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MSC Malaysia Go Global Directory 2010/11
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MSC Malaysia Go Global Directory 2010/11






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MSC Malaysia Go Global Directory 2010/11 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Go Global DirectoryMalaysia ICT Companie Malaysia ICT Companies
  • 2. Table of ContentsMessage from CEO Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) 04Message from President Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT 05Industry And Entrepreneurs (NEF)Information about Go Global 06Infopro Sdn Bhd 07eBworx Berhad 13Macro Kiosk Berhad 17Open Dynamics Sdn Bhd 23Platform2u.com Berhad 29Sigmax-e Services Sdn Bhd 33Silverlake Axis Sdn Bhd 39Rexit Berhad 43Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd 47Netinfinium Corporation Sdn Bhd 51iSentric Sdn Bhd 55N2N Connect Sdn Bhd 59Terato Tech Sdn Bhd 65SyQic Capital Sdn Bhd 71Polarizone Technologies Sdn Bhd 77XYBASE Sdn Bhd 83GlobeOSS Sdn Bhd 89Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd 95EssentialBiz Sdn Bhd 101ItraMAS Corporation Sdn Bhd 105Pentasoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd 109Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd 115Arahe Solutions Sdn Bhd 119ePROTEA Technologies Sdn Bhd 123Microlink Solutions Berhad 127CALMS Technologies Sdn Bhd 131MOL AccessPortal Berhad 137Fexsoft (M) Sdn Bhd 141CWorks Systems Berhad 147DBV Technologies Sdn Bhd 151Index 153 Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 01
  • 3. MESSAGE FROM CEO MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (MDeC) Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Greetings, Malaysia’s success in the global ICT industry is built on the determination of our people and companies, to relentlessly pursue efficiencies, excellence and innovation to make ourselves a competitive force in world markets. The Malaysian ICT industry has evolved and Malaysian ICT firms have boldly moved forward and become global icons themselves. With the world’s economy increasingly driven by technological innovations, it has become imperative to harness the necessary ICT knowledge to stay current and ahead. I am heartened to see this admirable effort by Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM) and Bumiputera ICT Entrepreneur Association of Malaysia (NEF) in creating reliable avenue to generate ICT investment and participation. Not only does it seamlessly sync with Malaysia’s Vision 2020 to transform the nation into a knowledge-based Economy through the utilization of application and services of Information and Communication Technology; it will also promote wider utilization of services enabled by ICT for the general public. This collection of reputable ICT service providers share the same vision and for those of us who have long believed in Malaysia’s ICT potential to become a competitive global player, we are delighted to provide them with this opportunity. We also believe that technological partnerships through sharing, transfer and funding is the essential catalyst to ensure continuous growth and progress. So it is with great pleasure that I present the inaugural issue of Go Global directory 2010/11. I would also like to congratulate and commend TeAM and NEF for a job well done with hopes that the effort will flourish alongside Malaysia’s ICT industry by leaps and bounds. With warm regards, Datuk Badlisham Ghazali CEO Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)02 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 4. MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENTTECHNOPRENEURS ASSOCIATION OFMALAYSIA (TeAM)The Go Global Directory was mooted as a means As an organization, TeAM has always placed greatin which to assist Malaysian technology companies importance on professional development. Wetackle a persistent challenge in the effort to attract are constantly working to come up with ideas andglobal buyers and clients. Research and surveys programs which will assist technopreneurs under ouramongst Malaysian ICT companies conducted umbrella organization and their companies leapfrogby MDeC, and on a smaller scale, by TeAM and into the global arena via our Go Global initiative. TheNEF amongst their members, revealed that many Go Global Directory is but one of the products of ourinternational buyers and potential customers found efforts in this area and the first of many efforts by TeAMit time-consuming to isolate and determine which to help our members and the nascent Malaysian ICTMalaysian ICT companies were seeking to export industry tap into the global ICT marketplace.to services and products to the global marketplace.Ascertaining the specific services and products of the I would like to take this opportunity to expressexport-ready Malaysian ICT companies was also a my thanks to our partners on this project, thechallenge for international buyers. Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT Industry and Entrepreneurs (NEF) and the MultimediaThe Go Global Directory therefore was conceived Development Corporation (MDeC) for their assistancespecifically to deal with this problem. Unlike in bringing the Go Global Directory to fruition. TeAMconventional ICT directories, the Go Global looks forward to future collaborations with both NEFDirectory is a select catalogue, consisting solely and MDeC as we all work towards putting Malaysiaof Malaysia’s best-of-breed ICT companies that are on the map in the field of ICT.focused on export-centric products and services. Toprovide a high level of comfort and validation tointernational buyers, these companies have further Koh Lee Chingbeen evaluated and assessed stringently by MDeC, PRESIDENTTeAM and the NEF to ensure that they are able to Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM)meet the international product and service demandsof global customers. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 03
  • 5. MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT MALAYSIAN ASSOCIATION OF BUMIPUTERA ICT INDUSTRY AND ENTREPRENEURS (NEF) Assalamualaikum W.B.T, Alhamdulillah, by the infinite blessing of Allah s.a.w, TeAM, NEF and MSC Malaysia have successfully published the inaugural issue of Go Global Directory 2010/11. This is indeed another milestone in our aim to get more companies to tackle the overseas market. The Go Global program is designed as such where participating companies leverage the power of the group in going abroad. It is this synergistic efforts that we hope will be able to catalyze these companies further in their various targetted markets. They have created a presence in their home country and now it is time to take on the world. It is our hope that with this Go Global Directory, which will be circulated around the world via the network of government offices in various countries, the companies will gain better traction in the global market. This of course cannot be done in isolation, we would also like to thank MATRADE in their support to circulate this directory to its overseas offices. With this publication of Go Global Directory 2010/11, we hope the companies will be able to foster new business opportunity overseas and other potential ventures and hence, supports Malaysia’s aspiration towards service industry as the main economic driver. I would like to also express our special appreciation to Chairman of Go Global program from both TeAM and NEF, MDeC and MATRADE. It is their effort and drive that has brought the program to where it is today. Many thanks to everyone involved in this initiative. Thank you. With warm regards and Salaams, Ashran Dato’ Ghazi President, Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT Industry and Entrepreneurs (NEF) www.nef.org.my04 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 6. INFORMATION ABOUT GO GLOBALThe Go Global Directory is designed to be a one-stop source of information forforeign companies looking to do business with or procure the services of Information,Communications and Technology (ICT) service providers in Malaysia.Every company featured in the Go Global Directory hasbeen carefully screened and assessed by TeAM, MDeCand NEF to ensure that their products and servicesare of international export standards, and that thecompanies have the capacity and capabilities requiredto meet the service demands and requirements ofinternational customers.Armed with this Directory, foreign and internationalbuyers will be able to focus their search for serviceor product suppliers on Malaysian companies andservice providers of the highest repute and who holdthemselves to international world-class standards ofservice delivery and product excellence.The Go Global Directory is also positioned to enableMalaysian ICT companies and service providers togain greater exposure in the international marketplace.In addition to distribution by MDeC at all major ITtrade events, the Directory will be utilised by variousgovernment bodies and agencies to promote MalaysianICT companies at various international exhibitions andconferences.The Go Global Directory currently contains only 30companies but TeAM and NEF are confident that thisDirector will only grow and expand as MalaysianICT companies continue to achieve new heightsin innovation, service quality and research anddevelopment. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 05
  • 7. This page is intentionally left blank06 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 8. Go Global Directory 2010/11 Infopro Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 07
  • 9. The Company About Us INFOPRO is an ISO 9001 certified and CMMI assessed global financial solution provider. We design, implement, and support financial solutions to over 80 financial institutions worldwide. Headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. INFOPRO has been serving the global financial industry for over 23 years. INFOPRO’s processes and procedures are well in place to ensure first-rate services and deliverables. The company’s impressive achievement of 100% successful implementation track record is a testament to its aggressive engagement of Research and Development, leading to enhanced levels of competency. By aligning client’s IT needs to their businesses, INFOPRO releases powerful tools for its clients in the highly-competitive financial markets. Stellar Growth in Established and Emerging Markets In every geography region that we operate, our market approach is a pragmatic blend of playing to our strength and providing solutions according to the unique requirements of each market. INFOPRO accordingly uses the most suitable business model of each market-such as a joint venture in the Middle East, community-based-service model in South East Asia. Starting from its first oversea operation within the South East Asian region in the mid 1990s, it has now expanded to the Middle East, Africa and China. We are strengthening our foothold in the Asia Pacific region and planning to expand across the pacific towards the Americas. To date, INFOPRO has operational sites in over 28 countries.08 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 10. Industry FocusGeographical Diversification of Revenues,Employees and CustomersIn every geography region that we operate, ourmarket approach is a pragmatic blend of playing toour strength and providing solutions according tothe unique requirements of each market. INFOPROaccordingly uses the most suitable business model foreach market such as a joint venture in the Middle East,community-based service model in South East Asia.“We have proven 100% track record of implementationand migration. An achievement that help propelled usthe forefront of the industry”CEO Mr. Chuah Wan Pin• Focused… We are focused on Service Sector• Specialist… We are specialist in the banking industry• Leadership… We are leading solutions provider• Established… Almost a quarter of a century• Regarded as the competition… We are the competition• Product Breadth… We have huge intellectual property• Loyal Customers… We have a good track record• Cutting Edge… We spend 25% our turnover on R&D• International… We support customers across 3 continents Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 09
  • 11. Business Activities eICBA System- A Total Banking Solution Seamless Integration INFOPRO embraces the latest technology and the world-class banking practices in the development of its flagship banking solutions- eICBA System. It provides the full spectrum of Conventional Banking, Islamic Banking and Electronic Banking solutions, and it is able to run on all open system platforms provided by all ATM major vendors. INFOPRO has invested more than MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 170 million in the development of eICBA Customer Database System over the past 23 years. eICBA is designed to suit various types and sizes Data Warehouse of financial originations. It supports various type of workflows to ensure accurate information reaches the right people at the right time. Decision Support System Email & Groupware Credit, Debit and Smartcard Over-The-Counter Attended Transactions SMS Banking Corporate Terminal & Internet Banking Telebanking10 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 12. Mix of Global and Regional Partnerships To Advantages: Facilitate Local Adoption • Rich Functionality INFOPRO has a range of partnerships both at global • Up-to-date Technology and regional levels to facilitate local adoption. • Scalability INFOPRO has strong and established partnership with • Support Multilingual Function global technology leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle • uilt-in rules to ensure information B & IBM. Equally well chosen and effective are its local accuracy security maintained partnerships that provide critical advantage in customer • Seamless integration engagement by understanding local market challenges • tilizes international and local U and product requirements ensuring the offered standard solutions support the company’s growth strategies in emerging markets. Our thoughtful approach to partnership selection has contributed both to our successful globalization and to the foundation of every Features successful partnership. • Based on Open Systems – supports multiple OS (Windows, Unix, Linux, Z/OS) Standardization of Quality across the Globe • J2EE Compliant The main feature distinguishing INFOPRO from • Browser (Web) Based Thin Client other top IT solution providers of the world is the • n-Tier Architecture resolute focus on development of new technology • Supports Cluster Technology and superior usage of IT platform and solution • Security: SSL,Triple DES & Digital Certs technology architecture, and infrastructure. With early • Tools: Oracle Tools, Java adoption of new technology applications and global availability of software, INFOPRO is ahead of the J2EE Compliant technology adoption curve, when compared to others • Highly scalable in its industry, and is able to service better quality to • Ease of integration customers. Equally important is the seamless integration of their skilled workforce providing low-cost and high- quality technology with local delivery capabilities. “Over 25% of our total revenue goes to investment of R&D. We need to always adapt the changes around us. Production Only then can we technologically and culturally be Database relevant” Server COO Mr. Mathew Chuah Production Application Server• Branches• Off-site locations• Corporate Terminal Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 11
  • 13. Contact Us Malaysia (Corporate Office) INFOPRO SDN BHD Block B3 level 8, Leisure Commerce Square, No 9 Jalan PJS 8/9, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-7876 6666 Fax: +603-7876 1233 The Philippiness INFOPRO SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL Unit 303, Hanston Building Emerald Avenue Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines 1605 Tel: +632-910 6296 Fax: +632-631 3041 United Arab Emirates INFOPRO INTERNATIONAL FZCO PO Box 54565 Unit 3EG05 East Wing 3, Dubai Airport Free Zone Dubai, UAE Tel: +971-4 299 2297 Fax: +977-4 299 4252 Other Offices & Representatives: Singapore | Shanghai, China | Accra, Ghana Website: www.infopro.com.my12 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 14. Go Global Directory 2010/11 eBworx Berhad Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 13
  • 15. The Company eBworx is a leading international consulting eBworx is focused in providing solutions in the banking and technology solutions firm specialising in the sector and its integrated suite of credit management financial services industry. Banks are the center of solution (Loans Origination and Collection & Recovery) our business and we deliver innovative and high- and delivery channel solutions (Cash Management, performance solution to our clients, supporting them Internet and Mobile Banking, Branch Delivery) and in their business objectives. The turn of the century Trade Finance provides best of breed solutions to banks has seen our clients faced with new challenges in in the region. risk management, BASEL II compliancy, merger and acquisition, changing technology environment and at The company boasts an impressive list of blue-chip the heart of it, the drive to achieve increased customer clients which include regional banking giants such as centricity. OCBC and CIMB Group; Tier-1 banks in Malaysia such as RHB Banking Group, AmBank Group, EON Banking We begin by understanding our client’s requirements. Group and Alliance Financial Group; PT Bank Central We couple our solution consulting with leading Asia, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia and BII Maybank in practices. And most of all, we help our clients leverage Indonesia; KASIKORNBANK in Thailand and Hua Xia on technology as an enabler, delivering solutions which Bank in China. propel them to the next stage. With our vast experiences in many project eBworx was founded on May 2, 1998 with a vision to implementations, supported by our domain expertise develop the company into a leading global financial in financial services industry, eBworx is able to solutions provider. In line with this vision, eBworx has differentiate itself from a pure software company into a remained focused on helping financial institutions in full service solutions firm. We are able to bring about three main areas: solutions which will address the banks’ business needs • To gear towards electronic banking whilst providing banks with consulting services in our • To be more customer-centric in sales & operations areas of expertise. • o better manage lending practices & to move T towards Basel II compliance eBworx was granted MSC Malaysia status on 11 February 2002 by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and was listed on the ACE Market (previously MESDAQ) on 17 November 2003. The eBworx Group is a regional financial solutions specialist, providing a wide array of innovative digital commerce solutions to the financial services industry. We have presence and clients across the region in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and China. eBworx offshore development centre is based in Chengdu, China where we focus on research and development for strategic applications.14 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 17. Business Activities eBworx solutions are flexible and modular and our consultants are domain experts, working to bring our wealth of consulting and implementation experience to our clients, enhancing and ensuring their competitive advantage. Our solution offering includes the following: 1. Digital Delivery Channels Suite 3. Information Management Services • Digital Retail Internet Banking (DRIB) • Customer Information Files (CIF) • igital Mobile Banking (DMB) covering various D • Collateral Management devices ranging from Apple iOS to Android to • Central Liability Management Symbian • igital Transaction Banking (DTB) which includes D 4. TradeSpring Cash Management and Trade Front-End • Digital Branch Delivery System (DBDS) 5. Digital Portal Manager 2. Digital Business Centre Suite • Digital Credit Management System (DCMS) • Digital Collection and Recovery System (DCRS) • Digital Credit Evaluation Engine (DCES) Industry Focus Banking Contact us eBWORX BERHAD (521609-T) Level 3A Block B, Axis Business Park, No. 10 Jalan Bersatu 13/4, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-7956 9822 Fax: +603-7957 2661 Website: www.ebworx.com Contact Person: Andrew Goh Email: andrewgoh@ebworx.com16 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 18. Go Global Directory 2010/11 Macro Kiosk Berhad Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 17
  • 19. The Company MACROKIOSK is a multi-country mobile messaging technology enabler mobilizing technologies specifically in the area of mobile services, mobile monetization and telco-grade solutions. Year 2000 saw the inception of Macro Kiosk Berhad MACROKIOSK is committed to providing scalable (“MACROKIOSK”), a subsidiary of Goldis Berhad mobile messaging solutions to conveniently with the vision to become the leading Mobile disseminate mission-critical services over borderless Messaging Technology Enabler in Asia. MACROKIOSK market and constantly satisfying beyond customer provides world-class mobile messaging connectivity expectations. and solutions to a large-scale customer base with instantaneous mobile messaging connectivity to more MACROKIOSK obtained its MSC Malaysia status in than 2 billion mobile subscribers around the world. year 2001, allowing the company to undertake research and development in the area of mobile messaging Combining continual innovation and revolution, technology. MACROKIOSK continuously improve its MACROKIOSK’s Global Mobile Messaging Network - pursuit in mobile technology enhancement locally etracker is robustly connected to more than 500 mobile and regionally, to be a top of emerging mobility trends operators worldwide for 2-way bulk messaging, and is powering customers from 18 different industries. directly connected to more than 130 mobile operators for premium messaging. MACROKIOSK is an award-winning company, with a string of accolades awarded by internationally Primarily focusing on mobile messaging gateway acclaimed establishment and faculties. Presence in and mobile messaging solutions, MACROKIOSK’s 10 countries, namely Brunei, China, Hong Kong, services cater to different stakeholders of the mobile Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, industry namely mobile operators, solution providers, Thailand and Vietnam makes MACROKIOSK the application developers, content providers, and system preferred Mobile Messaging Gateway and Solutions integrators - as well as to any companies who wants to Enabler to a multitude of local and global clienteles. leverage on the mobile channel, ranging from banks to airlines to television networks to retail stores, aside from many others in different industries. Such distinct companies by and large have international and global presence; MACROKIOSK will be the perfect business partner to work with.18 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 20. MACROKIOSK Corporate Website Snapshot: www.macrokiosk.com MACROKIOSK Accreditation and Accolades MCMC Licensed Company Malaysia iDa Nationwide ICP Licensed Company Licensed Company Singapore China2009 MSC Malaysia CDP Achievement Award2008 ASEAN Business Award2007 | 2006 Enterprise 50 Award2007 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Award2006 Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year Award2006 | 2005 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award2006 | 2005 | 2004 ACM Best @ Show Awards Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 19
