SMEConnect.Asia for SME and MSC Companies


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SMEConnect.Asia for SME and MSC Companies

  1. 1. MSC Malaysia ICT – E Initiatives Business Workshop Incentives for Business and Entrepreneurs: .Asia for SME and MSC Companies 22 December 2011
  2. 2. What is this .Asia?Increase the awareness of ICT as a businesstool, which will increase the business profitor operation efficiency and reduce theoperation cost or redundancy.It also aims to increase PC penetration in smallbusinesses, raise broadband penetration andutilisation, increase the level of e-Commerceas a percentage of totals. .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  3. 3. What is this .Asia?Increase profit or efficiency Reduce cost or redundancy by doing this… Adopt affordable ICT solutions on the cloud .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  4. 4. Why SME is important to Malaysia?• SMEs constitute 99.2% of all businesses and 31.4% of Malaysia GNI• GDP 2009 RM600bil -> RM188bil contributed by SME• Helping SME to use ICT and improve business processes is an important way to raise the nation’s overall labour force productivity.• Sustaining SME growth is critical for Vision 2020• Being globally competitive is critical for SME survival• ICT adoption is imperative .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  5. 5. Who is behind this? .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  6. 6. On the cloud? .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  7. 7. Why on the cloud?• Access your data at all times – not just while in the office• A physical storage centre is no longer needed• Relieves burden on IT Professionals• Scalable, need based storage• Instant software updates. Easier group collaboration. Universal document access … .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  8. 8. Why on the cloud? Traditional server CRM: RM136,600 vs. On the cloud CRM: RM30,600 .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  9. 9. Frequently Asked Questions• Is my data secured on your cloud?• How about server down time?• Since it is on the cloud, what kind of internet connection should I need?• Are these ICT solutions industries-specific? What type of SME is suitable for these ICT solutions?• Any training provided? .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  10. 10. Solutions snap shotCustomer Relations Management System Email Marketing Campaign Solution .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  11. 11. Solutions snap shotEvent Management System Payroll, HR Management System and Accounting .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  12. 12. Solutions snap shotService Appointment Scheduling Voice & SMS Broadcast Anytime, Anywhere .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  13. 13. What is next? Bimonthly business workshops Reseller login portalICT solutionson the cloud .Asia for SME and MSC Companies
  14. 14. Contact info Koh Wing Yew General ManagerTechnopreneurs Association of Malaysia Email: Tel: +603-2264 5320 Mob: +6013-208 9970