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IDA CFC Sectoral Productivity 2013
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IDA CFC Sectoral Productivity 2013


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Teamie feature set and details of IDA CFC Sectoral Productivity 2013

Teamie feature set and details of IDA CFC Sectoral Productivity 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Mention user management and registration.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Teamie Social & Mobile Learning Management System Overview & iDA Grant Information Social . Learning . Analytics
    • 2. Confidential Table of Contents 1 Background 2 What is Teamie & its Benefits 3 Grant Terms & Conditions 4 Teamie Features & Implementation 2
    • 3. Confidential Teamie is providing a solution for SMEs that wish to leverage on a Learning Management System as an enabler and obtain up to 70% grant funding from the iDA ICT solutions for the CFC shall enable SMEs to Increase Productivity of staff, Increase Customer Reach & Improve Customer Engagement, and/or Develop New Lines of Business or Alternate Business Models The Singapore iDA’s 2013 Call for Collaboration (CFC) aims to raise the productivity of SME by sectors using ICT solutions such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) Background 3
    • 4. Confidential iDA Call-for-Collaboration iDA CFC 2013 focused on productivity benefits Source: Slides presented by IDA on 22nd Aug 2013 at the Public briefing 4
    • 5. Confidential iDA CFC Support Up to 70% of the costs will be funded by the iDA Source: Slides presented by IDA on 22nd Aug 2013 at the Public briefing 5
    • 6. Confidential Table of Contents 6 1 Background 2 What is Teamie & its Benefits 3 Grant Terms & Conditions 4 Teamie Features & Implementation
    • 7. Confidential Social, Mobile & Cloud are changing our World Tablets & Smart Devices Mobile Applications Collaboration Cloud Based Services 7
    • 8. Confidential The New Learning Paradigm Next Generation Learning Social Mobile Cloud Content Traditional Training Social Learning Classroom based Anytime Anywhere Curriculum based Experience Based Syndicated Content Personalized & User Generated Content Teacher/Trainer Centric Student/Learner Centric Source: Teamie Delivering Online Training goes beyond “accessing” content online, but needs to allow learners to interact and collaborate to learn together & learn effectively 8
    • 9. Confidential Gaps in Training & Education Training/Education Without Learning Systems Lacks centralized content repository & tracking system Limited ability for instructors to gauge learner understanding after class No forum for post-class Q&A, limited access to knowledge experts Manual grading of assessments & tracking of results Lack of mobile access to learning & notifications Gaps in Existing or Legacy Learning Systems Low usage & engagement Non-intuitive UI difficult for instructors & learners Maintaining multiple systems Hardware maintenance & software upgrade costs Expensive to configure for different workflows Limited mobile access Limited access to learning content & ability to customize content 9
    • 10. Confidential Introducing Teamie Teamie is a Social Learning Platform that makes learning collaborative & fun, enables users to engage & learn, drives performance & behavior, and enhances communication Social Collaboration Portal Learning Management Tools Analytics & Notifications System 10
    • 11. Confidential Teamie Social Learning/Training Platform Quick Navigation to Workspaces Upload Resources & Assignments Create an Engaging Social Learning Experience Through Sharing & Polling Create a Learning Community & Collaboration Teams 11
    • 12. Confidential Teamie Features Overview Cloud-based Social & Mobile Learning Management Platform Single Sign-On Bulk User Import Integrate with SIS/MIS Announcements Manage Content Reports Dashboard Teamie APIs And Many Others Online Resources Multimedia Content Online Assessments Automatic Grading Rubrics Knowledge Bank Learner Profile And Many Others Learning Network Social Workspaces Intuitive Interface Share Videos, Links, Docs & Images Mobile Apps Gamification And Many Others Improve Productivity Enhance Performance Increase Engagement AdministrationLearningSocial & Mobile (Pay per use platform accessible via Web & Mobile Browsers and Android & iOS Apps) 12
    • 13. Confidential Teamie Value Proposition  Learning made Engaging & Accessible  Users become part of a private social network that is structured for learning  Multiple systems in One Platform  Collaboration & Communication, Learning Management, User Management & Registration, Notifications & Reporting  Communicate & Notify Stakeholders  Users get real-time access to their activities via Mobile & Web. Notifications in-built.  Save your $ and no need to invest in hardware  Pay-for-what-you-use subscription model delivered via the Cloud. No Capex. No Hardware, maintenance or software upgrade hassles 13