  • 21. MACROKIOSK Offerings Mobile Enterprise Services (MES) Mobile Financial Services (MFS) MACROKIOSK Mobile Enterprise Services (MES) MACROKIOSK suite of Mobile Financial Services enables the immediate delivery of bulk messages comprises of multiple mobile channels namely around the world. Transacting on our etracker network, SMS, MMS, WAP, authentication and downloadable MES is able to route 2-way messages with more than applications to mobile phones. Mobile Fund Transfers, 500 mobile operators worldwide, making it possible Transaction Authorization Code (TAC), Mobile for you to communicate and reach your clients Alerts, Mobile Reminders, Mobile Enquiries, Mobile efficiently and cost-effectively without the limitation Request, Mobile Payments and Mobile Top-Ups are of geographical boundaries. MES enables anyone from some examples that MACROKIOSK Mobile Financial governments, multinationals, SMIs, SMEs, to SOHOs to Services caters for. This solution allows mobile phones leverage on mobile messaging to achieve their business to be used as a channel to execute mobile commerce communication goals. whereby transfers, payments and enquiries can be done seamlessly regardless of geographical locations and Mobile Interactive Services (MIS) mobile phone types. MACROKIOSK Mobile Interactive Services (MIS) is Mobile Aviation Services a secure and reliable platform designed for you to monetize your mobile contents/services. Connected to MACROKIOSK offers a total mobility experience etracker, you are able to engage in premium chargeable in Mobile Aviation Services that includes Mobile messaging service with the customer base of more than Booking, Mobile Ticketing and Airline Transaction 130 mobile operators. MIS essentially acts as the selling SMS Alerts. MACROKIOSK suite of Mobile Aviation middleware between you and mobile operators for the Services comprises of multiple mobile channels namely delivery of your mobile contents/services to millions SMS, MMS, WAP, authentication and downloadable of mobile subscribers. Operating with a charging applications to mobile phones. This solution allows component, the platform facilitates an efficient reverse- mobile phones to be used as a channel to execute charging payment system where MACROKIOSK mobile commerce whereby booking, purchasing and contracts with the mobile operator to fulfill your sales authenticating can be done seamlessly regardless of pay-out. geographical locations and mobile phone types. Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) Mobile Monetization Services MACROKIOSK Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) MACROKIOSK Mobile Monetization Services platform revolutionizes the paradigm of authentication through enable application developers to gain an accelerated the use of SMS. MAS combine a two-dimensional monetization channel, integrates sales and distribution (2D) barcode technology with GSM picture messaging components effectively while also allowing the technology to provide you a paperless solution for your high flexibility in establishing the preferred revenue authenticating needs. Supporting various 2D barcode model. Be it social games, videos or business tools, formats such as Quick Response Code, Datamatrix and MACROKIOSK offers a robust merchandizing platform mCode, MAS converts text or picture messages into a that supports different charging models such as flat-rate, 2D barcode to be transmitted to the mobile phone via per-usage, per-session or subscription basis. etracker SMS or WAP push. Each code delivered to the mobile direct access to the mobile operators also provides user is a unique code that is non-replicable to other the advantage of having multiple shortcodes for mobile users, thus ensuring a single usage expiry. simultaneous connectivity to different country markets.20 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 22. Industry FocusTo date MACROKIOSK is powering 18 industries namely:• Advertising / Marketing • Hospitality / Hotel Services• Aviation • Information Technology / Solutions / e-Commerce• Banking / Finance / Securities • Insurance• Broadcasting • Publishing• Education • Property / Real Estate• Entertainment • Retail / Wholesale• Logistics / Supply Chain / Transportation • SOHOs / SMIs / SMEs• Food & Beverage • Telecommunications• Healthcare • Tourism / Travel Contact usMACRO KIOSK BERHADCompany Brand: MACROKIOSKMezzanine Floor,Menara Tan & Tan,207, Jalan Tun Razak,50400 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTel: +603 2164 8100Fax: +603 2164 9100Website: www.macrokiosk.comCompany Presence: Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, VietnamContact person: Kenny GohEmail: ck@macrokiosk.com Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 21
  • 23. This page is intentionally left blank22 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 24. Go Global Directory 2010/11Open Dynamics Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 23
  • 25. The Company Staying competitive in today’s high-powered, on- Open Dynamics’ flagship product, Joget Workflow, demand business landscape means recognizing the is a people-driven form-based open source workflow day-to-day challenges of organizations and integrating management system. It is a stand-alone application that the right skill and creative approach to meet them can manage and automate processes that are unique to effectively. Open Dynamics understands that and each organization, creating added value. Incorporated always tries to find the better way. Leveraging more in Malaysia in 2009 and the United States (CA) in than 30 years of combined experience in software 2010, Open Dynamics provides training, support, design and development, this team of enthusiastic consultancy services and partnership opportunities for professionals is committed to developing open source Joget Workflow, a robust workflow management system software solutions that help organizations generate that can serve as a pivotal factor for today’s bustling operational speed and increase productivity through businesses. business workflow processes that can be captured and managed easily and intuitively. Design via Workflow Designer and Deploy to the server Design Co e nfig Updat Designing Et u re Map participants to Enchance and update processes when necessary Deploying a users and activities to forms and plug-ins Process using Joget Workflow Execute Start process and perform tasks24 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 26. Business ActivitiesOpen Dynamics operates primarily in the free and open source software sector and is the proponent and sponsor of theopen source Joget Workflow Project.What is Joget Workflow?Joget Workflow (jōgĕt wûrk’flō’) is a people-driven, form-based workflow management system. This stand-aloneapplication can manage and automate processes that are unique to each organization, creating added value.The system serves as a platform for users to design, deploy and run different types of workflows for different types oforganizational processes. Workflow designers can create dynamic workflows that can be updated anytime. Each activitycan be mapped with a form to capture the user’s input, while serving as a plug-in for system integration.Joget Workflow is XPDL compliant and has a plug-in architecture to extend its usability. The system can be used on its ownto manage the flow of processes and data captured from forms, or it can be seamlessly integrated in various ways to yourexisting systems to build complete applications tailor-fit to your unique needs. Capable of synchronous and asynchronousintegration, Joget Workflow provides the ability to automate, manage and continuously improve business processes, while reducing the burden of paper-based work. It can be integrated to other portals or system applications using AJAX or JSON API. Joget Workflow Workflow Designer Workflow Engine Workflow Management Console Inbox/Task Form Workflow User System Manager Builder Monitor Manager Settings Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 25
  • 27. Business processes can now be supported and maintained, deployed across the enterprise and quickly modified as processes evolve. Joget Workflow’s simple and rapid deployment, coupled with its graphical point-and-click tools, built-in workflow logic and reusable object libraries, enables even complex processes to be easily designed and deployed. Key Benefits of Joget Workflow Increased Efficiency and Productivity • limination of unnecessary steps due to automation E Ease of Use and Simplicity of business processes • isually configurable rules and actions, allowing V • aster and more consistent completion of manual F business processes to be automated without custom processes, and with minimal errors programming • oint-and-click configuration, enabling rapid P Improved Process Control development and deployment • tandardization of processes and availability of audit S • apacity to accommodate all business needs C trails regardless of process complexity • Predefined and documented steps • ntuitive user interface to easily design work I • Consistent business practices processes • mproved efficiency in organizations as a result of I transparency in processes Lowered Cost • ewer mistakes and work delays results in increased F Focus on Business Needs productivity and faster delivery. • usiness managers can now focus on important B • mployees can be guided through complex E business decisions rather than routine task procedures, hence reducing the cost of training. assignments and reporting. • onsistency in business processes allows for better C anticipation of customer demands and greater predictability in levels of customer response. Business Process Improvement • lexibility over processes enables quick redesign in F line with evolving business needs. • ocus on business processes leads to better F streamlining and simplification. • mprovement of internal processes increases I efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.26 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 28. Open Dynamics ServicesOpen Dynamics offers a full range of services under the Joget Workflow Project:• nterprise Support - Technical support services provide direct access to our engineers who are ready to assist you in the E design, development, deployment, and management of workflow processes on Joget Workflow.• echnical Consultancy - Need to integrate with other software or systems? Tap into our consultants’ technical know- T how.• oftware Training - Need to be up and running fast with Joget Workflow? Get our trainers to provide you with in-house S basic and advance training.• artnerships - We are constantly looking for business partners for Joget Workflow, whether for training, distribution, P technology sharing or OEM opportunities. Industry Focus • Participation in government open source initiatives • Horizontal businesses Contact usOPEN DYNAMICS SDN BHD C-01-3, Block C, Plaza GlomacNo.6, Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya47301 Petaling Jaya,Selangor, MalaysiaTel: +603-7885 8032Fax: +603-7885 8035OPEN DYNAMICS INC. 440 N. Wolfe Rd. - Sunnyvale,CA 94085, USATel: +1 408-480 5105Fax: +1 408-773 8462Website: http://joget.orgContact person: Jack HiiEmail: jakku@joget.orgFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/jogetworkflowTwitter: http://twitter.com/jogetworkflowYouTube: http://www.youtube.com/jogetworkflow Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 27
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  • 30. Go Global Directory 2010/11Platform2u.com Berhad Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 29
  • 31. The Company The company was founded in August 2008 with Vision the vision to provide a complete end-to-end We believe the great coaching from Guy Kawasaki e-commerce platform to the Asia industry by easily who states that a business that operates with a “great setting up online-businesses and trading in the global meaning in mind”, profit will follow. It is our vision to marketplace. In a short span of three months, we have become Asia’s largest, complete e-commerce platform, obtained the MSC Malaysia status from Multimedia bringing the world back to you. We have crafted Development Corporation (MDeC) in early January our business objective by delivering our belief in 2009 in recognition for our innovative research and e-commerce changing lifestyle. development efforts in e-Commerce era. 1. Global optimization In April 2009, when Platform2u.com was just five Platform2u.com will establish its status as a major months old, we are proud to launch our brainchild, player, possibly to be the largest e-commerce SMilDS.com, the fourth generation e-commerce platform in the Asia. We aim to land our footprint solution to the public. Being young and energetic, onto at least more than thirteen countries as SMilDS.com was well received and we were pleased we expand, as well as to glocalize our system that in a glimpse; our community grew to several and operation. We will continue to pursue our hundred merchants and still growing. growth strategy in future to prepare us for global competition. Today, we penetrated into three countries, mainly Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong and employ over 2. reating New Opportunities and Changing Lifestyle C 40 people from these countries. We’ve experienced Platform2u.com aims to see and enable everyone major, rapid change but have held fast to our company to operate their business online. With the slow aspirations to attract not the best knowledge workers downturn of the economy, we hope to assist SME/ in the market, instead a committed, determined and SMIs to expand their market reach as well as to assist passionate team, who puts away individual pride fresh graduates and unemployed to join us in our and personal agenda in achieving our never-ending e-entrepreneur program. We believe with correct mission. training and education in e-commerce, they are able to start up their own dream and excel during time of Our commitment to innovation reflected in our values, crisis. Apart from that, we pursue a dream and aim, which underpin to our devotion to our customers’ believing that e-commerce will soon dominate and success in e-commerce, and eventually changing for a change our future lifestyle. better lifestyle in this bloating Internet industry. 3. ncreasing Competitiveness in Internet Retailing I TM Business The perfect e-commerce ecosystem would be intelligent enough to know not only the sales and profit gain, but also to forecast and advice the business trend for the next few years, preparing our business partners to face the changes. Given the state of the e-commerce technology today, that’s a far-reaching vision requiring research, development and innovation to realize. Platform2u.com is committed to blaze that trail, thus increasing our TM competitiveness among existing e-commerce market players.30 | Go Global Directory 2010/11 TM
  • 32. Business ActivitiesPlatform2u.com solely focuses on providing a complete • ustomer Relationship Management (CRM) System Ce-commerce ecosystem from deployment of the ‘Customers First’ is the all time businesses favouritebackend system to the development of design and quote…support as well as consultation on online businesses.As more and more people enter the busy working Another important component in our SMilDS.comlife, demand for having any kind of a 1-stop service system is built in with CRM system, which enableshas indeed increased over the time. SMilDS.com is you to track and organize your customer contactsdesigned, equipped with an end-to-end e-commerce as well as to approach your potential customers. Ittrading platform to cater such massive demand in the is an effective sales-network approach to know andmarket today. understand your customer’s needs and requirements, which eventually boost company profit. Our CRMSMilDS.com Overview consists of Front-office operation, Back-officeSMilDS.com is an innovative and easiest solution operation, Business relationships, and advancedfor you to be part of global trend by transforming phase of business intelligence analysis.traditional business concept into a borderless e-tradingplatform. We call this platform the e-commerce 4.0, • E-Payment Gateway Systemthe fourth generation e-commerce solution that features Highly secured and designed with fraud preventionnot only a complete e-Commerce tools you need, but and detection mechanism, our e-payment system isalso a business intelligent trading engine. SMilDS. able to accept more than 15 mainstream currenciescom is also a platform with low entry barrier for SMEs in the world. Our payment gateway business partnerin Asia, designed and glocalized with simplicity and is a Malaysia government authorised company whichuser-friendly to suit all group demands from non-IT to is highly trained and expertise in online paymentIT savvies. services. Apart from accepting a variety of payments from credit cards to online banking, Platform2u.comEquipped with complete e-commerce tools and owning acts as a Facilitator in managing your transactions,your own customer database, nothing can stop from lowering frauds with our built-in detection tools, astransforming YOU into an e-commerce GURU! Take well as a impose risk management system to protectadvantage of SMilDS.com features and see for yourself data privacy. These ensure all payment transactionshow SMilDS.com can change your business trend and are processed efficiently and smoothly.be a part of your lifestyle! • E-Logistic SystemKey Components SMilDS.com incorporates the e-logistic system,• Advance e-commerce Web Store whereby we integrate our tracking system and a SMilDS.com ready-customised a trendy yet simple built-in consignment note printing feature with our and user-friendly web-store for you, with more than logistic partners such as PosLaju, Citylink Express, hundreds of designed and sophisticated templates UPS, and Fedex to simplify the shipping process for to choose. All you need to do is just to upload your all our merchants. Our logistic partners are from products as well as your company logo into your reputable backgrounds, reliable and professional Back Office and you are ready for business. in ensuring the shipment is delivered timely and soundly. We also introduce the FIRST cross-selling e-trading engine in the world through SMilDS.com. Cross- Apart from that, we incorporate our online system selling allows other merchants to sell different whereby customers can track their respective products in their web-store, where they can earn shipments in real time. Platform2u.com will act as commissions set by the product owner. This helps a facilitator to monitor the shipment, ensuring both not only to expand your product range, but also our buyers and merchants are well informed on the expanding customer base and market reach. Thus, shipment status as well as ensuring all damages and through this function, products can be sold and investigation is done accordingly. bought in the global marketplace and creates a healthy competitiveness amongst the web-store owners. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 31
  • 33. Our Partners Businesses around the globe are actively looking for niche consultancy services to take on challenges and opportunities, and to raise competitiveness in the market. As a borderless business platform and gateway to the biggest marketplace, the Internet, SMilDS.com is the perfect marketing channel for shrewd business. Based on such an understanding of the intricate need for a realistic platform in the market that will deliver genuine and solid results that promises to reach the right consumers and to optimize limited resources, SMilDS.com can help, providing businesses with an innovative and alternative marketing channel. Some of our partners include: Industry Focus Online Retail and Promotion for SMIs and SMEs. Contact us PLATFORM2U.COM Malaysia Headquarters: 60, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Hong Kong Office: Unit 1-2, 18 Floor, No. 26, Nathan Road, TST, Kawloon, Hong Kong Philippines Office: 10th Floor, Herrera Tower, 98 V.A., Rufino Street, Makati City, 1227 Philippines. Tel: +603 8068 4607 Fax: +603 8068 5718 Website: http://www.platform2u.com | http://www.smilds.com Email: info@platform2u.com32 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  • 35. The Company Located in the cost - quality sweet spot of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SigMax-e is able to offer a great low- cost location coupled with world-class infrastructure! It is no surprise therefore that, within a short span of five years, it has been able to attract some of the best-known brands in the world to its books. Dell, Sony, Panasonic, The Commonwealth to name just a few! When you are looking to enhance the productivity of your back office, you have two big options… You may look at process re-engineering and deploy well known methods like six sigma, OR… • f the process is not strategic to your core business, i you may choose to outsource to a low cost partner. SigMax E Services has been established to address exactly these needs. Sigmax-E specializes in providing productivity solutions to enhance the quality and reduce the costs of your back-office processes. It deploys process management best practices from world class companies and proven methodologies like Six Sigma to achieve these ends for its clients.34 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 36. Business Activities Business Activities SigMax-e provides two lines of services: Process Outsourcing • Book Keeping • Account Reconciliation • Financial analysis • Customised Reports • Expense claims processing • Billing • Data Capture • Transaction Processing Project Management • TrainingSigMax-e helps UK accounting firm to cut • Facilitating:costs and speed-up book-keeping - Quality improvement - Cost-cuttingContext: - New process design• ccountancy firm (AF) in London looks to cut costs A • esign and implementation of D in book keeping and data entry to provide more plans for Shared Services and cost-effective services to its clients OutsourcingAction: Results: (after 12 Months)• F outsources the functions from receipt of A • Process works effectively and is stable vouchers, invoices, bank statements, etc to • rained employee at SigMax-e, successfully trains T preparation of Trial Balance. After a detailed study, other staff AF prefers Malaysia due to availability of large • Scope expanded to cover 40 companies numbers of UK-trained accountants and stable • SLA implementation timelines improved infrastructure. • F expresses satisfaction with progress and agrees to A• t outsources the process to Sigmax-e based on its I expand scope further to include analysis of accounts knowledgeable accounting staff, stable infrastructure and preparation of Audit Files by SigMax-e and proven capability of delivering to SLAs• AF sends trainer to train SigMax-e staff for one week. Learning:• rocess established for scanning all documents in P Key success factors are: London and storing them on secure server. SigMax-e Partnership model logs in accesses documents, captures data, saves Flexibility in crafting solutions ‘back-up’ file on server for B to access and process Transparency in discussing defects and problems further.• Outsourcing commenced with 4 accounts Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 35
  • 37. The way it works… 1. Invoices and other paper-based inputs are scanned and stored in electronic form, 2. Inputs received electronically, via fax or the web are stored in the same way. 3. This data is transmitted via periodic file transfers or a accessed direct via 3270 / terminal server / web solutions, 4. ransaction processing / ERP systems accessed via T 3270 sessions / terminal server or other web-based solutions. 5. In most cases, data is retained at customer site and not duplicated. 6. State of the art security and compression systems used to ensure confidentiality and minimize bandwidth usage. Sigmax-e deploys proven methodologies and best practices to migrate client processes to its offices and then goes about systematically eliminating waste and fat from them to ensure continuous improvement. The graph below depicts SigMax-e’s systematic approach from prospecting to operations. 1 Opportunity Identification 2 Solution Design 3 Process Transition 4 Service Delivery 5 Billing & Collections • Explore Opportunity • nderstand U • Hire & Train Staff • easure outputs vs. M • apture output C • Contact Client ‘Bostomer’ needs • et sign-off on G targets data on Quality & • tudy process S proficiency Volumes • Earn Trust • easure process M dynamics, Metrics & • Set up infrastructure variance • Raise invoices • Explain Value staff profile • Pursue collections • Identify ‘Bostomer(s)’ • evelop ‘Bostomer’ D • Manage staff • Id. Regulatory issues comm. plan • Respond to RFI • IS, Dashboards & M • esign Process & IT • Test systems & skills D Performance Analysis • btain RFP / sign-off O solution • SLA with Exit clauses • ontinuous C for Solution design • Submit proposal • Get OK for cut-over improvement & • Close sale ‘Bostomer’ feedback 2 Toll 5 Toll Gates, Gates FMEA36 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 38. Client Endorsement Industry Focus1. Companies with a global focus2. Start-up dot coms Contact usSIGMAX-E SERVICES SDN BHDUnit IB 1&2,MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre,Persiaran Multimedia,63000 Cyberjaya,Selangor, MalaysiaTel: +603-8313 8135Fax: +603-8313 8136Website: www.sigmax-e.comEmail: enquiries@sigmax-e.com Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 37
