add In-Line Quizzes between Lesson pages Upload Files, Attach Links or Videos as Resources Confidential 15
  • Google Integration for Lesson Creation Access Google Drive from Lesson Creation Page Search for Videos & Other Files to Include in Lessons Confidential 16
  • Create with Multimedia & Multi Platform Upload different types of multimedia content like     Documents Audio Files Video Files Photos Documents get converted into HTML5 type & Video are transcoded so that you can  View them on any device  Comment or Markup on Documents Confidential 17
  • Upload SCORM Content into Teamie Access SCORM Content from the Platform Keep track of learners’ performance through progress reports Confidential 18
  • Increase Productivity With Online Assessments Create Online Assessments Capture Grades of Offline Activities in the Online Gradebook Objective Questions Are Auto-Graded & Instructor Can Immediately View Student Results Confidential 19
  • Efficiently Grade Assessments Grading Filters Student Scores & Responses noted for Evaluation Automatic Grading for Objective Questions Confidential 20
  • Efficiently Evaluate Essays & Reports View and Mark Essays or Reports Online Quick Instructor Feedback Through Text or Audio Recording In-Browser view & Commentary Create Customized Rubrics for Multi-Criteria Evaluation Confidential 21
  • Manage Curriculum Online Manage Learning Content Across the Institution Add Courses, Levels, Terms Based on Your Institution’s Structure Re-use Quizzes & Assignments Confidential 22
  • Enrich Student Creativity Portfolios for Students’ Work on their Profile Pages Locker for Storing Important Learning Activities & Files Confidential 23
  • Increase Engagement in Learning Teamie Points & Badges to Reward Actions that Add to Learning Teachers can Create Custom Badges to Reward Students Confidential 24
  • Set Challenges & Learning Objectives Teachers can Set Learning Objectives for Class & Track Student Progress Students can Create Personal Challenges that can be Mapped to Learning Objectives Confidential 25
  • Mark Attendance & Distribute Surveys Mark Attendance, Set Alerts and Evaluate Data in the form of Interactive Reports Create Surveys to obtain User Feedback Confidential 26
  • Write in Any Language Multilanguage character input Confidential 27
  • 1 Introduction to Teamie 2 Social 3 Learning 4 Analytics 5 Mobile 6 Why Teamie? Confidential 28
  • Enhance Performance with Analytics Dashboards for School, Class and User Performance Track different metrics on Teamie Gradebook & Student Learning Progress Reports Provide Remarks for Individual Student Grades Confidential 29
  • Provide Holistic Evaluation Social Activity & Academic Performance Provide an Overall Assessment of the Learner Graphical & Tabular views, as well as Customizable Reports Confidential 30
  • 1 Introduction to Teamie 2 Social 3 Learning 4 Analytics 5 Mobile 6 Why Teamie? Confidential 31
  • Mobile Enable Your Organization iOS Android Confidential iOS 32
  • Share & Ask Questions Anytime-Anywhere Android iOS Android Confidential 33
  • Access Learning Content & Notifications iOS Android Confidential iOS 34
  • View Gradebook & Reports Android iOS Confidential 35
  • Upcoming Teamie App Features Offline viewing of Posts, Messages & Notifications Attach files & media from Google Drive, Dropbox and Share on Newsfeed View your Lessons In-App [iPad Only] Quiz/Assignment Grading on-the-go (Screenshot on the right) Confidential 36
  • 1 Introduction to Teamie 2 Social 3 Learning 4 Analytics 5 Mobile 6 Why Teamie? Confidential 37
  • Teamie Single Sign-On Google Single Sign-On With Teamie APIs, we have the ability to integrate with 3rd Party School Information Systems & Databases Confidential 38
  • Deep Google Integration View Latest Gmails and Send Email from Teamie Google Drive Integration for All Posts, Lessons& Assessments Consolidate Teamie Class/Group and Google Calendars Confidential 39
  • Manageable Permissions & Roles Create New Roles depending on the requirements of the Institute Define Granular Permissions for different actions on the Teamie Platform Confidential 40
  • Customized Skins Teamie can be customized in the look & feel to reflect the Theme & Colors of the Institute Customized Colors, Logos and other UI elements Confidential 41
  • No Hardware. No Software. No Hassles Teamie provides a dedicated site & custom URL for client e.g. client.theteamie.com 100% Cloud delivery model No Hardware, No Software, No Maintenance No Capex, Flexible Opex Pricing Models Redundant & Secure Data Center Architecture (ISO27001) Encrypted Data Transmission Accessible through any web browser on desktops & laptops Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android Notifications for urgent issues Access workspaces, content, social tools and notifications Anytime Anywhere Access Confidential 42
  • Advantages of Cloud Delivery Model Secure Content Delivery Network Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Auto-Scaling Regular backups Compliant – SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1, FISMA, ISO 27001 Confidential 43
  • More Secure than Most On-Premise Solutions Up to 256 bits encryption to prevent “Man-in-the-middle” attacks using TLS 1.0, Camellia_256_CBC with SHA1 for message authentication and DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism Strong database API layer to protect against SQL injection attacks; API functions for filtering output to prevent XSS attacks; Unique Form Tokens to protect against CSRF in POST requests User passwords are salted and hashed using an algorithm based on Portable PHP Password Hashing Framework and sessions are destroyed upon login and logout Login attempt limiters to implement flood control mechanism Confidential 44
