Safe team building activities for adults


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Safe team building activities for adults

  1. 1. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comSafe Team Building ActivitiesFor Adults Brought to you by Team Building Activities HQAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  2. 2. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comIt may be thought that since an adult is an “adult” they no longer needto be protected or kept safe. This is not true. Being “safe” can meanmany different things in regards to team building. It can mean that theteam is being kept safe in a physical sense, no harmful stunts are beingmade and no foolish risks are being taken. It can also mean “safe” as innot coming out of your comfort zone, not sharing with the group or notletting the team members inside your head. And when it comes toteam building the latter is the most dangerous.If you are going to participate in team building activities, you should doit to the best of your ability. When you are asked to share with thegroup it is for you’re personally growth, and the team dynamic. Forpeople who have trust issues this can be the hardest part of teambuilding. In order to succeed in team building the leader must steerclear of these types of safe team building activities for adults. Thesetypes of people should participate in sharing and learning activitiessuch as the ones below:Big Bubble Name PostersBubble name posters can be a creative way for team mates to tell theirpeers more about themselves. Give each team member a large piece ofpaper and have them draw their names in big bubble writing so that itfills the whole page. Each team member should then fill each letter withinformation about themselves. Topics can include family, friends, petsor hobbies. They can even decorate their posters with smallillustrations that say something about who they are. Encourage them tomake it as colorful as possible.All Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  3. 3. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comWhats in Your Purse/Wallet?Before the event, write out a list of items commonly found in purses,wallets and pockets. Stand in front of the group and ask for one ofthese items. For example, you would say, "I am looking for a ticketstub." The first person to hand you a ticket stub win a point. Play thegame until the list is finished, and give the first place award to theperson with the most points. For a team-building variation, placeindividuals into small groups and appoint a runner in each group whowill bring the requested item to the front.Hum That TuneEven if youre working with a musically-challenged group, "Hum ThatTune" is an entertaining icebreaker game that will leave everyonelaughing. Write down several popular songs or lullabies and put theminto a hat. Have a volunteer draw one of the songs and hum it for thegroup. Let the rest of the group guess what song it is. Continue goingaround in a circle until everyone has hummed a song. You candistribute prizes to the person who has guessed the most number ofsongs correctly. Another variation on this game would be to use moviesand have participants quote movie lines.These types of games should bring people out of their shell and helpthem become part of the group. This may take time, so be aware forthose who find it hard to open up. That being said it is wise to stayaway from the other kind of “un safe” team builders!All Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  4. 4. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comTo learn more about team building activities for theworkplace come visit us at:http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comIf you’d like 31 free icebreakers to take your teambuilding activities to the next level you can get that forfree by visiting: if you’d like an advanced toolbox of team buildingactivities, then I recommend you take a look at this: Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