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  • 41. The Company Today’s economic climate and competitive business landscape give rise to the need for financial institutions to address various challenges and requirements. In addition, these institutions also have to look into providing solutions to meet the needs of their discerning customers. Silverlake Axis has a proven history in helping financial institutions stay agile. We have been a leading provider of end-to-end universal integrated banking solution to major financial institutions since 1989. Our installed Silverlake Axis empowers financial base in Asia and Middle East exceeds 100 customers institutions with the right solution including 40% of the Top 20 largest banks in South East foundation to continuously improve Asia. their world-class business delivery Our years of experience has helped us understand and customer services capabilities. the challenges that financial institutions are facing in meeting the demands of their customers, in staying ahead of the competition, in responding to the changing economic climate, be it locally or within the region. Hence, we are a trusted solutions provider and have a 100% success track record in delivering end-to- end core banking implementation and enhancement, backed by strong management and key software development team.40 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 42. Solution OfferingsSilverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) Silverlake Axis Integrated Islamic Banking SolutionSilverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) assists (SIIBS)financial institutions address challenges and leverages Silverlake Axis Integrated Islamic Banking Solutionopportunities driven primarily by market forces such (SIIBS) is a complete suite of applications that meet theas customer choices, compliance requirements, requirement of any Islamic Bank. SIIBS incorporates allneed for cost efficiency, business consolidations and features necessary to be an adaptive platform to supportcompetition. a world-class financial institution while complying to Syariah requirement.SIBS is designed on the Silverlake Axis SolutionArchitecture comprising the Representation, Logistics Silverlake Axis Integrated Provident Fund Systemand Core Layers. (SIPFS) Silverlake Axis Integrated Provident Fund SystemThe Representation Layer is powered by SIBS Customer (SIPFS) is a comprehensive employee provident fundFacing Software Engines to deliver world-class customer registration module. Its main function is registering ofinteractions and experience through multiple customer new members such as Government and Private Sectorstouch points. and to keep current and accurate lifetime member profile information, including nominees’ details. ThisThe Logistics Layer provides the enabling technologies module provides a wide range of capabilities thatto deliver straight through business process and allows users to seamlessly access information via ainformation integration at the front office, middle office single user-interface.and back office to achieve greater business processefficiency, transparency and control. Silverlake Axis Card System (SCS) Silverlake Axis Card System (SCS) is one of the mostThe Core Layer, anchored on the SIBS Product advanced and complete card solutions used by bothFactory and Information Repository, enables speedy financial institutions and card processors today. Adefinition of new products and services through more global payments system, SCS transcends nationalthan 10,000 user configurable and pre-integrated boundaries, offering 24X7 authorisation and differentsolution attributes/parameters and objects. SIBS types of settlement capability.supports Customer Centricity for all transactions andinteractions, throughout the entire life cycle of the Silverlake Axis Retail Merchandising System (PROFIT)customer relationships. Comprising more than 7,000 Silverlake Axis Retail Merchandising System (PROFIT)Banking Tables, the SIBS Information Repository can be is a fully integrated retail system with a completeleveraged for risk management, data mining, customer integrated solution developed for retailers based on theanalytics, cross-selling, customer care, product actual dynamics of the merchandising cycle. PROFITdevelopment, customer behavioural analysis and provides comprehensive end-to-end business process,performance management. opportunity management, performance reporting and decision support to retail management.SIBS offers a suite of over 40 modules catering toConventional, Islamic and Micro banking that supportfront office, middle office and back office operations. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 41
  • 43. Service Offerings Implementation and Customisation Services Application Management Services Our end-to-end implementation services include: Our Application Management team assigns resources • Project Management with the required skills and experience to plan, manage • Requirements Definitions and deliver the functional requirements, to leverage • Software Customisation and enhance our banking solution. • Life-cycle Testing • Data Conversion Business and IT Consulting Services • ardware Requirements Assessment & H Our Consulting Services aim to assist customers by Environment Setup providing strategic technology planning and analysis to • Training for Trainers & End Users find opportunities for competitive advantage. • Migration & Rollout • Pilot Implementation Outsourcing Services • Post Implementation Support Our Outsourcing Services provide a foundation for continuous strategic change through flexible, Program Management Services outsourced delivery model and consulting expertise. Our Program Management Services framework supports and manage multiple related projects as a whole to IT Systems Management achieve common strategic business goals. Our IT Systems Management includes marketing, implementing and maintaining tools for software Application Maintenance and Support Services change and deployment controls, hot-site data Our Maintenance and Support Services include 24 X 7 mirroring and application recovery, reports Customer Support Services and Customer Specific Release management and distribution, security management. Services for software supplied and installed by us. Contact Us SILVERLAKE AXIS SDN BHD Kuala Lumpur Suite 3A-3, Level 3, Block 3A, Plaza Sentral Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603-92073000 Fax: +603-92073111 Email: customersupport@silverlakeaxis.com Lot 5.04, 5th Floor, Menara 1, Faber Towers, Jalan Desa Bahagia, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603-79832288 Fax: +603-79836555 Email: customersupport@silverlakeaxis.com Website: www.silverlakeaxis.com www.silverlakegroup.com42 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  • 45. Rexit Berhad (“Rexit”) is a company that focuses on delivering solutions and services to the Insurance industry. Rexit’s intimate knowledge and understanding of the business processes and operations of the industry, its capability to continually identify advances in technology and successfully adapting those for the benefit of its customers have made Rexit the solutions partner of choice. Rexit is currently listed on the ACE market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd. The Company Rexit has grown from four-person operations in 1998 The e-Cover application has since been expanded to into a public listed company in November 2005. cover all classes of general insurance. Currently, more than 35,000 intermediaries, 10 insurance companies, Rexit offers several web-based insurance solutions over twenty unit trust companies, four banks, a which cater for the front-end marketing and sales statutory body and telcos are participating in one of functions, as well as the back-end operations and the largest e-commerce portals in the country with management requirements of insurance companies. over 500,000 transactions a month. The e-Cover portal currently transact over MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 1.5 Rexit is a key Shared Services and Outsourcing (“SSO”) billion in terms of premium value annually. partner to the financial services industry by offering its solutions on an Applications Service Provider (“ASP”) Through a common interface, agents can transact model. Rexit has recognized that this ‘pay per use’ for multi-principals using the same device instead of model can greatly benefit its customers, as there is different terminals and operating environments in the no need for upfront capital expenditure, the high cost past. The capability is extended to any location so of developing and upgrading an application or the long as there is access to the Internet. This fits into the related costs of maintaining and managing the required business model of providing service anytime, anywhere hardware. which most insurance agents operate in. A major milestone was reached in January 2005 when Rexit Software has met all the regulatory requirements, the Malaysian Government mandated that all insurance especially those of Central Bank of Malaysia on the information to be transmitted electronically to the Guidelines on Management of IT Environment (GPIS1) Road Transport Department (“JPJ”) via the paperless for its solutions to the insurance industry. electronic insurance (“eInsurans”) service only and that physical insurance cover was no longer in use. In As a public-listed entity, Rexit not only has the financial conjunction with the eInsurans initiative, JPJ appointed capacity to undertake large IT projects but also has Rexit’s 20% - owned associated company, Reward- the experience in managing large IT infrastructures. Link.com Sdn Bhd to be an electronic gateway provider It also operates under the stringent requirements of between JPJ and the insurance companies. various regulatory bodies ensuring that there is proper corporate governance and prudence in its operations. With the launch of the eInsurans initiative, Rexit introduced its e-Cover application through its wholly Rexit expanded its operations overseas with the owned subsidiary, Rexit Software Sdn Bhd (“Rexit incorporation of Rexit International Sdn Bhd (“Rexit Software”). The e-Cover application enabled the International”). In 2008, Rexit signed agreements insurance companies to utilize their agency network with Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and its subsidiary in partnership to capture the policyholders’ information at Hong Kong Sompo Japan Insurance (Hong Kong) Co. the point of customer contact. This meant that source Ltd. for the implementation of our IIMS. The system data is now entered by thousands of agents instead implemented at their Hong Kong office has since gone of relying on personnel of insurance companies and live in January 2010. the system is simple to use and easily accessible. This has greatly helped to enhance the delivery system and customer service of the insurance companies.44 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 46. In order for the group to continuously stay ahead in the the Federation of Malaysian Unit Trust Managers) in competitive information technology business and to 2009 as the third party administrator for electronicprovide new and enhanced software solutions to meet investment submissions. The application known as thethe needs of our customers, Rexit also has set up a electronic Pilihan Pelaburan Ahli system (“e-PPA“) iswholly-owned subsidiary, Rexit Software (Guangzhou) an industry platform for the electronic submission ofCo Ltd for the purpose of carrying out research and unit trust applications and redemption to the Kumpulandevelopment for our overseas projects. Furthermore, Wang Simpanan Pekerja (“KWSP”) (Employee Providentthe setting up of this base will provide the group with Fund-EPF).the availability of additional resources for projects inthe region The e-PPA system also facilitates the electronic settlement of the various electronic transactionsRexit was appointed by the Federation of Investment using the KWSP members’ fund. The system has goneManagers Malaysia (“FIMM”) (formerly known as ‘live’ since January 2010 and currently we have 34 customers using our e-PPA system which carry out over 40,000 transactions per month. Business ActivitiesRecognition and AwardsRexit Software and Rexit International were granted MSC (“Multimedia Super Corridor”) Malaysia status by MultimediaDevelopment Corporation Sdn Bhd (MDeC) in 2004 and 2008 respectively.Rexit Software won the MSC Malaysia APICTA The shared services model adopted has helped toMerit Awards for the local and international “Best of significantly reduce the cost of ownership as well as toFinancial Applications” categories in 2006. provide our customers with the capability to reach out to their customers via their agency networks efficientlyFurthermore, as part of Rexit’s continuous improvement and cost-ffectively.strategy, Rexit has achieved the Capability MaturityModel Integration (“CMMI”) rating (Level 3) in IIMSDecember 2008. The Integrated Insurance Management System is able to support the processes, work-flows and operationsRexit was also awarded the Business Times-CIMA of an insurance company which includes Marketing,Corporate Governance Award 2010 for Best in ACE Intermediary Management, Operations, Underwriting, Market in October 2010. Claims Management, Compliance, Reinsurance, Insurance Accounting, Treasury, etc as well as providingBusiness Activities/ Products and Services Executive Information System requirements.Rexit offers a broad range of solutions and servicesspecifically for the financial services industry, e-CMSspecifically for insurance companies as well as other The electronic Claims Management System is abusiness that want to benefit from implementing claims processing and management system with ansecured e-commerce. integrated workflow, imaging, document management and messaging systems which is purpose built for theOur insurance products and services support the entire insurance industry.spectrum of insurance process and operations spanningfrom the external sales and marketing process through e-PPAthe various distribution channels which include agents, The electronic Pilihan Pelaburan Ahli enables approvedbrokers and banks through to the internal operations unit trust or asset management companies to submitthat involve the management of intermediaries and investment application to the EPF electronically. Thisservice providers, policy administration, underwriting, has resulted in significant turnaround times for thecustomer services, claims management, compliance, approval of investment and redemption transactionsreinsurance, etc. carried out by EPF members. The use of the e-PPA system has also addressed the issue of fraud as all casese-Cover are authenticated electronicallyThe e-Cover application, which is offered on anApplication Service Provider basis, is available 24x7. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 45
  • 47. Industry Focus IT Insurance software solutions and system integration services Contact Us REXIT BERHAD (668114-K) No.42, Jalan BM1/2, Taman Bukit Mayang Emas 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-7803 6623 Fax: +603-7803 6922 Website: www.rexit.com Contact Person: Wong Phooi Hong Email: phwong@rexit.com46 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 48. Venture Go Global Directory 2010/11Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 47
  • 49. The Company We Improve Your Company Productivity Improve Productivity by Monitoring your Employee Internet Activities and Bandwidth Usage Improve Productivity by Automating your IT Asset Management Track your Laptop Anytime, Anywhere48 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 50. Employees spend 2 Hrs 05 min non- Productivity Intelligenceproductive hours a day. 44.7% timewasters is web surfing.(AOL and salary.com survey).Employee spend over one hour a dayon social media(Myjobgroup.co.uk)eTrax Unique Features• Easy Monitoring from Dashboard.• Drill down to detail when required• You can build your Company Policy• Monitor from Anywhere, Anytime• onitor $ and Time loses from Internet and M Bandwidth abuses• end your staff your Productivity message S AssetCentral helps you to reduce cost by managing thousands of computers using our automated IT Asset Management SystemOnline IT Asset ManagementAssetCentral provides comprehensive managementof IT Asset with automatic discovery of hardware,software, software licenses, software usage, version anddrivers.• AssetXplorer-Automated Discovery• Hardware Alarm Monitoring• Software License Management• Software Driver Management• Automated Asset Registration• Hardware Change Monitoring• Automated Staff Link• Monitor Anywhere, Anytime• Can be Hosted in the Cloud or Local server• Automated Audit Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 49
  • 51. AsseTrax Laptop Tracking System AsseTrax is an advanced laptop tracking software that enables you to track your laptop anywhere in the world. AsseTrax is the solution that you have been looking for to track your laptop and recover it when it is stolen. Benefit • Have Peace of Mind • Register Ownership of your Laptop • Track your Laptop Anywhere • Reduce Laptop Stolen • Recover your Stolen Laptop • Avoid Purchasing Stolen Laptop • Track your Laptop Anywhere Contact Us Venture AUTHENTIC VENTURE SDN BHD Malaysia Office: Block U, UPM-MTDC, Universiti Putra Malaysia 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia US Office: PlugandPlayTechCenter, 440 N. Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Tel: +603-8941 2739 / 8650 Fax: +603-8941 8651 Email: sales@ventures.com.my50 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 52. Go Global Directory 2010/11Netinfinium Corporation Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 51
  • 53. Netinfinium Corporation has been in the business of online marketing and communications for over a decade. Our in- house developed best of breed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products and services provide clients with flexibility and scalability for improved efficiency. We pride ourselves with providing IT based options that reduce our shared carbon footprint and increase consumer delight. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Netinfinium attained MSC Malaysia Status in February 2002. Listed in the Deloitte’s Asia Pacific Top 500 Fastest Growing IT Companies and Red Herring Asia Top 100 Technology Company, Netinfinium had been awarded with the AWSJ Asia Innovations Award, MC2 Creative Award, Asia Interactive Award, ZDNet Asia Top 10 Asian TechnoVisionaries and Malaysian Business Ethics Excellence Award. The Company Netinfinium Corporation Sdn Bhd was established in Corporation) for our continuous effort to propel 2000; upon the constant commitment to developing Malaysia into the forefront of Information Technology and providing solutions and top-notch innovative and to conduct further research and high tech solution business services to clients, in the areas of Internet- development activities in the field of email based based marketing and communications. NetInfinium’s billing systems. mission is to add value, improve the productivity, lower costs and increase the efficiency of our clients We have provided services and solutions for numerous operations by empowering them with the latest and projects, a large portion being for multinational most appropriate technology and ‘know-how’ for their corporations in Malaysia, in the fields of Internet-based business and operational needs. technology solutions development, consultancy and services. We provide our clients with effective solutions and services that encompass:- An upper-hand we have at NetInfinium is the strong • -Statement generation, encryption delivery, E partnership we have with world renowned names tracking & reporting solution such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and HP. • Email/SMS campaign, broadcast & tracking solution Our partnership and strategic alliance gives us the • ntegrated marketing (Interactive Web/SMS/Email) & I capabilities of delivering value, beyond your highest campaign coordination expectations. • Web Portal and Intranet Design and Development • Web Based Application Design and Development Netinfinium is also a member of MDA (Malaysian • Interactive Marketing Consultancy Digital Association), PIKOM (Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry Malaysia), ADMA NetInfinium Corporation Sdn Bhd attained MSC (Asia Digital Marketing Association) and DMA (Direct Malaysia (Multimedia Super Corridor) status in 2002, Marketing Association). and in 2003, was awarded the MGS (Multimedia Grant Scheme) grant by the MDeC (Multimedia Development52 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 54. Business ActivitiesOur solutions are developed based on industry standards and utilizing “best-of-breed” solutions from our partners such asHP, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems.DirectSecure™ E-Statement Delivery & BillPayment SolutionAn advanced end-to-end e-Statement solution designedto deliver statements, letters of credit, invoices, pointsbalance statements, credit due reminders etc. via themedium of email, sms, web or fax in the most efficientand secure manner.It also enables consumers to pay their bills via secureencrypted email without the need to login into anywebsite. This solution offers convenience to consumersand helps billers differentiate themselves from theircompetitors.Electronic Campaign Management(InterECM)An advanced high volume speed email, SMS and faxbroadcasting system that enables organizations to fullyutilize the power of electronic marketing.The system can be deployed as an installed solutionin your infrastructure (InterECM) or we can openup access to the system for you via web login andpassword (www.interecm.com).Web Portal / Intranet Design & DevelopmentCreating award winning websites and special web based tools and applications in furtherance of the client’s identity orbrand message. This service caters only for Medium to Large Corporations; our skill sets include IA Analysis, CreativeDesign, User-Centered Design, etc. Web based Applications Development & IntegrationDevelop, integrate, migrate, and synchronize web-based applications with backend systems to create customizedapplications for different business needs are our strength. Topple with vast marketing, sales & IT experiences garnered over the years with our various clienteles. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 53
  • 55. Industry Focus Banking, Insurance, Securities, Advertising Agencies, FMCG, Internet Portals, Loyalty program operators, Retailers and Telecommunications, Government Contact Us NETINFINIUM CORPORATION SDN BHD D-02-8, Jalan SS6/20A, Dataran Glomac, Pusat Bandar Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603- 7880 7793 Fax: +603 7880 0753 Website: www.netinfinium.com Email: For sales enquiries: sales.solution@netinfinium.com For corporate matters: corporate@netinfinium.com For support services: support.solution@netinfinium.com54 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 56. Go Global Directory 2010/11 iSentric Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 55
  • 57. The Company iSentric Sdn Bhd is a MSC Malaysia status company Below are some of our products offerings: incorporated in year 2001 and commenced its business actively in year 2003. It was founded by our Banking & Financial Solution 2 directors, Mr Aaron Lee and Mr Roy Ng. Currently, • Mobile Banking Solution iSentric has a total workforce of 25 employees and • Mobile Prepaid Reload Solution with business presence in regional countries such as • Mobile Insurance Singapore and Indonesia. Traditional & New Media iSentric headquarter is situated at No.3, Jalan 51A/227, • Mobile Blogging Solution 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Our R&D & • Mobile Content Management Solution Total Customer Support Centre is situated at AB13, MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre, • Mobile Classified Solution 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia. • Mobile Interactive Solution iSentric focuses in providing mobile business solutions Traditional & New Media to customers from Banks & Financial Institutions, • Mobile Blogging Solution Interactive Media and Enterprise sectors. Our primary • Mobile Content Management Solution service offerings under the Mobility2u brand are • Mobile Classified Solution Mobile Banking Solutions and Mobile Commerce • Mobile Interactive Solution Solutions. iSentric is committed to provide a ‘one stop’ solution, providing a reliable and robust SMS service for banks and financial institutions. It’s our intent to offer responsive message delivery, capacity for high volumes, and support for two-way interactive services. It provides end to end secured solution for Mobile Banking Applications from development, customization, service provisioning, maintenance, future upgrade to customer care. Our Mobile Banking Solution implemented is in compliance with Bank Negara Malaysia’s Guidelines on Management of IT Environment (GPIS 1).56 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 58. Business ActivitiesWith our in-house mobility solutions, we help clients to identify opportunities for building value through integration ofwireless technology into their infrastructure and hence help them increase their business revenue, improve productivity,increase operational efficiency, and reduction in operational cost.iSentric has formed strong alliances with the Malaysian mobile operators, such as Maxis, DiGi and Celcom and U-mobile. Hence, we have the ability to provide multiple operators system integration services for software and hardware as well asboth-ways interactive SMS from all networks. In addition, iSentric has established network connections to local operatorsin Singapore and Indonesia as well.With continuous effort in innovation, developments and growth, iSentric has been granted the following awards andrecognition as below:(i) Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award (ranked 6th fastest growing technology company in Malaysia and 67th in Asia Pacific) - year 2006(ii) Golden Bull Award (being one of the 100 Outstanding SMEs) - year 2007(iii) MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards (under the category best of financial application –mobility2u-mobile business solutions) - year 2007(iv) SME Recognition Award (under the category of SME Innovation Excellence Award) - year 2007(v) MCBC Business Excellence Award (under category of Industry Excellence in IT) - year 2008(vi) Enterprise 50 Award (ranked no.12 from the 50 winners) - year 2009 Contact UsISENTRIC SDN BHD(183309-K)No 3, Jalan 51A/227,46100 Petaling Jaya,Selangor, MalaysiaTel: +603-7875 1000Fax: +603-7874 2000Website: www.isentric.comContact person: Aaron LeeEmail: aaron.lee@isentric.com Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 57