    • 14. Confidential Table of Contents 1 Background 2 What is Teamie & its Benefits 3 Grant Terms & Conditions 4 Teamie Features & Implementation 14
    • 15. Confidential iDA CFC Support Enhance Learning & Collaboration Increase Productivity Transform your Organization Teamie is an approved vendor for the iDA’s 2013 Sectoral Productivity Call-For- Collaboration The iDA will subsidize up to $15,260 for 2-years or up to 70% of qualifying costs 15
    • 16. Confidential Qualifying for the iDA Grant SMEs & PEIs must meet the following criteria to qualify for iDA funding: 1. Each SME participating in the CFC shall be a legitimate entity registered in Singapore with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), or with the relevant government authorities. 2. A company is classified as an SME when it fulfills the criteria below: a. At least 30% local shareholding (by Singaporean or PR); and b. Not more than S$100 million group annual sales turnover; or not more than 200 employees under the group* 3. The SME shall NOT participate in more than one Proposal for similar ICT solutions. *Group sales & employee size is considered if the SME is part of a larger group that owns more than 50% stake in the SME or if the SME has more than 50% shareholding in a subsidiary company **If the SME has applied for; or claimed any financial assistance under ISPRINT, SME Infocomm Package (SIP) or Accounting Software Assistance Scheme (ASAS), then the iDA will determine what remaining funds the SME is still eligible for. 16
    • 17. Confidential 1. Client pays 1st year fees 2. Teamie starts implementatio n of site 3. Teamie & Client agree on Go- Live Date* Grant Application Process Agreement Payment Claims 1. Complete Self- Declaration Form 2. Client signs agreement with Teamie 3. iDA reviews eligibility 1. Teamie implements client site 2. Teamie conducts training 3. Client is eligible to submit claims after 6- months from Go-Live 1. Client submits bank statements with cleared cheque noted 2. Client supports usage reports (supplied by Teamie 3. iDA reimburses Client *Go-Live Date will typically be within 4-weeks from start of implementation services 17 Implementation
    • 18. Confidential Claims Timelines for 24-Month Grant 3-month extension to file final claim Go-Live Date: Start date of 24-month qualifying period 2nd Claim after 12-months 4th claim & End of 24-month qualifying period 1-month prior to go live: Implementat ion & Training *Claims can be filed every six months, but first claim cannot be filed until the 7th month of the qualifying period in order to document the first 6-months of usage. 1st Claim after 6-months 3rd Claim after 18-months 18
    • 19. Confidential FAQ’s 1. Can another company that we are partnered with use the solution? No. Applicant company can’t transfer the system 2. Can sole-proprietorships apply for the iDA grant? Yes, sole-proprietors can apply, as well as use personal cheques to pay Teamie. 3. Can start-ups apply for the iDA grant? Start-ups can also apply if they have already incorporated in Singapore and have an ACRA profile. 19
    • 20. Confidential Table of Contents 1 Background 2 What is Teamie & its Benefits 3 Grant Terms & Conditions 4 Teamie Features & Implementation 20
    • 21. Confidential Teamie Social Learning/Training Platform Quick Navigation to Workspaces Upload Resources & Assignments Create an Engaging Social Learning Experience Through Sharing & Polling Create a Learning Community & Collaboration Teams 21
    • 22. Confidential Enhance Collaboration Through Social Engage Learners Through Posting, Sharing & Polling Share Docs & Videos to Enrich Learning Facilitate Discussions & Gain Insight into Learner Understanding 22 Communicate with Connections & Groups using Teamie Chat
    • 23. Confidential Improve Learning Content Delivery View Discussions Relevant to Content. Track Lesson Access & Progress Move Learning Content Online for Anytime- Anywhere Access Enhance Interactivity with Hyperlinked Text & Videos Upload Existing Content. View PDFs, Docs, Spreadsheets in Browser 23
    • 24. Confidential Increase Productivity With Online Assessments Create Online Assessments Capture Results of Offline Activities, Such As Presentations or On-The-Job Evaluations Objective Questions Are Auto-Graded & Instructor Can Immediately View Learner Results 24