  • Engaging, Simple & Easy to Manage Social Learning Instructor Friendly Easy Administration Learner Network Social Workspaces Intuitive Interface Share Videos, Links Points & Badges Learning Profile Google Docs & Blogs Mobile Apps Push Notifications Online Resources Multimedia Content Personalize Lessons Online Assessments Automatic Grading Grade book & Progress Announcements Knowledge Bank Google Drive SCORM Support Single Sign-On Google Apps Integrate with SIS Custom Branding Parent Portal Reports Dashboard Attendance Surveys Configurable Workflow Teamie APIs And Many Others And Many Others And Many Others Teamie creates an engaging learning experience for students & instructors, easy communication & notification tools for parents, and simple & integrated user administration Confidential 45
  • Teamie Value Proposition  Multiple systems in One Platform  Collaboration & Communication portal with all stakeholders, Learning Management System, Notifications and Analytics Engine, User Administration  Learning made Fun, Engaging & Accessible  Users become part of a structured & private social network. Points & Badges encourage participation and platform usage.  Communicate & Involve Stakeholders  Parents and other stakeholders get real-time access to students activities via Mobile and Web. Notifications in-built  Mobile Enable your school  Android and iOS apps to enhance learning on the go  Integration & Single Sign-on  Integrate with Google Apps and existing student information system  Configure to your needs  Teamie understands that every institute runs differently, and its best to fit the technology to the process, rather than the other way around. Confidential 46
  • Case Study: Customer Profile Pain Points NUS is a leading university in Singapore, & ranks in the top 30 worldwide How to engage a student population of over 100 students in the class? Lecture groups with large student numbers & a tech savvy student population How to reduce the email clarifications & one-on-one student sessions, while involving everyone in those discussions? Teamie creates a collaborative & engaging online learning network Teamie has gamification elements that rewards students points for their participation & engagement Solution Students helped answer each others’ queries on the platform, thereby saving the Prof time Confidential Students found it easy to reach the Prof to ask questions, & get to know their 100+ classmates 47
  • Case Study: Customer Profile Pain Points Leading NGO in Singapore that promotes environmental awareness Looking to engage with the school community to drive awareness & interest in environment issues How to engage the student community & increase interest in environmental issues? How to grow the community of students & initiate discussions & ideas? Teamie created a public site where anyone can learn about the issues Leveraging Teamie’s Learning tools anyone can take a quiz and win a badge Teamie creates an online social community where students can share ideas & activities Students can share their badge on other social networks such as Facebook to spread the message Solution Confidential 48
  • Case Study: Customer Profile Pain Points Leading Training Service Provider in Singapore for WDA approved trainings Disparate customer segment from service personnel , mid-level managers to senior management How to improve trainer productivity & make informed business decisions? How to ensure that learners have access to updated content on-thego through mobile devices? Auto-graded Online Assessments Leverage Teamie’s cloud-based on Teamie reduce time spent on Learning Management Platform to grading significantly centrally distribute learning content Solution Access to real-time reports on trainer participation & learner performance across modules Confidential Online & Mobile App to access training discussions & resources to build positive learner experience 49
  • Case Study: Customer Profile Leading Global Consulting Firm with multiple offices across Asia Pacific Limited interaction amongst employees that are part of different business units as they travel often Pain Points How to train a diverse & geographically dispersed team with limited trainers? How to involve senior executives in the training process & deliver consistent training across offices? Leverage Teamie’s online learning platform to create virtual training spaces Create a social learning community involving executives who can participate from anywhere anytime All employees access same training resources, assessments and connect with trainers online On-the-road employees are also part of the trainings and can track progress through credits Solution Confidential 50
  • Case Study: Malaysian Ministry of Education (In deployment) Customer Profile Pain Points Responsible for training the teachers to ensure quality delivery of education How to train hundreds of thousands of teachers in a consistent & cost effective manner? Using Teamie’s web and mobile apps for training delivery and assessments Solution Manage a very diverse and geographically dispersed user base Create digital content & upload to Teamie so that it can be accessed on the Web, Mobile devices and even offline Confidential How to track training progress and reward participation in the program? Use Teamie Collaborative platform to connect teachers from across the country onto one learning network Teamie enables tracking of training progress and awards badges & points to track progress and reward participation 51
  • Press Coverage Teamie has been featured on leading global & regional media and won awards for its collaborative learning platform! Confidential 52
  • Questions Feedback Thank You! Write to us for a Free Demo at contactus@theteamie.com www.theteamie.com +65 6220 0474 Confidential