  • 59. This page is intentionally left blank58 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 60. Go Global Directory 2010/11N2N Connect Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 59
  • 61. The Company Mission Statement To be the number 1 one stop Innovative Application Service Provider for the e-Commerce and m-Commerce segments of the Financial Industry, both locally and regionally. Competitive Advantage First mover advantages N2N is renowned for gaining several first mover advantages, commanding market share, pricing power and economies of scale. Business and technology knowledge Our key management has been involved in the ICT industry for more than 25 years with 10 years in financial industry. Their in-depth knowledge and experience allow N2N to conceptualise and develop N2N was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited innovative solutions and services for our capital market company on 10 August 2000 under the name of N2N clients, service providers and devices manufacturers, Connect Sdn Bhd. It was converted to a public limited who leverage on such solutions for a competitive edge company on 29 September 2004. On 1 July 2004, over their competitors. N2N was awarded Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia status by the Multimedia Development Innovation and creativity Corporation (MDeC) of Malaysia. We have successfully developed a suite of solutions and services which is user-friendly and wide-ranging The Company is principally involved in the R&D capturing large market segment of investors. of software packages and provision of design, programming and consultancy services and related activities, namely: • apital Market Application Services via the C Application Service Provider (ASP) business model • obile-Commerce, Content and Services via Telco M partnerships • ews Content Services via partnerships with Dow N Jones, The Edge and Xin Hua Financial News (XFN), Web design, hosting and network management Affordable ASP business model Our business model is based on innovate the invention N2N markets its core enterprise-wide integrated and commercialization of technology, combined with e-commerce securities trading solutions to local stock deep insight into the performance and processes of broking firms and banks. It also focuses on online business and industries with the goals of helping our transactions with emphasis in the capital market clients transform their enterprises for competitive segments, including online stock trading and related advantage and providing long-term value to our services. Its products and services range from online shareholders. In support of these objectives, our trading portals within the stock broking industry, business model has been developed over time through hosting and managing network services to wealth and strategic investments in services and technologies risk management solutions and m-commerce solutions that have the best long-term growth and profitability and sale of mobile devices. prospects based on the value they deliver to clients. The Company’s entry into m-commerce adds mobility With an efficient and cost effective Application to its existing services through: Service Provider (ASP) business model, stock broking • MSConnect™ (Corporate SMS, News and SMS S companies do not have to incur high initial capital Trading), outlay to acquire a quality online and mobile stock • obileConnect™ (Mobile Phone and PDA Real Time M trading system. Stock Price and Trading)60 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 62. Products and ServicesN2N provides the latest most comprehensive PDAConnect™ and MobileConnect™and reliable application in accessing global multi PDAConnect™ and MobileConnect™ are mobile instrument markets information, tools and analysis. wireless applications developed for equity trading. BothOur objective is to educate and enable investors into applications enable users, who register to trade withmaking sound choices when it comes to investment our panel of stockbrokers, to trade in a totally mobiledecisions. Solutions are delivered through multi- environment, in addition to streaming real-time stockchannels: PC, PDA and Mobile Phones and are and trading related information.multilingual. Through our panel of brokers, investorsare also able to trade securely and instantaneouslyanytime anywhere.TraderConnect™TraderConnect™ incorporates a powerful technical analysis toolkit and innovative trading capabilities todeliver state-of-the-art desktop trading managementsystem. Explore the various analysis tools and tradingstrategies, create charts and analyze the stock marketor other investment products by testing your investment SMSConnect™ideas and optimizing your potential returns. SMSConnect™ is a software application developed to provide on-line stock or trading information and / or facilitate trading related transactions via SMS. SMSConnect™ can operate on a stand-alone basis or within eBrokerConnect™. On a stand-alone basis, SMSConnect™ offers corporations and organizations an affordable mean of information dissemination and communication to the mass public or certain identiedeBrokerConnect™ persons. When used within the eBrokerConnect™ eBrokerConnect™ is the core engine for the e-broking context, SMSConnect™ contains applications trading solutions which handles the online internet which allow (amongst others) stock alerts to be senttrading solution currently deployed by our panel of to customers whose preset thresholds have beenstockbrokers to handle their online internet trading triggered and stock prices and news to be sent bysystem. eBrokerConnect™ provides a comprehensive telecommunication providers and/or our panelrange of services and products, including live and real- stockbrokers.time stock prices, web and client server trading system,research and news publications, remote order routingvia Financial International Exchange (FIX) to externalsystem. The entire trading system can be viewed inEnglish, Chinese and Arabic languages.GlobalConnect™An extended suite of financial order routing system,GlobalConnect™, which allows cross border trading will enhance eBroker Connect, offering users multimarket access with the facility to send and receiveforeign order instruction. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 61
  • 63. Business Activities Corporate Structure Going Global Malaysia 10 August 2000 Malaysia, N2N incorporated as a private limited company. 1 July 2004 Malaysia, N2N awarded Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia status by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC). 29 September 2004 Malaysia, N2N converted to a public limited company. 8 November 2005 Malaysia, N2N listed on Mesdaq of Bursa Saham Malaysia. Clients And Partners N2N’s focus is in providing Online Trading, Online Risk Singapore Management, Mobile and SMS Trading and Marketing 31 May 2004 services and Derivatives and Wealth Management Singapore, N2N Connect incorporated as a private Systems. limited company N2N Connect Pte. Ltd. Exchange Finance Institutions Vietnam November 2007 Bursa Malaysia Securities Aseambankers HWANGDBS Vietnam, FNSN2N established under a joint venture Singapore Exchange CIMB Bank K&N Kenanga agreement. Securities (SGX) Citibank PM Securities Saudi Stock Exchange Maybank SJ Securities (Tadawul) Middle East AmFraser Macquarie Jakarta Stock Exchange 9 January 2007 AmSecurities AnTrade (JSX) Dubai, U.A.E N2N Arabia established under a joint Apex Securities TA Securities The Stock Trading venture agreement. Center of Vietnam (STC) CIMB Securities62 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 64. Electronic Trading Architecture Industry FocusThe Company is principally involved in the R&D of software packages and provision of design,programming and consultancy services and relatedactivities for our clients and partners, namely:l. Capital Market Application Services via the ASP Busines smodelll. Mobile-Commerce, Content and Services via Telco partnershipslll. News Content Services via partnerships with Dow Jones, The Edge and Xin Hua Financial News (XFN), Web design, hosting and network management Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 63
  • 65. Contact Us N2N CONNECT BERHAD (MALAYSIA) N2N CONNECT PTE. LTD. (SINGAPORE) Suite 4.03, 4th Floor, 3, Anson Road, Kompleks Antarabangsa, #34-02 Springleaf Tower, Singapore 079909 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: +65-6536 4832 Fax: +65-6234 2814 Tel: +603-2163 2000 HelpDesk: +65-6311 5052 Fax: +603-2163 6222 HelpDesk: +603-2171 2000 N2N CONNECT BERHAD R&D OFFICE Suite 17-13, Level 17, Email: helpdesk@n2nconnect.com G Tower, 199, Jln Tun Razak, Website: www.n2nconnect.com 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia64 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 66. Go Global Directory 2010/11Terato Tech Sdn Bhd (Terato Tech) Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 65
  • 67. The Company Introduction Terato Tech Sdn. Bhd. (Terato Tech) is a company focusing on mobile applications development. Mobile platforms which Terato Tech is well verse of includes the Apple iPhone, Google Android and the Palm Pre. Terato Tech Sdn Bhd was established on 11 Sep 2008 with a paid-up capital of MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)100,000. In 11 Sep 2009 just one year after its establishment Terato Tech received its MSC Malaysia status from the Malaysia Government which accorded Terato Tech Pioneer Status for its Mobile Application Development & R & D activities. The People REZA FAHMI RAZALI has been in the IT industry from the young age of 17, sweeping up international IT awards such as the MSC Malaysia APICTA and APMITTA with his maiden project, terato.com, a portal for teens and car modifications with over 2 million hits and 50,000 members. He was in the National IT Council of Malaysia from 2001-2003, and partnered with TV3’s Remaja from 2002 to 2005, and was also in the ASEAN + 5 Leadership Exchange program in 2002. He was also involved with the initial setup of www.xfresh.com, which is now ASTRO’s biggest Growth content provider targeting the youth demographic In Sep 2008 Terato Tech was a two man show company, through TV, radio and web presence. Some of his feats now in July 2010 the Team has grown to 15 full time include having directed and produced a few short staffs, a testament to its high growth potential movies for terato.com including Get Away in KL 1 & 2, and From Bangi to Oklahoma. He graduated from Oklahoma University in 2006 with a BA in Finance, minoring in Management Information System. Upon graduation, he became a sales consultant at Dell USA and upon returning to Malaysia, has also became adviser to various organizations for the development of technopreneurs. Reza Fahmi was also in the panel of judges for the ICT Category at the Malaysia Technology Expo 2008 & 2009. REZA HAZRI RAZALI started out his IT venture with a diploma in Computer Science from the National Computing Center before furthering his studies with an Advanced Diploma in the same field and later graduating with a BSc. Computer Science from Oklahoma City University in 2005. Together with Reza Fahmi, he jointly developed and maintained the portal www.terato.com with a more behind-the-scenes approach, jointly developing and programming for the website as well as being in charge of the content. His deep passion in motor sports partially led to terato.com being identified as one of the nation’s premier source of car modifications and community info centre.66 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 68. Business Activities ClientsTerato Tech has worked with numerous companies and agencies from all over Malaysia. Among our clients are. 1. CIMB Bank Berhad CIMB Group is Malaysia’s second largest financial services provider and one of Southeast Asia’s leading universal banking groups. As at 31 December 2009, CIMB Group was the third largest company on Bursa Malaysia with a market capitalisation of approximately MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 45.3 billion. Terato Tech develop the CIMB Clicks for iPhone Application which allow users to check their Account Balance, Do Currency Conversion, Calculate The Home Loans and locate their favourite CIMB branch and ATM’s on the go. The Application is currently the top app in the finance category in the Malaysia AppStore. 2. Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) Established on 18 September 2006, Halal Industry Development Corporation coordinates the overall development of the Halal industry in Malaysia. Focusing on development of Halal standards, audit and certification, plus capacity building for Halal products and services, HDC promotes participation and facilitates growth of Malaysian companies in the global Halal market. Terato Tech develop the HALAL application for HDC which would enable a user to locate for HALAL Premises, Search for Data in the HALAL Directory and Subscribe to HALAL news, all on the go. 3. UMW Toyota Motor UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between UMW Holdings Berhad and Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation. UMW Group is No.1 in Malaysia’s overall vehicle sales through our Toyota and Lexus franchises and our investment in Perodua. Terato Tech assist UMW Toyota Motor to develop the PQ “Prius Quotient” Test Brain Game. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 67
  • 69. Clients 4. SOLQIB (Solat Qiblat for iPhone) SOLQIB addresse two main challenges of performing solat in the most efficient and effective manner i.e. it uses the GPS and Compass capability of the iPhone to determine the prayer times and direction to Kaaba. Absolutely no inputs such as country and city codes are needed. No necessity to carry any booklet or remember codes. Instead SOLQIB will determine your location (you will need to ensure your iPhone is showing the local time) using the build-in GPS to extract the datasets and establish the prayer times at your location and establish the direction to Kaaba. 5. IslamKids Wudhu Wudhu’ is the Islamic act of washing parts of our body before performing the solat. Learning Wudhu’ has never been so much fun! Try Wudhu’ app now and have fun learning Wudhu with Aisyah! 6. 1Malaysia Parliament 1Malaysia Parliament is an e-Parliament tool developed by Terato Tech Sdn Bhd for Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation Malaysia. It aims to enhance communcation channel between the MP and the people.68 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 70. Business Activities ProductsTerato Tech has built several different product lines which will enable development of application on the apple platformrapidly by providing and efficient framework, processes, production and enhancement1. Prototype Game Engine: 2.Silent Mode Publishing EnginePrototype Game Engine is Terato Tech’s game engine SilentMode is Terato Tech’s publishing engine on thewhich has been developed since June 2009. The game iPad which has been used to power AIYO! Magazineengine has numerous component such as multiplayer for iPad.support, map tiling, chat engine, AI and physics allincluded. SilentMode is designed to be in tandem with the common workflow of a publishing company. ThatThe prototype game engine has been successfully means that a publisher wouldn’t have to change theirused to come out with the game Qalvinius which was current process of designing and publishing theirreleased on the Application Store in June 2010 and has normal magazines as integration with SilentMode iswent on to become top app in USA, China, Taiwan, seamless and hassle free.Philippines and 50 other countries. Publisher will also have the ability to add multimedia elements such as images, movies, slideshow, web links, html5 widget and much-much more through the SilentMode editor right from the iPad itself. SilentMode has been used to successfully deploy AIYO! Mag, a monthly magazine that is free to anyone that has a pair of eyes to spare! From gadgets to fresh talents, we cover them all in a fashionable way. If that wasn’t enough, AIYO! is also in every way interactive to the user. AIYO! has been picked as Apple New & Noteworthy App and has been featured by the TIMES UK as one of the fashionable apps to be used on the iPad. SilentMode will be made available for Select Private Beta in October 2010. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 69
  • 71. Industry Focus Mobile Application Development iPhone, Android, BlackBerry Games Development Contact Us TERATO TECH SDN. BHD. (TERATO TECH) Suite 805A 1st Floor, Bangi Business Park, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-8925 8929 Fax: +603-8925 9260 Website: www.terato.com Contact Person: Reza F. Razali Email: reza@terato.com70 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 72. Go Global Directory 2010/11SyQic Capital Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 71
  • 73. The Company IPTV Why SyQic’s Internet Protocol Television The demand for IPTV is growing at a tremendous speed The Era of IPTV is upon us and viewers want as viewers become more savvy and sophisticated but interactivity. the high capital outlay and the time it takes to deploy is of great concern. This is where SyQic’s expertise and know-how takes effect. A Managed Service Provider, Who’S SyQic? SyQic consists of a dedicated team who have been in SyQic Capital (SyQic) was started by team of the business for the last 6 years with success stories broadcasting professionals in May 2004 in the area having deployed Broadband TV in Malaysia and the of broadcast design and consultancy and software Phillippines. Partnered with several content providers, development services. Anticipating the decline of SyQic will ensure deployment of IPTV to the masses traditional broadcasting industry, a strategic decision with your current infrastructure within 8 weeks. The was made to focus on the development of an IPTV choice of Broadband or IPTV is merely a preference platform in the year 2006. and both can seamlessly stream content on multiple devices, Live or VOD with SyQic’s proprietary the Intensively investing in R&D, SyQic is now the owner YOONIC™ P2P platform. and the operator of the Over The Top (OTT) IPTV platform branded as YOONIC. Licensed as a complete entertainment information and services platform (that PROBLEM SOLUTION can be “white labeled”) or purely as a technology solution, YOONIC is capable of delivering rich ∞ COST Managed Services media content particularly video where the internet Huge initial capital outlay broadband infrastructure is not optimally set up to deliver video content. α SCALE Content Delivery Distribution Cost α Network As an endorsement SyQic Capital’s capabilities, the Audience Size company has commercial deployments in Malaysia, ∆ CONSUMPTION Multiple Devices & Philippines, Indonesia and commercial trials in other Content viewing Cross-Platform regions. Apart from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, pattern & behavior SyQic also has offices in China, Indonesia and the Philippines. And is already in talks with partners in the $ MONETIZATION Media Consultancy & Middle East and Latin America. Replicate proven TV Strategic Planning business model The complete SyQic IPTV experince Joe is a busy man. A typical day of meetings back to back, with clients and staff. But he needs to keep abreast of his stocks and the world news. He also finds a little time to unwind as he catches up with the latest sport updates. On the way home, he is already planning to spend some quality time with his loved ones and of course a little time for himself at the end of the day. Illustration: Multiple access to SyQic’s Yoonic IPTV service72 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 74. Business Activities Business Activitiesa) Over-the-Top IPTV b) Broadband TV (BBTV)Telecommunication companies around the world are Expectations amongst users have grown and onegetting into the IPTV business to make their services expects their favourite contents available anytimemore attractive. The YOONIC™ platform minimizes and anywhere. The YOONIC™ platform enablesbuffering and SyQic’s content management services the delivery of broadcast quality video even withensure superior quality of service over public internet broadband limitations. Delivered on peer-to-peer (P2P)connections with minimal bandwidth. streaming technology, YOONIC™ lightens server load and delivers content seamlessly and continuouslyIn designing IPTV that meets the needs of our throughout the chosen country and can also beindividual clients, SyQic considers Content Strategies, delivered out of the country.Business Model Structure, Technical InfrastructureRequirements, Consumer Demands, Market Conditions,Budget and Licensing and Regulatory Requirements.Market Challenges & DemandsTelco’s, Broadcasters, Education Institution, Hospitality Industries and Businesses alike are embracing the Power of IPTV.More and more of these entities are accepting the challenges that accompany this new and exciting venture. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 73
  • 75. SyQic’s end to end IPTV Ecosystem Advantages P2P CDN Technology Expectations amongst users have grown and one expects their favourite contents available anytime and anywhere. The YOONIC™ platform enables the delivery of broadcast quality video even with broadband limitations. Delivered on peer- to-peer (P2P) streaming technology, YOONIC™ lightens server load and delivers content seamlessly and continuously throughout the chosen country and can also be delivered out of the country. Advantage Speed To Market P2P CDN TECHNOLOGY Most IPTV solutions take nine to twelve months to SYQIC’S PROPRIETARY YOONIC™ SOLUTION setup. Syqic is able to setup and manage an IPTV IS A P2P CDN IPTV PLATFORM THAT ENABLES service from start-to-end in just 8 weeks.Our Speed-To- SEAMLESS STREAMING. Market advantage provides the competitive edge to our clients. YOONIC™ is designed to work within the current infrastructure and Bandwidth, delivering Live and Vod YOONICTM’S content over multiple devices. P2P-CDN Stream gets stronger with more concurrent users. Customized Experience User are demanding their favourite content to be accessible anytime, anywhere and with any device they choose. With SyQic’s end-to-end solution, we deliver customized experiences based on each and every supported device whether it be a OTT STB (Over- The-Top Set Top Box), PC (Personal Computer), IPad, Connected TV or Mobile Device.74 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 76. Content Security End To End IPTV SolutionsSyQic puts to rest the assumption that P2P networks For success it takes more than just the platform.are not safe having developed a robust secured system It takes hands-on experience and proficiency tothat protect its content from piracy. SyQic’s YOONIC™ compete in the ever changing media world. Theproprietary DRM has been acclaimed and approved discerning and sophisticated user expects the best,by top movie studios. This enables the clients to take and SyQic is equipped to provide. SyQic managesadvantage of the P2P network whilst protecting their all hardware,firmware and software components andcontent at the same time. customization,making it a unique proposition to the individual client. SyQic is flexible to perform most types of customization that the client requires, faster and cheaper as we own the entire end to end YOONIC™ IPTV technology value chain.Managed ServicesIn the competitive media industry, SyQic allowsfor the clients to focus on what they do best whichis marketing, whilst SyQic takes care of building,deployment and operation. Key benefits include:• ptimal level of professional support and service O without additional staff hiring by the cient.• eduction of CAPEX costs,including traditional R Success Stories service fees,hardware,technical support and SYQIC SECURED ITS FIRST COMMERCIAL operations. DEPLOYMENT OF THE YOONIC™ BROADBAND• liminates the risk of making a large CAPEX E TV PLATFORM investment to accommodate unplanned business changes such as the increase in subscriber base or In December 2008 when it entered into a collaboration ad-hock bandwidth requirements. agreement with TMNet Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of• ccommodate adoption of new business A Telekom Malaysia, to operate its Broadband TV service oppourtunities due to reduction of initial start-up under the brand name Hypp.TV cost. To date Hypp.tv has over 30 Live and VOD channels.WITH SYQIS’S Hypp.tv has also delivered live events including theFully outsourced & managed model, Prime Minister’s Budget Speech, Manchester United’sOur clients can expend its IPTV market & yet keep cost Asian Tour during their visit to Malaysia and the launchpredictable and manageable. of TM’s High-Speed-Broad-Band. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 75
