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    Conceptual art presentation  (1) Conceptual art presentation (1) Presentation Transcript

    • What is Conceptual Art?  Art that is intended to convey an idea or concept to the perceiver and need not involve the creation or appreciation of a traditional art object such as a painting or sculpture. (Dictionary)
    • But… what does that really mean?  Ideas are more important then the finished work  Art of ideas  Uses images and objects to make the viewer think, and to think particularly about what art is and what it means  Rejected the idea of “art should be beautiful”  Rejects conventional painting and sculpture
    • When was the movement taking place?  middle 1960s and the early 1970;s
    • What led up to this movement? Who influenced it?  Influenced by Marcel Duchamp with his ready mades  Yves Klein and Piero Manzoni “what is art?”
    • Was it a reaction against anything?  Reaction against the increasingly commercialized art world  No traditional art objects
    • Style  No particular style  Conceptualism could take the form of tendencies such as happenings, performance art, installation, body art, and earth art  Photography gained interest
    • Key Ideas  Art is essentially conceptual  Reduce the material to absolute minimum  Influenced by the simplicity of minimalism  The gallery/museum or the audience complete the art work somehow  Self-conscious
    • Damien Hirst  English artist  Death is a central theme in his works
    • Spot Paintings, Household gloss on canvas
84 x 84 inches (213.4 x 213.4 cm)Damien Hirst, 2005.
    • Damiel Hirst, Pharmacy, 1992, Glass, faced particleboard, painted MDF, beech, ramin, wooden dowels, aluminium, pharmaceutical packaging, desks, office.
    • Tracy Emin Style: Autobiographical Confessional  English artist born in 1963  Shestudied art in Maidstone, then returned to London to study painting at the Royal College of Art.
    • Tracey Emin, My Bed (c. 1999) Installation.
    • Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963– 1995 by Tracey
    • Joseph Kosuth  American conceptual artist  Born January 31, 1945  More language based art work
    • Joseph Kosuth, One and Three chairs, 1965.
    • Connection
    • What do I think?  Making other people do the art work, may be unfair  Art can be ideas  It is nice that ideas are important – more creative  Viewers interaction to ideas
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