    • 25. Confidential Efficiently Evaluate Essays & Reports 25 In-Browser view & Commentary View and Mark Essays or Reports Online Quick Instructor Feedback Through Text or Audio Recording Create Customized Rubrics for Multi-Criteria Evaluation
    • 26. Confidential Quickly Analyze Assessment Results Immediately View Submissions & Scores for Auto-Graded Objective Questions Focus on Individual Learner Submissions View Question- Level Statistics 26
    • 27. Confidential Manage Learning Curriculum Online 27 Add Courses, Levels, Terms, Teams, or Divisions Based on Your Organization’s Structure Manage Learning Content Across the Organization Re-use Assessments & Assignments
    • 28. Confidential Evaluate Learner Progress Track & Analyze Learner Progression View Reports on Learner Progress in SCORM Content Add Individual Comments 28 Luna Lopez Priya Patil Darren Meng Foo Cloe Chung Harold Pang
    • 29. Confidential Enhance Performance with Analytics Reports Dashboards for Organization, Module & Learner Performance Social Activity & Assessment Performance Reports Provide a Holistic Evaluation of the Learner 29
    • 30. Confidential Mobile Enable Your Organization Android Provide Anytime-Anywhere Access to Learning, Announcements & Results 30 iOS iOS Android
    • 31. Confidential How do we deliver Teamie? 100% Cloud delivery model No Hardware, No Software, No Maintenance No Capex, Flexible Opex Pricing Models Redundant & Secure Data Center Architecture (ISO27001) Encrypted Data Transmission Accessible through common Web Browsers or Mobile Apps Mobile & Web notifications for urgent announcements/ issues Access workspaces, content, social tools and notifications Anytime Anywhere Access Teamie provides a dedicated site & custom URL for client e.g. 31
    • 32. Confidential Advantages of Cloud HTTPS Up to 256 bits encryption Regular backups Compliant – SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1, FISMA, ISO 27001 Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Auto-Scaling Content Delivery Network 32
    • 33. Confidential Secure Platform Injection Broken Authentication & Session Management Insecure Cryptographic Storage Unvalidated Redirects & Forwards Cross Site Scripting Insecure Direct Object Reference Insufficient Transport Layer Protection Failure to Restrict URL Access Security Misconfiguration Cross Site Request Forgery Teamie is built upon a rich set of APIs which mitigate common security risks like OWASP Top 10 33
    • 34. Confidential Security Measures Strong database API layer to protect against SQL injection attacks; API functions for filtering output to prevent XSS attacks; Unique Form Tokens to protect against CSRF in POST requests Up to 256 bits encryption to prevent “Man-in-the-middle” attacks using TLS 1.0, Camellia_256_CBC with SHA1 for message authentication and DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism User passwords are salted and hashed using an algorithm based on Portable PHP Password Hashing Framework and sessions are destroyed upon login and logout Login attempt limiters to implement flood control mechanism 34
    • 35. Confidential Timelines – Roll Out of Learning Platform Week 1 Week 2 – Week 3* Kick-Off Set-up Test Train 1. Confirm workflows 2. Define specifications 3. Agree on Training Schedule 1. Set-up the site 2. Configure the platform as per specifications 1. Test different workflows 2. Deliver the site to the client for review and approval 1. Train the stakeholders Go Live! Kick-Off Meeting Training Sessions *Timeline excludes integration with 3rd party systems and any other customizations 35 Week 3 – Week 4 Week 3 – Week 4
    • 36. Confidential Account Management We understand the complex needs of our clients and hence we appoint an Account Manager as a ‘Single Point of Contact’ for clients’ strategic and tactical needs. Key Duties of Account Manager • Make sure that clients transition from implementation to production smoothly • Hold review meetings with clients to make sure that Teamie is delivering as per clients’ expectations • Help clients resolve outstanding issues with service delivery • Understand any potential needs that a client may have and how Teamie can support 36
    • 37. Confidential Training We make sure that through multiple and easily accessible avenues the stakeholders in our clients’ organization understand well how to make best use of our platform. Video Guides Teamie Tour Support Manuals FAQs F2F Trainings 37
    • 38. Confidential Support Phone - Call us for any urgent issues Helpdesk – Send a ticket to our support team Onsite – Ask us to come and visit you Clients can reach the Support Team @ Teamie for help through different channels 38
    • 39. Confidential +65 6220 0474 Thank You! Feedback Questions Helping You Deliver Next Generation Learning! 39