  • 77. Contact Us SYQIC CAPITAL SDN BHD Kelvin Saw, Director of Marketing and Business Development 11, Jalan Kartunis U1/47, Temasya Industrial Park, 40150 Glenmarie Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: +603-5569 1788 Website: www.syqic.com Email: sales@syqic.com76 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 78. Go Global Directory 2010/11Polarizone Technologies Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 77
  • 79. The Company Polarizone Technologies is a rapidly growing wireless technological company with its Head Office at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Polarizone specializes in market driven R&D in wireless communication to develop novel products and services across the ICT value chain. We are committed to provide mobility solutions based on innovative wireless platforms. Polarizone Technologies is a High Technology Electronic Protection Specialist providing cutting edge technology solutions to the military, homeland security and enterprise security customers. Polarizone has developed a ground breaking technology in Anti Jamming Wireless communication and Programmable IED protection jamming through rigorous R&D and has exciting plans to commercialize them in the global market. Polarizone envisages to be the most effective and trusted electronic protection technology provider against the threat of terrorism and asymmetric warfare. Products Polarizone has 4 streams of core products. These are; Polarizone has received the following certificates and 1) RCIED Wideband Jammer: Wireless communication awards. jamming equipment including portable protection • warded & Filed 3 patents under World Intellectual A for vehicles and troops against IEDs (with Property Organization (WIPO) for Anti Jamming crossover application to the commercial sector) technologies and jamming equipment for prevention of enemy • st company in Malaysia to receive the US Air Force 1 communications, these provide the defence forces Grant for Anti Jamming Technology of the world with the ability to protect their soldiers • Best in R&D award by MSC Malaysia APICTA 2009 and their equipment and enables those services to • ost Innovative Company by Malaysia Venture M operate in an environment of relative protection Capital Association, 2009 • Best in Security by MSC Malaysia APICTA 2010 2) Anti Jamming Wireless Link: An Anti Jamming (Jam Proof) wireless link which is able to support triple play applications. This is a ground breaking invention in anti jamming and is probably the most secure and survivable wireless link in the market. 3) Software Defined Radio: A test bench product that enables testing of many types of wireless communication using software defined radios 4) Radar Threat Emitter: A training system that enables military pilots to be adequately rained in radar destruction (a vital precursor to sending in attack and bomber aircraft)78 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 80. Jampro: Wideband All-in-1 JammerJAMPRO is a programmable jamming system which provides a user friendly interface in selecting the frequency bands andthe jamming power. JAMPRO employs Software Radio technology to enable the generation of efficient jamming waveformswhich enhances the power efficiency of the jammer. Additionally, it offers a discrete control of the output power by usinginnovative discrete power control module. The combination of digital signal generation and the discrete power controlenables a versatile jamming with flexibility in both jamming signal and jamming power control.Features• tal jamming of all frequency from 20 - 500 Mhz & To other frequency bands• Programmability in frequency band• User selectable window for communications• Man pack & vehicle installation kits• Rugged watertight construction• Dedicated outputs for GSM frequency bands• HF / VHF / UHF / Microwave (Up to 3 Ghz) Jampro Man Pack Applications • GSM Jamming • EDGE, 3G, HSDPA Jamming • IED/RCIED Jamming • Tactical Radio Jamming Jampro Gui • Tetra Jamming Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 79
  • 81. Communications & EW TRIATA-M09 TRIATA - M09 is an innovative ECCM enables Anti-Jamming Radio battlefield communication system capable of withstanding all nown types of Jamming attacs. The TRIATA radio is an IP enable ANTI Jamming communication system which provides a high data rate of 2Mbps within a narrow spectrum. The high data rate offered by the radio enables TRIPPLE PLAY applications such as real time video, audio and high speed data transmission. The system supports HTTP, TCP/IP protocols and provides Ethernet, USB,and RS 232c interfaces. TRIATA - M09 comes equipped with GPS receiver and an external GPS antenna. The Command & Control software does polling of the radios at every 1 second to geo-locate the radios and to update their positions in battlefield awareness map. This process is automated and provides the instantaneous position of the vehicle or manpack at any point in time. TRIATA - M09 is a Software Define Radio (SDR) TRITA-M09 which enables the use of ECCM signals. The system configuration is a 2 in 2 out MIMO (2 transmit antennas and 2 receive antennas) and the jammer cancellation is achieved by an innovative Space Time Code. Being an SDR the system is future proof and system upgrades are done by uploading the new software. The anti jamming (ECCM) offered by TRIATA M9 is stronger than the conventional frequency hopping. Frequency Hopping radios fail under the follower jammer or predictive jammer attack. The TRIATA M9 GUI has proven to be resilient against the Barrage, Spot, Follower and Predictive Jammers. Key Features 1. Most resilient anti jamming (ECCM) waveform 2. Two transmit antenna, Two receive antenna technique 3. Innovative Space Time Code for ECCM 4. IP enabled anti jamming system with 2 Mbps throughput 5. Immune to follower, predictive, barrage and spot Man Pack jamming 6. Able to transmit real-time audio, video and high- speed data 7. Ethernet, USB,RS 232c interfaces 8. Built-in GPS modules with external antennas 9. Command & Control interface wth multilevel authentication 10. Customer specific encryption for COMSEC Intelligent Terminal80 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 82. SDR DESIGN BRNCH-SDB05A highly versatile software defined radio basedplatform for efficient design and fast prototyping ofmodern wireless standardsDesign,Simulation & PrototypingPolarizone product line in broadband wireless designoffer modular solutions which provide basebandand RF functionalities. These cost effective platformsoffer an end-to-end platform involving basebandprocessing capability. These innovative solutions saveenormous time and money for teaching and research inBroadband wireless communication systems.OverviewSDR design bench (SDB05) is a flexible andreconfigurable platform for teaching and research inmodern wireless communication system. The designbench can be used as a versatile demonstration systemfor teaching wireless communication.Additionally,the design bench offers a cost effective platform forresearch in modern wireless system susch as SoftwareDefined Radio,emerging standards such as WiFi,WiMAX and so on.HighlightSDB05 offers an all encompassing platform consistingof a transmitting unit, receiving unit and the necessaryantennas. The system comes with all hardware andsoftware and other accessories such as power suppliesand antennas. It has a software based logic analyzerfor easy analysis of the baseband signals. The basebandand RF sections are interfaced seamlessly to offerprogrammability in both the section.• Real time data transmission• Real time voice and video transmission• Baseband + ADC/DAC + RF Transceiver + Antennas Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 81
  • 83. Products POLARIZONE TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD (600204-U) G-2-10, Block G, Jalan 2, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-7842 8041 Fax: +603-7842 8042 Website: www.polarizone.com Email: info@polarizone.com82 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 84. Go Global Directory 2010/11 XYBASE Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 83
  • 85. The Company XYBASE is a systems integrator, IPR developer and solutions provider. We have implemented a number of large IT projects and are known worldwide for our airport IT expertise. The company provides comprehensive, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions to clients, based on their businesses, without “XYBASE is always SENSITIVE towards technological prejudice on the technologies available. evolution and market needs , and our ability to INNOVATE and Today, XYBASE is in a position to offer unique products REACT QUICKLY so as to strive for leadership position and services ranging from software, high-technology- is constantly a THRUST within the organisation.” based products and services to specialised industry expertise. Apart from providing highly-skilled expertise in Information Technology, XYBASE also offers specialised infrastructure-based solutions in accordance with the developments in the world today. XYBASE also invests in business research and development to create and develop new and enhanced products and technologies.84 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 86. Our Philosophy Partnering for the FutureThe business of XYBASE is all about bringing people, We strongly believe that strategic partnership is theideas, skills, products and clients together to form a best approach to getting things done. Our strategicsuccessful combination. We believe in the “Do it” partnerships with leading IT providers are aimed tophilosophy where our team members are constantly provide the best solutions for our customers. No matterchallenged to explore new technologies and how sophisticated the solution and technology can be,methodologies to provide our customers with premium interaction and understanding between people willquality products and services. finally contribute towards success.People are our most important asset, being in the “We accept the challenge by responding withservice-oriented and intellectual property business. innovation and creativity and pushing the limits”XYBASE expects the best from its people, where innovation, creativity and hard work represent the Research and Developmentculture. Developing a business proposition from a As the Information and Technology Industry demandssimple idea is what distinguishes us most from our a high degree of innovation and creativity, XYBASE competitors. Ideas need to be explored, worked and places strong emphasis on research and development.tested on before turning it into a reality. Originating Our focus is based on practical software applications tofrom the IT background is what makes our business integrating multiple technologies together.perspective exciting and full of possibilities. Our team of research engineers take great pride not just in developing these products but also to build themselves into a world-class high technology team. All these efforts and strategy are further strengthened by Malaysia’s focus into Research and Development, especially into the areas of Information and Technology. XYBASE is constantly enhancing its products and releasing new versions into the market. These efforts come through our software council.The advancements in technology and competitiveforces are two key reasons why businesses needto be technologically driven. Strong IT skills andknowledge are expected out of our team and XYBASE continuously builds specialised and repetitive skills,be it technical or business. And this is what makes our The software council is a deliberate program wherepeople commanding and valuable to our clients, the industry experts, business developers, applicationknowledge of both. More often than not, we prefer business consultants and technical developers groupto remain neutral on our product selection. Quality together on a regular basis to decide on:and technical superiority are key criteria. In the finalanalysis, the integration of technologies must make • Application systems’ contentsgood business sense to our clients, which is what our • Technological platformsbusiness is all about. • MethodologyThe ability to meet our clients’ requirements and to Through the software council, our R&D is steeredcontinually serve with the highest satisfaction level according to a well-planned methodology to addressis what we strive for in XYBASE. Through the years, the industry needs and concerns. We have been aXYBASE has managed to build a wide range and great supporter of open source technologies and, havedepth of experience in the industry. But what is more developed and implemented a number of systems usingimportant, is our team members’ desire to learn, get open source technologies. We are still continuing withbetter and do what seems difficult or impossible’. Our exploring new open source technologies.drive and commitment is again our difference. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 85
  • 87. Our Services XYBASE today, provides our clients with not only a one-stop-centre for their IT needs, but also services that may complement their business strategies. A high value-added is our strength in our service offerings. Categorically, our service offerings are: • trategic Systems Planning, Design, Engineering and S In addition to the service offerings, XYBASE is also Development focused into providing our clients with solutions which • Systems Integration Management and Service require specific and specialised skills in the areas of: • Testing • Project Management • High-End Technologies • Quality Assurance and Configuration Management • Specialised Application Systems • Training and Transfer of Technology • Infrastructure Type Technologies. • Maintenance and Support Management • Helpdesk Our Products Through our concerted efforts in research and XYBASE Message Broker development XYBASE offers a range of solutions that The XYBASE Message Broker supports our systems combines the latest technology with state-of-the-art integration services. It is tailored for any business with operations methods. Our airportXpert suite for instance, heavy transactions traffic such as financial institutions. is poised to change the way airports of the future The XYBASE Message Broker enables data from operate. Our products are: different systems to be sent to other systems. It features a multi-platform environment and makes integration • airportXpert efficient and cost effective to implement. • XYBASE Message Broker airportXpert airportXpert is designed to integrate both operational as well as commercial information, encourage proactive management, increase profits, enhance efficiency and decision making and planning. Among our airportXpert Third Party Product suites: We also partner with key principals in providing 3rd party Products such as TechnologyOne. • XODB - Operational Database • XMB - Message Broker TechnologyOne • XFlight - Flight Management System Our skills in developing and implementing many • XCommerce - Commercial Management System bespoke accounting and finance based system have • XTMS - Terminal Management System resulted in us acquiring the capability to implement accounting systems such as TechnologyOne Core We are now working on a new version of the Enterprise Suite. The TechnologyOne enterprise airportXpert suite which will be released into the suite offers one solution with one interface and one market in the near future. database, designed to drive innovation, improve operational efficiencies and introduce measurable process improvement.86 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 88. Business Contact Us ActivitiesXYBASE SDN. BHD.B-06-02, Block B, Plaza GlomacNo. 6 Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya,47301 Petaling Jaya,Selangor, Malaysia.Telephone: +603-7885 0003Fax: +603-7885 0007XYBASE Helpdesk:Telephone: +603-7883 0105Fax: +603-7883 0195Website: www.xybase.comEmail: inquiries_my@xybase.com inquiries_intl@xybase.com Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 87
  • 89. This page is intentionally left blank88 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 90. Go Global Directory 2010/11 globeOSS Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 89
  • 91. Service Assurance Company Enabling Service Providers to manage next generation multi-service communications networks by generating network and transactional information into business insights. Overview globeOSS is a privately-owned company established for the global OSS market. We provide the most advanced technologies for Mobile Broadband (MBB), Next Generation Networks (NGN), SS7/SigTran Signaling and IP Core Networks monitoring surveillance and analysis in the area of OSS Service Assurance. It has gained a strong reputation for high quality OSS solutions and services for the telecom operators. globeOSS designs and delivers OSS systems, services and software that drive next-generation communications networks. globeOSS uses its strength in OSS capability to create reliable, innovative and cost effective OSS Solutions and Services. globeOSS provides service assurance solutions deploying technologies such as 2G, 3G, LTE, IPTV, VoIP, IP Core networks, NGN and IMS. globeOSS’ team of highly skilled professionals is client-focused and results-driven. They have vast experience in OSS and an excellent record in delivering quality results. The Company globeOSS History Established in 2006, globeOSS designs and delivers Network data collection is an expensive and difficult OSS systems, services and software that drive next- task with little visibility from customer centric generation wireless communications networks. perspective. With globeOSS next generation collection device and data analytics engine, Telco Operators can The mission of the Company is to provide solutions to now have the richness of data collected in near real- operators who are moving from traditional telephony time. to new high speed IP based networks for OSS Service Assurance, turning network information into business insights.90 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 92. globeOSS R&D ElementsUsing passive probe technology to capture at high across the networks. This enhanced intelligence enablesspeed and analyze Telco transaction to provide Telecom Operators to take a proactive approach tointelligence of subscriber, services, terminal, location customer assurance.and network information for 2G, 3G, LTE, IPTV, VoIP, IPCore networks, NGN and IMS. Providing proactive customer assurance using enhanced correlated intelligence requires capturingExtreme high performance data analysis for Telco KPIs, customer and service in a single record! Oftennetworks with analytic and predictive function IPDR, xDR and CDR does not contain KPI data.Roaming Assurance using simulated SS7 messagesto provide visibility of partner network roaming Most Telecom Operators uses mediated and/or billedperformance for SMS, Voice and Data Roaming. data for churn prediction models and often missing the negative elements of the customer experience. This isUsing correlated signaling and user data as the because there are cases where an attempted call doessource for OSS network data provides a richer set not even make it to the switch.of information than switched data. Combining thisOSS information from various networks – Packet It is the ability to capture and analyze successful andSwitch Core, Circuit Switch Core, NGN and IP Core unsuccessful calls that provides the foundation for– Customer Experience can be measured. At the same measuring customer experience.time, the troubleshooting by customer is made possible Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 91
  • 93. Business Activities Turning Network and Transaction Data into Business Insights GlobeOSS Data Explorer (GDX) is high performance Organizing data centralized data models based on network and The GDX brings together two innovative techniques transaction information from the Telco network, turning that help to speed up the whole investigative process: the information into business insights in the area of On-Line Analytic Processing (OLAP) organizes data Roaming, 3G, IMS, LTE, NGN, Broadband etc. from the GDX into a multi-dimensional database - a cube that is easy to understand and navigate. High Quality Data High quality data is provided by our network probes Packaged Analytics use the OLAP technology to build platform and business intelligence feeds. This system modules based on best industry practices. Each module connects unobtrusively to the telecommunications enables analysis of a particular service or network networks and can track and record full details of every technology and includes relevant data enrichment, voice call or data transaction. data management, analysis views and measures. The visualizations produced by the modules can be used Storing data immediately or further customized as necessary. The records are extracted, processed and stored in a centralized high performance data repository– the The GDX Visual is highly accessible, with an intuitive, GDX. This robust and scalable Oracle based data web-based interface that lets users manipulate the data repository solution has been designed specifically in any way they want, save the results for later reuse or for the management, correlation and storage share them with colleagues in other departments via of huge volumes of usage records derived from intranet web pages or Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables. communications networks. enrichment, data management, analysis views and measures. The visualizations produced by the modules can be used immediately or further customized as necessary.92 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 94. Managed ServicesglobeOSS Managed Services Center (gMSC) has beenestablished to provide flexible and cost-effectiveoutsourced services based on various ownershipmodels, tailored to the needs of each customer. Eachof our services are designed and executed in alignmentwith the goals and operational needs of our customers.It is designed to deliver rapid return on investment andscale as you need.gMSC is a central surveillance center serving customersof network monitoring needs. It has been establishedin 2005 offering our customers a blend of business andtechnology expertise to help our customers achievetheir service assurance monitoring short-term and long-term business needs. Our business has grown over thelast few years.gMSC offers OSS (Operation Support System) solutionsas a managed service. It will enhance the value of yournetwork investment through 7x24x365 monitoring offaults, performance and SLAs for Telco networks, ITinfrastructure and Mobile Operator Roaming Services.gMSC utilizes carrier-class end-to-end solutions for OSS.The solution will include fault management system,performance management system, service qualitymanagement system, SLA management, reporting,dashboards and service desk solutions. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 93
  • 95. Industry Focus Telecommunication - Mobile Operators, Fixed Line Operators, NGN / Broadband Operators and WIMAX Operators. We provide the most advanced technologies for Mobile Broadband (MBB), Next Generation Networks (NGN), SS7 / SigTran Signaling, and IP Core Networks monitoring surveillance and analysis in the area of OSS Service Assurance. Contact Us GlobeOSS SDN BHD (724593-M) Level 1, The Podium, Wisma Synergy, 72, Persiaran Jubli Perak, Seksyen 22 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-5198 0222 Fax: +603-5102 6777 Website: www.globeoss.com Email: sales@globeoss.com94 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 96. Go Global Directory 2010/11Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 95
  • 97. The Company CDC Background Commerce Dot Com is a leading e-commerce service provider that offers solutions and technical know-how to the business-to-business (B2B) and Government-to-business (G2B) community using the latest expertise IT has to offer. CDC are the creators of Malaysia’s pioneering, and, the world’s first electronic procurement system implemented on a national scale; the ePerolehan. With a notable track record in managing the ePerolehan, CDC aspires to be the benchmark leader in Government and public sector electronic procurement. Business Activities CDC Offerings We offer an extensive, fully integrated and automated the entire sourcing, fulfilment, and payment process. Our solutions enable organizations and Government’s to optimize spending on goods & services, process & policy compliance that in return will improve efficiency at all level. Supplier Registration Product Catalogue Corporate Users Quotation Purchase Order Inventory System Tender Delivery Order Direct Purchase Invoice Financial System Suppliers Electronic Auction Payment Industry Expertise At ePerolehan, we pride in our Personnel and Management possessing extensive industry experience and domain insight. We prioritize in constantly ensuring our eProcurement solutions are able to be customized according to each and every specific need, covering various industries from public and private sectors.96 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 98. Flagship Project: ePerolehanePerolehan is an online procurement system that has transformed conventional procurement practice of over 2,500government agencies in Malaysia since 2000. It enables business transactions between these Government agencies andregistered suppliers in a virtual and secure marketplace through streamlined processes. As a result, the Government’sservice delivery is increased to a higher level, along with the transparency and accountability of the public procurementenvironment.With the automation of the entire procurement cycle in ePerolehan, registered suppliers will also gain from theopportunities of reaching broader base of buyers, coupled with lower operating costs, shorter turnaround time, additionalrevenue and increased customer satisfaction. To date, over 2 million procurement transaction amounting up to MYR25billion has gone through the ePerolehan system, accomplishing the nation’s aspiration to create a robust G2B interaction.eP caters comprehensive procurement modes for the Government including Supplier Registration module: Central/ Direct Ministry Purchase Contract Supplier Quotation Registration eBidding Tender (eReverse Auction)Supplier Registration• The main portal that allows suppliers to register with the Ministry of Finance• supplier registration system that encompasses activities such as signing up for new registration, renewals, supplier’s A profile update and application for Bumiputera statusCentral Contract• or procurement involving specific goods contracted to selected suppliers by the Ministry of Finance, for a specific time frame FDirect Purchase• For procurement of goods and services with value amounting to MYR50,000Quotation• For procurement of goods and services valued between MYR50,000-MYR500,000Tender• For procurement of goods and services above MYR500,000eBidding• A procurement mode where suppliers compete interactively based on the Electronic Reverse Auction (ERA) concept. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 97
  • 99. Our Asset Strong Execution • Robust change management implementation • Extensive Change Management workforce Client Relationship • Compelling customer value proposition • Distinct culture of high customer satisfaction Industry Expertise • Proven Industry/domain depth and expertise • Knowledge of public and private sector industry • Proven implementation to more than 2,500 Government offices Technology Know-How • Scalable and innovative technology platform • Adopts latest encryption technology • Localised Customisation and Integration Value-Added Services • Extensive nationwide service centres • 24 hour dedicated customer call centre • Effective training program for specific customers • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management Our Achievements • ioneers in electronic procurement service in P Malaysia • dvocating ICT adoption in Government A administration • hampioning Open Source technology in C eGovernment • rastic increase of eP usage through the Malaysian D Governments intervention – 98% of all Government Agencies are eP Enabled • eduction in turnaround procurement time – R average payment period upon delivery is now less than 14 days • Faster online supplier registration • ver 100,000 ePerolehan registered suppliers O nationwide98 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 100. Value Added Business Activities Product and ServicesIn order to facilitate the smooth adoption of ePerolehan Tender2U - A Tender Notification Systemby Government agencies and suppliers alike, For SuppliersCommerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd provides ePerolehan Tender2u is a quotation and tender notification systemusers with core enablement products as well as for subscribed suppliers that send notifications viaproducts which gives added value to the ePerolehan short message service (SMS), facsimile, email and/orcommunity. a Tender2u account. Currently, sources for quotations and tender information come from the FederalePerolehan Centre Government, state government, local authorities,The eP Centre is a ‘one stop centre’ made to increase statutory bodies and private companies.the quality of services and aid Government Agencies aswell as eP registered suppliers in using the ePerolehan ePerolehan Direktori – An Annualsystem. It also help simplify dealings between suppliers Publication Directoryand the Government through the free consultation The ePerolehan Directory is an electronic annualservices. Today, there are 11 eP Centres nationwide. directory guide that is distributed to all government agencies nationwide. The ePerolehan DirectoryePerolehan Access Medium is an effective business advertising tool that listsePerolehan is the official market place for Government all ePerolehan-enabled suppliers. It also providesagencies and suppliers. It is secure, reliable and safe government users with an easy-to-use electronicdue to the use of public key cryptography and digital catalogue that makes it easier to search for productssignature technology. Confidentiality is assured at and services.all times where all transactions are conducted in thestrictest confidence within a trusted environment. It gives suppliers the opportunity to promote andAll access to ePerolehan uses the ePerolehan Access expand their business activities with the government,Medium which is a digital certificate to prevent allowing them to stay competitive in an e-commerceunauthorized access. It provides the highest level of environment.trust and security for electronic transactions over theInternet.eCAT version 2.0 - Online Catalogue SystemeCAT is an electronic catalogue solution for suppliers tofacilitate the marketing of their products and services togovernment agencies. It complements marketing effortsvia online catalogues making it easier for governmentagencies to browse through their products. Supplierscan upload and update their products and servicesspecifications and price structures easily. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 99
  • 101. Value Added Product and Services Corporate Profile • Date Established: June 1999 • No. of employees: 250 • Paid up capital: MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 40,000,001 • 11 ePerolehan service centres nationwide • Shareholders: Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd (81%), • Professional 24/7 call-centre services Puncak Semangat Technology Sdn Bhd • Over 11 years experience in e-Commerce solutions (19%), Special share of MYR (Malaysian • warded by the Government of Malaysia to develop A Ringgit) 1.00 by MOF Inc. ePerolehan Value Added Product and Services Contact Us COMMERCE DOT COM SDN BHD Tingkat 2, Wisma Amtek, No 15, Jalan Tandang, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-7985 7700 Fax: +603-7985 7800 Website: www.commercedc.com.my Contact person: Muallif Shahrel Email: muallif@commercedc.com.my100 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 102. Go Global Directory 2010/11 EssentialBiz Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 101
  • 103. With the advent of high-speed, high-traffic digital channels such as the Internet and mobile networks, there is a growing need for organizations to address the issue where all their digital information converge. Founded in 2000, EssentialBiz Sdn Bhd was established with the purpose of developing digital convergence solutions for businesses to communicate with their employees, partners and customers. EssentialBiz develops Web and mobile applications so that companies are free to concentrate on their core capabilities rather than on their Internet infrastructure. In other words, EssentialBiz allows you the freedom to concentrate on what’s really important – your business. We work side by side with our clients - building a strategic partnership by defining their business needs, envisioning their solutions, designing and implementing their systems and ensuring smooth, seamless transference of technology. Indeed, EssentialBiz brings speed, simplicity and skill. Speed because we build solutions incorporating best practices for the Internet industry. Simplicity because we take care of our customers’ technical infrastructure complexities, allowing them to focus on their core business. Skill because EssentialBiz is focused only on the software industry and possesses in- depth industry expertise. The Company EssentialBiz’s areas of specialty include the Mobile Solutions and Services skilful application of Internet technologies and When it comes to web services, the focus is on implementations of projects involving next-generation componentized software that can be published once mobile services. and be accessed millions of times by thousands of users on multiple devices. Analysts predict that in the EssentialBiz employs today’s state of the art near future consumers and enterprises will demand development tools that allow developers, IT access to these web services on more devices, such professionals, and business managers to easily build as smartphones and mobile tablets. Industry analysts dynamic Web and Mobile applications / services that estimate that the number of users accessing the Internet span applications and platforms over the Internet, for over wireless links will outgrow those using personal their respective organizations. computers. The message is clear: enterprises that want to stay on top of their game need to provide wireless Internet / Intranet Application Development channels to their customers. The Internet constantly changes the way in which applications and services are provided. In the current EssentialBiz provides expertise in implementing stage, opportunities abound, fueling a scurry of wireless data services, systems and software enabling creative brainstorming and strategic planning. As a people to use mobile devices for wireless data result, many businesses will need to develop custom communications and real-time information. We design, software solutions that cater to those ideas and facilitate develop and support complete wireless systems for scalability and customization as strategies continue to enterprises seeking to make data available to their evolve. mobile workers or consumers. Our capabilities include mobile development expertise, maintenance and With an expert staff that is fully qualified to manage deployment of mobile services. and implement all phases of a custom development lifecycle using proven methodologies, techniques and tools, EssentialBiz delivers successfully no matter how challenging the endeavor.102 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 104. Business Activities Business ActivitiesEssentialBiz can help you build, buy, manage and use Application Service ProviderICT to provide solutions that ensure your business Our experience in hosting, support, maintenance, andsuccess. Our services encompass the complete system enhancements of applications allows our clients todesign, development and implementation cycle. While focus resources on their core business while we supportEssentialBiz’s core competencies are continually their information systems. Our strategic alliancesevolving, they span a range that includes the following: with best-of-breed partners and ISPs (Independent Service Providers) allow clients on-line access to latestCustom Application Development technology solutions at reasonable costs.Our core competencies, understanding of businessissues in key industries, proven methodologies and EssentialBiz’s latest reference project can be foundexpertise in emerging technologies provide our clients at www.rseven.com, which itself is integrated towith on-time, cost effective and cutting edge solutions. salesforce.com.Our experienced staff uses rapid applicationdevelopment methodologies, de facto simulationtoolkits, and industry proven framewoks to shorten thedevelopment cycle.Rseven ArchitectureRseven is one of the brainchild application from EssentialBiz, which is a mobile backup & sync solution Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 103
  • 105. Industry Focus Mobile and wireless services, ICT Contact Us ESSENTIALBIZ SDN BHD (508954-M) A-1-8 Setiawangsa Business Suites Setiawangsa, 54200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: +603-4251 0500 Website: essentialbiz.com.my Contact person: Azlan Shah Email: azlanshah@essentialbiz.com.my104 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 106. Go Global Directory 2010/11ItraMAS Corporation Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 105
  • 107. The Company About Us ItraMAS Corporation Sdn Bhd was founded in 1999. Its core business then was as an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions provider. In addition, the group diversified its business emphasis to the design & manufacturing of unique & innovative LED-based products in the traffic, media, architectural lighting, general lighting, public lighting and automotive sectors targeting the local & global markets. Corporate Values Creativity and Innovation Dynamism • To challenge paradigms • o be flexible, adaptable & timely in dealing with T • To create solutions and ideas changes • To strive for continuous improvement • o have the ability to adjust work priorities while T • To be receptive and supportive to change maintaining high productivity and efficiency • o be committed to our work and to the continual T Teamwork enhancement of knowledge and skills • o maintain good interpersonal relationships T • o adopt open communications and sharing of ideas T Integrity and knowledge • o maintain a high level of professionalism in our T • To balance work and quality of life business dealings • To adopt fairness and consistency • To deliver as promised • To respect and maintain confidentiality106 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 108. Business Activities Business ActivitiesIntelligent Transportation System (ITS)Integration of electronics, communication and information system to improve the efficiency of safety of road transportation.Security and Surveillance SystemA robust system that enables security operators to actions to accelerate response time. i.tac Command &detect, react, and analyse the security and safety Control Centre software for Security & Surveillance isthreats. It provides seamless integration to multi-vendor an intelligent integrated control central software thatdevices and disparate system across the enterprise allows customer to manage all their security systemsplatform to provide a holistic view of the situation. The such as CCTVs, door access etc via an single intuitivesystem gathers and correlates information from graphical user interface.various devices which then coordinates the responseLED LightingTotal LED Lighting SolutionsOur lighting division specializes in the design; OEM/ODM manufacturing services for many othermanufacturing and marketing of modern LED based global brands spanning the markets in North America,lighting solutions to meet customers’ needs. Our Europe, the Middle East and Australia.lighting products include indoor and outdoor systemsthat embody design and innovation which raise the With the commitment and achievement of ISOstandard of modern lighting technology. 9001:2000/ISO 14001:2004 Quality Management System Standards, we will continue to produce highOur LED lighting products are marketed under the quality and innovative products and continue to investleading brand of Q-RAY™ globally. The recognition of in modern technologies to bring effective lightinginnovation, quality and timely delivery of our products solutions to our worldwide customers.has earned us the opportunity to provide Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 107
  • 109. New Era in Lighting Industry Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a small, technologically advanced device that generates light by passing current through layers of a semi-conductor material housed in a chip. Touted as a new energy-saving light source that will one day replace conventional light source, LED represents the dawning of a new age in the lighting industry. Unlike conventional light sources, LEDs are solid-state lighting devices that do not utilize filaments, gas or mercury to produce light, thereby eliminating traditional lighting challenges such as costly energy consumption, troublesome periodic maintenance, unpleasant heat & glare; damaging ultra violet radiations and limited color control. Worldwide trend towards LED Technology • S: Regulated LED lighting Applications facilitated by Dept of Energy (DOE). Congress approved USD 100 million to U encourage LED adoption from 2008 to 2012. • Australia: Banned usage of inefficient light source. • China: 7 LED cities declared. • European Union : Banning of Incandescent light bulbs starting Year 2010. • thers: Clinton Initiative include Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Caracas, Chicago, Delhi, O Dhaka, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Karachi, Lagos, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo, & Warsaw Contact Us ITRAMAS CORPORATION SDN BHD No.1, Jalan PJU 8/5A, Damansara Perdana 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-7727 0979 Fax: +603-7727 4979 Website: www.itramas.com E-mail: customerservice@itramas.com108 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 110. Go Global Directory 2010/11Pentasoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 109
  • 111. The Company Pentasoft is a Total Insurance Solution Provider Our system is used by reputable customers; among focusing on Insurance (Traditional) and Takaful them are AVIVA NDB, SABB Takaful (member HSBC (Islamic Insurance) industry only. Group), MCIS Zurich, Legal and General, Tokio Marine, etc. Pentasoft offers a single end-to-end Insurance and Takaful Solution that covers all lines of business: Our customers are in Malaysia, South East Asia, Individual Life, Group Life and Investment Linked Middle East, Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Our for Insurance, Family and General for Takaful. It business is to assist Insurance and Takaful companies to spans across functions like illustration, quotation, new achieve transformational growth through Operational business, policy servicing, claims, agency management, Excellence and Innovation. commission and benefits, accounting, and services.110 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 112. Our Quality AssurancePentasoft, an MSC Malaysia Status company, is certifiedwith IT industry’s well recognized Carnegie MelonUSA, CMMI Level 5 for software development. In year2006, there were only about 350 companies in theworld who have secured Level 5.To substantiate our commitment to excel in customerservice, Pentasoft is certified with ISO 20000 whichis the most recognized certification for IT ServiceManagement. In year 2009, there were only about450 companies in the world that have achieved thecertification.Pentasoft is a member of OMG (Object ManagementGroup) and shall be an ACORD member by year2010. OMG is an international not for profit computerindustry standards consortium. ACORD is a global non-profit standards development organization serving theinsurance and related financial services industry.The above certifications enshrine Pentasoft’s culture toseek for continuous improvement and to be a strongproponent for quality and standards. With these worldclass operations we are geared to serve you with thebest.Our PeopleBecause Pentasoft focuses only in Insurance andTakaful, our members have great depth in knowledgeand understanding of the industry. Our people employswinning combination of technical and industryknowledge acquired through the many years ofexperience, research and teamwork.Our Key Partners: Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 111
  • 113. Business Activities By leveraging on our technology solutions and expertise, insurance companies are achieving full potential by: • Going to market with new products faster; • Tailoring simple insurance products for bancassurance; • acilitating customers to buy insurance anytime anywhere; F • ystem-wide efficiencies for seamless delivery of products and services S • Optimizing pricing and profitability • Automating knowledge processes • otivate channels by giving them commission as soon as premiums are received; M • etaining valuable customers by being customer oriented R Pentasoft IT solutions are functionally rich and user-friendly. Our products can be structured across: • ll lines of business: Life (Individual, Group), General (Motor, Fire, Home, Personal Accident, Medical/Hospital, Marine, A etc.), Takaful (Family, General); and spans, • ll business processes/functions: Quotations, Illustrations, Underwriting, Policy Issuance, Policy Administration, Claims, A Premium Accounting, Reinsurance; with, • ultiple Channel Management: Agency, Bancassurance, Broker, Direct, Credit, Retail, Corporate; with, M • ailored Compensation and benefits, for staff, intermediaries and other producers, leaders; offering a, T • ide range of products (Individual or Group Plans, Personal Lines, Property & Casualty, Traditional Ordinary Life, Unit W Linked, Universal Life, Annuities/Pensions, Takaful etc.); supported with, • lexible parameterized product set up which enables fast and easy product configuration for launch, multiple options F for easy product innovations, customized compensation schemes, choice of currencies and premium discounts. These are complemented with, • utomated and straight through business processes that allows on-the-spot automated underwriting and acceptance, A through policy issuance and policy delivery. • Customer Oriented: customizable to meet customers’ needs and wants • Process Driven Systems: all functional activities are seamlessly modeled into the end-to-end process • Designed the way people work under real scenarios112 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 114. Our Insurance Solution Framework : PentaISFList of Products Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 113
  • 115. Industry Focus Insurance (Traditional) and Takaful (Islamic Insurance) Contact Us PENTASOFT MALAYSIA SDN BHD (457050-A) Suite 3A02, Menara PJ, AMCORP Trade Centre, No.18, Jalan Persiaran Barat, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: +603-7955 3043 / +603-7620 3043 Fax: +603-7957 1187 Website: www.pentasoft.com.my Contact Person Ms Saraswathy Email: saras@pentasoft.com.my114 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 116. Go Global Directory 2010/11Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd (CSM) Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 115
  • 117. The Company Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd (CSM) was incorporated made software. CFg and CFc is complete suite of under the Malaysia Company Act 1965 as a private financial management software made up of more than limited company on 3rd September 1997. 25 modules. The solution was specially designed and developed to cater all business requirements and user CSM is a one hundred percent (100%) Malaysian sizes particularly in the Government (Public Sector) and owned company holds MSC Malaysia status (obtained Commercial Sector. in 17 August 2006) with branch / affiliate offices in Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Zambia, Indonesia and The integrated financial management software is a US (Atlanta). fully WEB based and built using the latest WEB 2 technology. The software provides flexibility to run on CSM is principally involved in the design, all popular platforms such as Windows, UNIX, Linux development, implementation and marketing of and Mac operating systems and also supports multiple financial and related software. databases including PostgresSQL from proprietary to open source database. Century Software entire business operations that includes system design, development, installation, Century Software possesses a team of over 100 implementation, maintenance and support are currently well-qualified and experienced professionals from certified by ISO 9001:2008. various industries, backgrounds and expertise. Our project managers and other key delivery personnel Century Software main products, Century Financial are PRINCE2 Project Management certified while Government (CFg) and Century Financial Commercial our consultants (implementer’s) are mostly qualified (CFc) are one hundred (100%) percent Malaysian accountants. Mission We pledge to devote our expertise towards excellence in creating competitive advantage for our customers by offering The Financial Management Solution of Choice. Vision To be the Market Leader in providing the next generation Financial Management Solution116 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 118. Business Activities Business ActivitiesValue Added ServicesIt is a policy of Century Software to strategically form smart partnerships with our customers to provide valued-addedservices such as:i. Project Management Systems Implementation v. Trainingii. Custom Design & Software Development vi. Business Performance Improvement Advisoryiii. System Maintenance & Support vii. Support and Helpdeskiv. System Integration Research and DevelopmentProducts - Software Solutions for Your BusinessIntegrated Century Financials, Century iPurchasing, Century Business Performance Management, Century Local Council,Century Retail, Century Distribution, Century Analytical and Century Payroll Portal solutions.List of Century Software Federal Statutory Body Customers:Prime Minister’s Department Ministry of Federal Territories• Penang Regional Development Authority • Labuan Corporation• Human Rights Commission of Malaysia Ministry of Youth and Sports • National Sports CouncilMinistry of Human Resource• National Skills Development Fund Ministry of Transport• Social Security Organisation • Railway Asset Corporation • Port Kelang AuthorityMinistry of Finance • Bintulu Port Authority• Langkawi Development Authority • Penang Port Authority• Inland Revenue Board • Johor Port Authority• Retirement Fund Incorporated • Kuantan Port Authority • Malaysian Institute of Road Safety ResearchMinistry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry• alaysia Agriculture Research and Development M Ministry of Higher Education Institute • Universiti Malaysia Sabah• Kemubu Agriculture Development Institute • Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia• Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia • Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang• Farmers Organisation Authority Malaysia • Universiti Putra Malaysia, Bintulu• Muda Agriculture Development Authority • Universiti Malaysia Terengganu• Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board • National Higher Education Fund Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 117
  • 119. • National Accreditation Board • Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation • Universiti Malaya Medical Centre • Malaysian Industrial Development Authority • Universiti of Malaya • National Defence University of Malaysia Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities • Universiti of Malaysia Kelantan • National Kenaf and Tobacco Board • Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin • Malaysian Cocoa Board • Malaysia Qualification Agency • Malaysian Palm Oil Board • Malaysian Pepper Board Ministry of Women, Family and Community • Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board Development • ational Population and Family Development N Ministry of Entrepreneur Cooperative Development Board • Co-Operative College of Malaysia • Malaysia Co-Operative Societies Ministry of Domestic, Trade, Cooperative and Consumerisme Ministry of Science, Technology and Information • Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia • Academy of Science Malaysia • Companies Commission of Malaysia Ministry of Health Ministry of Rural and Regional Development • Malaysian Health Promotion Board • South East Johor Development Authority • South Kelantan Development Authority Ministry of Housing and Government • Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Ministry of Information Communication and Culture Corporation • Board of Trustees National Art Gallery • Malaysia Handicraft Development Corporation Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water • National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage • National Water Services Commission • Energy Commission Ministry of International Trade and Industry • Malaysia Productivity Corporation Contact Us CENTURY SOFTWARE (M) SDN BHD (45590-U) C-17-07, Level 7, Block C, 3 Two Square, 2 Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: +603-79627888 Fax: +603-79627800 Website: www.centurysoftware.com.my E-mail: info@centurysoftware.com.my118 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  • 121. The Company Our Core Values We are in the business of maximizing the value of the customers we serve. We believe that only when our customers win,we win. And we do so by focusing on delivering faster, better, and smarter solutions for our customers. Our Corporate Background The Facado platform: Arahe is the leading Web Acceleration Systems and • xtends Web browsers with the intelligence and E Rich Internet Application ( RIA ) solutions specialist. speed of a desktop application Designed to meet new customer focus in business • llows applications to be built that are truly device A strategy of enterprises, our flagship products have been independent proven to be reliable and robust business solution that • akes it easy and fast to deploy user interfaces for M deliver compelling business results to our customers – Web applications which include some of the biggest names around. It provides significant return in investment to the Sitecelerate corporation, advantages to developers who are creating For both public websites and critical enterprises web and deploying Web-based enterprise applications and a applications, speed and application responsiveness better experience for the end user. can make or break you. Slow sites drive users to the competition and sluggish productivity. Adding capacity Infosmart and improving performance is critical, but IT expenses Information Workspace for Enterprise require careful consideration. Sitecelerate optimizes The InfoSmart is built on Facado technology, leveraging and accelerates images and text for servers delivering on the next generation of RIA platform and current Web sites and Web Applications. SiteCelerate speeds IT technologies. InfoSmart provides an advanced delivery of your Web content 2 to 10 times – to every base for you to rapidly deliver Rich Internet Business user, on every connection speed, from any device. In Applications (RIBA) that are robust, scalable, feature- addition, SiteCelerate adds scalability, improves site rich and with true Graphics User Interface ( GUI ) performance, and provides an excellent experience to ease-of use. Web site visitors. The InfoSmart not only increases the performance, Netcelerate usability and productivity of the company, it also NetCelerate, the next generation Web Cache System, reduces the cost of entire network infrastructure. is an ideal solution for content acceleration today that The reason that we could archive this was due to the grows into the enterprise Content Delivery Network massive reductions on server interactions. Therefore, of tomorrow. NetCelerate accelerates all Web content customer service organization with the InfoSmart will traffic on a network, delivering files, Web pages, enjoy the result of increasing their Return of Investment and application data 2 – 10 time faster. NetCelerate ( ROI ) by increasing productivity and reducing cost at enables you to cost-effectively add scalability, improve the same time. performance, and provide consistent quality to all users, wheather they sit on your LAN, telework from Infocase home, or dial in from the road. An effective and automated Intergrated Inquiry and Complaints Management System (ICMS) is an essential Facado part of Customer Service quality. The ICMS, built on Enterprise and software vendors looking to deliver Facado technology, provides automated, is a web-based complex, interactive business applications over the tools for registering, managing and reporting on inquiry Web are faced with many challanges and obstacles, and complaints, event details, investigational follow- given current technology. ups and resolution. This is based on an automated web- based workflow and assignment system. Facado Platform is a thin, smart client that allows for the creation and deployment of dynamic user interfaces for Web-based enterprise applications and delivers the client-side user interface solutions for the emerging Web Services computing model.120 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 122. Business Activities Business ActivitiesAnd also we worked with Malaysia’s Enabling 20,000 Insurance AgentsEmployees Provident Fund ( EPF ) to improve its Nationwidecustomer service over the web. eCover Users were unable to use the web-based motor“We are facing speed and performance challenges e-Cover Note Application due to server & bandwidthwith our Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Portal and our overload and slow speed. With our web accelerationi-Account System.. we engaged arahE to do a trial using technology, we were able to increase user access speedtheir web-acceleration technology, SiteCelerate... we by 100-200% and reduce bandwidth utilization bydrove down download times to less than 10 secs on 65% which amounts to a estimated savings for MYRaverage and improve performance by more than 300%. (Malaysian Ringgit) 500,000 per year for the customer.Amazingly, we were also able to reduce Bandwidth use The application can now take up to 4,000 concurrentby 80% and improve server scalability of the i-Account users easily.system by 40 times.” Speeding up a Slow Enterprise PortalBoosting the Air Waves DiGi TelecommunicationThe Media Prima group of companies (TV3, 8TV, Pages of the portal cannot even download during peakNTV7, FlyFM, HotFM, TV9) hours when traffic is high. Many remote branchesFacing tremendous bandwidth utilization issues, including customer service centers faced problems inthis customer’s web servers were also stretched with using the portal and this impacted the ROI expectedbetween 3 to 3.5 million hits per day. The graphically- of the portal. With SiteCelerate, we were able torich content becomes painfully difficult for customers significantly improve the performance of the enterpriseto access. With SiteCelerate installed, we reduced portal hosted in Europe. The average speed wasbandwidth utilization by more than 40% and improved sigficantly improved from 40 seconds down to 1-2web server capacity by more than 50%. More seconds. We also saved bandwidth on the WAN andimportantly, their customers can now access even VPN connection and allow other critical applicationsthe heaviest and most graphic-intensive web site with to run.GPRS/EDGE connections. And we also Showed ThemMaking Peoplesoft Usable in 200 Branches (the richer & smarter way to build enterprise webHong Leong Bank applications)Millions were spent on a PeopleSoft deployment – but Leveraging on our Rich Internet Application ( RIA )the customer cannot deploy the web application to all platform, Facado, we also helped DiGi implementusers due to slow access speed and congestion. With a smarter and richer web-based contact centerSiteCelerate, we were able to leverage the millions knowledge portal which has helped us improve thespent on the PeopleSoft deployment. The customer average call handling time by 56% from 9 minutes to 4avoided the potentially costly upgrades to all WAN minutes. And staff training time for the same portal waslinks and we achieved 300% increase in server also reduced by 70%. Overall productivity gaincapacity, 70% bandwidth reduction, and average 400%faster access. And we did this all in 1 day.Powering and Enhancing the Exchange’sWeb PresenceBursa MalaysiaWith Arahe’s web acceleration solution, we wereable to significantly improve the performance of ourweb servers and off-load our backend servers. Ourcustomers were able to access the site even whenusing a slower connection (GPRS/EDGE) Overall, thewebsite is faster and you can now get the stock marketinformation you want much much quicker and easier. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 121
  • 123. And we also Showed Them And word got around to Maybank (the richer & smarter way to build enterprise web (on what we did at DiGi) - MAYBANK applications) “After seeing and experiencing what arahE did at DiGi, Leveraging on our Rich Internet Application ( RIA ) we decided that we should also use their Rich Internet platform, Facado, we also helped us DiGi implement Application Platform, Facado. a smarter and richer web-based contact center knowledge portal which has helped us improve the In a call center, the responsiveness of the system average call handling time by 56% from 9 minutes to is critical as it directly impacts our call handling 4 minutes. And staff training time for the same portal efficiency and our customer service level. With arahE’s was also reduced by 70%. Overall productivity gain Rich Internet platform, we can now strive to deliver exceeds 30%. And amazingly, this RIA solution can faster, better and smarter e-services to our customers.“ support 700 concurrent users nationwide with 1/3 less server power. Not Surprisingly.... We Soon Got (the attention from the business of global delivery as With such compelling results, we also leveraged well) - DHL Arahe’s Facado to build our Dealers Portal. “To address the effective use and deployment of our web-based Contact Center in countries where low And we also Showed Them bandwidth, low-end servers, slow client terminals, we (the richer & smarter way to build enterprise web use arahE’s rich and smart client technology, Facado. applications) - DIGI By implementing this rich internet application platform, “Leveraging on their Rich Internet Application platform, not only can our customer service agents provide faster Facado, arahe also helped us implement a smarter and better services to our customers, they can continue and richer web-based contact center handling time by to work even when they are disconnected from the 56% from 9 minutes to 4 minutes. And staff training country server. That’s a smart way to ensure productivity time for the same portal was reduced by 70%. Overall without being dependent on connectivity.“ productivity gain exceeds 30%. And amazingly, we were able to support 700 concurrent users nationwide And we are now also Helping Companies with 1/3 server power.“ (including China to run faster, better, and smarter too) With such compelling results, we also leveraged arahE’s Facado to build our Dealers Portal. Contact Us ARAHE SOLUTIONS SDN BHD Suite B-09-01, Plaza Mont Kiara, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603-6201 8315 Fax: +603-6201 8325 Website: www.arahe.com Email: info@arahe.com122 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 124. Go Global Directory 2010/11ePROTEA Technologies Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 123
  • 125. The Company About ePROTEA ePROTEA Technologies Sdn Bhd incorporated on 6th January 2000 is a Malaysian-based enterprise software solutions provider, which develops and markets its own intellectual property (IP) solutions for the Banking and Securities Industry. We are creative, highly versatile team of technically competent professionals with a vision. We pride ourselves as we have undertaken and successfully implemented large-scale projects many times over for prominent clients whom you have witnessed. Our Vision The partners together have this one vision that we want to create an identity - a world-class software developer. The quest for excellence - is within us, to want to do We’re also a participant in the better all the time and to make full use of our given MasterCard Vendor Program since year 2003. talents. However, at the end of it, it is about how successful we have been fulfilling our destiny. Hence, in whatever we do, we want to be able to do more for the development of our community and economic progress for our society-at-large. Thus we In April 2004 and Jan 2005, we have achieved a hope all in all we be known as a caring Malaysian special privilege accorded by IBM International Inc as world-class software developer. an IBM OEM Software Partner and Oracle Inc ASFU partner respectively, that means that we have the right to resell their software products bundled with our home-grown applications across territories globally Our Achievements Our company has been granted MSC Malaysia status by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) since year 2000. For more information about MSC Malaysia status, please log-in at URL www.mdec.com. my. We have set-up ePROTEA MSC Sdn Bhd office in CyberJaya. We have activated our Pioneer Status since the year 2004.124 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 126. Product & Services Here is what ePROTEA cardworks™ 2007 delivers:1. ePROTEA chequeworks 2007 • Fast, real time, non-stop transactional processingAt ePROTEA (pronounced e-pro-teer), we are helping • Round the clock availabilitybanks, billers and individuals nationwide meet the • Fail-safe data integrityrequirements for cheque truncation by improving • Supports Islamic banking principlesefficiency to achieve a common day-hold fund. And at • omprehensive risk management solution with Ca cost that’s hard to beat! online fraud detection system • utomated chargeback & presentment system AMoreover, with our premium and home-grownePROTEA chequeworks 2007, what used to take 5 All these at only US$1* per card at prevailing exchangeto 7 days for clearing can be done in one (T+1) with rate - that’s innovation by ePROTEAour high-tech solution - without adding unnecessarycomplexities or cost to the operation. ePROTEA Group Of Companies ePROTEA Technologies SB (502943P) current paid-And it’s nice to know you can put our solution to work up capital is MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 1.5 Million.sooner with our flexible financial terms and packages. Authorized Capital MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 5 Million. It serves as an investment company and specializedHere’s what ePROTEA chequeworks™ 2007 delivers: system integrator.• utward Cheque Clearing System with IQA (Image O Quality Assessment) ePROTEA MSC SB (515271A) current paid-up capital• Inward Cheque Clearing System is MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 2.5 million. Authorized• Positive Pay Cheque Identification Capital MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 5 Million. This is• Signature Verification an MSC Malaysia status company accorded by the• heque Fraud Detection System with case C Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) for management (Q1 2008) all MDC-Approved Business Activities. This entity is• CAR & LAR Verify (Q2 2008) wholly-owned by ePROTEA Technologies SB. Serves as the R&D arm for ePROTEA Group of Companies. PlansTry beating this. Cheque-to-cash realisation by the next to increase paid-up to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 3.0day @ only 30 sen per cheque* even for your remote million and authorized to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 10branches - that’s innovation by ePROTEA. million by year 2006.2. ePROTEA cardworks™ 2007 ePROTEA ASIA SB (692327T) is the marketing armsAt ePROTEA (pronounced e-pro-teer), we provide a of the ePROTEA Group of Companies. The companynon-stop, comprehensive card processing solution that has a paid-up capital of MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)delivers robust and highly scalable capabilities for all 250,000.00. Authorized Capital MYR (Malaysianyour critical card business needs. Ringgit) 1 Million.And it’s nice to know you can put our premium ePROTEA CardSolutions SB (706710P) is the businessePROTEA cardworks™ 2007 to work sooner with our card operation and consultancy arm of the ePROTEAflexible financial monetization model to suit different Group of Companies. The company has a paid-uporganization sizes and budgets. capital of MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 250,000.00. Authorized Capital MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 1 Million.Does it get any better than this? You bet. At ePROTEAwe will always do more to live up to our Plus 1 iSHANEZ Technologies SB (760027T) is an Ministrybusiness philosophy for the benefit of our customer’s of Finance (MOF) Status company. The companybusiness. Our support service is legendary in the has a paid-up capital of MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)industry today because of our passion for giving our 100,000.00. Authorised Capital MYR (Malaysianbest at the fastest time always. Ringgit) 100,000.00. Plans to increase paid-up capital to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 250,000.00 by year 2008. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 125
  • 127. Contact Us EPROTEA TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD New Signature Office Level 29, Menara PROMET, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: +603-2330 1900 Fax: +603-2330 1901 E-mail: Yen: yy.chin@eprotea.com.my; Shida: shida.merican@eprotea.com.my Clement: bluepanther00@eprotea.com.my126 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  • 129. The Company Our Vision To be a global leader in providing Shari’ah banking solutions through our commitment in research and development, and partnership with Shari’ah institutions. Our Mission To be a trusted banking solution provider, delivering We have a capable team with extensive banking & reliable innovative results that customers can finance knowledge and ICT development skills as well experience, doing so with integrity, commitment, as a management team with many years of experience teamwork, professionalism and flexibility. We aim to in financial institutions in Malaysia and globally. be expert in our field through the solutions that we provide. Today, Microlink is listed on the ACE market and is a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level Established since 1994, Microlink Solutions Berhad is 3 company. We are supported by reference sites an award-winning Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) throughout South East Asia, the Middle East and North Malaysia status company specialising in the provision Africa and have won numerous accolades from the of end-to-end banking solutions for both conventional industry, including the “Industry Excellence Award” and Islamic financial institutions. by the Malaysia Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Operating in Malaysia for more than 15 years, we offer a diverse range of solutions encompassing all major Backed by our corporate vision to stay at the forefront components of the banking process. We are also noted of our industry, we continue to invest in human as a leading player in Islamic Banking applications, capital and research and development so that we spurred by our direct involvements in the thriving can consistently offer relevant, high-quality banking Islamic Banking sector that Malaysia has become solutions to power the conventional and Islamic renowned for. banking sector into the New Economy. Our in-house suite of products – marketed under the “OneSolution” brandname – is a result of many years of research and development. “OneSolution” addresses all major retail, wholesale and investment banking needs of financial institutions; with Islamic components ensuring Shari’ah compliance is readily achieved.128 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 130. Business Activities Business ActivitiesUtilising web-based technologies, Microlink’s “OneSolution” offers comprehensiveend-to-end solutioning to effectively support the operations of all financial institutions.Solution Highlights• entralised real-time online transactional processing coupled with faster response time, lower bandwidth requirements C and 24x7 online banking capabilities.• ultiple electronic delivery channels to support banking functions over Automated Teller Machines, Phone Banking, M Internet Banking and Desktop Banking.• ustomer Information System eliminates redundant information from multiple sources by carrying out customer C monitoring and other verification functions from a common platform.• eamless integration with Microlink’s Islamic Financing Suite of Solutions allows Islamic financial institutions to readily S adopt “OneSolution” whilst complying with Shari’ah principles.• edicated ServicesInOne Support Centre connects our clienteles to a team of customer service personnel, ensuring D professional assistance and speedy resolution of technical issues at all time.Award For AchievementYear 2008 Year 2004• warded by the Ministry of International Trade and A • Awarded by Sun Microsystems Industry, Malaysia (MITI). • Premier System Integrator Malaysia• Industry Excellence Award 2007 • Best System Integrator • Best Application – Islamic Banking SystemYear 2007• warded By Malaysia Mini of International Trade A Year 2003 and Industry (MITI) • Awarded by PIKOM Computimes• Export Excellence Award (Services) 2006 • ICT Software of the Year• warded By Nanyang Siang Pau A• Outstanding SMEs Winner Award 2007 Year 2001 • Awarded by Sun MicrosystemsYear 2006 • Sales Performance Excellence (Banking) • warded by Islamic Finance News A• est Islamic Finance Technology Provider, 2nd place B Year 1999• Awarded by Deloitte • Awarded by Oracle • eloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2006 D • The Most Strategic Partner of the Year Winner • Awarded by Sun Microsystems• Awarded by Halal Journal • ystem Integrator with the Most Strategic Win of S• Best Islamic Financial Service or Product the YearYear 2005• warded by Deloitte and International Institute of A Islamic Finance Inc• pecial Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to S Islamic Finance Industry for IT Solutions Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 129
  • 131. Our Clients Contact Us MICROLINK SOLUTIONS BERHAD 6th Floor, Menara Atlan, 161B, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: +603-2171 2200 Fax: +603-2171 2240 Website: www.microlink.com.my Contact person: Ong Chong Ling Email: sean-oon@microlink.com.my130 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  • 133. Calms Technologies Sdn Bhd specializes in multi applications card based solutions focusing in One Card environment. Calms Technologies saw that many companies embarking on the use of smartcards faced problems affecting smooth implementation as they required multiple applications and cards. A system was needed that would allow more applications to be shared and subsequently added onto the same card. Calms Technologies’ core solution Card Application Life Cycle Management System (CALMS) enables various fragmented system to linked together for improved business process in card issuance and management as well as improved security and data integrity with automated data sharing. The company also has a full range of other off-the-shelf smartcard applications suitable for Education, Government, Large Enterprises, Clubs, Retail and Financial sectors. The Company Formed in 2002, Calms Technologies Sdn Bhd is now a market leader in providing integrated multi applications card solution having helped many of its customers to enjoy the benefit of One Card environment. Calms Technologies help companies to simplify and automate their fragmented systems through the use of one card. Calms Technologies believes in providing practical, realistic and sustainable solutions to its customers as the success of the implementation means a win-win long term partnership with the customers. The solutions are built based on modular and platform independent architecture ensuring that customers are able to start small and grow on the complexity of implementations as necessary.132 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 134. SolutionCALMS handles the process of encoding andprinting, including card policy for access and exit byincorporating the various devices including door andalarm systems. In addition, CALMS is fully integratedwith other Calms Technologies software to enable theactivation for other usage such as meal allowance andelectronic payment at the cafeteria, library card forborrowing books, time attendance registration for thepayroll purposes, access into buildings or car parks andmany more.Product OverviewCard Application Life-Cycle Management System(CALMS)• ore system required for any smart card C implementation.• anages the card life cycle and different M applications residing on the card.• ntegrates and interfaces with third party system to I enable efficient data management and data integrity across fragmented system.• ecure key management ensuring security and peace S of mind for users.E-Purse System (EPurS)• nables users to issue and manage their own E electronic cash in a close environment.• upports multi merchants with auto and manual top S up features.• omprehensive Point of Sales applications with C items and inventory management. Support both cash and cashless payment.Visitor Management System (ViMS)• rovides better management for building and P security as all visitor activities are monitored.• eep and track visitors movement (whose, who, K where and when, purpose of visit)• utomate and fasten visitor processing, reducing A human error.• nhance reputation of company by improving E customer servicesTime Attendance Management System (TAMS)• fficiently manages attendance and overtime E calculation.• utomatic alert for late/non attendance with user A response mechanism.• lexible export and integration to third party payroll F or financial system. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 133
  • 135. Product Overview (Cont’d) Membership Management System (MEMS) • nables easy registration, racking and management E of a membership program. • omes with easy to use Point of Sale application for C activity and item payment collections. • calable and expandable with CALMS other S solutions. Meal Plan System (MPS) • utomates and replaces the conventional issuance of A paper base voucher. • lexibility to integrate with human resource and F attendance system for rule base voucher award and redemption. Benefits The CALMS smartcard solution helps corporations and organizations automate and improve their operational processes, cut costs and boost productivity without compromising security. Slashes costs The implementation of CALMS results in controlled issuance and tracking of individuals leading to enhanced productivity and improved business processes that saves time and optimizes resources while ensuring better security. The solution primarily simplifies operation processes for clients, and this translates into huge costs savings. Whatever system they may be using, we help to simplify their operations and give them peace of mind on card handling from beginning to end. Productivity boost The implementation of CALMS has helped some of the country’s biggest corporations to reap major productivity gains in the management of their smartcard systems. Prior to deployment of Calms Technologies’ solution, one of the region’s biggest budget airlines services provider would typically plough through a long series of loops before cards could be issued and distributed. Such procedures when repeated and multiplied many times over in a company with a huge user base of thousands would translate into very high costs involving time and labour.134 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 136. Enhances security and control CALMS gives peace of mind to customers by ensuring card handling is secure and efficiently processed. Financial institution clients have benefited from CALMS Visitor Management System that tracks not only the movement of visitors to the company’s premises but that of its staff and contractors. The system has a feature which alerts the management against blacklisted visitors. Multiple usage The implementation of the Access Control System in the smartcard not only helps ensure security by controlling who could access which points and at what time, it can also be encoded with other applications that help track meal purchases and subsidies allocated to the user. Business Contact Us ActivitiesCALMS TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD(574042-U)Block M, UPM-MTDC Technology CentreUniversity Putra Malaysia, Serdang43400, Selangor, MalaysiaTel: +603-8941 8708Fax: +603-8941 8709Website: www.calms.com.myContact Person: Adam TanEmail: adamtan@calms.com.my Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 135
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  • 139. The Company Our Vision To be the trusted e-payments and e-lifestyle enabler in Asia that unlocks new possibilities and builds winning partnerships. Our Mission Customers We are passionate about our customers, delivering greater choices, convenience and simplicity in all that we do. Partners We are committed to building successful and sustainable partnerships based on trust, mutuality and integrity. Technology We harness the best in technology to continuously deliver secure, reliable and robust payment infrastructure capabilities to our customers and partners. Organization Our people uphold a high performance corporate culture, always dedicated to value creation across stakeholders - employees, customers, partners and shareholders. Product & Services 1. Payment Services MOLPoints: is an online micropayment system developed and operated by MOL. This payment system enables consumers to purchase online products and services via the portal www.mol.com and pay at over 540,000 channels across more than 75 countries worldwide. There are over 15,000 physical and virtual payment channels across Malaysia alone. MOLReloads: An application that facilitates electronic distribution of prepaid airtime and PINs through a terminal-based infrastructure for MOLPoints and external prepaid service providers. MOLReloads has been implemented in over 1000 7-Eleven outlets across Malaysia. MOL Cards: MOL Cards is a prepaid payment service which has the features of a credit card with prepaid convenience that leverages on MOL Points reload channels.138 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 140. 2. Media Services Friendster: Friendster, a pioneer and a leading global online social network, is focused on helping young people stay in touch with friends and discover new people and things that are important to them. Friendster prides itself in delivering an easy-to-use, fun and interactive environment where users can easily connect with anyone around the world via www.friendster. com or m.friendster.com from any Internet-ready mobile device. Friendster has been granted five patents since July 2006, validating the company´s early and continual innovation in online social networking. A Fun and Simple Site – it’s more fun to connect and communicate with friends Friendster Music: Only Friendster Music provides an enhanced social music discovery platform delivering global music for Asia. Friendster Games: Friendster Games aims to deliver easy to access, entertaining, locally flavored and highly immersive MMO web games to Friendster users. Leveraging on Friendster’s user base and MOL’s distribution reach, Friendster Games aggregates browser based games providing an engaging and social experience. Friendster WiFi: Friendster WiFi is a free high-speed wireless Internet connection made available at every Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Wendy’s and Krispy Kreme outlet in Malaysia. The provision of the Friendster WiFi service is financed by selling advertising blocks on the landing page of the service. Friendster iCafé: Friendster iCafé Management System is a cybercafé management system that allows cybercafé owners to manage their computers, customers, accounts and billing needs. The system is designed to protect and control a cybercafé system and time usage of its computers and game consoles. Friendster iCafé Management System allows cybercafé owners to easily manage their customer accounts and to develop their security infrastructures in addition to obtaining detailed usage reports of their customers. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 139
  • 141. Contact Us MOL ACCESSPORTAL BERHAD Regional Headquarters (504959-U) Lot 07-03 & 08-03, Level 7 & 8, Berjaya Times Square, No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603-2082 1251 Fax: +603-2082 1252 / +603-2082 1253 Website: www.mol.com Contact person: Nor Badron Email: norbadron@mol.com140 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  • 143. FexQMS is a web-based online Quality Control and Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software System that manages all stages of QC process cycle from incoming material to in-process manufacturing all the way to outgoing products. In addition, FexQMS predicts whether a machine will produce defective products in real-time (with an accuracy of 99.73%), alerts Production Personnel of Quality Problems using tower lights and email and coordinates the problem solving process from initial identification of the problem until the problem is resolved and verified by authorised personnel. The Company Our Business Fexsoft (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 2007 to provide online plant-wide Quality Control and Statistical Process Control Software Systems to the manufacturing industry. Fexsoft’s principal activities include Research, Development and Marketing of Quality Control Software.142 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 144. Our PeopleFexsoft has a group of key people who have many years of experience in helping numerous Japanese multi-national manufacturers design, implement and supportlarge scale Quality Control and Management Softwaresystems.In addition, Fexsoft has also a team of engineers with expertise in different engineering fields (electrical,mechanical, chemical and software engineering) whoare also experts in software development.Our CustomersFexsoft’s multinational manufacturing customersinclude:1. Hitachi Air-conditioning (M) Sdn Bhd (HAPM)2. Yoshiden (M) Sdn Bhd3. Malaysia Sumitomo Metal Mining Sdn Bhd (MSMM)4. Spansion (KL) Sdn Bhd5. Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components Sdn Bhd (SESC)6. S.E.H. (M) Sdn Bhd7. S.E.H. (Shah Alam) Sdn Bhd8. ShinEtsu Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd9. Guinness Anchor Bhd10. Kenseisha (M) Sdn Bhd11. Asahi Kosei (M) Sdn Bhd12. Omega Semiconductor Sdn Bhd13. Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd14. PT Yamamoto Keiki Indonesia15. Top Glove Sdn BhdOur Current MarketsFexQMS is currently marketed in Malaysia, Indonesia,Thailand and the Philippines. Our Resellers in theregion are:• PT Kawan Lama Sejahtera (Indonesia)• DKSH (Thailand) Ltd• DKSH Technology Philippines, Inc Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 143
  • 145. Business Activities Product Features Over the years, we have fine-tuned a cost-effective FexQMS is a web-based online Quality Control and project implementation framework that extends across Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software System that all aspects of the project life cycle; from requirement manages all stages of QC process cycle from incoming analysis to design, implementation, training and post material to in-process manufacturing all the way to project support. outgoing products. Data Collection Automation Services • exQMS automates data collection from different F To ease tedious manual data collection, we help measuring equipment from diverse brands manufacturers link up their automated test equipments • exQMS has a built-in real-time Statistical Process F (ATEs) and gages to their IT systems (ERP, WMS, MES, Control (SPC) engine that could predict product SPC, etc). quality problems with an accuracy of 99.73%. • raceability of all quality control and quality T This enables huge amount of data to be collected problem records and analyzed in real-time, reduces data collection • hen there are quality problems in the production W manpower needs and improves data accuracy. To date, floor, FexQMS will alert Production Personnel of we have successfully linked up numerous different Quality Problems using tower light and through equipments for our multinational clients. email. • hen they are quality problems in the production W Example of gages and equipment we have integrated floor, FexQMS will coordinate the problem solving include digital caliper, vision measuring system, CMM process from initial identification of the problem and X-Ray inspection machine. until the problem is resolved and verified by authorised personnel. Support and Maintenance Services • exQMS can easily be deployed at multiple factories F Fexsoft is committed to leveraging our technical at different geographical locations because it is a support expertise and infrastructure to ensure that web-based software system you maximize your software investment. Our highly • exQMS can easily be configured to suit different F competent support personnel is committed to provide types of manufacturing with minimal customization reliable and timely resolution to your software (eg. Semiconductor, Precision Metal, Food & operational issues using state-of-the-art software Beverage, Automotive Components, etc) virtualization and internet-based remote support technology. Value Propositions • elp customers minimize Cost of Poor Quality H Every customer support request is tracked and managed Control and Management (CoPQ) such as Customer through our web-based issue tracking system to ensure Claims, scraps, reworks, goods return, downtime and mission-critical problems are resolved promptly. In loss of business by 10% addition, we communicate with you closely so that you • elp customers minimize time, cost and effort in H are updated on the progress. data collection and reporting by 30% • rovide customers with a 24x7, responsive, efficient P Our service philosophy is to provide the best and full traceability system to manage the entire information and solutions, in order to keep your Quality Control Cycle. business up and running. We emphasize on preventive maintenance to minimize unplanned system downtime Professional Services during normal operational hours. At Fexsoft, we know that customers only start to enjoy a return on investment once their application is in Our customers can take advantage of the following operation. We provide your team with a single point support package: of contact for technical expertise and development • Premier 7×24 support resources. This highly skilled team ensures that you • Standard 5×9 support maximize your ROI by providing implementation, training, customization and consulting services.144 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 146. Industry Focus Business ActivitiesFexQMS is applicable to all manufacturing industries which include:• emiconductor Manufacturing (Wafer, Front-end, Back-end, and Components, etc) S• Automotive Component Manufacturing• recision metal fabrication (machining, stamping, powder metallurgy, etc) P• Precision Plastic Manufacturing• recision electronic components manufacturing (PCB, Plating, Etching, Chemical) P• Food, Beverage and Consumables Manufacturing• Rubber related manufacturing (Tyres, gloves, etc)• Petrochemical, Oleo-chemical Manufacturing• Other mass production manufacturing Business Contact Us ActivitiesFEXSOFT (M) SDN BHD(798310-H)9, Jalan BP 2/9,Bandar Bukit Puchong,47100 Puchong,Selangor, MalaysiaTel: +603-8060 3672Fax: +603-8061 8902Website: www.fexsoft.comContact PersonNg Chee KwongEmail: nck@fexsoft.com Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 145
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  • 149. The Company Every day facilities worth billions of dollars, from cities to churches, plants to mills, depend on our maintenance management software to ensure their maintenance run smoothly by working smart not hard. Simply, sensibly, smartly. Since 2001. Why CWorks? Satisfying users the customized way! We believe that no standard maintenance management “The CWorks Support Team is the greatest I have come software will fully fit everyone’s needs. Our software is across to date. They are fast, flexible and always willing supported with proven customization services to ensure to help out with customizing an amazing piece of that you get maintenance software that are useful to software. We were up and running in as little as two you. weeks, and with over 2,000 assets, that is a testament to the software’s reliability and ease of use. I’m not afraid to recommend this software to any large-scale plant in the world.”- Marshall Whitney, Berry Plastics - Victoria, TX Business Activities Product Start Fast, Finish Strong With a million users at thousands of companies and organizations in over 100 countries, CWorks range of maintenance management softwares are proven tools Plus for the management of maintenance operations and MS Access database solution. Effective for single stores. sites with up to 5 users. Works Orders, Preventive Maintenance, Materials, Purchasing. “It allowed us to keep track of PM’s and have a better history of maintenance on our equipment. furthermore, CWorks is easy to use and fulfill our constant need of information on who did what and when. On top of all that, the support team help me out in a timely manner when I needed it” - Christian Paradis, Canada CareWorks “The ease of entering detailed information into the database enables managers to see a full cost and Web based solution for multi users and multi sites use. repair history for every piece of equipment.”- [Plant], it is made affordable through monthly subscription with November 20, 2006 no high IT overheads that normally comes with web based software. Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance, “[Before CWorks CMMS],downtime translated to at Materials, Purchasing least 45 minutes per day due to equipment failure, malfunction, or maintenance, Basically, it was panic maintenance instead of preventive maintenance” - [Pump & Systems Magazine], Stan Howarth, Facility Manager, Coast Mountain Dairy, September 2006 “After trialing a number of solutions to maintain our CView inventory, we found CWorks to be both flexible and user friendly. The fact that it cost a fraction of other inventory management systems we didn’t hesitate to purchase the system. After several weeks we have hundreds of items in the database and CWorks has exceeded our Expectations”- Simon Bridgewater, Renal Technical Services. Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust148 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 150. Service & SupportProduct support and implementation services is provided by CWorks, an award winning, publicly listed, global leader of maintenance management solutions with one million users in over 100 countries. If you have a question, please browse CWorks FAQ for answers or contact us. Premium support is available through phone, live chat and priority email during officehours from our international support centers in New York, USA, Melbourne, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Testimonials Business Activities“Your customer service is the best. I am glad to recommend your products to all of my associates”Dale King, Denny Price Family YMCA“I have been writing you for almost a year now and I always get answer from you the next day. Don’t you go on vacationor doesn’t you become sick ? You have to let me know what vitamin you are taking because it surely helps keeping yourhealth.”Chung Yik Suen“... the support team too had been very helpful and provided satisfactory assistance throughout. Our assets are moreeasily manageable now and we would not hesitate to recommend CWorks to other similar facility and maintenanceorganizations”Khadijah Mahyuddin,Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), Malaysia Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 149
  • 151.                                                                                                                                                                                      Contact Us CWORKS SYSTEMS BERHAD Block G, UPM-MTDC Tech. Centre One, Lebuh Silikon, Universiti Putra Malaysia,  43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: +603-8656 9041 / +603-8656 9042 Fax: +603-8656 9043 Website: www.cworks.com.my Email: info@cworks.com.my150 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  • 153. The Company DBV Technologies specialises in systems management and integration, software development and solution architectures. Incorporated in 1997, we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MOF). We operate in the space between business minds, seeking to bring organisational balance through deploying, augmenting, and supporting the technologies that run your business. We develop and deliver Microsoft solutions that increase productivity, facilitate faster and more effective decision-making, and enable a sustainable, competitive advantage. Irrespective of your IT needs, you can rest assured that we will shine and provide personalised services that are straightforward, transparent and easy for you. We are passionate about the things we do and put our special relationship with Microsoft to work for you Product Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Incident Reporting & Analysis Our products manage all elements of an organization’s safety, health and environment program with a strong emphasis on the process of data relate to accidents, incidents and near misses and management of all associated actions and costs. It can be run under cloud or on premises, provide instant multi user, global access to real time information which enable clients’ to record, manage and track all of their workplace incidents. Our Clients Our experience in providing real world solutions is evident from our list of customers which include organizations from the government and private sectors.152 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  • 154. Business Activities Industry focusOil & gas, chemical, shipping, construction and manufacturing Business Contact Us ActivitiesDBV TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHDSuite 602,Level 6,Block B3Leisure Commerce SquareJalan PJS 8/9, Bandar Sunway47160 Selangor,Malaysia.Tel: +603-7491 9188 (General)Fax: +603-7492 1020Website: www.dbvtech.comEmail: contact@dbvtech.com Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 153
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